1141 Angel Number

What is the significance of the 1141 angel number?

Angel numbers are number sequences that appear with uncanny freqency – or at any rate, frequently enough for them to stand out against a backdrop of everyday events. You might see angel numbers on phone bills, on billboards, in social media handles. But What does it mean if you keep seeing the number 1141?

Angel number 1141 has several layers of meaning, but overall it indicates new beginnings and a striving forward coming from a place of practical thinking and realistic values.

It is not unsual for your guardian angels to show you 1141 when you are already on the right path, but need a bit of a gentle shove to keep moving forward towards the positive results you desire.

Decoding angel number 1141

The divine realm is always communicating with you, nudging you towards your highest possible evolution and towards achieving positive results in all of the different life areas.

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To receive messages from the spiritual realm, all we really have to do is open our minds and our senses, and to start noticing the synchronicities, the signs, symbols and angel numbers that appear all around us in our day-to-day lives.

Each angel number has a secret meaning, and angel number 1141 is no exception.

In order to fully understand its spiritual meaning, let us look at the two individual numbers that make up angel number 1141.


Let us start with the number 1. This number is quite literally singular, and a case could easily be made for it being the most positive number in existence.

All over the world the number one is associated with winning, with being first or best. You just don’t get to call yourself a New York Times bestseller, the first man on the moon or an Olympic gold medalist if you are not number 1.

It is easy to see how and why the number 1 is regarded as a positive, powerful and important number. To better understand why this is, let us look at the symbolic and occult significance of the number 1.

Number 1 in the Kabbalah

The Tree of Life is a spiritual diagram used in a varity of different mystery traditions, most notably in hte Jewish Kabbalah. It illustarates the different dimensions of existence and is a type of spiritual map of life.

The Tree of Life features eleven spheres (called sepiroths), as well as 22 connecting lines, each of which is associated with an Archetype from the Tarot.

The first and topmost sphere on the Tree of Life is called Kether, which means the Crown. Kether is associated with the divine realm, with guardian angels, ascended masters, and with God. In other words, Kether represents the highest and the most ethereal layers of existence.

According to the Kabbalah, spiritual energy, information and inspiration is constantly flowing from the Crown and all the way down to the lowest and final sphere, Malkuth, which means the Kingdom and is associated with the physical realm.

When we consider this ancient mystical meaning of the number 1, it is easy to see that this number is associated with divine inspiration and guidance.

Number 1 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the number 1 is embodied by the Magician archetype. He is depicted standing before his altar where he is working with four spiritual tools, the wand, the cup, the sword and the pentacles. Each of these tools represents one of the four elements that make up the physical realm.

The Magician himself is the conduit, the active force that shapes and gives the lesser elements direction and purpose. He is a divinely inspired, active co-creator of his own reality, using the simple tools at his disposal in order to make positive things happen for himself. He understands that he is an active agent in the universe, capable of shaping his own reality and make it conform to his will.


Now, let us look at the number four.

Four is the number of spiritual tools on the Magician’s altar, representing the foundations of reality. Four is the four elements, the four compass points, the four corners of any building.

The number four is universally associated with solidity, security and foundations. This is a deeply practical number, a hard-working number, a number that can be relied on. The number four provides the necessary framework and structure for reality.

The number four can also have more negative connotations, such as rigidity, conformity and a fear of the unknown. However, when combined with the three 1s as it is in the four digit numer 1141, the presence of the numbe four merely adds stability and maturity to pure inspiration – which can ultimately only be a good thing.

Number 4 in the Kabbalah

In the Kabbalah, the fourth sphere on the Tree of Life is called Chesed, which can be loosely translated into ‘Loving-Kindness,’ a concept that is also well-known in Buddhism.

Loving-Kindness is the first sepiroth to be associated with action (The first three being associated with the ethereal realm and with the intellect). It refers to love, kindness, compassion and charity between people.

Chesed is a reminder of our own interconnectedness with the world around us, and with all the people in it. Chesed is a reminder that we are not seperate.

Number 4 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the number four features most prominently in the Emperor card. The Emperor is the archetypal father, a stern and deeply realistic figure.

The Emperor is depicted seated on his throne in front of a steep mountain side, indicating to us that he is immovable and unchangeable, yet completely reliable. The Emperor provides framework, boundaries and security. However, do not expect him to want to try anything new.

The Emperor’s strength is also his weakness. While he is clearly a powerful, rock-solid character, he can also be rigid and unimaginative.

The secret meaning of angel number 1141

When you combined the numbers 1 and 4, and add another two 1s at the end, angel number 1141 is the potent and powerful result.

The presence of the number 4 is important, but the emphasis is on the number 1, which appears three times. The number 4 adds solidity and provides an anchor for the wild creative impulses and spiritual drives that the number 1 represents.

The number 1 is all about newnewss, risk-taking and following the promptings of the inner voice. The number four adds a realistic and balanced approach to new thinking and new endeavors.

A new venture

Angel number 1141 is strongly associated with both new beggings and with practicality. This can sometimes be an indication of a new venture, whether a new business or a new creative project.

In this context, the number 1 represents inspired action, and the number 4 indicates a practical approach that is sure to get you to the finish line. The number four can also indicate a focus on the financial side of things and a dedication to making the venture bear fruits financially.


In some cases, angel number 1141 can refer plainly and simply to success.

The number 1 is widely associated with being in the top spot, which could refer to a wide variety of accomplishments, from winning a race to ranking on the first page on Google.

A twin flame relationship

Angel number 1141 can sometimes signify the beginning of an intense twin flame union.

A twin flame relationship is unlike any other, characterized by being more intense and transformative. Twin flame relationships may last only for a short, intense period of time, or it may last forever. Either way, both people involved will emerge from the union totally transformed.

Sometimes, a twin flame relationship can have a destructive element, but if you keep seeing angel number 1141 in connection with your romantic life, it indicates that, although you should expect rapid transformation and being pushed out of your comfort zone, your approach is anchored in balance and realism. As a result, you are unlikely to get derailed or drawn into the negative emotions of a destructieve twin flame union.

Instinctual knowledge

The number 1, in particualar, is associated with divine inspiration and with receiving guidance from ‘above.’ This mahy manifest as instinctual knowing, prompting you to take this route or that towards the unfoldement of your truest desires and ultimate life purpose.

Building solid foundations for something new

Seeing angel number 1141 can often be a sign that you are laying the foundations and doing the groundwork for something new and amazing.

This could relate to any number of things, including the setting of a new creative goal or even a pregnancy.

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Frequently asked questions

What does 1141 mean in love?

Angel number 1141 is associated with powerful and positive change in all aspects of life, including the area that has to do with love and romance. Here, angel number 1141 might indicate the first glimmers of a powerful new attraction as well as the very beginning of a new relationship.

The presence of the number four indicates that you are approaching this new relationship in a balanced and mature way. You are not looking to the other person to complete you or to boost your self-confidence. Indeed, being self-sufficient and securely anchored within yourself is a pre-requisite for building a strong relationship.

The presence of the three 1s, on the other hand, indicates your open-mindedness, your willingness to let yourself be challenged and transformed in the flames of this romantic liaison.

What does 1144 mean twin flame?

Angel number 1141 is sometimes associated with the concept of twin flames.

Certainly, when angel number 1141 appears in relation to your love life, the number shows that a perfect match has been made. Your romantic partner is someone with whom you may experience a true soul connection, and it is highly likely that there is a long and interesting journey ahead of the two of you.

What does 1144 mean spiritual?

The spiritual meaning of angel number 1141 has to do with new beginnings, inner promptings, and the willingness to step beyond your comfort zone in order to obtain long-term rewards.

The angel number 1141 indicates that you are willing to put in the hard work need to reach your desired outcomes. Trust your inner wisdom to guide you in the right direction while applying a combination of positive affirmations and hard work.

What numbers mean new beginning?

Any divine number that features the number 1 prominently is an indication of a new chapter and new beginnings.

A few examples include angel numbers 111, 1212 and 1141.

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