Native Americans and Crystals

A point of information not many of you may be aware of. Some Native American Nations have relied very heavily upon crystals since the beginning of their history; specifically the Cherokee. Every family had several in their home, placed where the sun's rays in the morning, noon and evening would catch the crystals. Before they got up in the morning, they would consult the morning crystal to see what their duties for the day were. Then, at various times during the day, they would check back again.

Every person wore crystals on their body, concealed from view. The exception to this were the two chiefs of the villages: the Red Chief (who managed affairs outside the village) and the White Chief (who was the counselor/spiritual leader inside the village) These two people wore large crystals in plain view around their necks. If the Red Chief fell in battle, there was a warrior assigned to retrieve his crystal and bury it deep in the trunk of a tree where the enemy could not use its power. If there were no trees, he smashed the crystal into shards.

The custom of baptizing also came from the Cherokee. They would place 7 large crystals in a stream of running water and submerge the people for cleansing and purification.

Also, the Catawba, another Southeastern Nation, used quartz crystals for their arrow heads and spear points. There is an article about the Catawba just posted at Innerspace under the section "Looking Back".

The Navajo are users of crystals, and during the recent attacks of the rat-carried virus on the reservations, the Navajo Medicine Man put out a call to all the people around the world to work with their crystals for protection, and to drive the virus away.

Obsidian was a prized material for arrowheads and spear points in the West, and was a great trade item for those Natives who had access to it.

The material quoted here was originally posted on the Crystal Healing Mailing List, 04/04/96 and is reposted with the permission of Geoffrey Keyte. The insights were sent to the list by Julia White who has a site at Innerspace at They have Seminars on the Native American and on Personal Development and it is listed in Looking Deeper.

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