Aquarius Soulmate

Which of the other star signs would make the ideal Aquarius soulmate?

Aquarius is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac and is perhaps best known for its self-reliant, entrepreneurial and highly unconventional approach to life.

Whether an Aquarius is tranquil and quietly magnetic or outgoing and enthusiastic, you can be certain that he or she is full of idealistic convictions and believes in a better world.

Aquarius thrives in the company of others and often has many friends, but on a personal level, Aquarius frequently struggles to make a long-term relationship work. A key reason for this is that every single Aquarius you’ll ever come across is going to crave plenty of personal space and freedom. In many cases, committing to a romantic partner can feel to an Aquarius like giving up some of his or her autonomy.

Knowing this, which of the other signs have the highest likelihood of being compatible with Aquarius in the long run. In other words, which of the other zodiac signs are Aquarius soulmate matches? This article will give you the answers.

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What makes the Aquarius zodiac sign

Before we can answer the real question of which signs are most compatible with Aquarius, we have to start by looking at Aquarius and what makes this fascinating star sign what it is.

The personality of each zodiac sign is defined by a number of astrological factors. These are the ones that shape Aquarius:

Aquarius is an Air sign

The first thing worth knowing about Aquarius is that we are dealing with an Air sign. All of the Air signs are known for their lightning-fast intellects and inventiveness.

Just like the Earth element is associated with the physical body and the senses, Fire is associated with passion and drive and Water is associated with emotion and intuition, Air is linked to the mind and its capacities. In other words, Air signs tend to be the most intellectual star signs, as well as being the most technically gifted. It should not surprise you to learn that many programmers, inventors and entrepreneurs are Air signs. These are all people who seek to push the envelope of human potential and develop or discover something new.

The Air element is necessarily flighty, ethereal, immaterial, and difficult to define. This also describes the Aquarian personality to a t. While the other zodiac signs are relatively easy to group together under broad descriptive terms, such as ‘outgoing,’ ‘meticulous,’ or ‘intense,’ Aquarians can differ wildly from each other and seem to defy and reject many of the labels and boxes that others would like to put them in.

Aquarius is a mutable sign

As well as being an Air sign, Aquarius is a mutable sign. The mutable signs are the ones that end the seasons, and because of this they are imbued with a flexible spirit and a sense of curiosity about what lies just around the corner or hides behind the veil.

Being the mutable Air sign means that Aquarius is especially flexible, curious, and open-minded. It also means that Aquarius is very idealistic and interested in how to bring about a better reality for all.

Mutable signs don’t tend to simply accept the world as they find it. They tend to want to tweak and change it, until it resembles their vision for what it could be. Mutable signs are also rather liminal in their attitude and approach to life. They don’t like to be part of the flock. Instead, they seek new routes and paths, new ways of doing things.

If the mutable signs have a shared weakness, it is wanting to do too much at once, and ending up getting distracted or overwhelmed in the process. Another aspect of this is as hesitancy to commit to anything in the long term, be it a career or a person.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus

Every zodiac sign is ruled by a planet, and in the case of Aquarius, that planet is Uranus.

Uranus is the planet that governs new technologies, innovation, futurism, and the realm of the unexpected. It is easy to see why Uranus-ruled Aquarius is so interested in both inventing and embracing newness, while shedding, challenging and disrupting old patterns and modes of behavior.

The fact that Uranus is the planet of innovation means that Aquarius has an affinity for figuring out and mastering all of the new technologies that are currently happening in the world. As a result, many Aquarians, regardless of age, find success leveraging social media platforms and newfangled software programs that many of the denser signs are much slower to adopt, let alone get comfortable with.

It is also worth mentioning that Aquarius is much more comfortable with change and uncertainty than most of the other zodiac signs. While Earth signs in particular prefer to stay within what they know, Aquarius runs towards change and embraces uncertainty with open arms.

Aquarians are among the relatively few people who b0th understand and are fine with the fact that there are no guarantees in life.

Aquarius is symbolized by the water bearer and by waves

All of the zodiac signs are symbolized by a figure and by a glyph.

The figure representing Aquarius is called the water bearer and looks like a maiden pouring water from a bucket. The bucket of water represents an abundance of ideas, creativity and compassion, as well as the desire to share these gifts with the world. The sign of the water bearer really captures Aquarius’ deep desire to contribute to and influence the world around them.

Despite being an Air sign, Aquarius is also symbolized by a glyph that looks like a pair of waves. When you take this into consideration, it’s really not surprising that Aquarius is often mistaken for a Water sign.

The two waves represent change, flow and movement. A wave is never the same from one moment to the next. While the essence might be constant, the form and expression are in a constant state of change. You also cannot contain a wave or hold onto it. Aquarius is free, wild and powerful like the waves of the sea whipped up by the wind.

This is what Aquarius is like in a relationship

Merely being around an Aquarius is guaranteed to turn your own life into more of an adventure. But what is the Aquarius zodiac sign really like as a romantic partner? Here is an overview over what to expect.

Aquarius is spontaneous

Would you like to go on a spontaneous adventure?

Aquarius is prone to following his or her whims and impulses. As a result, you can expect surprises and a high degree of unpredictability and volatility in your relationship with an Aquarius native.

If you are dating an Aquarius, they may spontaneously book a romantic holiday abroad for the two of you – but they are every bit as likely to announce that they are going away for a weekend on their own because they need thinking space.

Aquarius has trouble committing

The biggest hurdle you are likely to run into when dating an Aquarius is that he or she will be reluctant to commit. Depending on what you yourself want from the relationship, this may or may not be okay with you.

Aquarius is not incapable of being in a loving and committed relationship, but in many cases an Aquarius native will not be ready for this level of commitment until he or she has matured some. In some cases, an Aquarius will not even want a traditional, long-term relationship with anyone. Others may find this hard to understand, but Aquarius may well value his or her sense of freedom and autonomy above the security and status that may come with being with being married or in a long-term relationship.

With that being said, when an Aquarius does commit to a romantic partner, it really means something. You’ve already gathered that Aquarius is not the type to seek out a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship. Quite the contrary, Aquarius will only enter into a relationship when the reward seems to exceed the potential loss of freedom.

Aquarius is free-spirited

Aquarius is inherently free-spirited and is highly likely to live an unusual lifestyle, in whatever form that takes.

Aquarius is the most unconventional sun sign in the entire zodiac and has an inborn resistance to following pre-determined patterns of behavior. Instead, Aquarius is highly individualistic and marches through life to the sound of his or her own drum.

If you are romantically involved with an Aquarius, don’t try to change them or force them into a box – they won’t react well to being restrained or reigned in.

Aquarius craves novelty

Aquarius is extremely comfortable with the unknown and will go as far as to actively crave it and seek it out.

It is not at all unusual for Aquarius to have a work life that requires them to travel a lot, or to live temporarily in many different places all across the globe. If you are the partner of an Aquarius, get comfortable with the idea of being a tour widow or only seeing your lover sporadically.

If an Aquarius stays in the same place for too long, her or she will inevitably start feeling bored and restless. You cannot and should not try to keep an Aquarius from seeking adventure – he or she needs it in order to thrive.

This is what Aquarius is looking for in a relationship

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what the typical Aquarius native is like in a relationship, you can probably take a guess at what Aquarius, in turn, wants and needs in a soulmate match. Here are few pointers:

The ideal Aquarius soulmate is self-reliable

The last thing Aquarius wants in a soulmate is clinginess or emotional neediness.

Aquarius is fiercely independent and self-sufficient. It follows that he or she needs a partner that is at least comfortable looking after themselves when the two of them are not together. You cannot expect an Aqarius to be glued to your hip or to always be emotionally available.

Ideally, an Aquarius soulmate should have his or her own life replete with friends, activities, projects and interests that the Aquarius partner does not even have to get involved in. If your Aquarian partner knows that you are happily occupied doing your own thing, he or she is less likely to feel trapped or restrained by your love – and thus more likely to want to keep it going.

The ideal Aquarius soulmate is open-minded

If you are of a conservative bend, you probably shouldn’t be dating an Aquarius in the first place. You cannot and should not attempt to tame an Aquarius partner – he or she will resent you for even trying.

By the same token, you may come to resent them for disappointing you by refusing to commit or conform to your expectations.

This all really boils down to: Don’t date an Aquarius in the hopes that you can make them settle down or lure them into a monogamous romance if that’s not what they want.

As the romantic partner of an Aquarius sun sign, open-mindedness and willingness to try new things is a must.

The ideal Aquarius soulmate is patient

If you are hoping to build a stable long-term relationship with an Aquarius native, you need to arm yourself with lots of patience.

Aquarius has a tendency to feel trapped and restrained very easily. The only way to get close to an Aquarius is to not pile on any pressure to commit or to give up any of his or her freedom. The only way you can love an Aquarius in the long run is with an open hand.

The ideal Aquarius soulmate is compassionate

Because Aquarius is idealistic and often actively engaged in building a better world, the ideal Aquarius soulmate is at least somewhat socially aware.

Aquarius cannot abide uninformed people, or those who only care about maintaining their own manicured lawns when humanity is facing challenges on a global scale. Aquarius wants a soulmate that he or she can relate to, share an intellectual connection with, and perhaps even join forces with.

Aquarius compatible signs

Now that you have an overview over what the Aquarius zodiac sign is like and what this intriguing Air sign is looking for in a romantic partner, it is time for us to look at which of the other signs have the most potential as Aquarius soulmates.

Fellow Air signs

Does it surprise you to learn that fellow Air signs often make the best Aquarius soulmates?

Air signs inevitably share a mutual understanding and a mutual respect. As a result, there is already going to be common ground when two Air signs get together.

Gemini and Aquarius are an interesting and dynamic match. Both share a fundamentally positive outlook on life, and both are extremely multi-faceted. Aquarius and Gemini are both highly intelligent, inventive and curious, which ensures that this couple will never run out of topics to talk about or explore together. Together, these two may analyze anything and everything under the sun, as well as discover new places and ideas together.

There are so many version of Gemini that Aquarius keeps coming back for more. The never-ending sense of discovery and surprise keeps Aquarius interested. Sexually, these two signs are also highly compatible.

Libra and Aquarius is a match blessed by the gods. Here are two Air signs that share a desire to usher in a better, fairer world. When these two signs join forces, they are capable of amazing things. These two are also capable of accepting each other’s quirks, and they truly enjoy each other’s company.

Aquarius with Aquarius is perhaps the best soulmate match. Aquarius people share the same need for intellectual connection and emotional independence. In a relationship between two Aquarians, neither partner is likely to feel restrained or stifled by the other. On a mental level, these two are an ideal love match, and sexually, two Aquarians have amazing chemistry.

Earth signs

Generally speaking, Air and Earth signs don’t mix very well. As a group, Earth signs tend to be conservative, materialistic and risk averse – almost the opposite of the open-minded, innovative and unconventional Air signs.

Capricorn and Aquarius is one of the most unlikely matches that the zodiac wheel is capable of producing. Capricorn is stubborn, grounded, hard-working and often pessimistic. A Capricorn is likely to be a firm believer in tradition and in the very hierarchies and systems that Aquarius is trying to disrupt. All in all, Aquarius and Capricorn are a bad match of practically opposite signs.

Aquarius with Taurus is another odd match, and one that is highly unlikely to work out in the long run. Like Capricorn, Taurus is rather conservative and security-loving. he or she is usually more interested in building a career and taking care of his or her own family than in saving the planet – something which idealistic Aquarius finds it impossible to appreciate. Taurus is likely to be put off by Aquarius’ resistance to commit. Indeed, if there is one thing a Taurus wants in a relationship it is commitment, and plenty of it.

While none of the Earth signs are particularly suitable as Aquarius soulmates, Virgo is a slightly less disastrous option than the others. Like Aquarius, Virgo is a mutable sign, and as such, this native is a little more open-minded and adaptable than the other Earth signs.

Fire signs

Now for the Fire signs. Fired and Air tends to be an interesting cocktail. Often, there is great chemistry between Fire and Air signs – but whether a Fire and an Air sign can manage to build a long-term future together is another question altogether.

Aries and Aquarius can, in some cases, be a perfect match. Although these two signs are very different from each other, both are very honest and open about what they want and expect from their relationship. As a cardinal sign, Aries is extremely stubborn, firm and decisive, while Aquarius is a little more fluid and generally gentler. All in all, these two signs complement each other extremely well.

Leo and Aquarius are a wonderful combination. As friends, Leo and Aquarius have the potential to last, but as a romantic couple, they may clash a little too often. Leo is the fixed Fire sign, and as such, it embodies the essence of the Fire element. With that comes a big personality and a fiery temper – both very attractive to Aquarius, but not necessarily ideal in the long run.

Aquarius and Sagittarius have the potential to be perfect for each other. Both understand the other’s need for solitude and independence. If Sagittarius decides to go on an adventure on their own or Aquarius needs time to be a recluse, these two are able to respect each other’s wishes and boundaries. Both of these signs also tend to be comfortable with no-strings-attached scenarios and are unlikely to make each other feel trapped or imposed on.

Water signs

Finally, the Water signs.

Water and Air may be drawn to each other, but they don’t tend to gel very well romantically. While Air signs use their brains to navigate in life, Water signs use their emotions and intuition.

Cancer and Aquarius is an undenialy odd and wonky match. These two signs aren’t exactly kindred spirits and may struggle to truly connect with and understand each other. However, in some cases this pair may overcome their differences and establish a high degree of both spiritual, intellectual, emotional compatibility.

Aquarius and Scorpio are unfortunately not a great love match. Intense Scorpio seeks and craves deep and intense emotional connection, while Aquarius prefers to keep it light. In addition to this, Scorpio is introverted and private, while Aquarius is much more of an extrovert and loves to step into the limelight. Initially, Scorpio and Aquarius may be drawn to each other, and the two may share a great sex life. However, over time their differences would start to peek through and threaten the initial harmony.

As for Pisces and Aquarius, this is an almost incomprehensible match. If there are two signs that are both unlikely to connect in the first place and to stay together, Aquarius-Pisces is that pairing. Pisces craves a constant and abundant supply of love, affection and reassurance. Aquarius inevitably sees Pisces as clingy and needy, while Pisces sees Aquarius as cold and aloof.

Conclusion: These zodiac signs could be Aquarius’ ideal soulmate match

As a rule of thumb, Aquarius is most likely to find his or her ideal soulmate in a fellow Air sign – and particularly in a fellow Aquarius.

Gemini and Libra are two other great options when Aquarius is casting about for a soulmate, as is Sagittarius.

At the other end of the compatibility scale, we have Capricorn, Scorpio and Pisces. All of the things these zodiac signs want in a romantic partner are the very things that make an Aquarius run for the hills.

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Frequently asked questions

Who do Aquarius usually marry?

It is always questionable whether Aquarius should even marry in the first place. Because Aquarians like to question the norms and define their own rules, they may not want to get married at all.

Having said that, a fellow Air sign is usually going to be the best life partner and soulmate for an unconventional and freedom loving Aquarius. When two Air signs get together, there is a mutual understanding and shared values that Aquarius finds it hard to find in any of the other zodiac signs.

Who is the perfect match for Aquarius?

The ideal match for Aquarius is often a fellow Aquarius.

A pair of Aquarians are the most likely to want the same things from a relationship, namely love, connection, companionship, intellectual compatibility and a great sex life – but also freedom and space to remain themselves.

What sign is Aquarius attracted to?

Aquarius can potentially be attracted to any of the other zodiac signs, but generally speaking, an Aquarius will feel the most drawn to fellow Air signs, as well as to any of the Fire signs.

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