Twin Flame Separation

Have you gone through or are you currently going through a twin flame separation?

The separation phase is, beyond a doubt, the most painful part of any twin flame relationships.

Twin flame relationships are incredibly intense and deeply meaningful, for both people involved. However, they don’t tend to last. They’re more like supernovas that burn bright and then explode, leaving you with the memories, the lessons and the impact that the twin flame connection has had on your life trajectory.

Twin flame relationships develop in stages, and the twin flame separation stage is by far the most painful and difficult to deal with. It can even feel traumatic when your bond with your twin flame is severed, for one reason or another.

Initially, it is normal to fight the separation phase, and to try to hold on to your twin flame relationship for as long as possible. Often, you might both be hoping that you can recapture the pure magic that defined the relationship early on.

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However, some things in life are meant to be impermanent. And, generally speaking, a twin flame relationship is one of those things.

The fact that a twin flame relationship ends doesn’t mean that the whole relationship was a failure, or that it wasn’t meant to be – it simply means that it wasn’t meant to be forever.

With all of this being said, are you ready to learn more about the most difficult stage of any twin flame relationship, namely twin flame separation?

Twin flames: What they are and why they are

There are multiple different theories about twin flames out there, but common to all of them is the idea of twin flames being twin souls, two halves of a whole that are bound to always be searching for their other half.

The Ancient Greek philosopher Plato was the first to formulate the twin flame or twin souls theory. He described it like this: “Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature. Each of us, then, is a ‘matching half’ of a human whole…and each of us is always seeking the half that matches him.”

Platonic vs romantic twin flames

A twin flame relationship isn’t necessarily a romantic relationship. In fact, many twin flame connections are purely platonic. But because twin flames are always so close to each other while they are involved, their relationship may nevertheless look like a romantic bond to anyone else but themselves.

In short, a platonic twin flame is someone with whom you share a deep and intrinsic sense of kinship. It feels like you have always known this person, and like they get you more than anyone else. However, you’re not physically or sexually attracted to a platonic twin flame. In this case, the meeting is purely one of minds and souls. The bond the two of you share is more like a sibling bond than the kind of bond you might share with a romantic partner or a spouse.

A romantic twin flame is somehow with whom you have instant chemistry on all levels. Your souls, minds and bodies are intensely drawn to each other. It is easy to see why a romantic twin flame connection – followed by a romantic twin flame separation – can be even more intense and painful than separating from a platonic twin flame. The level of physical chemistry you have with a romantic twin flame is unlike anything you will have ever felt before. They may not even be your type, but the chemistry is simply off the charts, and with this person, you feel completely uninhibited and at ease.

Twin flame relationship characteristics

If you are not sure whether what you are experiencing is a twin flame connection, see if the following is true for you.

The twin flame connection is both immediate and intense

A twin flame connection is always powerful and immediate. The moment you meet your twin flame, you will feel drawn to him or her with intense force. Both of you will have the feeling that you have met before, perhaps in another life. It is as though your two souls instantly recognize each other, in a way that goes beyond the scope of your current life histories. Meeting your twin flame feels more like reconnecting with a long-lost friend, sibling or lover than meeting someone new.

There’s a thrill and an electricity in the air when you meet your twin flame. Most likely, you’ll get goosebumps and the hairs at the back of your neck will be standing up.

From this moment on, every time you and your twin flame step into the same room, there’ll be an electric charge in the air between you, and you’ll always have an awareness of the other person’s presence.

Your twin flame is your mirror and your teacher

Your twin flame is far more than just someone you’re insanely attracted to, whether we’re talking purely mentally and spiritually, or physically as well. Your twin flame has come into your life for a reason – and you have come into their life for a reason, too.

The purpose of the twin flame connection is to aid you in your personal growth and development. It doesn’t matter when in your life you meet your twin flame – you might be 25 or you may be 75. They are there to teach you about yourself and your life purpose. They are there to work as a poweful catalyst for your personal experience and growth. Whatever you are struggling with or have to overcome, your twin flame embodies things you have to learn how to integrate or transcend. A twin flame may inspire, coax or force you into crystallizing your life purpose and vision.

A twin flame connection is never just about having a nice time. In fact, a twin flame relationship is always intense and often tumultuous. Your twin flame may embody qualities that trigger you in some way, or they may reflect some of your own negative feelings and characteristics back at you. All in all, your twin flame is more likely to challenge, push and trigger you, than he or she is to nurture and soothe you.

This may sound a little harsh, but often, comfort isn’t a good fertilizer for personal development. This is why a twin flame connection almost inevitably contains a dose of adversity.

In some cases, a twin flame connection can even turn toxic, with your twin flame serving the role of a mirror soul, confronting you with your own shortcomings and the things you may be struggling with, for example setting boundaries or trusting your instincts over anyone else’s.

Your twin flame may not be with you forever

No matter how close you feel to your twin flame in the early stages of your twin flame journey, the two of you may not always be in each other’s lives. In fact, you might only be meant to be together for a very short time. But whether it lasts only six months or forever, the impression that a twin flame relationship leaves on you is indelible.

Many mistakenly believe that you are supposed to make a lifelong relationship with your twin flame work. And while this is sometimes possible, it is rarely advisable. More often than not, one of the most powerful lessons that a twin flame has to teach you has to do with impermanence and the ability to let go once something, or someone, is no longer good for you.

It is definitely possible to be on a lifelong twin flame journey with your mirror soul, but usually only when the connection is platonic rather than romantic. The simple explanation for this lies in the intensity and ferocity that sex and romance inevitably add to a relationship – and where the flames go highest, there is the greatest possibility of a wildfire.

A twin flame is not the same as a soulmate

This one surprises a lot of people. There is this common misconception that the words twin flame and soulmate are interchangeable, but in fact the two concepts are rather different from each other.

Whereas a twin flame is there to teach you things about yourself, the world and other people, your soulmate is there to love you fully and unconditionally. A soulmate is a lifelong friend or romantic partner, whereas a twin flame relationship may not last very long at all. It’s usually a short and intense burst of experience that you will find yourself still in the process of unpacking and integrating years later.

A soulmate connection is characterized by harmony, love and nurturing, whereas a twin flame relationship is actually challenging; it’s more akin to a perilous journey across a sea of molten lava than it is a gentle stroll through a flowery garden.

There may only be one

Yet another crucial difference between soulmates and twin flames is that you may encounter many soulmates throughout your life, while only encountering one twin flame. This is one of the key reasons why the twin flame relationship is so intense, and so precious. Most likely, you will never experience the same level of understanding, or the same level of connection with anyone else either before or since.

Spiritually speaking, you and your twin flame are quite literally cut from the same cloth. You being drawn to each other is as natural and inevitable as putting a pair of matching shoes next to each other. A soulmate is someone your soul clicks with, connects with, and experiences mutual love and healing with. But a twin flame is that mind-blowing and intense attraction that defies all logic and eclipses any previous friendships or romantic relationships that you may have had.

You cannot say no to the twin flame journey

Precisely because meeting your twin flame is so rare, it is almost impossible to resist when he or she walks into your life. Mind you, the arrival of your twin flame may happen at the most inconvenient time. You may be married, or the two of you may live on opposite sides of the world.

Still, you and your twin flame will have a very hard time passing up the adventure, and the universe of insight and cosmic experiences that the other represents.

Even if you are familiar with the various concepts and theories surrounding twin flame relationships, including the fact that they are often difficult and rarely meant to last, it is still all bar impossible to say no to your twin flame. Resisting the twin flame journey could well be the same as turning down the greatest adventure of your life.

The twin flame journey in stages

Now that you have hopefully gotten clear on whether or not your twin flame is indeed a mirror soul, it is time for us to go over the distinct phases of the twin flame journey – of which twin flame separation is the second-to-last stage. We’ll only cover the other stages briefly, before taking a more granular look at the twin lame separation phase.

The longing stage

The first part of the twin flame journey begins before you and your mirror soul have even met. This phaze is characterized by a sense of amorphous longing, a feeling of wanting to connect deeply with another human being. The feelings of longing are for deep, soul-level connection, understanding and belonging.

Often, the longing for a twin flame manifests as a feeling of being incomplete, or alone in the world in some crucial sense. This feeling is similar to the feeling of longing for a missing twin that you have never had. You might quite literally be feeling like there is a piece of you that’s missing – and you may also be hoping to one day find it.

If you are aware of the possibility of a twin flame relationship, you may get a professional psychic artist to draw a portrait of your twin flame. In other cases, a psychic may be able to pick up on certain details about your twin flame, long before you meet them. These details may include the year that your twin flame was born, or the name of the city he or she is from. However, when you finally meet your twin flame, it’ll still be a complete surprise.

The longing stage of the twin flame relationship can last years and even decades.

The meeting and connecting stage

The second stage of the twin flame journey is the actual meeting, the moment when the twin souls finally meet and connect. This is the true beginning of their journey together.

Meeting your twin flame is a pivotal moment, one that you’ll likely be able to recall with absolute clarity for the rest of your life.

You don’t need to believe in the idea of twin flames in order to meet yours. It simply happens.

The two of you will instantly seem to recognize each other. It’ll feel more like a long overdue reunion of siblings or lovers than a first meeting. This is why the two of you will instantly be at ease in each other’s company – there is no ice that needs to be broken, and none of the initial awkwardness that often comes with meeting new people.

The exploration and discovery stage

Following the initial meeting, there is a long and interesting period of getting to know each other. You and your twin flame will have multi-hour conversations – about your lives, your dreams, the universe, and everything in-between. During this stage, you’ll both be amazed at the parallels that exist between your life stories. You will also open each other’s eyes to new ideas, experiences, and ways of existing in the world.

All in all, the exploration stage is the most exciting part of any twin flame relationship. This is when you really get to peel back and explore the deeper layers, both of each other, and of yourself. You’ll discover so many new things and have so many epiphanies during the exploration stage of a twin flame relationship, and these are often pivotal in shaping you as a person and in shaping your future.

The exploration stage is probably the best part of the twin flame relationship. It’s filled with magic, and a sense that new discoveries await you around every corner. The world will seem to have become a magical place full of possibilities, where before it may have felt at least occasionally dull and grey.

It is also during this phase that your twin flame will inspire you to become a better, truer version of yourself. He or she may encourage you very directly and overtly, or the influence may be more subtle and indirect.

The merging stage

The merging stage is when you and your twin flame officially become an item, or embark on some kind of adventure or adventure together. In other words, the merging stage is really where the twin flame relationship begins to bear tangible fruit.

Many twin flames travel together, or pursue some shared vision. This vision could be anything from a business to a romantic relationship. During this stage, there is a real sense of becoming an integral part of the other’s world. Also, during this phase it becomes almost impossible to imagine yourself without the twin flame bond.

The tumultuous stage

Following the merging stage is the tumultuous stage. This is when most twin flame relationships seem to hit a fork in the road, or encounter some kind of insurmountable obstacle that keeps them from continuing their journey together in a positive way.

The core conflict that spells the beginning of the tumultuous stage is going to vary from twin flame relationship to twin flame relationship, but here are a few examples. If the twin flame connection has been purely platonic up until this point, conflict will ensue if one twin flame falls hopelessly in love with the other, but the other half doesn’t reciprocate. Another potential source of trouble could be if one mirror soul has to move far away while the other is unable to leave his or her responsibilities behind. In other words, the conflict usually takes one of two forms: External and practical, or internal and emotional.

The tumultuous stage can go on for quite some time, and it inevitably inflicts great emotional pain on both twin souls. Initially, the two may attempt to salvage their twin flame bond by enlisting the help of a relationship coach or a couples’ therapist, but these efforts usually fall flat.

The separation stage

The separation phase of a twin flame relationship is undoubtedly the most painful. Because twin flame love isn’t like any other kind of love, the pain of separating from a twin flame is often deeper and more intense than any pain you will have experienced when ending any past relationships.

The separation phase of the twin flame process never takes just a few minutes. In fact, it can drag on for years, as both twin flames may be reluctant to let the relationship come to an end. As a result, the separation stage is rarely drama free.

Sure, examples can be found where both twin flames eventually lose interest in continuing their journey together, but those instances are truly rare. At least one twin flame will usually try to hold onto and repair the relationship, all the way to the bitter end.

The separation tends to be gradual, rather than immediate. It is not at all unusual for there to be quite a bit of back-and-forth, with the twin souls breaking up and making up, or moving in and out of each other’s houses over a period of months or years. Quitting a twin flame bond is a hard habit to kick.

Permanent separation isn’t always necessary, but it is incredibly rare for a pair of twin flames to be able to resume the relationship in a healthy manner after it has ended.

The integration stage

The integration stage is another word for the crucial healing process that has to take place following a twin flame separation.

Needless to say, you will be feeling the separation blues for some time after the separation phase has drawn to a close. Often, what you need is time and physical distance from your twin flame relationship before you will be able to fully heal from the emotional pain, as well as integrate the lessons you have learned into your relationship.

The memories we are left with after a twin flame journey has ended are going to be with us for the rest of our lives, whether we like it or not.

Twin flame reunion

This stage isn’t always part of the twin flame journey. However, in some rare cases, the pair of twin flames may reuniteafter some time apart.

When a twin flame reunion occurs, it can usually only happen many years after the initial relationship is over. If twin flames go back to each other too soon, there tends to be too much raw pain there for them to be able to reconcile their differences.

Final thoughts on twin flame separation

Twin flame relationships are bitter-sweet. They’re filled with adventure, self-discovery, spiritual growth and intensity, but the pain and chaos they can sometimes lead to are equally intense.

Twin flame separation is an almost inevitable part of any twi flame relationship. It’s also the most painful part to go through. There are no two ways about it; twin flame separation hurts. However, that doesn’t mean that the entire twin flame process isn’t a good and necessary part of your spiritual journey.

While much of the twin flame journey is characterized by positive feelings and powerful discoveries about yourself and about the universe, the separation stage is fraught with pain and tension.

After being so entertained with your mirror soul, extricating yourself can feel almost like cutting off a limb. It’s a tremendous sacrifice, but it can be a sacrifice that you have no other option than to make if you want to move your life onwards in a positive direction.

When a twin flame separation is necessary and even inevitable, it is often because the twin flame relationship has hit upon an insurmountable conflict or has turned toxic. As genuinely helpful and life-affirming as a positive twin flame connection is, as destructive and damaging a toxic twin flame bond can be.

This is why, no matter how close you become to you twin flame, and no matter how enmeshed your lives become, it is important for you to always rely on your own intuition first and foremost. Your intuition never lies to you, so if it tells you that your twin flame bond has become a burden rather than a blessing, trust it.

A twin flame separation cannot be accomplished half-heartedly. As long as you keep a line of communication with your twin flame, the relationship will continue. If you know it is necessary for you to break the connection, you will have to put both mental, emotional and physical distance between you and your twin flame.

Then and only then can the integration and healing process begin.

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Frequently asked questions about twin flame separation

Do twin flames separate forever?

Not necessarily.

In some cases, a pair of twin flames may separate for a time before reconnecing later on in life. It is not at all unusual for twin flames to meet when they are young and share an intense but short-lived connection that they then return to and are able to approach in a totally different way once they have both grown older and more mature.

Having said that, in most cases a twin flame reunion won’t take place until the next lifetime.

Why is twin flame separation so hard?

There are so many reasons why twin flames separate, and why it is so hard and even traumatic for them to do so.

The kind of connection you experience with your twin flame is unlike anything you will have ever experienced before. This fact alone makes it extremely difficult to sever the ties with your twin flame, because there is an underlying fear that you will never be able to find the same soul-deep connection and chemistry with anyone else. What’s more, you may even be right about that.

Cutting ties to a twin flame may be one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do in your life. The familiarity you have with this person is out of this world, and it is possible that you will never come across anyone else that seems to get you in the same way, without you even having to say a single word.

Still, there can be good reasons for a twin flame separation. Two two of you may have become toxic for each other, or there may be life circumstances that make your continued relationship impossible to carry on.

One thing that can soften the emotional and spiritual blow of a twin flame separation is allowing yourself time to grieve, heal and integrate the lessons and insights that the relationship has brought following the separation.

Why do twin flames separate?

Twin flames separate for all sorts of reasons. The most common reason why a twin flame separation may be necessary is that the connection has become negative, toxic or destructive. Sometimes, one twin flame may want to continue the connection, while the other wants out. This can be a painful situation for both, as they struggle to separate amicably.

In other cases, a pair of twin flames may separate out of necessity. An example could be if one twin flame is forced to move or flee to a different country, or if one of them is married and doesn’t want to forfeit his or her marriage in order to pursue or continue the twin flame relationship.

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