How to Make Moon Water

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Do you want to harness the power of lunar energy? Then moon water is for you! This ancient tradition has been around for centuries, and even today it is practiced by many cultures.

The moon’s energy has a calming effect on all living things, which means that moon water is perfect for relaxing after a long day or getting ready in the morning.

It also provides an excellent boost of energy if you’re feeling drained. In this guide, we will show you how to make moon water so that you can enjoy its benefits too!

Moon water is created on a new or full moon for the purpose of achieving an intention that aligns with lunar energy. This is perfect if you’re trying to manifest something like a new job or a loving partner.

It’s not just about imbuing your herbal tea or other preparations with this type of energy, it’s also to tap into these energies when you need them most and want their assistance in manifesting change in your life. After all, we are ruled by our celestial bodies’ cycles!

This recipe is easy enough for anyone to make: all you need is distilled water from a clean source (you could use purified water), a container with an airtight lid (such as an apothecary jar) then just add some dried flowers or herbal essence like lavender or chamomile.

How to Make Moon Water

Get a glass jar or jug with some sort of lid. You can find these at any grocery store, but if you’re looking for something specific we recommend an Apothecary Jar because it has the best closure system and is airtight to prevent evaporation.

Fill your container up halfway with water from a clean source (such as distilled or rainwater). We recommend using purified water when making moon water so that there are no minerals in the mixture which could cause discoloration later on. If all you have available is tap water then make sure to filter it first before adding it to your mix!

Next, find a balance of lunar energy-giving ingredients like dried flowers or herbal essence. This is optional but it will add some spiritual power to your moon water and make the process all the more enjoyable.

Then leave the jar on a window sill overnight during a New or Full Moon.

How to make Moon Water – Affirmations

It is recommended that you say an affirmation or prayer for the specific intention of what the moon water will be used for.

You might also want to include a short message that incorporates lunar energy mentions which are relevant, like: “May these herbs help me achieve enlightenment with their healing energies vibrating at the frequency of Earth’s Moon.”

Other Moon Rituals

The Full Moon is a time for reflection. Consider making a full moon ritual while you wait for your moon water to prepare.

For example,

Pray for healing energy to help heal someone you know who is ill

Perform a ritual that focuses on love and friendship with your friends or partner during this time of the month where romance is in the air. This can be as simple as making dinner together while looking at each other lovingly. You might also want to try having an eggplant salad dish which symbolizes fertility and sexuality according to ancient Greek folklore. Or perhaps have some oysters? They are thought by many cultures because they’re aphrodisiacs!

Practice some shadow work with a shadow work journal. Shadow work involves embracing the dark side we all hold.

We all hold agendas and opinions we know should be challenged.

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself: How do I feel about my body? What is the truth of that feeling, and what can I do with this information now?

What would happen if you admitted your discomfort in small doses without judgment or condemnation from within or others out there who are maybe judging you. Maybe all we need to know is that our beauty shines brightest when we’re embraced by our own darkness.

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Since sexuality and spirituality go hand-in-hand for many people, try connecting sexually during a full moon period (or any other night) as an act of worship for self! This may be done through masturbation alone, despite the fact sex itself offers so much more than just physical pleasure which might involve everything from emotional connection to sexual transmutation and tantra.

How to make Moon Water – Use Crystals

If you’re using crystals to charge your moon water then make sure they are clean and dry. Clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine or amethyst work well for this. You can also use other tumblestones like jasper if you don’t have any of these stones on hand!

Add one crystal per cup of moon water mixture into the jar (so it’s a ratio of about half an inch worth). Otherwise you can simply place a crystal next to the jar.

You may notice some changes after making your first batch. If something doesn’t seem right there could be a few reasons why so just look out for those things below!

If the moon water feels too intense or powerful to drink then it may be because you didn’t dilute it properly. Remember that every time you add fresh herbs into the jar, go ahead and top up with some more spring water!

The moon water might not feel right for other reasons like if there are crystals in your room which don’t resonate well with lunar energies. In this case try moving them somewhere else temporarily while drinking your moon water or use crystals of a different type (like hematite!)

Sometimes people report feeling really good after drinking their first batch but don’t experience anything afterwards – this is also likely due to an imbalance between male and female energy so try adding another crystal and see how things progress.

Remember to practice good hygiene measures if you do intend to drink the moon water!

What is Moonwater??

Moon water is a magical elixir that you can make by collecting the moon’s rays during the new moon phase. The best way to do this, if possible, is outside at night when there are no clouds in sight and after sunset until sunrise.

You might be asking yourself how to actually “collect” moonlight? Well it turns out all you need for this recipe is a jar of water!

According to Imani Quinn and Ellen Bowles, co-founders of The Woke Mystix, moon water can be made at any time. It is most potent when created during a full moon.

There is a time you should not make moon water: during a lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are dark and can reveal our shadows.

How To Use Moon Water

Moon water can be used for a variety of purposes. It is said to help with everything from love and abundance, peace, calming emotions, beauty and health issues like thyroid problems or diabetes.

In addition moon water has been shown to improve the potency of plant life in your garden by helping them grow stronger and more fruitful as well as deterring pests such as aphids that tend to eat plants before they’re able-bodied enough; it’s also known for attracting honeybees which are essential pollinators!

  1. For cleaning purposes: Add your own moon water to your solutions and give your home a deep energetic clearing.
  2. The water from the moon can also be used for watering plants to revitalize them.
  3. In a full moon bath:  To add an extra boost to your ritual, sprinkle lunar water in the tub or pour water from the moon jar above it.
  4. You should boil your own moon water to drink as a form of spiritual re-alignment. You can use it to make tea.
  5. To cleanse crystals: Full moons are the best time to recharge and purify your crystal as is moon water. Be careful, not all crystals like water. Some safe bets are quartz, amethyst, agate, moonstone or citrine.
  6. Fragrant room spray bottle: You can put moon water in your diffuser or misting spray bottle for a quick and gentle cleansing of the air. You could use this after performing a cleansing ritual with sage.
  7. Spells: Moon water works well with any spells involving lunar energy such as fertility, abundance, wealth, serenity and love.
  8. To bring bad luck to an enemy’s home: If you want to curse someone with misfortune or even death add some black pepper into this recipe so that the victim will be cursed by their own negative energies they have created through greed!

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