6 of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles Minor Arcana Tarot card conveys a scene of generosity, of the giving and sharing of material blessings.

The Three of Pentacles shows a well-dressed man dressed in extravagant clothing and standing upright – he appears to be a wealthy benefactor – while two beggars are kneeling at his feet and reaching up their hands to receive the golden coins he is offering them from the palm of his right hand. In his left hand, he is holding a balanced scale, representing fairness.

When the upright Six of Pentacles Minor Arcana card appears in Tarot readings, it usually indicates generous giving, philanthropy, charity, and helping and supporting others materially. While the card’s connotations are primarily good and positive, they can also cause us to wonder why the two other characters in the card are in a position of need, or why they are not self-sufficient but depend on someone else to fulfil their material needs.

When the Six of Pentacles Trot card appears in its reversed position, it can indicate unpaid debts, or giving that comes with strings attached, where the person of means is leveraging their financial upper hand to gain power over those who are financially dependent or indebted to them in some way.

What the Pentacles mean in Tarot

The Tarot’s Minor Arcana (meaning ‘lesser mysteries’ as opposed to the ‘greater mysteries’ contained within the Major Arcana) consists of four suits. The suit of Wands represents fire, the suit of Cups water, the suit of Swords air and the suit of Pentacles earth.

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The earth element is associated with the material plane. The symbol of the Pentacle is literally a coin, which is very fitting as the suit of Pentacles often deals with questions of money, material blessings and wealth building.

Numerological number 6 in Tarot

It is interesting to look at the numerological meaning of the number 6 in relation to the Six of Pentacles Tarot card. According to numerology, the number 6 stands for compassion and empathy, caring and nurturing. The numerological significance of the number 6 is a vital element in the 6 of Pentacles card, as it combines the elements of compassion and nurturing with those of wealth and manifestation.

Six of Pentacles Tarot card description

Now, let us take a closer look at the most important symbols and details in the Six of Pentacles Tarot card. Different Tarot decks have different version of the card, but most include the same essential features.

The benefactor

The primary figure in the Six of Pentacles Tarot card is a wealthy man dressed in a red robe, a belted tunic and a soft, purple hat. His outfit reminiscent of that of wealthy merchants in renaissance era paintings. His beautiful clothes are indicative of the wealth and abundance he possesses. It is clear that this is someone who has more than enough for himself. Because he has everything he needs and more, his innate sense of compassion spurs him on to give some of his wealth to others in the form of charitable donations.

The recipients

Two beggars are kneeling at the wealthy character’s feet, reaching up their hands to receive his material asisstance. It is clear that they are in a position of need and want, and that they are grateful to receive the benefactor’s much needed assistance and generous material gifts.

The coins

The wealthy man is turned towards one of the beggars and is giving him a handful of golden coins. The coins are symbols of wealth and the ability to manifest financial security and good fortune.

The scale

In his left hand, the wealthy benefactor is holding a perfectly balanced scale, much like the one we see in the Major Arcana Justice Tarot card, representing fairness and balance.

Six of Pentacles Tarot card meanings

The energy of the Six of Pentacles Tarot card can manifest and come to expression in a number of different ways. Here are the key upright Six of Pentacles Tarot card meanings.


The primary Six of Pentacles Tarot card meaning is generosity, expressed as the giving and sharing of energy, power, wealth and other resources. When the upright card appears in a Tarot reading, it is often a sign that you are in a stable financial position, that al of your own material needs are taken care of, and that you are in a position to be generous, to support those friends or family members, or strangers, who are not as well fortunate as you.

Philantrophy, charity

In the right hands, material wealth and abundance can work as a powerful catalyst for kindness and generosity. The upright Six of Pentacles Tarot card might indicate a philanthropist, a person who gives generously to charities and causes they believe in.

Giving and receiving

The scale in the Six of Pentacles Tarot card reminds us that the universe has a way of balancing things out over time. You may be on the giving end right now, but at other times in your life you have been on the receiving end, as you may well be again in the future.

The Six of Pentacles card serves to remind us of the ongoing cycle of giving and receiving. No matter how well-off or financially blessed we are, we may one day rely on the kindness and resources of others in one area of life or another. Being open to bot giving and receiving generosity is a valuable skill to learn. Besides, this is no one-sided charity – while the wealthy man may be the one on the active giving end, he is also receiving something in return; a deep sense of satisfaction and pride that he is able to help and make a difference for others with his generous gifts and financial assistance.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Tarot card meanings

When the Six of Pentacles Tarot card comes up reversed in a Tarot reading, its power dynamic becomes insidious and its scales unbalanced. Now, giving suddenly comes with expectations, instead of coming from a place of pure and generous compassion. Read on for the key reversed Six of Pentacles card meanings.

Selfish giving

The Six of Pentacles reversed can suggest selfish giving. Here, an expectation of favours or lifelong gratitude accompanies much needed assistance. The ones receiving generosity may be made to feel guilty or like they are either taking advantage or being taken advantage of – but at the same time, they need the help and find themselves unable to refuse. A vicious, ongoing cycle develops.

Needless to say, this kind of one-sided charity is bound to create toxic power dynamics.

Unpaid debts

In some instances, the Six of Pentacles reversed can indicate unpaid debts, which can also carry connotations of unfinished business. Being indebted to others, particularly to family members or friends, can be a real drain on the relationship, causing all sorts of stress and friction.

When it refers to unpaid debts, the Six of Pentacles serves as a reminder to work on developing your self-sufficiency. Standing on your own two feet financially instead of relying on anyone’s charity, is the ultimate form of self-care.

Six of Pentacles Tarot card interpretation

Every Tarot card contains within it a plethora of meaning and possible interpretations, the Six of Pentacles being exception. Which facet of the card’s inherent message stands out depends on a number of things; whether the card is upright or reversed, any significant card combinations in the surrounding spread, and the individual Tarot reader’s understanding of the card.

Here are a few examples of how the Six of Pentacles card could be interpreted within the context of different Tarot readings.

What the Six of Pentacles means in a love Tarot reading


The upright Six of Pentacles can convey a sense of balance and mutual support within a relationship. The card might come up when one partner is actively supporting the other in reaching a particular goal, such as graduating from university. The couple’s financial security may rely heavily on partner at this point in time, but that the partner currently on the receiving end may be the main breadwinner in the future.


When you read Tarot cards about love and romance and the reversed Six of Pentacles appears, it is not a good sign. It may indicate a relationship where one partner is completely financially dependent on the other. While there is nothing wrong with one spouse or partner being the primary breadwinner – assuming both partners have agreed and decided on it – there is a problem if one person in the relationship is using their financial upper hand to control the other.

What the Six of Pentacles means in a career Tarot reading


You are in a good place financially and within your career. Your hard work is starting to pay off, and you are in a position to expand your business, your knowledge and your income.


You may have fallen on hard times financially, and may even be out of a job. Luckily, there are people willing to support you and help get you back on your feet.

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