How to do Telekinesis

Imagine having the ability to control and move objects with your mind. Apparently, this skill that we only thought superheroes could do, is something that you can learn to do.

I bet you have heard somewhere that humans only use 10% of their brainpower. This might not be entirely true but it is a fact that we are not using our mind to its full capacity.

A lot of psychics can show the power of their mind by doing skills like telekinesis and they say that you can do it too. It is possible – but it would take an open mind, patience, and a lot of skill to do telekinesis.

Are you curious about telekinesis and want to learn how to unlock this skill? Read on to see how to do telekinesis:

Steps on how to do telekinesis

Choose an object

The first step in learning how to do telekinesis is to choose an object that you want to move. For beginners, psychics recommend that you start with a very light object – like a paper or a feather.

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The premise behind choosing something light and easy is that you should think of your mind as if it is a physical muscle. You have to start lifting easy things first before you level up and start lifting heavier items.

Focus and concentrate

After choosing your subject, it is now time to open your mind, believe in your mission to do telekinesis, and focus and concentrate. Stay focused no matter what – telekinesis cannot happen under pressure.

To help you focus, psychics recommend that you practice meditation and deep breathing exercises before you practice telekinesis. It also helps to work in an area free of distractions. Doing these will greatly help you maintain a higher level of concentration.

Visualize energy

Imagine that you have a ball of energy – a force of pure light that looks like a ball. This ball of energy is a visualization of your power. Now visualize an energy around the item that you want to move. Try to visualize the two energies connecting until you feel like it is real.

Become one with the object

Telekinesis is not all about moving objects with your mind. It is actually all about sharing a flow of energy that causes the object to move as if it were a part of you. You see, everything in this world has its own energy. The key to doing telekinesis is to connect your energy to the energy of the object you choose to move. One of the best ways to do this is to imagine that you are the object.

Move the object

Once you feel as if you are sharing energies with the object, this is the moment to attempt to move it. Imagine that you are commanding the object to move. Some people would love to hold out their hand towards the object and imagine the energy coming out of it.

Remember, the objective is not to force the object to move. You have to connect to it and treat it as if it is a part of you.

Practice constantly to develop telekinesis

I bet you were not able to move the object on your first try. Do not worry! Anyone is highly unlikely to do telekinesis on the first try. You need to focus and practice regularly to see the results.

Remember to be patient – do not give up. You will be able to get there eventually. If you feel like you are getting tired or that you are getting frustrated, you should take a break. Rest and try again another day.

I know it can be discouraging to work on something every day and not get results. But think of it as losing weight – you do not get the results right away. It takes a few months before you start seeing them. Remember, consistency is key.

Get assistance

If you are having trouble making progress and it has been a couple of months, you should consider consulting a psychic for guidance. This extra help can speed up your progress.

You can easily find a psychic online these days. All it takes is a simple online search and you will be given a list of platforms where you can be in contact with a real psychic. These platforms have been around for a couple of years – and have maintained a reputation. You should take the time to read reviews and make sure you get a psychic with high ratings.

Keep track of your progress

It is important to keep track of your progress to acknowledge how far you have come. Keep a telekinesis journal where you can record details such as the date you practiced, the object you wanted to move, how long you practiced, how you felt while practicing, and if you made any progress at all.

Common telekinesis mind exercises

To help you out in your quest to develop telekinesis abilities, here are common telekinesis exercises recommended by psychics that can enhance your skills and techniques. Try doing two to three exercises each day to keep things fresh. Switching from one exercise to the next is one of the best ways to keep you from getting frustrated or bored as you wait for results.

The energy ball

This is a telekinesis exercise to help you out with your visualization. In the end, you will achieve feeling something that is not seen by the naked eye.

  1. Rub your palms together until your hands feel warm up.
  2. Once you feel your hands heat up, separate them but still let them face each other and imagine that you have created an energy ball between your hands.
  3. Try to feel the shape of the ball that you create and imagine its texture and weight. Visualize the ball until it feels real to you.

The flame

This is an exercise that helps you with your focus and control.

1. Light a candle and clear your mind. Let your thoughts concentrate on nothing else but the flame.

2. Observe how the flame flickers and move. Focus on it and try to control it with your energy.

3. Once you feel a connection try to move the flame. Move it to the right or left. You can also try to manipulate its intensity by making the flame grow or making it dim.

The psi wheel

A psi wheel is a piece of folded paper that looks like a pyramid. The paper sits on a toothpick, which is attached to a piece of foil. You can find a lot of tutorials online on how to make one.

  1. Place a glass container over the psi wheel to prevent wind from spinning it.
  2. Focus on the psi wheel inside the container and try to make it spin with your mind.
  3. Once you manage to spin the psi wheel, level up the exercise by trying to make it spin without knocking it over. This task will help you control your telekinetic abilities.

Telekinesis FAQs

Is telekinesis real?

As mentioned earlier in this article, telekinesis is possible and has been demonstrated several times by psychics from all over the world.

Telekinesis became popular during the 70s when Uri Geller, a world-famous psychic demonstrated his telekinetic powers. His most famous demonstration was bending a spoon using his mind.

Since then, researchers and skeptics have tried to disprove and prove telekinesis as an ability. Today, you can find books, articles, shows, and movies about telekinesis and the power of the human mind. However, the information we have now is still lacking. More research and studies have to be done for science to totally back the information that we now have on telekinesis.

In the psychic realm, telekinesis is established. Among all the psychic powers that a human can possess, telekinesis is said to be the rarest. However, psychics believe that this can be learned and mastered with a lot of determination, patience, and practice.

How to choose a psychic online?

Most people prefer to work with a psychic when it comes to unleashing their telekinetic abilities. As mentioned earlier, you can find a lot of legit psychics online these days and they offer a lot of psychic services. But how can you tell if you are dealing with the real thing?

The first thing you should look up are psychics that are known to have telekinetic abilities (not all psychics have this skill). Psychics who practice telekinesis easily stand out from the rest.

Doing your research and reading reviews and ratings is an important step when it comes to choosing a legit psychic. Once you find a couple names, make sure you do some research about them. There will be people sharing their experiences online and this can easily help you weed out the fake ones from the real ones.

Once you have narrowed down the list, determine how they can be contacted. Some psychics have their own site and social media accounts and some have their own accounts on psychic platforms.

Try to set up an appointment with several psychics and observe how they work and if their methods work for you. You must stick with a psychic that makes you feel comfortable. Your connection should be undeniable. Once you do, stick to that psychic for your telekinesis training. You will be bound to see some results soon.


Learning telekinesis is no easy task. It takes a lot of willpower, dedication, and patience to achieve it. It might take months or years to see the results. But if you want to develop telekinesis badly enough, you can do anything that you put your mind to.

Remember, the first and most important step to start learning how to do telekinesis is to believe that you can do it. Open your mind to the possibility. Make no room for doubts.

And do not forget to relax and have fun! The psychic realm does not like negative energy. Be open-minded and practice positive thinking all the time. Being serious or intense about this will just make you feel more frustrated if you do not get results.

Truly understanding How to do Telekinesis could mean the difference between great happiness and misery down the line. Find a psychic medium near you today, whether you’re in New York City, Chicago, Utah, Seattle in the US, or somewhere completely different, you can get the expert guidance you deserve. Don’t forget you can also get a psychic email reading at low cost, or try the best online psychic reading sites  such as Kasamba, Oranum, PsychicOz, Bitwine, Everclear Psychic and more.


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