Karmic Relationship Vs Twin Flame

Karmic relationship vs twin flame relationship – what are the differences between the two, and how should you navigate differently between the two?

One of the main goals in life is to find your true love. We have grown up with the idea of soulmates – that one soul assigned to you by fate itself to share a great soul connection. Two souls are destined to find each other throughout many lifetimes because it is meant to be.

But these days, we discover new love labels. For one, we now have twin flames and karmic relationships. Just like soulmates, these relationships are guided by the cosmos but are not necessarily meant to last.

There is a lot of confusion between a karmic relationship and a twin flame. They are both passionate and intense relationships that will make you feel like it was meant to be. They both have the same patterns and spiritual connection. It can be very confusing.

This is why you must know how to tell the difference between the two so that you know how to handle it better. For one, a karmic relationship is a false twin flame.

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Here, we will discuss the differences between a karmic relationship and twin flame and other things that you need to know concerning the two.


The first step to knowing the difference between a karmic relationship and a twin flame relationship is to identify their definitions, which are very different.

Karmic relationship

A karmic relationship is a passionate and exciting relationship at first. But as time goes by, the intense karmic connection grows into something unstable and unbalanced.

The theory is that you and your karmic partners are two souls that had unresolved issues in your past lives. You were bound to meet to correct those issues and grow from them.

Twin flame

A twin flame is an intense and instant connection because it is like you have the same soul shared between two people. The theory is that when a soul is created, it gets split into two mirrors of each other and these two halves will yearn to reconnect.

Because your soul is split in two, It is believed that you only get to have one twin flame in your life. And it is believed that not everyone is lucky to meet theirs in their lifetime.


The reason why you meet your karmic partner or your twin flame is also different.

Karmic relationship

A karmic partner will serve as a guide or teacher for your soul. They come to teach your soul a lesson to fix past hurts and trauma or a mistake that you have made in your relationship in a past life.

The execution of the lesson will not be pretty. In most cases, karmic relationships border on toxic relationships. Karmic soulmates were meant to meet but they are not kindred soulmates – they are the wrong person to spend the rest of your life with.

Twin flame

Your twin flame helps you speed up your personal growth and lead you to self-love. You will be achieving things together and uplifting each other. The end result is that you become a better version of yourself after the relationship.

And it is not a one-way relationship. Your twin flame will benefit as much as you. Your twin flame will also be learning lessons to grow and become better from you as well. Twin flames share the benefits of spiritual evolution in your spiritual journey.

The meet-up

This is usually what happens once you finally meet each other or what the initial attraction would feel like.

Karmic relationship

You will feel a solid and instant connection to your karmic partner. There will be this unexplainable magnetic pull toward each other that makes you feel as if you are obsessed with them.

Suddenly, you can’t stop thinking of your karmic partner or you can’t let a day go by without hearing or seeing them. Think of the attraction as more like an addiction that does not allow you to focus on your work or other commitments.

Twin flame

When you meet your twin flame, you will feel a spark that is undeniable. It will feel like your energy is growing because you have the same energy source. The emotional connection will be intense and there will be an immediate physical attraction as well.

It will feel like a reunion – like you have known each other before and you have been waiting for this moment. This is because you both belong to the same soul.

You meet them and it is as if you see the world differently. It’s a life-changing moment as being together pushes you to shift your consciousness and thoughts to a better point of view.


Both relationships have different levels of commitment and commitment happens to be a big deal when it comes to the success of a relationship. And the difference between twin flame and karmic partnerships are evident in this section.

Karmic relationship

In a karmic relationship, people are looking for someone to take care of them. One partner will be needy while the other would be non-committed. Because of this, commitment issues are not uncommon in karmic relationships.

Twin flame

When you compare twin flame vs karmic partners, the difference is clear when it comes to commitment. For twin flames, people jump into a deeply connected relationship right away.

If there are commitment issues, they will not be as frequent or prominent as in karmic relationships.

The relationship

The initial attraction when you meet your karmic partner or twin flame is one thing. But having a relationship with them is another.

Karmic relationship

Karmic partners often end up being in a romantic relationship and some would even take it to marriage. However, these relationships often do not last. Karmic partners will always be bound to separate in due time.

Despite the all-consuming passion that makes the relationship intense and exciting, it is a relationship that is very difficult to maintain because it can turn toxic and drain you.

Twin flame

You must be wondering now that if your twin flame pushes you to be better, why can’t they end up together? A twin flame connection can be too good to be true.

According to spiritual guides and experts, twin flames often do not end up together because a true twin flame connection can eventually take up a mental and emotional toll later on in the relationship.


Because these are cosmic-guided relationships, you can expect karmic partners and twin flames to communicate in a certain, mysterious way.

Karmic relationship

Communication is a problematic area for karmic partners. They find it a struggle to read each other and interpret each other’s signals. As a result, they always have intense arguments even over the littlest issues.

Twin flame

Communicating with your twin flame is easier. In fact, sometimes, there is no need for words. There is a lot of non-verbal communication between the two of you and your auras alone can easily communicate how you feel to each other.

This is probably because you reflect each other meaning you have the same way of thinking, feeling, and loving. Sometimes, you can even have the same dreams.


They say you will never have a happy and secure relationship when there is no trust. The difference between twin flames and karmic relationship is vast under this category.

Karmic relationship

Trusting your karmic partner, in the long run, will be problematic. Karmic relationships often trigger trust issues and these can be very painful. And sometimes, trust is breached completely leading to affairs.

Twin flame

When it comes to twin flame vs karmic partner in the trust department, twin flames are the complete opposite because they barely have trust issues. Trusting your twin flame will come easily and naturally. They do not need as much work as trusting a karmic partner.


The two types of relationships are known to be passionate but there is a difference when it comes to the intensity and their impact.

Karmic relationship

Karmic relationships are more exciting and passionate. It is often like an emotional roller coaster with ups and downs but the downs are more often. As a result, karmic partners often feel unsettled.

Twin flames

Twin flame relationships are often intense but in a more challenging manner. Since you are mirror souls, your insecurities can be more amplified. You have to deal with unresolved issues within yourself as well.

Emotional availability

The ability to be available and open to another person emotionally is important to strengthen your bond and your relationship.

Karmic relationship

There is no emotional availability in a karmic relationship. Your karmic partner will often hold no space or tolerance for what you are feeling and most of the time, they are not emotionally available to you.

Twin flame

For twin flames, the emotional availability is present and constant. They often do heart-to-heart talks and this closeness allows them to understand each other’s feelings.


All kinds of relationships have their own challenges. Just because you were meant to meet does not mean you will have a relationship that is smooth sailing.

Karmic relationship

The best thing about a karmic relationship can easily turn into the worst thing about it. The need to be together all the time leads to codependence and eventually, it will be hard to give each other space.

A karmic relationship will be filled with red flags and will eventually become a one-sided relationship where one will do anything to save the relationship while the other will start to abuse this.

Twin flame

Meeting your twin flame is like looking at yourself in the mirror, which is why your relationship will activate and emphasize the fears and insecurities that you have about yourself.

You will be experiencing everything that you have mostly been trying to avoid from self-doubt to feeling inadequate because of your mirror soul. After all, you are two physical bodies that share one soul.


In a relationship, it is normal to get bouts of jealousy from time to time. Especially when our partners interact with other people. But what matters is how you handle the jealousy.

Karmic relationship

The jealousy level in a karmic relationship has a great tendency to be high. It is an obsessive love and along with that comes being possessive. Their jealousy can be great that they can lash out and become violent when they feel it.

Twin flame

Twin flames are more confident in each other’s loyalty and devotion. They know that this one is a great love and there is no other person for them but each other. There is no fear when their twin flame interacts with someone of the opposite sex because they trust each other.


When it comes to supporting, this aspect is probably one of the most obvious differences between a karmic relationship and twin flames.

Karmic relationship

Karmic partners often end up being selfish as the relationship progresses. They will often end up going for what’s good for them instead of what’s good for the both of you.

The lack of support can lead to a growing resentment that will build up over time and contribute to your breakup. This is often why a karmic relationship is an unhealthy relationship.

Twin flame relationship

Twin flames have a deep spiritual bond so their sense of mutual respect and support is also strong in a relationship. The connection between twin flames is solid so they are willing to support and do anything to keep each other happy.


As mentioned earlier, these two relationships are not really meant to last forever. Your relationship will be prone to separation at some point.

Karmic relationship

Karmic relationships go through multiple breakups before the big, final one. This is because the feelings are so intense that it becomes hard to let go until you are finally drained out and exhausted from trying to make the relationship work out.

The one suffering from a karmic relationship must be able to clear out the karma before the consciousness releases you from this attraction with your karmic partner.

Twin flame

Twin flames are bound to last longer compared to karmic relationships but they are still vulnerable to separation.

Although your twin flame would be a good influence on you by pushing you to be better, it is most likely that you will end up exhausted by maintaining all the expectations.

When your twin flame relationship ends, you should not dwell so much on the pain. Consider yourself lucky since not everyone gets to meet their twin flame.

The lessons

Every relationship has a lesson to teach you – whether they are toxic or healthy relationships. And the lessons you get from karmic partnerships and twin flames will differ too.

Karmic relationship

Your karmic partner will leave you lessons that will make you learn and grow despite a complicated and painful run.

The physical connection will be intense and the sex will be great because of that intense connection. But trials will be very difficult push pull ways thanks to the karma from past relationships. You may have to deal with numerous unresolved issues in a karmic partnership.

And cliché as it may sound, it is an extremely difficult pain that you have to go through to be better. The lessons often teach you about others and the world.

Twin flame journey

Your twin flame journey will teach you a lot of life lessons. As mentioned a lot of times, you will be challenged to better yourself and these improvements will change your life and set you on the right path.

It is believed that among the many soul connections, the greatest spiritual connection is the twin flame. To have a deep connection with a romantic partner and a relationship that encourages spiritual awakening is definitely an epic love life.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is my twin flame also my soulmate?

You only have a single twin flame but apparently, you can have several soulmates in a lifetime. You see, soulmate relationships are not limited to romantic relationships. They can come as a great friend or a beloved family member.

A soulmate is a person who fully understands us and their mission is to make your life easier and more beautiful. A soulmate relationship will help you become your best version of yourself by awakening the good in you.

You can only have a twin flame journey once because they are the other half of your soul. This is why a twin flame union is the hardest spiritual connection to find.

Can my karmic partner also be my twin flame?

No. Your twin flame is the other half of your soul. So, it is not possible for you to owe a karmic debt to your other half. It will be impossible to have a partner that is a karmic twin. The same thing can be said about a karmic soulmate.

Also, while karmic and soulmate relationships can happen more than once in a lifetime, you can only have a twin flame journey once but you can meet several karmic partners in one lifetime. It is a special soul connection between two people alone.

Are all karmic relationships abusive?

Not all karmic partners will be physically abusive – some are all about verbal and emotional abuse. You will usually feel emotionally, physically, and sometimes financially drained when you are in a karmic relationship.

Karmic connections are intense and passionate. The ups and downs will always be magnified so it is impossible to have a healthy relationship when it comes to karmic connections. Karmic love relationships are still similar to meeting soul partners but they are not meant to be successful relationships.


Karmic relationship and twin flames are familiar in a lot of ways but they are also very different.

Remember, each relationship you go through is unique and each one comes with each lesson. When you know which type of relationship you are in, it is one step ahead to ending any suffering you may be feeling.

There is an easy way to tell the difference. A twin flame will lead you towards self-improvement while a karmic partner will hold you back.

A karmic partner will teach you what a relationship is not supposed to be like while a twin flame will show you the good that a loving relationship can do.

Remember to not get too hung up on labels. Use this article as a guide instead of hard-set rules. Remember, every experience is unique so the things you read here may not come out exactly as what you are going through right now.

If you are still struggling to understand things about karmic partners and twin flame relationships or even a soulmate relationship, it helps to speak with a relationship expert or a psychic about it. These professionals will not only help you understand your interpersonal relationships but can also help you meet your life partner faster.

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