Who Should Aquarius Marry?

Who should Aquarius marry?

If you are an Aquarius and you find yourself wondering about this question, you need to read this article. In it, we are going to be looking at what Aquarius wants and needs in a marriage, why, and which of the other Sun signs are most likely to provide it.

In a way, speaking about Aquarius and marriage in the same sentence is almost a paradox. Not because Aquarius shouldn’t marry, but because Aquarius is unlikely to want to marry, unless they have really found the right person.

Aquarius is known for being a non-conformist that likes to push against tradition and challenge the status quo. Of course, like most people, Aquarius is likely to mellow and become slightly more conservative as he or she matures, but even so. No matter how old an Aquarius gets, he or she will always want to define and fine his or her own way through life.

With all of this being said, are you ready to discover the answer to the question of who Aquarius should marry?

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What defines the Aquarius zodiac sign

Before we can understand what an Aquarius wants and needs in a marriage, we have to look at the astrological factors that shape and defines the Aquarius personality.

Aquarius is an Air sign

The fact that Aquarius is an Air sign has a tremendous impact on the typical Aquarius personality.

Air signs tend to be highly intelligent and are led by their intellects rather than by their emotions. They will also trust their intellectual faculties before they will trust their own feelings, any day of the week.

Air signs are the inventors, entrepreneurs and intellectuals of the zodiac. They crave constant mental stimulation and get bore and restless when they feel like they already know the territory that they find themselves in. In other words, they crave novelty, constant reinvention and renewal. They thrive in new situations and feel stifled when there is too much stability and constancy in their lives.

Aquarius is as fixed sign

Aquarius is the fixed air sign. The fixed signs are the signs in the middle of each of the four seasons, and they are said to embody the essence of their element. For Aquarius, this means that Aquarius is the ultimate air sign, the sign most emblematic of this element and its different qualities.

Air is fast-moving, freedom-loving, and in a constant state of flux. This is also very true for Aquarius, who never sits still or grows too comfortable in one place.

Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer

All star signs are symbolized by a pictogram as well as a glyph, and in the case of Aquarius, the pictogram is the Water Bearer, a figure emptying a jug of water.

The Water Bearer’s gesture symbolically sweeps away the past and makes way for the new. Coincidentally, this is the role that Aquarius defines for him-or herself in society. At its very core, the Aquarian personality is meant to challenge the norms and disrupt the old structures.

The glyph representing Aquarius is two waves of flowing water, indicating change and movement.

The fact that Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer figure as well as by a pictogram of waves is the reason Aquarius is often mistakenly believed to be a water sign.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus

Aquarius is ruled not by one but by two planets; Saturn and Uranus.

Interestingly, Saturn represents structure, responsibility and boundaries. In astrology, Saturn is often referred to as the archetypal Father.

Uranus, on the other hand, represents the mystery of the new and the unknown. This is the energy that Aquarius truly embodies and brings onto the world, challenging, questioning and pushing against the energy represented by Saturn.

Aquarius in a nutshell

You now have a good 0verview over the astrological forces that shape the Aquarius personality, but how do these influences reveal themselves in specific personality traits? Let us make things clear:

Aquarius is highly intelligent

As an Air sign, Aquarius is in possession of a fast, hungry and curious mind. Like the wind, the mind of an Aquarius is always restless, always roaming, always exploring.

Aquarius values information and knowledge extremely highly, and is likely to be a lifelong student of various topics that he or she finds interesting. No matter his or her age, an Aquarius will never grow tired of learning and exploring new things. While most others like to make up their minds once and for all, Aquarius loves to be surprised, challenged and even proven wrong.

Aquarians often work with their minds. They often make their impressive intellects their bread and butter. They may be writers, scientists, entrepreneurs or coders. They love to explore and find new ways of doing things, so are less likely to apply their impressive minds within more conservative environments.

Aquarius is a rebel

Like it or not, Aquarius is a true rebel. Indeed, the urge to rebel against and defy the status quo is hard-wired into an Aquarian’s horoscope at birth.

Where am Aquarius doesn’t find a worthy cause, he or she will invent one. Because the need to drive for change is so powerful, an Aquarius is never just going to be content and sit with their hands in their lap. Aquarius is an active force, and often an idealist, striving for a better and freer world.

Aquarius often refuses to fit into any pre-scripted roles that society has laid out for them. Marriage is an example of one of the societal norms that an Aquarius is likely to reject, or at the very least question.

If and when an Aquarius does marry, he or she is likely to want to reclaim the concept and turn it into something new and more individually tailored. There simply aren’t that many Aquarius trad wives out there.

Aquarius values novelty and freedom above most other things

Aquarians love their freedom and independence. It can be no surprise that many Aquarians are either self-employed or found their own companies. For most Aquarians, working in a cubicle and doing the same work day in and day out would be worse than death.

But it isn’t only in work and creativity that Aquarius feels stifled if he or she is anchored to once place or one activity. This inherent restlessness, curiosity and desire for change also makes itself known in Aquarius’ emotional bonds with other people.

It takes a lot for an Aquarius to commit to someone on an emotional and permanent basis. And when an Aquarius does decide to commit, they still want to maintain a high degree of independence.

Most compatible signs

By now you should have a pretty clear picture of what Aquarius is like and what they want and need in a relationship.

With this in mind, it is time for us to go over all of the Aquarius compatible signs and see how they all match up. We’ll start with the signs with the highest Aquarius compatibility before moving on to the ones with the lowest.

Fellow Air signs

The best romantic match for an Aquarius is usually going to be a fellow Air sign. There’s simply a mutual understanding that exists between Air signs that Aquarius isn’t likely to find with any of the other Sun signs.

When two Aquarius get together, they can really keep each other on their toes. A double Aquarius relationship is often a thrilling one, for both parties. Aquarius takes delight in having a partner that is equally as intelligent, restless and unconventional as they are. Of course, a double Aquarius marriage isn’t cozy and relaxing, but rather exciting and creative. These two are likely to inspire and egg each other on towards ever new discoveries, experiences and exploration.

Gemini also makes a great match with Aquarius. As a fellow Air sign, Gemini is intelligent and eccentric, as well as heaps of fun to be around. Perhaps even more so than Aquarius, Gemini requires constant intellectual stimulation in order to not get bored, and Aquarius provides it. Gemini, in turn, has an unmatched ability to make Aquarius laugh.

Libra might just be the perfect partner for an Aquarius. Libra is both forward-thinking, bold and creative, all qualities that Aquarius unreservedly admires. Libras tend to be very secure in themselves, and capable of giving an Aquarius partner all of the space and independence they need.

All in all, two Air signs is often a great bet for a long and healthy relationship. An instant bond and a mutual understanding of the need for freedom and alone time are all but guaranteed. Besides, a fellow Air sign is less likely than almost any other to feel neglected when Aquarius is preoccupied with thoughts, ideas and projects that temporarily take precedence over romance and even physical intimacy

Fire signs

Aquarius is often drawn to the passion, intensity and drama of Fire signs. And Air and Fire is frequently an explosive mix, although one that may lend itself better to creative collaborations than to long-term relationships.

Aries can be a good partner for Aquarius. In this relationship, both partners have a mature and independent outlook on life, as well as the ability to give each other space when needed. Aquarius and Aries are both outspoken and direct, which means that they will always be able to communicate openly about their feelings and desires.

Leo and Aquarius make a great couple, at least for a while. In this relationship, both partners value each other’s different talents and efforts. Aquarius is forthright and expressive, whereas Leo tends to take a more gentle and indirect approach to making their feelings known. Still, this couple are both adventurous and ambitious, and when they’re good together, they can inspire each other to go far.

The Sagittarius-Aquarius pairing does hold the potential for longevity. In this relationship, both partners are active, fun-loving and independent, as well as receptive to the ideas and suggestions that their partner throws at them. Having said that, their connection may be marred by the unfortunate combination of Sagittarius’ explosive temper and Aquarius’ talent for triggering it.

Least compatible signs

We have covered Aquarius’ compatibility with Air and Fire signs; what’s left are the Earth and Water signs.

Generally speaking, Aquarius is most compatible with star signs belonging to one of the active elements, Air or Fire.

Still, an Aquarius may be able to forge a mutually satisfying relationship with a particularly open-minded Virgo or Scorpio. But as Earth and Water signs go, this is more or less where the marriage prospects begin to run out.

Earth signs and Water signs

Earth signs are known for being solid through and through. Hardworking, ambitious, security-loving, and often rather conservative in temper. As you can probably already tell, these may not be the qualities that a freedom-loving, rebellious and enterprising Aquarius is looking for in a potential spouse.

Capricorn and Aquarius make an odd pair. Although they may be drawn to each other initially and both share an incredible sense of drive and ambition, their values and outlook on life are simply incongruent. While Aquarius delights in knocking down walls, Capricorn delights in building them. And while Aquarius is building a new app intended to smash the status quo, Capricorn is climbing the corporate ladder. From Aquarius’ perspective, everything Capricorn values and stands for is anathema.

Taurus and Aquarius is another unfortunate match. Taurus loves security and values nothing more in a partner than complete reliability and assurances of lifelong devotion. Aquarius may find these things difficult to provide. Taurus, meanwhile, is unlikely to trust a fast-talking and unpredictable Aquarius with the one heart they have to give.

As for the Water signs, Aquarius tends to find them clingy and irrational across the board. Water signs are also, generally speaking, unlikely to want to get involved with an Aquarius, who they may be attracted to, but who is unwilling and unable to furnish them with the emotional closeness and intimacy that they crave.

The Pisces-Aquarius relationship is more or less doomed from the start. Pisces is sensitive, emotional, introverted and a born philosopher. He or she lives at leat halfway in a world of fantasy and imagination. By contrast, Aquarius is a vary active force – a man or a woman of action. The Pisces spouse in a marriage with Aquarius is all but guaranteed to feel constantly emotionally starved.

Finally, we have the Aquarius-Cancer couple, another wonky match. Much like Pisces, Cancer demands emotional closeness, intimacy and devotion. Aquarius is likely to find these, from the point of view of the Cancer spouse very reasonable, demands stifling and smothering. What’s more, Cancers tend to be possessive and jealous, and are the kinds of spouses that will definitely expect an expiation if their Aquarian mate isn’t home in time for dinner.

Conclusion: These are the zodiac signs that Aquarius should and shouldn’t marry

What Aquarius wants and needs in a long-term relationship, let alone a marriage, is something slightly different than what most people want and need. This can make their quest for a lifelong mate challenging, to say the least.

Ultimately, the best match for an Aquarius is often a fellow Aquarius, or at the very least an Air sign. Both Gemini and Libra are great bets and potential marriage material.

At the other end of the scale we have the most security-focused, conservative and emotional star signs.

If we had to boil it all the way down to the very worst Aquarius match, the answer would probably be Capricorn, the very embodiment of the structures and values that Aquarius is on a mission to challenge and destroy.

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Frequently asked questions

Who will be the soulmate of Aquarius?

A fellow Aquarius is the ultimate match for an Aquarius.

Two Aquarians will automatically be on the same wavelength and will have a shared intuitive understanding of each other’s needs and wants. They’ll both want similar things out of the relationship, and are highly unlikely to cling to or smother each other. Together, two Aquarians may reinvent marriage in such a way that being in one suits them.

Who should Aquarius stay away from?

When it comes to marriage or a serious relationship, Aquarius should stay far away from Capricorn and also from Pisces.

Capricorn because this star sign embodies the very qualities and sentiments that are anathema to the Aquarius personality – qualities such as adhering to tradition and play the game rather than try to change or reinvent it. And Pisces because this star sign is highly emotional and craves a lot of intimacy and closeness.

Is Aquarius good for marriage?

Generally speaking, no. Not if what you are after is a traditional kind of marriage.
If you are hoping to marry an Aquarius, you should expect him or her to want to challenge the norm of marriage, such as insisting on having an open marriage or wanting to live in separate houses despite being wed.

Who can marry an Aquarius woman?

Anyone that can convince her. Aquarius is often unlikely to want to marry and settled down early on in life. If it happens at all, the marriage is highly likely to be either unconventional or short-lived.

Having said that, Aquarius women are most compatible with fellow Aquarians, or with other Air signs.

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