0808 Angel Number

Do you keep seeing the 0808 angel number and are you wondering what it means?

Angel number 0808 carries an important message of change, growth and exciting developments on your spiritual journey. When the 0808 angel number appears, it is a sign that your life is in a state of flux, and that it is time to rise to the occasion and become all that you can be.

The 0808 angel number sequence is associated with spiritual awakening and reaching for your heart’s desires. It is a reminder that approaching life’s challenges with a positive attitude is key, and that inner strength and wisdom are needed if you want to tap into abundance.

Want to learn everything there is to know about angel number 0808 and the layers of meaning it contains? If the answer is yes, then keep right on reading.

How to receive messages from your guardian angels 

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When your guardian angels and ascended masters want to prompt you to move your life in the right direction, towards a new begining or a positive choice, they sprinkle subtle clues and messages into your everyday surroundings in hopes of getting you to pay attention.

Angelic messages can take many different forms, including number sequences, astrological symbols, colors or names. But because our daily lives are already overflowing with a positive abundance of information, it takes something special to grab our attention. This is why angel numbers and other angelic messages are always repeated multiple times wihin a short period of time – giving us the opportunity to notice them and study their meaning.

What are angel numbers?

What makes a numerical combination stand out as an angel number containig an important message is how often you find it repeated.

Not every number you see in your day-to-day life is an angel number. For it to qualify as one, it has to appear with remarkable frequency in what would otherwise be random places – on the hotel room key you get handed at reception, on the front of the bus you have to take to get to your job interview, at the end of a phone number.

Dissecting angel number 0808

All numbers contain many layers of meaning, and when individual numbers are combined into angelic number sequences, they take on yet other meanings.

If you want to truly understand what the 08080 angel number has to convey, you have to start by looking at the individual digits, 0 and 8.


The number 0 is shaped like an oval or a circle, indicating that it has no ending and no beginning. 0 is a starting point, a blank slate, the primordial soup, a beginning point, an open mind. 

Naturally, the number 0 is associated with newness, unexplored and unmanifested potential, openness, flexibility.

Most of us have probably heard the number zero used as a criticism or an insult, but this is a very limited view to have of the number zero and all of the potential it represents. In life we all have to start at 0 and slowly progress from there.

The same is true for all of life’s endeavors. Starting from ground zero is absolutely necessary whether you want to learn new skills, build a business or take the first step in a new direction. 

Number 0 in the Bible

Although the number 0 doesn’t appear in its own right anywhere in the Bible, its biblical meaning is still significant.

As the Bible puts it, in the beginning there was nothing but darkness. When God created the heavens and earth, the earth was empty (Genesis 1:2). 

And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. Life began only after God created man in his image.

What this tells us is that the number 0 in the Bible is associated with new beginnings, with a blank slate, and with the unknown mysteries that predate creation. There is something inherently unknowable and inexplicable about the number 0 – in a sense, we will never truly know or even be able to imagine the unlimited potential it represents.

Number 0 in the Kabbalah

In Jewish mysticism, the number 0 is associated with the concept of ‘Ein Soph,’ which is God in unmanifested form. In other words, the number 0 is the closest representation of the divine source and of the diving powers that emanate from it.

The expression ‘Ein Soph,’ can be loosely translated into ‘endless one,’ ‘unending,’ ‘no end,’ or ‘infinity.’ All hint at the open-ended, unbounded quality of the number 0.

Number 0 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the number 0 only appears once, in the form of the Fool trump card. The Fool is the very first card in the entire deck.

Much like the concept of Ein Soph, the Fool Tarot card represents open-ended potential and as-yet unmanifested divine powers. The Fool is depicted laughing and dancing – and in most Tarot decks, he appears to be just about to waltz over the edge of a cliff, with a deep drop below. The meaning hear is dual; on one hand, the Fool is unencumbered by negative thoughts and caution, and on the other hand, his inexperience and optimism may be keeping him from realizing the full extent of the situation he’s in. 

When you contemplate the Fool Tarot card, one of the things that inevitbaly strikes you is a powerful sense of optimism, of adventurousness, of spiritual energy. If the Fool Tarot card were a season, it would be spring, with an abundance of new and bright green shoots triumphantly emerging from the mud and sludge.

In a sense, the Fool archetype straddles two worlds, the mundane and the fantastical. People who relate to the Fool tend to be big dreamers, spiritual seekers and creative souls.


The number eight is a powerful number, associated with abundance in both a materialistic and a spiritual sense.

If you tilt the number 8 over and onto its side, it becomes the inifinity symbol, consisting of two enclosed loops feeding energy into each other on repeat. As with the number 0, the number 8 has no ending and no beginning, only continuing cycles. 

It is easy to see why the number eight is associated with the universal spiritual law of the perpetual transmutation of energy. This univeral law states that energy never disappears, it only transforms. This law applies to everything in life, including emotions, actions and thoughts. What comes around goes around, what you sow you will also reap. The concept of Karma is also contained within this law, as what you put out into the universe is what is going to come back to you, perhaps not right away or in the form you had anticipated, but eventually and in one form or another.

The number eight is also widely associated with abundance. Of all of the single-digit numbers, eight is one of the most mature (exceeded only by the number 9), which lends it a quality of inner wisdom and experience gained. 

Because the number 8 is also the number 4 doubled, it stands on strong and firmly built foundations. This is not a number that is easy to topple or to upend.

Number 8 in the Bible

In the Bible, the number 8 is symbolic of new beginnings as well as continuity.

Because God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh day, the eight day can be said to represent the beginning of God’s new kingdom (Genesis 2:2). 

The number eight is also referred to elsewhere in the Bible, for example in connection with Abraham, who was the father of eight sons. “If you belong to Christ, then you ar Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise” (Galatians 3:29).

What is indicated here is that any of Abraham’s ascendants are also his children. There is a sense of continuity – of eternity, even – which travels through the blood and binds familes together. This can of course be understood metaphorically as well as literally.

Number 8 in the Kabbalah

In the Kabbalah, the eight sphere on the Tree of Life is called Hod, which is the Hebrew word for ‘glory,’ ‘majesty’ or ‘splendor.’ 

Hod is the sphere connected to the physical realm and to such concepts as integrity and personal authority. 

Like all of the other spheres on the Tree of Life, Hod is connected to a body part – specifically to the right foot. Both symbolically and literally, your feet are responsible for carrying you to your desired destinations, as well as for supporting the rest of your physical structure.

Number 8 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, we first encounter the number 8 in the Major Arcana’s Strength card. How the Strength card is depicted varies slightly between Tarot decks, but in most versions we are presented with a golden-haired, flower-crownded maiden in the process of subduing a lion.

The Strength maiden is taming the powerful lion with her bare hands. Her body language suggests that she is confident, tranquil and completely unafraid. She doesn’t possess or use brute strength, but instead relies on inner peace and strength. These qualities are likely to have arisen from her own life path and experiences, which have resulted in her unshakeable belief and faith in her own abilities.

Above her head, the maiden in the Strength card has a floating eternity symbol – the number eight on its side. This could indicate that she is an old soul, imbued with a wisdom and power that comes from many lifetimes worth of experience. 

The strenght and confidence that the maiden possesses is of a very different kind that the optimistic self-confidence displayed by the fool. His strenght comes from not knowing what lies ahead, and hers comes from knowing and being able to anticipate exactly how the current situation is going to play out.

Messages and meanings of the 0808 angel number

When you combine the numbers 0 and 8 and then repeat them twice to form the 0808 angel number, the result is a powerful message of personal growth.

The secret meaning of angel number 0808 combins the messages and symbolism of both numbers. Let us take a look at how these may crystalize and apply to different areas of life.

Mystery and spiritual life

The 0808 angel number is often a prompting to deepen your spiritual life and to pursue spiritual enlightenment in a way you never have before. 

The number 0 hints at a longing for unity with the divine realm, and a desire to tap into the universal energies all around you. And the number 8 hints at pre-existing inner wisdom and an intimate awareness of the divine realm. Most likely, you are an old soul and seeker of deeper meaning than what is avaialable when you only look at what’s right in front of you. 

It doesn’t matter how far along you already are on your personal journey – it is never too early or too late to delve deeper and to assume more responsibility for your own spiritual development. 

Taking to the spiritual path with renewed zest might involve reading books, attending courses, or choosing a divinatory art to practice, such as astrology or Tarot card reading. Depending on your personality and what you feel drawn to, it could also involve joining a coven of witches or a church congregation. Either way, let your spiritual curiosity lead you without restraint!

Personal power and responsibility

When the angel number 0808 appears, it is often a sign that it is time for you to assume a greater level of personal responsibility. It might be necessary to bring your current life into greater harmony, or it could be that you have some bad karma to resolve.

Either way, the 0808 represents an awakening and a bold acceptance of the various mistakes and messes you may have either created for yourself or allowed yourself to fall into. Seeing the 0808 is a calls to arms, a sign that it is time to grow up, to freshen up, and to get rid of the things (and potentially the people) in your life that are holding you back or keeping you small.

Many people don’t like to think too much about personal responsibility, but the truth is that this is where the true key to power and freedom lies hidden – within yourself. No matter what our life path has been like, you are a powerful spiritual being and you possess the ability to make your own life better.

So, roll up your sleeves and be willing to knuckle down. The angels wouldn’t be showing you the 08080 angel number if they didn’t believe in you, and the fact that you are made for more than what your life currently consists of.

Positive changes

This point is very much related to the previous and is what assuming personal responsiblity will inevitably lead to.

When you start viewing your life through a lense of opportunity and possibility and decide to take charge, positive changes are going to abound in all areas of your existence. You will experience them in youer financial life, your romantic life and in all of your important friendships and relationships.

Open-ended possibility

Seeing the 0808 angel number tells you that you are in a place of open-ended possibility. This can be both encouraging and daunting – in fact, it tends to be both at once and in equal measure.

Your life may not be perfect, and you may not find yourself where you thought or hoped you would be at this stage in your life. But guess what? You have the ability to change it. 

Whene you decide to take action to improve your life, you’ll be amazed at how much change can take place within a very short timeframe. It is not too late to write that book, go on that tour or start that business. Your guardian angels are showing you the 0808 angel number because they want you to believe that this is true, and to act on it.

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Frequently asked questions

What does 0808 mean in twin flame?

The 0808 angel number is associated with powerful positive changes and developments – and this could well include romantic developments.

0808 is sometimes considered a twin flame number, as it indicates harmony, possibility and progress.

What does it mean when you see 8’s?

The number 8 is associated with inner wisdom, maturity, integrity and abundance.
It is a wonderful number to see unexpectedly, as it is often a hint that something you have been hoping for and working towards is about to bear fruit. It can also be a reminder for you take personal responsibility for your life and its overall direction.

What does number 8 mean in love?

In a romantic context, the number 8 indicates growth, maturty and abundance. 

This is not the giddy beginnings of a new relationship, or a teenage fling. This is deep, profound, soul-altering love. In other words, the number 8 represents the kind of love that a great marriage or lifelong love affair is made of.

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