1010 angel number meaning

Whenever the angel number 1010 makes an appearance in your life, you might as well buckle up – a period of powerful inner transformation, spiritual awakening and self growth awaits.

Influenced by angel number 1010, everything in your life that has become stuck in dead-end patterns and situations begins to thaw, uproot, loosen. The spiritual purpose of angel number 1010 is for you to shake off your limitations and take a bold quantum leap forward.

Angel number 1010 is essentially the universe giving you a thumbs-up. Seeing angel number 1010 is a sign from the angels that yes, you can go ahead and trust your intuition at whichever juncture you’re currently facing – your gut feeling will not lead you astray, but rather forward, into closer alignment with your dreams.

What your guardian angels really want you to know

Your guardian angels are always watching over you, gently offering you their love and support, and encouraging you to embody more and more of your highest potential. The angels want nothing more than to see you unfold and make the most of your talents, because they know that you will put them to good use in the spiritual campaign of healing and harmonise humanity.

We all come into this world with gifts to share – but sadly, many are too afraid to unfold their wings and claim their true life purpose. Seeing angel number 1010 is a sign of the guardian angels nudging you and encouraging you to step forward; to step more fully into your power and purpose. You are ready. The catch is that the things you desire most in life exist beyond your comfort zone and usual groove.

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Tuning into the angelic realm

To receive the guidance and support that the angels are so eager to offer you, all you need to do is pay close attention and have faith in your intuitive abilities. When your fine-tune your attention, you will soon start picking up on the things and signs that most other people overlook. The angels have their own reasons to sometimes choose to be passive observers to our lives – but at other times, when they sense your interest, they will see it fit to intervene a little more. The benevolent powers of the universe, the guardian angels, communicate in their own subtle way through the symbols and numbers that already exist in our lives.

Seeing angel number 1010

Certain numerology numbers may start appearing in your life at a rate much too high to be brushed off as coincidence. For example, you may receive a phone call on Saturday evening and take note of the last four digits of the number that called you – 1010. Then, you may take note of the time when you wake up on Sunday morning – it’s 10:10 AM. It may seem like this particular number is following you everywhere you go. In other words, it is an angel number imbued with guidance and information just for you.

The angels will start showing you angel number 1010 when they feel that you are ready to move forward in your personal evolution and embody more of your true potential. The meaning of 1010 overall is that the angels have complete confidence in you – and they want you to have just as much confidence in you as they do.

Spiritual meaning of angel number 1010

In any numerology reading where a number is repeated, the number doubles in strength and meaning. In the case of the 1010 angel number, we have two numbers repeated – 1 and 0.

Spiritual vibration of 1

The energy of the number one is oozing self assertiveness, confidence, ability and forward movement. The vibe of number 1 is expansive, proactive and bold. The number 1 vibration is here to imbue you with the belief in your self that you need in order to take the next bold step on your personal journey. The energy of the number 1 affirms that you are sovereign – within the context of your life journey and the realm of your mind, body and soul, it all starts and ends with you. You are number one. While encouragement and applause are nice to have, you require no one to validate your ideas or worthiness. Your life and your path are your own, and they can be everything you want them to be; they can take you everywhere you want to go.

Numerology number 1 in the Tarot

In the Tarot’s Major Arcana, the card labelled 1 is called The Magician. Here, we see a person wielding great universal forces with complete self-assuredness. While The Magician may not know the answer to every single life question or hold the key to all of life’s mysteries, he trusts his intuition. The Magician knows that he is neither perfect or fully formed, but he has complete faith in his own abilities. What’s more, he is perfectly at ease wielding these enormously powerful energies. He is not too worried about messing up – fear freezes you. The Magician keeps his thoughts loose and limber – his mindset is expansive and empowering.

Spiritual vibration of 0

The spiritual vibration of the number 0 equals the primal void. The number 0 is symbolic of the universal singularity, the god force permeating all things. The number 0 signifies a state of pure, unbridled potential – the primordial soup from which anything may grow and crawl. Spiritually, the number 0 is a reminder of our inherent spirituality, worth and potential as human beings – or, if you will, as immortal souls having a human experience.

Numerology number 0 in the Tarot

The very first archetype in the Tarot’s Major Arcana is called The Fool and is labelled with the number 0. As an archetype, The Fool is imbued with the potent, optimistic and playful energies of beginning, of spring, of adventure. The message of The Fool is that all things are possible and that intuition is just as reliable a navigation tool as reason, if not more so. While The Fool may be prone to whimsy and fancy, the reality is that most people are way too serious and severely lack this energy in their lives. People tend to become entrapped, over time, in the habits and situations of their own lives. The Fool is a sign of freedom, lightheartedness, optimism, and things always being in flux.

Spiritual charge of the 1010 angel number

In the 1010 angel number we see the numbers 1 and 0 combined and doubled, a potent mix. The energies of 1 and 0 are very synchronous and harmonious – one flows into the other, meaning angel number 1010 is both powerfully charged and positively uplifting.

When the angels keep showing you 1010, the energies within all areas of your life quicken and begin to flow more freely and easily. The air is thick with magical butterflies – show up with an open mind, ready to receive all the good things coming your way.

Angel number 1010 meaning in personal development

Seeing angel number 1010 is a reminder that you are the creator of your own reality – you’re in the driver’s seat. Often in life, it can feel like we are mere passengers on our life journey; shaking us out of this passive and disempowering mindset is the very reason d’être of angel number 1010. The underlying spiritual truth is and has always been that coincidence barely exists. Viewed from a spiritual perspective, everything happens for a reason.


The angel number 1010 is all about awakening. The message of this angel number is to become conscious, proactive and confident about what is we affirm and what direction our steps are taking us in. The 1010 angel number meaning is really to reclaim control and autonomy over our life path. The appearance of angel number 1010 in your life is your guardian angels lovingly telling you to take the reins more firmly in hand – because you’ve got this. With the love, support and encouragement of the angels, you’ve got this thing called the spiritual journey in hand. You hold within you so much potential and such potent ideas, all you have got to do is believe in yourself. Then, take the next confident step in your chosen direction. Angel number 1010 stirs the pot, lifting you beyond your comfort zone and encouraging you to realign with your soul mission.

Angel number 1010 meaning in love life and relationships

When it comes to matters of the heart, the appearance of angel number 1010 is a sign that it is time to venture beyond your comfort zone and claim what your heart truly desires.

If you have a partner

If you are in a committed relationship, the meaning of 1010 is that it is time to expand your horizons, open up more to each other and dedicate more time and energy to exploring together. A love relationship is never a static thing that you can just park somewhere and expect to maintain itself – having a love relationship with another person is, certainly should be, a thrilling journey in and of itself.

The meaning of 1010 is renewal, playfulness and forward movement. Consider how these energies may find their way into your love life and specifically into your primary relationship in order to transform and expand the path you are on with this other person.

If you are single

If you don’t currently have a partner the potential for love abounds. Some times lend themselves better to the pursuit of love and romance than others, and the message of angel number 1010 is that this is one of those times. The vibe of this angel number is buoyant, magnetic, playful and free – a more attractive vibe to be giving off is hard to come by.

Now is no time to be sitting on your hands if you are hopeful of bringing a new partner into your life. Instead, take a proactive approach. Follow your intuition, let it guide you. If you feel called to, say, shoot a stranger a message or otherwise reach out to them, and it is appropriate to do so, go for it. Intuition and synchronicity seem to work together to bring us fabulous rewards for our curiosity and for sometimes following an impulse without any set expectation about where things might go.

Angel number 1010 meaning in job and career

The meaning of angel number 1010 in the realm of work and career is a pretty exciting. 1010 is a sure sign that something fresh and new is coming your way. This newness could manifest as a new job offer, a promotion, a transfer – or any number of other, unexpected doorways opening up for you.

Let go in order to to receive

Stepping into a new career field or merely a more demanding role can seem daunting. But the angels want you to know that you are ready.

Once again, the message that your guardian angels want to convey is to follow your intuition and trust in what your instincts are telling you.

Angel number 1010 meaning in money and success

When it comes to the money side of life, the appearance of 1010 is potentially really good news. An unexpected windfall may be on the horizon for you, or a new moneymaking opportunity may present itself to you – if not actually fall into your lap.

Stay alert to the whispers of your guardian angels, and remember that their goal for you is for you to live your highest potential and walk your true path in life – could leaning into your innate talents be the key to greater financial wellbeing?

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