Career Tarot Spreads

A good percentage of the questions Tarot readers get asked relate to money, career, and related topics such as creative and professional pride and fulfilment.

Having a career used to be simpler – just one or two generations ago, most people would work for the same company throughout their working lives before retiring with a decent pension. Today, we have many more options available to us, but also much less certainty. At best, our careers provide us with so much more than money – being on the right career path can be a vital source of pride, personal and creative fulfilment, happiness, meaning and belonging. At worst, our work situations seem like prisons. It all boils down to this: What we do for work is important. Work-related questions and dilemmas take up a lot of mental space

This is where career Tarot spreads come into the picture.

These Tarot cards deal with money, business and wealth building

The Tarot’s Minor Arcana suit of Pentacles is a representation of the earth element. Earth, in the Tarot, is related to the tangible, physical realm we occupy. It is interesting to not that the Pentacle symbol is quite literally a golden coin.

The Pentacle signifies wealth, or the potential to build it. When a Pentacle Tarot card appears in a reading, it often talks about money, work, and wealth building.

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Most Major Arcana cards have the potential to provide deep insight into money and career goals, but this will largely depend on the context of the reading and the positions of the cards within the spread.

Things to keep in mind as a reader when doing a career Tarot reading

When laying a career Tarot spread, whether for a client or a friend, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind.

Although the querent may tell you about the challenges or dilemmas they are facing in their career, you do not have the full scope. And while the cards may reveal some meaty insights, you, as a Tarot reader, is not in a position to definitely tell the querent what they must do, what path they must take. Your job is to deliver the messages you see in the career Tarot spread, while keeping your personal opinions out of the equation.

Any Tarot spread can be adapted to have a career focus, but some lend themselves more to working as career Tarot spreads than others.

Three career Tarot spreads for quick answers

Elaborate cards spreads are not always necessary – sometimes, a single Tarot card can deliver a clearer, more concise message than a greater number would.

Here are three career Tarot readings using only one or a few Tarot cards.

Yes or no career spread

The simplest, shortest career Tarot reading there is when you want a Yes/No question answered. When facing a seemingly impossible dilemma, using a Yes/No Tarot spread can be akin to cutting through the Gordian knot.

Simply cut the Tarot deck into two equal-sized parcels and turn one of them on its head. The reversed cards represent a no answer, while the upright cards mean yes.. Shuffle and mix the reversed and upright cards together.

Daw a single Tarot card. If it is upright, it’s a yes, and if it’s reversed, it’s a no.

Pros and cons spread

This reading can be done with as little as two Tarot cards and is particularly useful when you want to gain a clearer view of both the potential positive and negative aspects of a new career direction or a change at work.

Shuffle the Tarot deck and draw two cards (Or more if you prefer). One card position represents the pros, the other the cons.

Option A or B spread

Two card Tarot readings are endlessly versatile. Here is another career spread idea, perfect when you are trying to choose between two different options. For example, the querent may have been offered a new job but is unsure of whether accepting or declining is going to lead to the most rewarding outcome.

Shuffle the deck and pick two cards. The first card tells you about option A, while the second card tells you about option B. You can add more cards to flesh out the insights that come up.

Tarot spreads for career and business planning

Here are a few career spread ideas for when you are seeking more detailed information than what a simple one or two card reading can provide.

Crossroads Tarot spread

Often, when it comes to work life, we can find ourselves at a crossroad, unsure of how to move forward. The crossroads Tarot spread can help shed light on what might be keeping you stuck, as well as where you might look for new inspiration and progression.

The crossroads Tarot spread is a three card reading, but you can include more cards if you want a more detailed answer.

Shuffle the Tarot deck and pick three cards. The central cards represents the querent, where they are at right now, their point of view and state of mind. The card to the left indicates what is causing the querent to feel stuck, uninspired or dissatisfied at work. The card to the right represents unexplored ideas or potential, something with the potential to pull the querent forward in a new and exciting direction.

Reveal hidden blocks and potential Tarot reading

This three card Tarot spread is focused on internal rather than external drives and influences. Sometimes, our true path and potential can become lost somewhere along the way in our busy day-to-day lives. This spread helps refocus on our true potential, as well as be come clear on any blocks or negative mindsets holding us back.

Shuffle the deck and draw three cards. The central card indicates the querent, their current situation and state of mind. The card to the left represents any hidden blocks, such as limiting beliefs, low self-esteem or lacking the skills necessary for growth. The card to the right indicates a reservoir of potential and opportunity, waiting to be tapped into.

Tarot SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis is strategic planning technique used in business to validate plans and ideas. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The analysis consists in measuring a new business idea according to these four parameters.

You can use the Tarot for this (keeping in mind, of course, that the Tarot is not inherently a financial or business Tool).

Shuffle your Tarot cards and draw four. The first one reveals the strength of your new business idea – ideally, a powerful Major Arcana card or an encouraging Minor Arcana card from either of the four suits is going to show up in this position. The second card reveals the weak points related to your business idea or career plan. The third card represents the opportunities, and the fourth card represents the potential threats you will be facing.

Celtic Cross with career focus

The Celtic Cross Tarot spread is a favourite among Tarot readers, and with good reason. The Celtic Cross spread is one of the most endlessly adaptable, useful for anything from relationships to career path.

This spread has ten card positions.

The first card indicates the querent’s current situation, while the second reveals the primary external influences or forces at play. The third card position indicates the likely outcome, given how things are going. The fourth card position symbolises issues from the past that are still having an influence on the situation. The fifth card position is the immediate past. The sixth card position is the immediate future. The seventh card position is your current approach, habits or course of action, the eight card is your current surroundings, card position nine is your inner hopes and aspirations, and the tenth and final card is the outcome potential – what the querent will be able to achieve if they play their cards right.

A final word of advice: Ending readings with an advice card

Regardless of what the career reading has revealed or which spread (or spreads) you have used to deliver messages to the querent, it is always a good idea to end the Tarot reading on a positive, inspiring and encouraging note. This is what the final advice card is for.

Usually drawn from the bottom of the deck, the advice card puts a full stop after the insights and information that the reading has revealed. When drawing the final advice card, ask the Tarot to bring up an encouraging and fortifying final message to wrap up the reading.

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