10 of Pentacles

The Ten of Pentacles, sometimes referred to as the Ten of Coins, presents us with a comforting and compelling scene: A wealthy patriacrh and his family are gathered in what appears to be the courtyard of a large castle. The atmosphere in the card is happy and relaxed.

The older man is rightfully proud of the wealth and material success he has been able to manifest over the course of his long life and is now able to sit back and enjoy the flowers and fruits of his life’s labour. He takes great pleasure in being able to provide his descendants with material security, comfort and abundance.

When the Ten of Pentacles appears in Tarot readings, it indicates financial security and wellbeing, and suggests generosity, usually within the context of family. In a broader sense, the Ten of Pentacles can also refer to plans and goals coming to fruition. Overall, the vibe of this Tarot card is one of abundance and fulfilment, financial success, positive outcomes, stability and security, and legacy.

What the Pentacles mean in Tarot

The Tarot’s Minor Arcana consists of four suits, each representing one of the four elements of the natural world. There is the suit of Wands for fire, the suit of Cusp for water, the suit of Swords for air and the suit of Pentacles for earth.

The element of the earth is associated with all the tangible, physical and solid aspects of life, including finances, environment and the physical body.

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Numerology number 10 in the Ten of Pentacles

The number 10 is the smallest double digit, consisting of the numbers 1 and 0. The number 1 represents a new beginning, while the number 0 represents open-ended potential, a portal between completion and a new beginning.

The connotations of the number 10 make perfect sense in relation to the 10 of Pentacles Tarot card. Here, the patriarch of the family has entered the winter of his life, having built and achieved what he set out to build and achieve in life. While he may be nearing the end of his own story, he experiences a sense of completion and fulfilment by passing the wealth he has created onto his descendants, who are only just starting their own journeys. While we do not know the patriarch’s backstory, we can assume that his life started under very different set of circumstances than the ones he has been able to create for himself and is now able to provide his own children with. In other words, there is a sense of renewal and rebirth inherent to the 10 of Pentacles Tarot card.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot card description

Depictions of the Ten of Pentacles card differ from Tarot deck to Tarot deck, bust most versions of the card are inspired by the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot and includes its essential symbols and details. These are the ones we will be taking a closer look at here.

The patriarch

The main character of the Ten of Coins Tarot card is the old, white-haired man in the card’s foreground. Wearing an ornately embroidered robe, he is clearly wealthy. Two loyal guard dogs sit at their master’s feet.

The ageing patriarch’s body language is relaxed and at ease as he sits back to enjoy the abundance and security he has worked so hard to build over the course of his life. He has achieved everything he set out to achieve; he has earned everything he now owns. The patriarch is wealthy, not only financially. Not only has he built great wealth for himself, he is also blessed with loved ones to pass his prosperity and legacy onto.

The descendants

A well-dressed can and woman with a child are standing near the ageing patriarch, apparently engaged in conversation. Their body language is loving and at ease. They represent the old man’s descendants and beneficiaries. Their lives are going to be easier than the ageing Patriarch’s has been/

The dogs

Two dogs are sitting at the old man’s feet, signifying loyalty, trust and devotion. The dogs are there to underscore the quality of the bonds the old man has with his family and surroundings.

The courtyard

The characters in the Ten of Pentacles Tarot card are gathered in the courtyard of a castle. Its tall walls provide security and shelter from life’s storms, while the castle itself indicates great wealth and power.

The archway

The old man is sitting near an archway adorned with family emblems and flags, underscoring the sense of family history, ancestry and legacy inherent to the Ten of Pentacles card.

Ten of Pentacles Tarot card meanings

The Ten of Pentacles, like every other Tarot card, contains a plethora of meanings. Here are some of the most prevalent.

Material success

When the Ten of Coins appears upright in Tarot readings, it is almost always an indication of material wealth and accomplishment – or at the very least, financial security.

Intergenerational wealth

The Ten of Pentacles Tarot card indicates intergenerational wealth, often in the form of an inheritance of either money, property or possibly a business.

Family matters, legacy, ancestry

When the Ten of Coins card appears in readings it almost always refers to matters of family history and traditions, ancestry and legacy. It may refer to core values or a particular worldview being passed down from generation to generation.

Generosity, contribution

The upright Ten of Pentacles Tarot card indicates generosity and the desire to give back, to use what abundance you have – whether it is money, influence, or simply positive energy, to positively impact the world around you.

Because the Ten of Pentacles indicates wealth and abundance, both financial and otherwise, it also indicates that there is more than enough to go around. Once you own needs are taken care of, and the needs of any family members who rely on you, the natural inclination is to contribute, whether time, money or energy, to causes or organisations whose work you believe in. One of the true joys of having generated success and wealth is the ability to give back from a place of strength and balance, and to be able to use some of that wealth to shape and move the world around you in a positive direction.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles Tarot card meanings

When the Ten of Pentacles Tarot card appears in its reversed position, its generally positive meaning becomes inverted and distorted. Here are the key meanings of the Ten of Pentacles reversed.

Financial loss or ruin

The reversed Ten of Pentacles indicates financial loss or even ruin.

Whether you have been putting all of your eggs in the wrong basket, your business has gone bankrupt or an investment has ruined you, there is a sense of financial stability being eroded and of many options being taken off the table. No matter what the exact nature of your financial predicament is, it is important that you reframe it as a lesson instead of a failure, and use this experience to grow in knowledge and insight.

Inheritance disagreements

Sometimes inheritance can cause schisms and clashes within a family, and the reversed Ten of Pentacles indicates just such a scenario.

Whereas the wealthy patriarch in the upright Ten of Pentacles has taken care of his affairs long before his death to ensure that his money, his house, his business, whatever he has to pass on ends up in the hands of his children without a hitch, the reversed Ten of Pentacles describes the kind of scenario where the will is unclear or missing in action. As a result, the descendants are left to fight and scrabble over their inheritance.


The Ten of Pentacles reversed can indicate greed, an insatiable lust for material wealth and possessions that make you look for fulfilment only in the material realm while forgetting or even dismissing the richness and meaning that can be found in deep emotional connectedness with other human beings, as well as in art, nature and spirituality.

What the 10 of Pentacles mean in a love Tarot reading


The kinds of relationships that are described by the Ten of Coins are built for permanence and stand on strong foundations. Typically, the relationship being referred to is either a marriage or another traditional form of relationship. There is a sense of harmony, of the two partners seeing eye to eye when it comes to their core values and their plans for the future.


When the Ten of Pentacles appears reversed in a love Taro reading, it indicates a great deal of instability and uncertainty. It may refer to a relationship that hasn’t been built on a lasting foundation, or where the people involved are failing to connect on basic principles.

What the 10 of Pentacles means in a career Tarot reading


You either have or are in the process of creating long-term success and wealth for yourself. You have worked hard and your efforts are paying off. You have amassed a positive professional reputation and your future is bright and full of promise.


You are dissatisfied with your current career, business or workplace. Your dreams of building a successful and fulfilling career have not come true, yet.

Consider whether you are in the right place, moving in the right direction, or whether you will be better of changing tracks. Positive results may continue to evade you if you are not happy doing the work you are doing. Think long term when planning the future of your career.

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