Love Asteroids

Not only planets have relevance in Astrology. Did you know that there are multiple asteroids across the galaxy influencing your relationships?

Yes, a lot of them are related one way or another to your romantic life, and it’s time you start taking them into account!

Like all the other planets, they are represented by a certain Zodiac Sign and a special energetic quality.

Learning about them will gain you a better understanding of your approach to romance, your way of committing, and even why you seem to repeat the same mistakes in every one of your love affairs.

Moreover, you can also use asteroids in a synastry and composite charts reading to find out how compatible you are with the person you like.

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This consists of comparing two natal charts to discover what are your strengths, and what aspects you need to work on to make your love bond a strong and solid connection.

Sounds downright intriguing, doesn’t it? Well, read on and dive into this fascinating realm of asteroids in astrology with us!

Love Asteroids: Personal Planets, Love, and Sexual Attraction.

Astrology is an excellent tool to understand the depths of your psyche, the underlying drives behind your desires, your passions, and your innermost longings.

To learn about all your romantic secrets, it is best to start with the planets.

The Moon in a person’s chart represents their emotional world. It indicates how this person was nurtured as babies, as well as how they give and receive affection when they grow up.

For example, a Water Moon will be very empathetic and tender in its romantic love displays, while an Air Moon will lean toward long conversations and spontaneous love letters.

Then we have Venus. When exploring and understanding your romantic life, you need to take a good look at this planet.

Getting to know your planet Venus will help you navigate through your social interactions and behavioral patterns.

For example, if Venus has an aspect with Jupiter, your approach to romantic love will be positive, expansive, and open-minded, with an adventurous flair.

And let’s not forget Mars. A strong natal Mars suggests a high libido. When you have a Mars connection with someone in a synastry, you will experience a very passionate attachment and a very high sexual drive.

Once you have this information at hand, reading about your asteroids will enrich the picture of your romantic life.

Love asteroids in your Natal Chart

You can look for more love and sexual asteroids in your birth chart just as you can look at your personal planets.

Conjunctions, trines, and squares are the aspects you should consider, other aspects are rather weak for their interpretation.

As soon as you find them clear your schedule! You can rest assured that it will keep you busy for the next couple of days.

We will go through some of them and describe their meaning in your love life and how it affects your love affairs.

We will also briefly describe the purpose of these asteroids transiting over your personal planets, and their significance in a synastry reading.


In mythology, Juno and Jupiter were a married couple and maintaining a very solid marriage, despite knowing that Jupiter did not remain faithful to it.

Juno was always loyal and committed to this romance, no matter the circumstances. Therefore, this asteroid’s aspects indicate how loyal you are in your relationships and how much you can put up with for the sake of commitment.

Now, when transit Juno is conjunct a personal planet, this will give you a hint on how solid your current romantic involvement is or how serious you are about it.

If transit asteroid Juno is making beneficial aspects (trine and sextile) loyalty is assured and you will soon witness how the bond matures. If it is making hard aspects (square and opposition) it could mean that you are overcommitting yourself to someone who doesn’t take this affair that seriously.

And what does it mean when you have Juno connected to a significant other?

If you see a major aspect in synastry with your loved one, stability and loyalty will not be something to worry about. Just be careful not to take advantage of this luck and exploit your partner knowing they won’t go away that easily.

And the other way around as well. You can turn to sacrificial love just to stay by your loved one’s side if you are not careful enough.


This is one of the most important asteroids to consider. It indicates your approach to true love and what roadblocks are getting in the way of finding your other half.

When Amor love asteroid is conjunct Jupiter, you are a loving soul and often welcome romance into your life. But if it is in conjunction with Saturn, there is a “double whammy” effect. It can signify self-esteem issues that act as barriers between you and true love.

When transit asteroid Amor is making beneficial aspects you’ll be bold enough to express your affections to the person you like. And if we are talking about challenging aspects, you might be sabotaging your chance of experiencing pure love.

If you have an asteroid Amor connection with someone in synastry, Cupid’s arrow will reach you before you noticed. And if it’s connected to their north node, you might have just found your soul mate!


This asteroid expresses loving kindnesss that is given without expecting something in return. It has a pure soul and stands for unconditional love, such as that felt by parents for their children.

Ceres rules many similar domains as Venus: love, beauty, romance, connection, beauty, home, assets, etc. This asteroid also represents the devoted, caring, and nurturing mother.

Knowing the sign and house placements and aspects of your natal Ceres indicates your relationship with your family and parents, as well as your parental skills.

When transit Ceres makes a beneficial aspect to one of your natal planets you’ll be experiencing a more caring and supportive aspect of your character. If it’s making a hard aspect, it may reveal that you are being too dependent on one person’s love.

This can also be true in a synastry reading. You may have a very nurturing link with that person, or you may be turning them into your “mother”.


This is the asteroid of the inner child. It represents pure and innocent love and its Roman equivalent is the winged messenger Cupid.

It is associated with the early instances of love, which tingles in the first crush’s stomach. This is why when a couple is going through this magical phase, they are said to be victims of Cupid’s arrow!

If asteroid Cupid has a strong presence in your chart, it means that you tend to fall in love very easily! It also suggests that you have an innocent and playful approach to love.

Especially in conjunction with Jupiter or Neptune. There is a tendency to be idealistic, and struggle to stick to a long-term commitment.

Transit Cupid asteroid means that your feelings towards the person you like are not strong enough to cement a meaningful relationship just yet.

In synastry, it is a sign that you enjoy playing catch with the person in question, but as soon as you capture your prey, you will lose interest right away.


This is the asteroid that describes true love. Valentine is the one you should look for in a synastry reading if you want to find out how deep the romantic link is with a certain person. Valentine is the kind of sacrificial love in which the lover will endure any kind of torment to protect their beloved. It is not very sexual, like other asteroids. It exudes pure love! Valentine thinks of their beloved needs and well-being before their own. 

People who are currently undergoing Valentine’s transit are likely to be more permissive and compassionate towards their lovers.

They are even capable of bearing great faults on behalf of their partner and forgiving them to avoid breaking up.

In synastry, when you have a Valentine connection to someone, try to be careful. It means that you are going to sacrifice a great deal for this relationship. You might even neglect your interests, friendships, and dreams to be with this person.

If it is someone honest and good-hearted, no harm will come to you, but if they want to take advantage of your kind intentions, they may end up draining your soul.

Asteroids and Sexual Expression

Now let’s go to the wild side! Asteroids don’t only indicate the soul connection between you and your lover. Some asteroids will also reveal the expression of your sexual drive. Let’s review the most important ones:


Asteroid Eros, as the name implies, represents erotic love. It indicates your sexual cravings, your approach to sex itself, what turns you on, and what you prefer to avoid.

If your natal Eros is in the sign of Aries, for example, you probably don’t like to dawdle when facing your lover. You are straightforward and your sexual desire is very high.

And if Eros is conjunct Saturn, you will reveal your kinky side only with one partner, the person you have a long-term engagement with (so forget about one-night stands!).

Now, what happens when transit Eros asteroid is conjunct to a personal planet? Well, get ready to experience an intense sex drive. If you don’t indulge your appetite you may end up in a dreadful bad mood.

In synastry, if you have an Eros connection with your crush, this is an indication of sexual attraction at first sight. You share an intense sexual attachment to the other person, but not more than that.

But if there’s an Eros Psyche conjunction in synastry, this means you understand each other on a deeper level, one that goes beyond sexual attraction.


Psyche is an asteroid that represents the functioning of your psyche, as the name implies. Psyche symbolizes the soul, the mind, and the self.

Psyche asteroid is also associated with unrequited love because it is not openly reciprocated or understood by their beloved.

If in synastry, there is a connection between Psyche and that other person, you may feel an unconscious attraction to them, as if you knew them from another life. It could also mean that you have unfinished business to solve. 


The sign, house, and aspects of asteroid Sapho indicate how you express your sexuality, but not only that. It also reveals how devoted you are to your friendships.

A strong Sapho placement denotes an attractive person who is comfortable with their appearance.

Asteroid Sapho’s transits, depending on whether they are favorable or not, will give you hints about how well you are getting along with your friends and how genuine and free you are being in your sexual exchanges.

When you check out Sapho in a synastry chart and find that it has a strong connection to someone, it means you’ll be close friends with each other and inspire one another with your authenticity.


This sexual asteroid represents how you express your sexual desire and passion towards the person you are interested in. A strong Aphrodite is indicative of impetuous love. It unveils a very sensual and seductive character, which means that flirting will come as naturally as brushing their teeth!

This person likes to experiment and avoids lovers that make them feel tied down. And if it is in conjunction with a personal planet, Jupiter, or Uranus, much more so! They will walk away from demanding attachments and their affairs will remain casual and fun.

If you are experiencing a transit of asteroid Aphrodite, you will become irresistible to others. You will attract the gaze of strangers, sex will become more rewarding, and your lovers will treat you like a true Aphrodite.

Aphrodite is a key asteroid to check out in a synastry chart, as it represents your erotic feelings towards others. If you have an Aphrodite connection to someone, it means you are looking at a purely sexual connection with that person, but probably not more than that.


Asteroid Vesta means devotion and dedication to a specific person or relationship. It also symbolizes sacred sexuality, passion, unconditional love, and spiritual commitment.

People with a strong Vesta love intensely. When they set their sights on a particular person, they will do whatever it takes to achieve their romantic goal.

If asteroid Vesta is transiting a major planet, it is an invitation to put all your energy into fighting for your current love affair.

In synastry, if you have a Vesta connection with someone, it may not be so easy to make that relationship happen, but your spiritual and sexual connection is so strong that you will be able to establish it after some effort.

What are the love asteroids in astrology?

The love asteroids, like the planets, offer us highly relevant information about our personality and our approach to love. Their natal location has an impact on your dating style, your commitment to relationships, and more! In transit and synastry, they can unveil valuable lessons about the compatibility you have with your current lover, or when is the right time to cement this love affair.

What is my asteroid Aphrodite?

Aphrodite is the love asteroid that represents your appetite for flirting and casual affairs and seductive powers. If Aphrodite has a strong presence in your birth chart, it means you don’t like to be tied to one person and will avoid highly demanding relationships.

What does Groom asteroid mean?

The Love Asteroid Groom indicates which qualities you will be drawn to, depending on the placement in your chart. The person who matches these attributes will be the one to whom you feel strongly about forming a long-term relationship.

What is Sappho astrology?

Sappho was a famous poet, both intelligent and attractive, who was known to be faithful and honest about her homosexuality. Therefore, this asteroid represents the authentic expression of sexuality as well as strong friendships. The sign and house placements and aspects of Sappho will show the nature of your friendships and how comfortable you are in your own skin.

Closing Thoughts

Although asteroids are not usually used in traditional astrology, they give us a better understanding of our approach to romance.

After examining them, you will gain the ability to relate to others more healthily.

And the same goes for dealing with the comings and goings in your love affairs.

Knowing the current asteroid transits will give you a broad picture of what challenges you are currently facing in the love department and how to overcome them.

Asteroids in Astrology explore the different depths and dimensions of the subtle energies of our psyche.

Although there are more love asteroids to explore, already knowing the main ones will take you on a one-way journey to unlock those hidden subtleties about yourself that you may not be aware of yet.

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