Taurus Moon

What does it mean to have a Taurus moon?

The Moon is the satellite that hovers around planet Earth, only truly visible when the Sun sets. Under its subtle, faint light we do not have to prove anything to anyone or face our daily challenges.

The Moon, then, represents our inner self. It describes our “mushy center,” our inner child that needs to be nurtured and cherished.

It also describes our emotional personality, innate reactions, and the environment we require to feel secure.

Throughout this article, we will inquire about the people born under the Moon in Taurus. This earth sign is grounded to its senses, thrives in stability and comfort, and gets anxious when dealing with unexpected situations.

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We’ll learn about its characteristics, emotional needs, defense mechanisms, and much more.

What does your astrology moon sign mean?

Your Moon sign is one of the most important elements to consider in your birth chart. It represents your emotional ego, the first energy we recognized as safe after you were born.

The Moon indicates how we received love and care when we were born and describes how we express our emotions and affections when we become adults.

Your Moon sign plays a vital role because it clues you into what you seek in a love relationship and how you expect others to demonstrate their affection.

The Moon also drives our gut reactions and controls the way we instinctively respond to threatening situations. It describes those patterns of behavior we express when we are vulnerable or comfortable enough to show ourselves as we are.

About the Taurus Moon sign or Moon in the 2nd House.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, symbolized by the Bull. This sign is known for its connection with the body’s senses, being firmly rooted in reality, and having stable and reliable energy.

If you have a Taurus Moon Sign or Moon in the 2nd House, you need security and stability to feel safe. Being a fixed sign, you thrive in routine and predictable scenarios that you can control.

As soon as you become too comfortable with someone or within a relationship, you will resist change and be unwilling to move forward.

However, other people trust you because you are committed, loyal, and genuinely care about their comfort.

The Moon in Taurus makes you very resilient, but at the same time, you need a lot of rest to recover. You can be very hardworking and ambitious when you embark on a new project but lose steam and procrastinate once you get the initial results.

The relationship with your body, self worth, and matter, in general, takes on great importance under this Moon. For you, self-esteem and possessions are intimately linked. You need to have material holds to feel secure, which can lead you to become possessive, not only with money but also in your relationships.

Taurus Moon Personality traits

Most people know the characteristics of their Sun Sign, which only reveals the tip of the iceberg of their unique personality.

However, many people do not feel identified with their Sun Sign. It is probably because they do not know about the characteristics of their Moon sign, which may even be completely opposite to those of their Sun sign.

Knowing the features of your Moon sign will give you a much deeper insight into your behavior, motivations, and personality traits.


Moons in Taurus can and do try to keep their life in their usual conditions. The same job, routine, House, and so on.

They have stable feelings, which is why they frequent the same few places and friends. They are not good with unexpected events and respond very poorly to surprises, usually freezing and not knowing what to do.

Being an earth sign, they are Bull headed and need to believe their reality is under their control, so they want things to be their way or the highway.

Their stubbornness stems from the fear of being caught off guard, having to respond quickly to an unforeseen situation, or running out of available resources to deal with an unexpected event.

This stubbornness can help commit to long-term projects and relationships. However, this personality trait causes Taurus to become stuck once they feel comfortable, holding on for many years to relationships or situations that no longer bring them any growth.

If others do not decide to walk away, Taurus won’t do it on their own. The Bull will put security and safety above any other condition, hurting themselves in the process.

Bodily Awareness

Taureans, like bulls, are sturdy, strong, and determined. They won’t hesitate to put in hard work and have a strength worthy of admiration. They can withstand rough patches of turbulence with far less regret than other signs.

If your Moon sign is Taurus, you tend to show love and affection through physical presence and concrete actions rather than empty words or promises.

For you, the only thing that matters is what you can verify with your own eyes, as your unconscious reactions rest on solid ground.

This Moon needs security to trust the people they love. However, they don’t usually communicate their needs aloud, as they struggle to connect with their feelings.

Just as the body takes time to digest food, They need time to process their feelings and come to specific conclusions.

That’s why they can get frustrated when other people pressure them or rush them into making a decision. They need to have space and move at their own pace to feel comfortable. Moving their physical body through stretching or spending time in nature is an excellent way to release tension and find their center.

Pleasure seeker

The ruling planet of Taurus is the sensual Venus. This celestial body represents our connection with the senses, so Moons in Taurus enjoy pleasure.

Taurus drive is all about self care that preserves its energy for what it truly values. This Moon strives for a comfortable lifestyle that allows them to indulge in luxuries and treats. If your Moon sign is Taurus, you enjoy fine dining, aged wines, and relaxing as much as you can.

These moons feel emotionally secure when their senses are fed with soft clothes, delicious perfumes, silk sheets, and loving caresses.

Taurus moon expresses their affection and shows their loved ones how much they appreciate them through expensive gifts and physical love expressions.

They can spend hours massaging their beloved and engaging in long passionate lovemaking sessions. Now, don’t ask them to go camping in the wilderness with nothing but a sleeping bag! Moons in Taurus will complain about the experience from start to finish.

When these individuals crave something, they need to satisfy this urge quickly to avoid feeling anxious, especially when talking about basic needs such as hunger, thirst, or sex.

Also, they can often take their pleasure-seeking too far! Sometimes, Taurus moon sign individuals become hedonistic and procrastinate their tasks, avoiding new challenges and making no progress in their life.

Romantic and faithful

People born under a Taurus moon sign are very romantic, flirting, and sensual.

They attract their partners with their penetrating gaze, tender caresses, passionate kisses, and deep embraces.

Furthermore, these individuals are not looking for a one-night stand. If they want to date you, it’s because they see the potential for a stable, long-term relationship. These moons wish to have it all. Joint projects, a family, a vacation home, they have it all planned out and are just waiting to find the right person to make their dreams come true.

If this is your Moon, you are generous, kind, and loving to the extreme. When you love someone, you give your all, and you expect the other person to do the same. You will go out of your way to ensure your partner has everything they need, giving them all the comforts, security, and stability they are looking for.

Inactive and fearful

All moons seek emotional comfort somehow, but in the case of Taurus, they seem to take it as far as it can go. These moons seek to establish a family, have their own home, and then stay the same for the rest of their lives.

These individuals experience more comfort when they have a routine, carefree, predictable life, without any risks to take.

Anything that involves change or new beginnings terrifies them as it jeopardizes their stability. They do not like adventures, spontaneous visits, or social outings to unknown places.

These moons think things through before committing to a course of action and may take a long time to embrace life’s inevitable changes.

The same happens in their relationships. When they feel comfortable, it can be hard to move them forward.

Your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant

Your Sun Sign is reflected in your personality, which defines where you will learn to become. We usually integrate this energy when we first interact with people outside the family, indicating those personality traits that set us apart from our family background.

Taurus sun sign is naturally patient, loyal, and committed. It cares for its loved ones and enjoys life through its senses and pleasures.

Your Moon Sign describes your instinctive emotions. The Moon energy is the first we perceive when we incarnate in the world, at the moment of our birth. It represents those qualities we show when we feel insecure, how we give affection, and what we perceive as secure.

In the Moon in Taurus, the person NEEDS stability, commitment, and enjoyment through the senses to feel emotionally secure.

Your Rising Sign or Ascendant represents how you show yourself to the world. Others usually perceive us as the characteristics of our Rising sign, while we do not identify with it before our first Saturn return (29 years).

The less we integrate the energy of our Rising sign, the more we will experience it through external events. If your Ascendant is Taurus, life will bring you situations that will teach you to be more patient, connect with your senses, and be more stable and committed in your affairs.

Other people perceive you as generous, sensual, and loyal.

What does it mean to be a Taurus moon?

People with the Moon in Taurus have a stable, grounded, and patient emotional personality. These moons enjoy life and seek pleasure in all its forms through caresses, perfumes, food, and everything that exalts their senses. People born with the Moon in Taurus are sensual and seek loyal and lasting relationships. They have their life planned and depend on routine and material possessions to feel secure and comfortable. They do not like surprises, spontaneous outings, or changes of plans. They may take a long time to progress in their life just for fear of starting over.

Are Taurus Moons emotional?

All Moons are emotional as they represent our inner self. However, some express their feelings more openly than others. Being an Earth sign, the Moon in Taurus takes a while to connect with its emotional side and often struggles to communicate its feelings. However, they are affectionate and show their love through kisses, caresses, hugs, and any other type of physical contact.

What is Taurus moon attracted to?

The Moon in Taurus is attracted to sensual pleasures, security, and routine. They relate to people looking for a long-term commitment and are just as loyal and stable as they are. Taurus Moons do not like to date volatile individuals who do not know what they want and change their minds at a moment’s notice.

What are the traits of a Taurus moon?

One of the personality traits of Moons in Taurus is their stubborn nature, for they do their best to have things their own way. Their self-esteem is intimately related to their material holdings, which makes them possessive of their wealth and their relationships. However, these moons are romantic, loyal, and passionate with the people they love. They are also very fearful of change and wait for others to take the lead.

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