The 12 Universal Laws of the Universe

Just as our lives are governed and impacted by the laws of physics, there are 12 universal laws influencing our lives. They tend to do so in more subtle, less measurable ways. Nevertheless, if you pay attention and look for evidence of the 12 universal laws impacting your life, you will see them at play.

Having an understanding of the 12 universal laws which govern and underpin all things in the universe both around us and within us gives you a powerful key to creating the life you desire. If you are able to work with the mysterious ebbs and flows, rhythms and vibrations of the universe, you will have the tools you ned to enhance and empower your human experience.

In the same way that the birds know how to navigate and ride the unseen waves of the air, so you can learn how to navigate and harness the energies and currents of the universe.

What are the universal laws?

The 12 universal laws are considered to be the immutable and eternal. They are the laws by which both the external and the internal world operate.

Unlike the laws invented by man, the universal laws are unchanging, unbreakable and never up for negotiation or individual interpretation. The 12 universal laws don’t evolve. They simply are.

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It is important to understand that the universal mind – or the god force, if you will – is devoid of judgement; it takes no moralistic view of our lives and how we choose to lead them. The universal laws do not belong to any religion or philosophy. They are each as impartial, as universally applicable and as inescapable as the law of gravity.

Who came up with the 12 universal laws?

The 12 universal laws have no one time and place of original. All ancient cultures intuitively knew of them and orchestrated their lives and activities around them.

The 12 universal laws are sometimes associated with the ho’oponopono practice originating in Ancient Hawaii, but are at other times traced back to Ancient Egypt. The only thing we can be sure of is that the 12 universal laws have been known to man for aeons, and that they have withstood the test of time.

1. The law of divine oneness

The first universal law is the law of divine oneness. It governs and underpins the rest of the 12 universal laws.

The law of divine oneness dictates that everything in the universe is interconnected; there is no separation. This means that everything we say, think, believe, give off and do impacts the people, environments and wider universe around us.

2. The law of vibration

Second of the 12 universal laws is the law of vibration. A vibration is a movement of energy in a circular pattern.

The law of vibration dictates that everything in the universe is imbued with a unique energy, a unique power, a unique and specific vibration, which is essentially the spiritual equivalent of a thumbprint.

Every thing, every thought, every person and creature emits a vibrational frequency, much like a radio emits and picks up invisible signals. When we are around other people, animals or objects, we are able to pick up on their frequencies. Some frequencies will vibe well with our own while others will repel us.

3. The law of correspondence

The next universal law we will look at is the law of correspondence. This law is the link between the physical and spiritual realm.

The law of correspondence dictates that everything in the physical world has a corresponding counterpart in the unseen world of light, vibration and energy. In other words, the physical world is a tangible expression of the spiritual world, and both work according to a similar logic and a similar set of principles.

Our own inner and outer beings are linked in the same way. Just as the physical world we live in is a physical expression of the spiritual world, so our physical bodies are expressions of our souls. According to the law of correspondence, we can heal our minds by healing our bodies, and vice versa. Although it is not yet fully understood, modern medicine acknowledges the there is a link between the mind and body. For example, one of the things that are immediately encouraged when someone is suffering from depression is physical exercise, as it is well know that physical wellbeing powerfully influences mental and emotional wellbeing.

Sympathetic magic, from voodoo to English folk magic, works according to the law of correspondence where a physical object is used as a vessel for the magical working.

The Hermetic aphorism puts it succinctly: As above so below, as within so without.

4. The law of attraction

The law of attraction, made popular by self-help author Rhonda Byrne in her 2006 book The Secret, dictates that we attract what we are and what we are sending out into the universe. Our vibration works as a magnetic frequency, drawing to us that which resonates at the same vibrational frequency as our own being.

To tap into the delicious potential inherent in the law of attraction, it is vital to learn how to vibrate at the same frequency as the dreams we wish to manifest in our lives. As New Age writers and teachers often phrase it, we need to become a vibrational match to our desire.

The law of attraction asks us to heighten our awareness of what kind of energetic communication we are sending out into the universe on a daily basis.

Much of what we are sending out may be unconscious, learned patterns of thoughts and attitudes that don’t match what we hope to have or experience. Learning how to reprogram our subconscious and lift our vibration to become a match to our dreams is what the law of attraction is all about.

5. The law of inspired action

The law of action dictates that action must be applied in order to manifest tangible results, events, experiences and achievements in this world.

All of the good intentions and positive manifestations are worth very little without the vital ingredient of action. Because we exist in a physical reality, we are required to take physical action when we are trying to manifest anything in life.

There are many who have vigorous schedule of affirmation, meditation and positive thinking, yet they draw the line at the final, key step in the manifestation process; action.

Action is what builds a bridge from what is possible to what is real. Much as action can be scary and sometimes takes a goodly amount of guts, depending on what we are trying to achieve, action is not optional. Action is key.

6. The law of perpetual transmutation of energy

The law of perpetual transmutation of energy dictates that energy never disappears, it only changes form and expression. Nothing sits still; everything in creation is in a constant state of flux. Constant motion and change are the natural way of things.

The law of perpetual transmutation of energy promises that we can change our vibrational patterns; we can change the energies and directions of our lives. Doing so may not be as simple as having an awareness of the negative or limiting patterns we are expressing and deciding to instantly switch them to a higher vibration. However, the awareness and the decision are the the first steps.

We are never truly stuck – if the desire is there, we can and we should use the principles and laws provided to us by the universe to change and evolve.

7. The law of cause and effect

The law of cause and effect dictates that every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause – and that everything affects everything else.

The law of cause and effect is the ethereal equivalent of a rock dropped into a calm body of water; ripples will spread outward in every direction.

Your words, actions, thoughts and beliefs all work in the same way.

8. The law of compensation

The law of compensation decrees that there is no such thing as thankless work; if you put out good energy, you will be compensated.

Because the universe is not linear, the compensation due to you may not come immediately or directly. Your compensation may not come from the same source into which you pour your energy, time and effort – but it will come.

The law of compensation promises that your reward will always be equal to the energy you have put in, and so if you want to enjoy greater reward, you need to first ramp up the amount of energy you give.

Keep in mind that your compensation may not be financial, as the currencies invented by man is just one of many energy forms recognised by the universe as value. Your reward may come in the form of great monetary abundance, but it could also come into your life in the form of great love, adventure or healing.

9. The law of relativity

According to the law of relativity, everything in the universe is neutral. It is only our opinions that determine whether anyone or anything is ‘good,’ ‘bad,’ ‘lucky,’ ‘unlucky’ and so on. The universe doesn’t make such distinctions – from the point of view of the universe, it is all just different forms of energy.

In other words, the universal mind has no moralistic view on our lives. It doesn’t grade anything as for example ‘sinful,’ ‘wrong,’ or ‘correct.’ The laws of the universe are entirely impartial, free of dogma, religion and philosophy.

10. The law of polarity

The law of polarity dictates that all things exist on a continuum – and that everything has its equal and opposite.

Polarity is observable all around us; day and night, summer and winter, male and female, straight and gay, cold and warm, ebb and flow, the negative and positive side of a magnet.

According to this universal law, we have range. We have within us a vast spectrum of possibilities, and if at any given time we are capable of expressing, say, lack and dysfunction, we are also capable of expressing and experiencing the opposite.

We are much more than what we are at any one given moment in time, and while we may currently be experiencing a state of lack, a state of confusion or weakness, we also have within us the equal and opposite qualities of abundance, clarity and personal power.

11. The law of gender

The law of gender talks about the two primary forms of energy running through all of creation. There is the masculine energy, sometimes called yang, and the feminine energy, yin.

Complex and mosaic as reality is, all things, plants and creatures resonate either one or the other on a fundamental level. Of course, as with the law of polarity, gender exists on a continuum, and one end of the spectrum could not exist without the other.

The polarities of male and female are what create new life, as both masculine and feminine energies and biologies are required for the creation and continuation of life. It is the perfect harmony and also the friction between the male and female energies which create motion and continuation.

In order to find balance and harmony within our own lives, it is important that we find our balance point between yin and yang. In order to be complete human beings, we need to make space for both yin and yang in our lives, rather than become imbalanced by leaning to one extreme or the other, while shutting the other out, demeaning or denying its existence as we often see in sexist cultures where anything feminine is mistakenly seen as weak or inferior.

According to the law of gender, the feminine is not inferior to the masculine, it is simply equal and opposite.

12. The law of giving and receiving

The twelfth universal law, the law of giving and receiving, may sometimes be referred to as the law of karma, although karma as a concept doesn’t feature explicitly in any of the 12 universal laws.

The law of giving and receiving dictates that what goes around comes around; what you send out will come back to you.

Giving and receiving is not simple and direct, it is not transaction-based. You cannot, for example, expend lots of energy and love on one person and be sure that you will receive the same amount of love and energy back from them. Sometimes – oftentimes – the energy we send out into the universe returns to us via an unexpected source, long after, or sometimes even before, we send it out.

Time is not linear, and the law of karma operates on a grand level. Karma does not balance the books at the end of each day, but rather, it evens itself out over the course of a lifetime.

People often note how bad people may get away with their wheelings and dealings – the law of giving and receiving dictates that what they give out, they will receive in return. Maybe not today, or this year, or this decade, but what goes around comes around. This is not always obvious when we only look at the surface level or only witness one chapter of someone else’s life.

What are the 12 rules of karma?

Karma is considered to work according to 12 immutable rules.

What are the 14 universal laws?

Sometimes, two additional laws are added to the original twelve. These two additional laws are the law of rhythm and the law of gestation.

The law of rhythm dictates that everything in the universe moves according to a divine and intricate rhythm. It is this rhythm that drives the changing seasons and is responsible for all cycles and developmental patterns in the natural world, and in the inner worlds as well.

Understanding the law of rhythm enables you to work with the inevitable ebb and flow of energy in your life. Just as the seasons, the birds and the skies move and shift according to their own mysterious rhythm, so do we.

The law of gestation dictates that everything takes its time. This is easily observable in the natural world where for example an apple tree takes x amount of time to bear fruit. Even under the best conditions the process takes the time it takes – the sweetness of the ripe apples cannot be rushed. Pregnancy works in the same way; it takes nine months, more or less. Even under the best conditions, new life cannot be rushed into being.

The law of gestation applies to creativity, business, relationships, personal devleopment and much more. Understanding the law of gestation is important when we are trying to bring something new into the world, such as a new creative endeavour or a business idea. If we are doing it right, tending and nurturing our idea, it will flower and bear fruit in time.

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