Page of Swords

The Page of Swords breezes in with an air of freshness – inventiveness, new ideas and an open and curious mind are all his domain.

The Page of Swords is the youngest court card in the Tarot’s suit of Swords, the other three being the Knight, the King and the Queen. Because of his youth and inexperience, the Page is able to approach life with a completely open and unfettered mind. His view of the world is still malleable and flexible.

When the Page of Swords Minor Arcana card appears upright in Tarot readings, he is a radiant example of the powers of the mind to invent, build and imagine. However, when he shows up reversed, these positive qualities become warped or stunted, coming to expression in negative ways.

What the Swords mean in Tarot

The Tarot’s Minor Arcana consists of four suits, each representing one of the four elements – Wands for fire, Cups for water, Pentacles for earth and Swords for air.

The Swords suit deals with all of the invisible yet vital aspects of life; thoughts, mindsets, beliefs, communication, ideas and inspiration.

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What the Pages mean in Tarot

Just like each of the Magician’s four tools represent one of the four elements, so do each of the four court cards. The Kings personify air, the Queens water, the Knights fire and the Pages earth.

This means that the Page of Swords embodies both earth and air, combining and drawing on the energies and possibilities of both elements. The earth energy ensures solid ground under the Page’s feet while he works at materialising the lofty ideas ushered in by the air element.

Page of Swords Tarot card description

Tarot cards differ between decks, the Page of Swords being no exception. Still, most depictions of the Page of Swords include the symbols and details from the classic Rider-Waite Tarot.

The page

The focal point of the Page of Swords Tarot card is, naturally, the Page himself. He embodies youth, potential, freedom, possibility, zest, and inexperience, and might represent a child, a teenager, or a young at heart adult.

Dressed in a simple tunic and with his hair flowing in the wind, the Page of Swords looks free and unencumbered. The other personality cards – particularly the Kings and Queens – carry much more worldly cargo; heavy, embroidered capes and golden crowns, sceptres, thrones, armour. As of now, the young Page of Swords has not yet reached this level of responsibility – or accomplishment.

The Page of Swords is associated with the Gemini, Libra and Aquarius zodiac signs, and might signify a person who is born under one or these signs or who is simply closely aligned with their energies.

The sword

The Page of Swords holds a large sword aloft and ready, supporting it with both hands for balance and groundedness.

The Sword, of course, is a symbol of the Page’s sharp, clear and incisive mind; his weapon of choice. The Page of Swords has no need of any other power symbol or tool – he knows that by the power of his mind, he can make anything happen.

It is clear from his stance that, although he may lack experience and expertise in many other areas of life, the Page is confident and competent wielding his blade. This tells us that he has a way with words and is well aware that his mind is his greatest asset.

The landscape

The page of Swords is surrounded by a rippling, flowing and vibrant landscape. A breeze sweeps through it, rusting the trees and the Page’s long hair, and creating a sense of movement, freshness and excitement.

Clouds gather around the edges of the card, but for the most part, the skies are clear and blue. Birds are flying high above the formation of clouds, hinting at intellectual and spiritual ambition.

Page of Swords Tarot card meanings

When the upright Page of Swords appears in a Tarot reading, all of his strengths and positive qualities come to the fore. These are some of the most common Page of Swords Tarot card meanings.

Open-mindedness, original thinking

The Page of Swords is an open-minded and original thinker, his mindset always in a state of flux and expansion. The Page of Swords represents inspired ideas and and energy of newness and positive change.

When the upright Page of Swords shows up in a Tarot reading, he encourages us to realize that we are never truly stuck, that the solution to our problem might be as simple as approaching it from a different angle.

Curiosity, thirst for knowledge

The Page of Swords approaches life with openness, curiosity and a genuine desire to explore and expand. He may be a traveler, a voracious reader, or an ambitious student, exploring the depths of the human mind or climbing the highest mountains that the physical world has to offer.

New ways of communicating

The Page of Swords is inventive, and is often first to adapt new modes technologies and modes of communication. His mind is always at work, and his desire to communicate and to express his ideas in the world is great. He is often adept at social media and curious about new technological developments.

Reversed Page of Swords Tarot card meanings

When the Page of Swords shows up reversed in a Tarot reading, his alertness becomes defensive and his naturally hungry mind closes in on itself, refusing to let in even the smallest breath of fresh air. From the negative to the worse, here are some of the most common interpretations of the reversed Page of Swords card.


The upside-down Page of Swords Tarot card can be a sign of a mind that has closed itself off and is refusing to evolve, expand and embrace. As a result, there is a fear of the new or unknown, a reluctance to view things from any angle other than the one that has become the norm.

When the Page of Swords shows up reversed, deep down, there is a desire to explore and expand your horizons, but fear of rejection, judgement or colouring outside the lines is holding you back.

Talking the talk but not walking the walk

The reversed Page of Swords card might indicate a person who is all words and no action. Here, the Page of Swords has become so swept up in a reverie, in grand daydreams, that he has lost perspective of what it would take to manifest his plans. Perhaps he prefers the perfect daydream to the imperfect version of it he might obtain in reality.

Hasty, haphazard actions

The reversed Page of Swords can be a sign of hurried, badly planned and executed actions. Sometimes hasty action is worse than no action at all, as it might take you in the opposite direction of your goals. The upside-down Page of Swords can sometimes be a reminder to stop and contemplate where you’re headed, before burning up all of your energy in your efforts to get there.

What it means when the Page of Swords appears in a Tarot reading about love and romance


A new courtship begins, or perhaps a new chapter starts within an existing relationship. Either way, there is a sense of newness, excitement and exploration.


An immature partner, prone to playing mind games, initiating petty arguments and escalating conflict is indicated. Here, the Page’s sharp tongue is laced with poison. If you are not careful, a toxic relationship might develop.

What it means when the Page of Swords appears in a Tarot reading about money and career


Positive change awaits on your career path. Challenges will ultimately lead to rewards in the form of learning, growth and future opportunities.


You may be heading in the wrong direction in terms of career, or you may simply be a little underprepared for the challenges and mental activities required on this job. It is important that you are honest and truthful with yourself about whether this direction is the right for you.

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