123 Angel Number Meaning

Angel number 123 appears in your life like a divine chord progression from another world. The overall meaning of angel number 123 is that it’s time for you to refocus on your true goals and the things that are most important to you on your spiritual journey.

The vibration of angel number 123 teaches you to let go of the things – and even the people – that clutter up your energy, block you from stepping into your true power, or bring you out of balance.

You can only truly relish the gift of life when your energy is focused, your path is clear and you are living your authentic destiny.

The number 123 angel wants to guide you towards greater self reliance and and inner clarity – all so that you can truly embrace and embody your life purpose in a way that the majority of people will never get to experience.

Seeing the angel number 123 angel

Catching messages from your guardian angels

Guardian angels and ascended masters are always watching over your life, every step of the way.

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When you focus your intuition and welcome their guidance, the angels begin to speak. One of the easiest ways for them to make themselves heard, felt and seen is through number sequences. The wisdom and guidance of the angels, if implemented into your life, have the ability to transform your life for the better.

If you are seeing the angel number 123 repeated over and over in various places, it is a sign from the heavenly realm that the angels are walking with you and that they have a message for you.

Sharpening your intuition

The more you are tuned in to your intuition, the easier it is to perceive the angel numbers appearing in your life. There are many things you can do to become sensitive to the signs and information the angels are drizzling into your life.

One thing you can do is to meditate, deliberately asking the angels for messages before you go to sleep at night, and spending time in nature. You might want to start carrying a small notebook around with you, ready to take note of any interesting synchronicities. When you are receptive, seeing angel numbers becomes more natural and frequent.

Spiritual explanation of angel number 123

Number 123 is a natural, simple and straightforward sequence – you could even call it the primary number sequence. It’s like a ladder and the steps are as simple as 1, 2, 3, taking you from one place of being to anther.

The simplicity of the 123 number is key to the message it contains.

Number 1 meaning

The angel number one is primary, singular, bold and bursting with enthusiasm. The angelic number one carries connotations of new beginnings, ambition, motivation, positivity, motivation, striving and success. All signs of leadership and personal progress.

In the Tarot, the Major Arcana card labelled with the number one is The Magician. The Magician is a symbol of personal power, inventiveness, ability and the joy of unfolding one’s full potential.

Number 2 meaning

The angelic number two is a sign of balance, stability, foundation, peace and duality.

In the Tarot, the second card of the Major Arcana is The High Priestess, an archetype symbolising intuition, inner wisdom, receptivity to messages from inner and higher realms.

Number 3 meaning

The angel number 3 is a sign of progress, forward movement, creativity and luck.

The third card or the Tarot’s Major Arcana is The Empress. The Empress symbolises creativity, sensuality, communication and a love of the natural world. The Empress is supremely powerful and confident, but in a relaxed and receptive manner.

How angel number 123 influences destiny

Whenever the angel number 123 appears in your life, its influence touches everything around you and within you.

We all come into the world with a divine destiny that we long to fulfil with all of our heart and soul. Caught up in the drama, clutter and confusion of our often busy and unbalanced everyday lives, most people can loose sight of it. If this is the case for you, seeing number 123 is particularly good news.

123 is the number of simplicity

Your guardian angels start showing you number 123 whenever they want to help you back into closer alignment with your true life path. Whenever you are seeing number 123 it is a message from the angels, urging you to trim some of the fat and cut some of the noise. Simplify and declutter – get rid of whatever or whoever is draining your energy without giving you anything in return.

All the angels ask is that you not resist their attempts at helping you. It can be very difficult to let go of old patterns or toxic people. However, this is deeply necessary if you want to embrace new beginnings.

When you become willing to let go of something which longer serves you, everything you hope for becomes possible.

123 is the number of balance and harmony

Finding balance is of vital importance to the harmony angel governing angel number 123. This angel really wants to see you balanced, happy and making progress on your personal journey. Step by step, this devoted guardian angel will guide you forward and help you enter a fresh and harmonious life chapter.

Influence of angel number 123 0n self development and self expression

The guardian angels want to see you flourish, thrive and grow into your most authentic form of self expression.

More than other angel numbers you might encounter in life, 123 inspires you to shed the mores and expectations placed on you by the people around you. Your guardian angels want you to know that you are fully worthy of love, acceptance and success, regardless of whether you fit into enough of society’s neat little boxes to make others feel comfortable.

Often, we can become trapped by societal expectations, or even just by all of the messages that are projected onto us by the media, including social media. This breeds a lot of insecurity and has a tendency to deplete our reservoir of self love. Your guardian angels want you to know that it is okay for you to withdraw your attention from platforms or people that only harm your self-image and self love. Everything that doesn’t give you energy and love but only take or deplete have got to go – let go of these things guilt-free.

Whenever 123 appears, it is a sign that the angels are giving you the thumbs up to go ahead and live your best life and express what is in your heart in the way that best suits you. Other people will approve of they will not approve – regardless, you can’t let their reactions dictate the direction of your personal journey.

Angel number 123 meaning in business and career

Whenever angel number 123 appears in the context of your career, it might be time to scale back or simplify in this area of your life.

123 often comes up when things have grown in over your head and you have lost sight of what it is that really moves the needle towards greater happiness and ultimately success.

In the short term, grinding mindlessly without any strong sense of direction or personal passion about what you do is fine. But in the long run, your career or business venture is a long game and things are bound to turn out better for you if you play it as such.

Angel number 123 is cautioning you to have patience, and to make the decisions that will help you develop your leadership skills and serve your life purpose best in the long run. When it comes to career, it is not about how quickly you can get there but how you can build great momentum, success and happiness over time.

Because angel number 123 is encompasses a lot of newness energy, now is a good time to assume more of a leadership role, exerting more control over your direction, throwing out things and responsibilities that you deem unnecessary for your long-term growth.

Angel number 123 meaning in love life and relationships

123 angel number romance

When 123 appears in relation to your love life, your guardian angels are asking you if you are really where you want to be in your relationship or singledom, or if change is needed.

Perhaps you need to gain more clarity and simplicity in your love life. If you are in an unclear situation, this lack of direction or commitment might be a bigger drain on your life force than you consciously realise. If you are feeling unclear about where something in a relationship is going, talk about it.

Do what The Empress would do – state clearly what your wants and needs are. Clear and open communication are vital when it comes to keeping things harmonious in any relationship.

123 angel number friendship

Solid, nurturing friendships are vital to our life experience.

Of everyone that influence us in life, our friends are usually the only ones we get to pick. Our families and our colleagues we usually have less control over.

Often, people passively stay in friendships and friend groups, even if some of the dynamics between the people in the group are toxic or detrimental to personal growth.

Of all of the numbers the angels might send your way, 123 is the one truly encouraging you to declutter and refocus, keeping only what honours and serves your spiritual evolution. This could even mean putting distance between yourself and some of the people in your life. It might be that your connection used to be positive, but that you have grown apart over the intervening years that you have known each other. The angels want you to know that changing up some of the people in your life is perfect okay, and you need feel no guilt about wanting to sever old bond in order to make space for others that are more aligned with the next chapter of your journey.

123 angel number family

123 is a harmonising angel number and this angel truly wants to see peace and harmony prevail in all areas of our lives.

When it comes to our home life and interaction with loved ones, this is doubly true. Of all of the angel numbers, 123 is the one that really inspires you to focus on what’s most important in our lives. For most of us, our families fit this description.

Angel number 123 meaning in finances

In the area of money, the message from the angels is to have patience. Bettering our financial circumstances can usually not happen overnight – it is a slow sequence and requires building and honing our skills, and laying a foundation.

The appearance of angel number 123 hints at new beginnings of building something new.

Because both your communication and entrepreneurial spirit is strong under the influence of 123, now is a promising and ideal time to start a new side hustle – something that will both add a little to your cash flow, and a lot to your creative expression. If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog or a YouTube channel – 0r even writing a book – the angels are encouraging you to dig in.

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