666 Angel Number Meaning

Seeing the angel number 666 it is a message from the guardian angels watching over you, encouraging you to limiting and destructive beliefs and to realign your thoughts with your true path.

Angel number 666 asks you to examine your patterns of thought and behaviour, and to become aware of how they shape your reality.

When angel number 666 starts appearing in your life more and more, it is your angels offering you their guidance and asking you to reexamine your experience and consider whether you may have become trapped in negative and restrictive mindset. If you have, it is time for you to begin to unravel them, and return to a state of balance.

Can 666 be an evil or negative number?

It is a common misconception that the vibration of the angel number 666 is associated with the devil or with other dark and malicious forces. This is not the case at all; far from being an evil omen, the angel number 666 is imbued with an empowering message of personal liberation and healing.

When you are seeing the angel number 666, the angels are gently encouraging you to break free from thought patterns, lifestyle choices or even people in your life that are limiting your true potential, leeching away your joy and freedom, and ultimately stopping you from being able to focus more on your true life purpose.

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In a very real sense, the only devil you need to break away from when you keep seeing angel number 666 are your own personal demons, whether they come in the form of restriction, self doubt, learned helplessness, a feeling of not being enough and so on.

Why your guardian angels are showing you 666

Your guardian angels will keep showing you the angel number 666 when they want to convey a message of self-empowerment and personal liberation to you.

Of all of the angel numbers, the number 666 is the one that really asks you to focus on what your thoughts are creating. Once you have this awareness you also have the power to change the things in your life that are limiting you or undermining your happiness and inner balance.

The angels want nothing more than to see you thrive and unfold your greatest potential in this lifetime. We all get stuck occasionally, and there is no shame in that. The important thing is that we not be too proud to ask for the services and counsel of our guardian angels.

How to receive angel messages

Receiving angel messages is a matter of being open to perceiving them.

Because the angels are unable to communicate in words they gravitate towards numerology and other types of symbolism instead. When you lean into your intuition and focus on picking up on any unusual synchronicities, something in the world around you begins to stir. Knowing that you are paying attention, the angels will soon begin to plant signs and symbols everywhere around you. When you tune in to the sacredness of life, the universe will always respond by bringing you the information you need at this particular time in your life.

When a specific number or number sequence begins to appear everywhere you go with remarkable frequency, it is an angel number, a direct message from the universal mind to yours.

Angel numbers can appear unceremoniously in all sorts of places in your everyday life. For instance, you may log into your Instagram account and see that the latest piece of content you posted has received 666 likes, you may receive a call from a phone number ending in 666, or you may be searching for something unrelated on Google and somehow end up on a site where the number 666 is featured in some way. Seeing angel numbers is no coincidence, but an encouraging sign that you are in flow and in sync with the universe.

What the number 666 means spiritually

Spiritually, the angel number 666 is a potent reminder of how your thoughts give shape and meaning to your reality, and of the fact that it is you who are the creator. You have much more control over your own world than you think.

The number 666 encourages you to break free from the things that bind and limit you. More than that, the angel number 666 asks you to practice self love and self compassion by realigning with your highest purpose.

666 in the Bible

In the Book of Revelations the number 666 is referred to as the number of the beast, the number of the Antichrist.

The Antichrist could be considered to be the antagonistic forces within ourselves – that which is opposite to the light, the truth and the way. The number 666 could be seen as the shadow side within each and every one of us. We may not be able to abolish our shadow altogether, but we can learn how to get around it and embody our light in spite of it.

The number 6 in numerology

In a numerology reading, the number 6 is a sign of nurturing, balance, harmony and healing.

These are the qualities we have to seek out when the angels are showing us the number 666, as these are the qualities that we may have lost sight of or been deprived of. It is vital that we recover them, so that we are able to receive everything wonderful the universe has in store for us.

The number 6 in Tarot

The sixth archetype of the Tarot’s Major Arcana is called The Lovers.

This archetype represents a crucial moment in our personal development – a moment where a serious choice or commitment has to be made.

The Lovers appears in a reading to mean that you are finding yourself at a crossroads where a crucial choice has to be made – you are being asked to commit. But are you committing to the right thing, the right person, the right path? One thing is certain: No matter which choice you make, the experience will alter your life forever. Think carefully about what you commit to.

The 666 angel number sequence

Whenever a number is repeated in a sequence its significance and the message it contains are amplified.

The number 666 is a powerful frequency, repeating the message inherent in the number 6 three times.

The more times a number is repeated, the louder the angels are calling out to you; the more important it is that you receive and act on the information you are being given.

Meaning of angel number 666 for personal development

The angel number 666 comes into our lives when we have lost our inner sense of navigation. Seeing angel number 666 means that it is time for you to course-correct and get yourself back in full alignment with your true life path.

Sometimes, what you may need to shed are learned behaviours that limit your personal growth. Sometimes what you are being asked to shed is learned helplessness, despondency or fear. What is certain when the angel number 666 appears in your life is that it is time for you to let go of what no longer serves you.

Meaning of angel number 666 in love and relationships

When you keep seeing angel number 666 it means that your spirit guides are encouraging you to seek renewed clarity and balance in your love life.

If you are in a relationship with someone, now may be a good time to re-examine the connection and ask yourself the following questions. Is it balanced? Is it loving? Is it nurturing? Is it supportive? Are you getting the things you want and need out of the relationship, or do you feel let down, betrayed, confused or neglected in any way?

Imbalances in relationships can be both painful and difficult to address. But the only thing more painful and difficult than not addressing relationship problems is letting them grow.

Meaning of angel number 666 for money and career

When the angel number 666 appears in relation to your career, take it as a sign that now is not a good time to take headlong plunges or make any risky moves.

If you have been contemplating launching a new product, form an LLC, or start importing sombreros from Mexico and into the United States, hold your horses while you ensure that you have the right quality of information. Google doesn’t know everything. You may have to seek better council or do more field work before you launch your product, business or service.

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