Are Sagittarius Good in Bed?

Sagittarius’s fiery nature makes them approach life from a fun-loving and adventurous perspective. If you know a Sagittarius, you probably recognize what I mean!

They are driven by their inner compass and are not keen on following established rules. They came here to discover their true purpose on earth and are not going to waste their time with unexciting pursuits.

Sagittarians tend to be thirsty for new experiences and are not afraid to take on new challenges. This probably makes you wonder… are they as bold and confident when it’s time to head to the bedroom?

Sex is part of human nature, but some people seem more enthusiastic about it than others. In which group do Sagittarius fall?

Well, Astrology comes in very handy in uncovering these kinds of subtleties.

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If this is a question that puzzles you, you’ve landed in the right place. It doesn’t matter if you are about to meet a Sagittarius, or if you already have one by your side, this post will guide you on how to reach them.

I invite you to read on and discover every secret about the intimacy of our Sagittarius folks: the good, the bad… and the hot as well!

Sagittarius Main Traits

But first things first. Before delving into the intimacy of these individuals, we must first understand their personalities. Learning about how their psyche works will clear up enough doubts and prepare the ground for more spicy topics.

Sagittarius is a Zodiac Sign ruled by the Planet Jupiter. Those born between November 22 and December 21 have the influence of this constellation on the Sun in their Natal Chart. 

They do not settle for just plain old work and returning home. They want an adventurous lifestyle. They know there is a hidden force guiding their steps beyond their ordinary senses. 

For this reason, they frequently search to travel and explore new things and cultures, to avoid being left with just one passageway to knowledge. 

As Jupiter is in command of their style, Sagittarius tends to regard their circumstances in a very optimistic light. They are a glass half full type of signs. This makes them great to be around, as they lift the spirits of even the most downcast of people. 

Any excuse to celebrate life will do, making them the perfect hostesses for parties.  After all, a popular Sagittarian motto is: “Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too.”

Now, not everything is fun and laughter… Although Sagittarius often forgets about it. Their upbeat mindset becomes childish when dealing with problems. Sagittarius tends to ignore challenging and painful circumstances, going out for a few drinks before acknowledging them.

The truth is that they are very afraid of pain. They will find a thousand explanations for it and turn the page extremely quickly rather than face it.

You should already have an idea of what they’re like in private, don’t you? Read on for a closer look.

Sagittarius Natural Element

Each Zodiac Sign is represented by one of the 4 elements known to humankind: air, water, earth, and fire.

This reflects the way each individual interprets reality and deals with their circumstances… as well as conferring some key characteristics to their personality.

Sagittarius is a fire element sign. Fire is what sets the world in motion: the source of movement. That is why it represents our desire, sex drive, and our capacity for action.

This means they approach their relationships and deal with their problems just like fire does: passionately, intensely, and with a lot of physical energy.

You will rarely see them resting. They are wild and move from one activity to another with enthusiasm, no matter the consequences. They go to bed late at night and wake up with the first ray of sunshine, without complaining about their schedule.

Fire element signs are honest and trust their gut feeling more than they trust any manual. They are very protective of their loved ones and do not care so much about appearances. 

Also, they value daring individuals who are a step beyond the conventional. 

For a fire person, life is an adventure, an stage! A play where they are the main actors. If someone tries to restrict their freedom of expression, they will have no choice but to face their fury. 

How do they relate to their partners?

Now we know a little more about the impulses that drive these characters to be the way they are. So far, they seem to be quite fun to hang out with. They are very good friends and will go out of their way to help their loved ones in any way they can. 

But what happens when a Sagittarius man falls in love? Is he just as relaxed and confident with his significant other?

Well, the answer is yes and no. It depends on several factors, for example, their romantic partner’s character.

If their loved one is an insecure person, who needs constant validation from Sagittarius, and hates to try new things in the bedroom…  then they’re in for bad news.

If they seem to demand too much of him, ask too many questions, or makes a fuss when he wants to go out with his friends, there will be consequences. This kind of attitude brings out the worst in Sagittarius, who will not hesitate to express his anger with shouting and mean stances.

But if his partner is open-minded and enjoys social gatherings and having fun, then Sagittarius will have found a perfect match, and maintain a successful relationship.

However, problems arise when his lover is undergoing a crisis or seeks emotional support. As we already know, Sagittarius doesn’t know how to cope with his emotions, especially those related to sadness or fear. 

This makes him less empathetic when it comes to showing concern for his partner or expressing his anxieties about the relationship.

When everything is going well, he is the best of companions! But when things go wrong, he won’t wait another minute to run away and leave behind his precious love affair.

Yes, I know it sounds harsh, but is better to be safe than sorry! At least you’ll know if you are truly compatible with him.

We all have different coping mechanisms to deal with our many insecurities, and this happens to be Sagittarius’.

Now the good stuff shows up… are they a good sexual match?

The moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived! We already know all about Sagittarius features and the way they relate to their partners… so, what are they like in bed?

Above all, Sagittarius likes to get straight to the point. Especially in their sexual affairs.

He won’t spend too much time seducing his prey, this bores him to death. He’d rather go looking at what else is on the menu than having to put too much effort into it! 

So, if you’re looking to sexually seduce a Sagittarius man, don’t play hard to get. Instead, try to be honest and open with your intentions.

Also, do not make your appearance your only way to get his attention. Sagittarius is interested in people who seek the meaning of life, with whom he can engage in stimulating conversations. 

This is a huge sexual turn-on for him! Afterward, he will start appreciating every feature of your attractive figure, and you’ll notice he won’t take his eyes off you.

And if you happen to wear an exotic garment or you come from a different culture, the success of this night is almost guaranteed!

Sagittarius have a playful personality and will see this whole seductive procedure as a game. So relax and don’t take things too seriously! Follow his lead and let your inner child out for a while.

Now, he won’t wait too long to kiss you. When Sagittarius like someone, they are extremely passionate in their love expressions.

You can expect him to take your breath away with an intense and long kiss, for Sagittarius is not exactly modest. It doesn’t matter if he just met you a few hours ago! Don’t be scared, just let yourself go with his seductive charm and enjoy his invigorating drive.

I guarantee it won’t be long before you’ll want to take him to your bedroom.

And Sagittarius is great in bed, that’s a fact! They have a very high sex drive and are not shy to admit it. His fiery nature makes him very honest about their passionate longings. 

However, they are not very keen on foreplay but just because they are so impatient! After satisfying his craving a few times, he will pay more attention to it. They are fans of pleasure, but they also go to a very hasty pace at times.

I know his overwhelming energy can make you doubt whether you’ll be able to satisfy him in bed. But don’t worry.

Nerves and anxiety will inhibit your actions and make you rationalize everything. Sagittarians like spontaneity in their sex life, freedom, and enjoying every moment to the fullest! 

That’s why to satisfy him you just have to let your wild side out. Don’t be shy! Display all your kinks, your fantasies, and let him share them with you as well.

Nothing that is said during this intimate occasion will be judged or criticized. What’s more, laughter will abound throughout! So free yourself!

Let’s remember that Sagittarius loves to explore uncharted waters, and will give you the freedom to follow in his footsteps.

Now, what is Sagittarius like after this wonderful sexual experience? Well, they’re not exactly the cuddling type. 

They must first gain your absolute trust before they become more romantic and affectionate. But don’t worry, they won’t run out the window as soon as you fall asleep either!

Most likely to happen is that they will stay up late talking to their partner until the wee hours of the night. 

Sagittarius will ask you deep questions about the meaning of existence, share his opinions about his favorite philosophies, and recount all of his past adventures.

And what if you meet for a second time?

Well, don’t feel pressured by what I’ll say next, but Sagittarius expects fireworks and thrilling emotions every time they meet for a sexual occasion. If they found themselves stuck in a rut in their relationship, they will flee and will never be seen again.

Again, don’t let this piece of information gets you, as this will make you freeze whenever you approach him sexually. If he likes you, he will find a way to ensure each encounter is exciting! Just follow his lead and have fun! 

And if he becomes a recurring sexual partner, I highly suggest you start taking care of your physical condition, if you weren’t already doing so.

Remember that Sagittarius have a lot of energy, and their sexual encounters end up turning into marathons. They are not easily satiated and are always craving for more, so it is not a terrible idea to propose a break to regain strength from time to time.

Are Sagittarius good kissers?

Sagittarius are excellent kissers, the top of the line! The fire within their souls makes them natural-born seducers, wrapping their lovers with their passionate kisses. They can even be overwhelming if you are not used to them! But that’s the way they are. Everything is over the top with Sagittarius.

Do Sagittarius like to cuddle?

As I mentioned above, Sagittarius are very restless and not usually the cuddling type, at least not at first. Since they seek freedom, it’s easy for them to feel trapped if they sleep wrapped in a cuddle. But don’t worry. As time goes by, they will loosen up and start looking for your embrace at night.

How to seduce a Sagittarius man sexually?

Sagittarius likes games, so get into character! If you talk to them about intriguing topics and maintain a playful attitude, they will fall under your spell. Now, if you decide to play hard to get just to make them work, Sagittarius will head in the opposite direction. The less complicated, the better.

How to satisfy a Sagittarius man in bed

Although it may seem challenging, it is not as hard as it seems. You don’t need an elaborate plan to satisfy them, just let go of your inhibitions and have fun. As long as you keep an open mind and don’t try to direct your actions, Sagittarius will have room to maneuver and enjoy the ride.

Sex With a Sagittarius

Sex with a Sagittarius is a thrilling adventure, an exciting roller coaster of emotions. If you are too afraid to go beyond the conventional, then you are with the wrong person! It will be hot, intense, and will take a few days to recover. But, oh boy, if it’s worth it…

Closing Thoughts

And there you go! We let all the dirty little secrets out in the open on this post about this wonderful and lively Zodiac Sign

Each has its positive and negative aspects, but Sagittarius seems to maximize their talents and overlook their weaknesses.

No wonder they are so passionate in bed! They tend to put a lot of enthusiasm into their endeavors, and their sexual affairs are not far behind.

Sagittarius doesn’t take things slow. They are eager to satisfy their partners and to make the encounter as enjoyable as possible. Just as if it were their first time.

So stop stuffing your head with misconceptions! Sagittarius exudes confidence, which will help you to let go of expectations and let yourself be carried away by the moment.

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