2 of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles Tarot card shows a character admirably balancing two large golden coins while two small ships navigate turbulent waves in the distance. Two things are immediately clear; the juggler is doing an excellent job at remaining flexible and managing his resources -and should he decide to take his focus away from what he is doing for even a second, he may drop both of his golden coins.

When the Two of Pentacles comes up in readings, its Tarot card meanings skew positive. The 2 of Pentacles card represents someone who is stretched thin but is managing their various responsibilities well. The juggler in the Tarot card may symbolise a single parent juggling the responsibilities of two, a full-time university student who is also holding down a job, or an entrepreneur building multiple businesses, making big financial decisions while also dealing with family issues at home. Multi-tasking is the name of the game when the Two of Pentacles Tarot card appears.

When the Two of Pentacles reversed comes up in its reversed position, its Tarot card meanings are less pleasant. The reversed 2 of Pentacles Tarot card indicates that the fine equilibrium and balance displayed in the upright Tarot card are lost, and success slips further from view as you scrabble to regain control over your schedule and your life.

The upright Two of Pentacles can be a warning sign that you have taken on the maximum amount of work or responsibility that you can handle at this time – the Two of Pentacles reversed is a sign that you have crossed that line and will have to backpedal, regroup and reprioritise before you can move forward.

What the Pentacles mean in Tarot

The Tarot’s Minor Arcana consists of four decks, one for each of the four elements. The suit of Wands represents fire, the suit of Cups water, the suit of Swords air and the suit of Pentacles earth.

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The element of the earth is associated with the material realm. The suit of Pentacles deals with wealth and business, work, home, health, organisation and structure.

Numerological number 2 in Tarot

It is interesting to look at the numerological significance of the number 2 as it relates to the Two of Pentacles card.

According to numerology, the number 2 is the number of balance, stability, support and nurturing. These are the qualities embodied in the Two of Pentacles card, which is all about equilibrium, finding and maintaining the optimal balance between different tasks and priorities in order to thrive.

Two of Pentacles Tarot card description

Different Tarot decks offer different takes on the Two of Pentacles card, but most of them contain the same essential details and symbols as the ones we find in the classic Rider-Waite Tarot. Let us take a closer look.

The juggler

The main focus of the Two of Pentacles card is the figure juggling two golden coins in the card’s foreground.

Dressed in a combination of earthy and fiery colors, the juggler’s outfit indicates passion and drive tempered with practicality and commitment. The concentrated look on his face suggest that he is fully absorbed in managing his different responsibilities, juggling work, financial decisions, and all other aspects of life at once. The juggler has one foot lifted off the ground, as if he is searching for a new balance while still keeping the two coins spinning in the air.

The coins

The young juggler’s two golden coins symbolise seeds of potential. If only he is able to play his cards right – and not burn out on the way – he might be able to turn these two coins into many.

The infinity symbol

The juggler’s two golden coins are encircled by the infinity symbol. It is there to remind us that energy never disappears, it only transforms. It asks us to consider the feedback loops of energy we create in our lives. Are we using our time right? Are all of the activities we engage in fruitful, or are they unnecessary filler?

The ships and the waves

In the background, two ships navigating a dramatic tide. The symbolism is clear; we are reminded to remain adaptable and responsive to the ever-shifting circumstances and opportunities we encounter on our path.

Two of Pentacles Tarot card meanings

When the 2 of Pentacles appears in Tarot readings, its meaning is most likely positive. Here are the key upright Two of Pentacles Tarot card meanings.

Juggling multiple priorities

Juggling multiple priorities and commitments is perhaps the primary Two of Pentacles Tarot card meanings. Whenever the Two of Pentacles Tarot card comes up, there is a sense of being stretched to your limit, in terms of how many tasks and demands you can handle at once.

Good time management

Good time management is a true balancing act, and you are master at it. You are managing to create and contribute at work, without neglecting your most important relationships. For the moment, at least, you have found your equilibrium.

A warning not to take more on than you can carry

When the Two of Pentacles card shows up in a Tarot reading, it is a sign that your plate is full to the brim. Right now, you are able to juggle your packed schedule while maintaining some semblance of work life balance. Don’t take on any more right now, or something might rip.

Reversed Two of Pentacles Tarot card meanings

These are the key reversed Two of Pentacles Tarot card meanings.


When the reversed Tw of Pentacles comes up in a Tarot reading, it is often an indication that you are stretching yourself too thin and have taken on more commitments than you can realistically handle.


The 2 of Pentacles reversed suggests that you are finding organisation an uphill struggle. You have lost your balance and are drowning in stress while unfinished work and unpaid bills pile up. Under the heightened stress you are feeling, you become more and more prone to self-sabotage, for example by making poor financial decisions or burning out halfway through a work project.

A need to offload, reprioritise or restructure

The reversed Two of Pentacles tells you that something isn’t working.

Two of Pentacles Tarot card interpretation

Each Tarot card is like a multi-faceted prism. Which one of its layers of meaning comes to the forefront in any one specific Tarot reading is always going to depend on a number of moving pieces, including any important card combinations surrounding it in the spread.

Here are a few examples of how the Two of Pentacles card could be interpreted in different contexts.

What the Two of Pentacles means in love Tarot readings


When the upright Two of Pentacles comes up in a love Tarot reading, it can indicate that, although you have a very busy life and a full schedule, you are still managing to prioritise love and romance. If you have a partner or a spouse, you are adapt at carving out vital sizes of time to focus and be present with them. Nevertheless, you long for more quality time with them. Part of why you are so busy is that you may be making sacrifices that you feel are going to benefit your relationship or family unit in the long run. Just don’t forget that your presence is the best present you can give your romantic partner.


When you read Tarot cards about love life and the Two of Pentacles comes up reversed, it is a sign that you are allowing work commitments and other obligations to eat all of the time and energy that would allow romance to flourish and love to grow.

If you are in a committed relationship, your partner is likely to feel overlooked and undervalued next to your other important pursuits. If you are single, you may be struggling to find or maintain a relationship because you are simply too busy.

What the Two of Pentacles means in career Tarot readings


The upright Two of Pentacles card suggests that you are at an exciting juncture in your career – you are on a fast-track to growth. You are juggling your various work-related responsibilities and challenges with grace and flair. Rather than letting your workload overwhelm you, you remain flexible, inspired and enthusiastic as you put in the hours and forge vital new professional relationships.


The 2 of Pentacles Tarot card meanings are not what you are hoping for in a career Tarot reading. Here, the 2 of Pentacles Tarot card indicates that you are struggling to stay on top of your deadlines, and your workload feels crushing. Business may be booming, but poor time management or organisation can make that feel more like a curse than a blessing. Something has got to give – it is time to shift your priorities and commitments around.

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