Oracle Cards vs. Tarot Cards

Tarot and oracle cards are marked both by striking similarities and crucial differences. Both types of cards are used for cartomancy – which is just another way of saying divination or fortunetelling using cards. From an outside or novice perspective, oracle and Tarot cards may seem very similar, perhaps even interchangeable. But once you scratch […]

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards

Regardless of what messages a Tarot reading delivers, shuffling and picking the cards always comes first. Because shuffling the cards is such a natural, seamless part of any Tarot readings, it is easy to overlook it and not give it a second thought. But the shuffling of the cards is an important part of the […]

Tarot Spreads for Beginners

Once you have become reasonably comfortable and confident that you understand what each of the Tarot’s 78 archetypes mean individually, the next step is to start stringing multiple card meanings together by doing simple Tarot readings. Going from memorising the meanings of each individual card to trusting your intuition and innate knowledge of the deck […]

3 Card Tarot Spread

If you are looking for a clear, simple and straight-forward answer from your Tarot cards on a particular question or topic, a three card Tarot spread is the way to go. Three card Tarot spreads have the added value of being ideal Tarot spreads for beginners. A brief and to-the-point Tarot divination can sometimes pack […]

The Tower

The Major Arcana Tower card shows a scene of chaos, destruction and awakening. A burning tower perches precariously on shaky foundations while a lightning bolt strikes and shatters its top, causing the entire structure to crumble. Two figures, desperate to dodge disaster, are falling or leaping from the burning building – what fate awaits them […]

The Devil

The Devil is quite possibly the most misunderstood Tarot card – it is certainly the most feared. At a glance, the Devil Tarot card looks incredibly ominous and forbidding. The devilish figure – half goat, half man, crowned with an inverted pentagram – spreads his large bat wings against the pitch black background. A naked […]


The Strength Tarot card shows a woman taming and subduing a fully grown lion, using her inner strength and gentle persuasion rather than force. Could there be a power potent expression of true strength than this? The woman and the lion represent different sides of the the same person – the rational, conscious mind, and […]

10 of Wands

The Ten of Wands Minor Arcana card depicts the final mile that separates you from the longed-for finish line. The card shows a man weighed down by the ten heavy sticks he is carrying as he inches towards his final destination, a small town in the near distance. The man is staggering under the weight […]

How to Cleanse Tarot Cards

Knowing how to cleanse Tarot cards, as well as how to protect your deck from picking up negative energies are vital when it comes to ensuring that your Tarot readings remain focused and clear, and that their messages keep resonating. There are no hard and fast rules about when you should cleanse your Tarot cards […]

Yes or No Tarot Spread

One of the primary reasons why people turn to the Tarot with their most burning questions and heart-felt worries is that they are hoping to find answers – preferably ones that are clear and concise. While the Tarot cards often offer answers that are precise and eerily spot-on, they are notoriously difficult to ask Yes/No […]