Claircognizant Empath: Signs & Guidance

Claircognizance means clear-knowing. It is a rare ability intrinsic to only a few people, known as claircognizant empaths.

Claircognizant or intuitive empaths have an unusually strong connection to the divine and receive powerful inner guidance and downloads of information.

Claircognizanse means clear feeling. In practical terms this means that the claircognizant/intuitive empath is an empath gifted with clair senses – clear seeing, clear hearing, clear sensation, clear knowing. The intuitive empathy of claircognizant empaths is legendary, as this type of empath possesses an uncanny ability to see right through any pretences or airs others put on. The claircognizant or intuitive empath always know what’s really going underneath, behind and beyond what other people want them to see.

In other words, the claircognizant/intuitive empath comes with the full package.

What type of empath are you?

The claircognizant empath is just one of many different types of empath. Most empaths combine a range or skills and abilities characteristic of different types of empaths, rather than falling purely into one category or another.

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There is the psychometric empath, whose abilities lie in information-gathering through touch.

The flora empath has a unique ability to communicate with the flowers and plants of the natural world, while the fauna empath has the same abilities, but with animals.

The geomantic empath receives information directly from Mother Earth, and might for example sense oncoming natural disasters before they unfold, while the telepathic empath picks up on other people’s thoughts.

The precognitive empath has a strong sense of future events, long before there are any signs pointing to them. This type of empath is often portrayed in movies as a fortunetelling gypsy, often refusing to reveal what they see in the palm of the protagonist’s hand.

Emotional empaths are the ones most people envision when they hear the word empath. The emotional empath keenly senses other people’s emotional states.

The physical empath is particularly sensitive to physical sensations, and the psychic empath can see and sense spirits and denizens of other realms.

In a league of their own, the Heyoka empath mirrors peoples’ shortcomings back at them and approaches the darkest of issues with lightness and humour.

Finally there is the claircognizant/intuitive empath, who

Signs you are claircognizant/intuitive empath

There are as many different types of claircoignizant empaths as there are claircognizant empaths.

You receive claircognizant downloads of information

As you go about your daily life you will constantly be receiving instant downloads of information about the people, places, animals and objects you encounter. Sometimes, you may be privy to such a stream of information that you will have to tune some of it out intentionally, in order to avoid sensory overload.

Someone’s energy tells you more about them than their words

You always know the score, no matter what the person in front of you is telling you. By sensing their aura, their energy, their secret moods and motivations, you automatically and intuitively assess their wellbeing and their intentions. People often lie or contradict themselves – or they try to portray a version of themselves that is not entirely authentic.

You always see through all of that to the authentic individual behind any smoke screens or pretences they may be putting up. This gives you a unique empathic ability to sense people’s emotions and the states of their physical and mental health.

You see the end at the beginning

At the beginning of every new journey, you can see where, how and when it will end. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as part of the thrill of journeys is their inherent mystery. If you are a truly intuitive empath, you will always see the beginnings and ends of other people’s projects, relationships and endeavours before they do.

You finish other people’s sentences because you know what they are going to say

Unarguably the most annoying habit shared by claircognizant empaths is the tendency they have to interrupt when others are talking and to finish their sentences. You always hear a person’s unexpressed thoughts, as loud and clear as you hear the expressed ones. Some may take this the wrong way, thinking that your interruptions are are not listening, when indeed they are listening closely. Claircognizant people simply listen much faster than everyone else.

Your gut feelings never lies

Your gut knows things. Before your intellect has caught on to what is happening, you gut instinct will let you know what’s what. Because your gut instinct is never wrong and has never lead you astray before, you know that you can trust it.

You know if someone is lying

Woe to the person who dares to lie to you or hide the truth from you. If someone is lying, you call their bluff with greater accuracy than any lie detector. It is as simple as that.

Answers and solutions come to you in vivid dreams

Your subconscious mind or the spiritual realm delivers to you the answers and solutions to your most pressing problems when you are asleep. You cannot really know where they come from, but when you wake up, the dust has settled and you can suddenly see the way forward. It is often in dreams that you build the bridges between different ideas or possibilities, enabling you to suddenly know exactly how you are going to proceed.

Whenever you find yourself faced with an impossible dilemma, you can go to sleep trusting that your subconscious is going to deliver the gold overnight.

You trust your intuition

Many people have a learned mistrust of their own intuition – whenever their inner voice speaks up, they shut it down and tune it out. But not you, because you know your intuition is right.

Throughout your life journey so far, your intuition has proven itself to you again and again, and so you have come to fully trust it. When your inner voice speaks up, you tune in instead of out.

Can you develop claircognizance or are you born with it?

The answer is a little of both.

We are all born with certain inherent traits and abilities, things that come naturally to us and things we have to really work for if we want them.

It is true that not everyone has an equally strong and clear intuition. But the skills and qualities we consciously choose to develop are at least as important as the level of skill we happen to be born with.

How to develop your psychic ability

When you begin consciously working on developing your psychic abilities you may find that you have awakened a sleeping dragon.


The best place to start when you want to develop your psychic powers is by learning how to meditate. Meditation is a powerful way of tuning into your inner self. Being able to hear your own inner voice loud and clear is a prerequisite for becoming more claircognizant. More people would have much stronger intuition if they spent a little more time deliberately tuning into their own inner frequency instead of running from it and drowning it out.

Keep a dream journal

One of the fastest and easiest ways of receiving more information from your intuition is by showing it that you are paying attention, that you are tuned in and listening.

Spiritual messages and premonitions are often delivered to your subconscious from the spiritual realm while you are asleep. In the sleeping state, your logical mind leave the building and your subconscious, creative and spiritual self is in charge.

Start keeping a dream journal on your beside table and writing down any dreams or glimmers of information that come to you in your sleep. Soon you will find your dreams becoming more frequent, vivid and rich with information.

Pick up a divination tool

Unless you are very experienced and or extremely naturally gifted in the psychic powers department, you will find that your intuition works best when it is given focus and direction.

An unbeatable way of directing the flow of your psychic abilities is by selecting a divination tool to work with. The possibilities are many; Tarot or oracle cards, runes or tea leaves are among the most popular.

Self care for claircognizant empaths

Claircognizant/intuitive empaths may be labelled as overly sensitive by their less psychic peers. In reality, claircognizant/inuitive empaths are simply more receptive to the constant flow of energy and information that we all encounter on a day-to-day basis. Being around al to of heavy and negative energy is extremely draining for any empath, particular one as open and receptive as the claircognizant/intuitive variety.

Cultivating a regular practice of self-care helps balance the books energetically. Finding and developing your own self-care practice is key, but I recommend that it includes a combination of meditation, spiritual baths, journalling, and time spent alone in nature to help you reset and release any stressful, harmful or discordant energies you may have picked up from others.

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