6666 Angel Number Meaning

Would you like to unlock the 6666 angel number meaning?

If so, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to reveal all of the most interesting facts and the secret meaning of the 6666 angel number.

The first thing that’s bound to strike you when you see the 6666 angel number sequence is how unusual it is – the number six repeated no less than four times. If you have any pre-existing experience with angelic numerology, you are probably also aware that the more times the same digit is repeated, the more its message is amplified.

The 6666 angel number is really special, as it contains only the number 6. What this means is that the secret mesage it contains has to do with the symbolic meaning of the number six – and the that the message is both urgent and important.

Angel number 6666 often appears when your life is just about to change, often in wonderful and unexpected ways.

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How to improve your life with angel numbers

Angel numbers are number sequences that appear far too often to be dismissed as mere coincidence. Your gurdian angels, or the positive universal forces watching over you, strew them into your everyday surroundings. They contain messages that, if you manage to decode and apply them correctly, can transform your life for the better.

But how do you spot all these angel numbers? The answer is simple; you decide that you are open and receptive to angelic guidance. Your guardian angels may not respond right away, but if you have patience and a sense of positive expectancy, they absolutely will.

Soon, seemingly random number sequences will start cropping up in your surroundings. A number appears on your phone bill, or as the last four digits of your new cell phone number. This happens enough times that you start noticing a certain number emerging from the cacophony of images, symbols and numbers that we’re all getting inundated with on a daily basis.

Once you have received your angel number, it is time to decipher its meaning.

Dissecting angel number 6666

Unlocking the hidden meaning of angel number 6666 requires a thorough understanding of what the numner six represents in itself. Since angel number 6666 is made up of only sixes, six is the only number we will be looking at here.

Six is so much more than just a common number. It represents the step into the new and unknown, following the initial five. The shape of the number six is an open spiral, which indicates curiousity paired with a desire to explore and expand. 

Six is a number that is often associated with going on a journey, whether literally or meraphorically speaking. More abstractly, the number six is also associated with evolution and transcendence. Just think of concepts like the sixth sense.

Number 6 in the Bible

The number six appears in the Bible multiple times, first and most notably in the Old Testament, where God creates man on the sixth day. 

Creating a human being is predicated on the creations that went before it – the aninal kingdom, the plants and the minerals, the four elements. Six, in this concept, represents something connected to the base building blocks of the world, but also connected to the higher spiritual realm.

Because God created the world in seven days, the number 7 is associated with perfection and completion. By the same token, the number six is associated with imperfection and incompletion, while nevertheless being close enough to godliness to wish and strive for constant improvement and yes, even perfection.

Number 6 in the Kabbalah

One of the most important concepts in the Jewish Kabbalah is the Tree of Life. The The Tree of Life is essentially a diagram, consisting of ten interconnected spheres of energy, each with its own name and qualities.

The sixth sphere (or sepiroth, if you prefer), on the Tree of Life is called Tiferet. This Hebrew word can be translated into a number of different words in English, among them ‘spirituality,’ ‘balance,’ ‘integration’ and ‘miracles.’ 

However you choose to translate the name of the Tiferet sphere, it represents connection to and integration with the divine realm. Tiferet is one of the middle spheres on the Tree of Life, and as such it connects the higher spiritual forces with the more earth-bound energies. What Tiferet tells us is that true integration is only achieved when we balance our inner and outer worlds, the spiritual with the mundane reality.

Number 6 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the number six appears in both the Minor and Major Arcana. 

In the Major Arcana, we encounter this powerful number in the form of the Lovers. The Lovers card depicts the first man and a woman, Adam and Eve, standing in the Garden of Eden. Behind Eve stands the Tree of Knowledge, bearing the forbidden fruit, and a serpen draped around its trunk. Behind Adam is another tree, this one with burning branches, a clear symbol of desire and lust. Above them soars the Archangel Gabriel with outstretched wings, and at the very top of the card is the Sun, indicative of the divine.

The Lovers card has to do with choices, deicision-making, and navigating the sometimes opposing forces that shape our lives, our desires and our dreams. It is clear that Adam and Eve are tempted to eat of the forbidden fruit, but by doing so they will forfeit their place in perfect Eden. What are they to do?

In the end, we all know that they are unable to resist the serpent’s calling and are cast out of Paradise as a punishment. This can be viewed in one of two different lights. On the one hand, Adam and Eve get banished from Eden, which is a departure from perfection and unity with God. On the other hand, they get to have a human experience on the Earth Plane. Perhaps, their sin of biting of the apple is worth it?

Angel number 6666 meaning

Now that you have a good grasp on the different layes of symbolic and spiritual meaning that the number six contains, deciphering angel number 6666 becomes a little easier.

When a number is repeated multiple times, as is certainly the case with angel numeber 6666, its meaning is highlighted and emphasized. You might think of it this way – the more times an angel number is repeated, the louder your guardian angels are shouting, trying to get the message across to you.

What this means is that seeing angel number 6666 is a clear indication that change and growth are afoot. But how does angel number 6666 and its message apply to your life? Here are a few examples of what the 6666 angel numeber is trying to communicate to you:

Positive energy

When angel number 6666 keeps appearing in your life, it indicates that positive changes and powerful transformations are on the menu. Angel number 6666 essentially tells you to get ready to receive and embrace the opportunities, gifts and wonders that are heading your way. 

But there can be no passive receiving – in order to tap into the giftst that the universe is wanting to bestow on you, you are going to have to show up, with positive energy, enthusiasm and a measure of boldness. It is by emanating and radiating positivity, power and balance that you will attract the positive and powerful changes and discoveries that this chapter of your life is full of.


Angel number 6666 often has to do with choices. 

Being faced with having to choose one option over another is a great problem to have, but nevertheless it can pose a real challenge.

A refusal to make decisions – stemming from the very real desire to leave as many doors and opportunities open for as long as possible – can paralyze you. Seeing angel number 6666 means that, in order to make progress in your life, whether we are talking financially, creatively, romantically or spiritually, requires decisionmaking. 

Making decisions can be extremely diffiult, and even painful. However, the 6666 angel number reminds you that making decisions is one of the most powerful things you can do if you want to transform your life for the better. So often, indecision is what is keeping us stuck in situations and relationships that have long since stopped serving us.

Striking out on your own

Another angel number 6666 meaning is stepping out on your own, staking out your own path.

This could take a number of different forms, including starting a new business or going freelance, leaving a long-term relationship in order to start over on your own, changing your religous or spiritual affiliations, or physically moving to a new town or an entirely new country.

Striking out on your own takes guts, but it also makes you bold and confident. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Leaving something or someone behind

Sometimes creating distance or even fully seperating yourself from people in your life happens as a natural consequence of moving away from home, moving to a new city or changing jobs.

Having said that, angel number 6666 often indicates a decisive break with something or someone, in order that you can achieve more freedom and focus on personal growth. It could be that you are breaking up with a romantic partner you are no longer in alignment with, or you may be changing careers or locations. Perhaps your social circle needs an overhaul.

What you are leaving behind could also be old habits, mindsets or limiting beliefs. Either way, the result is a renewed sense of freedom.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the meaning of 6666?

The true angel number 6666 meaning is manyfold. The number six, in and of itself, indicates change, growth and expansion. When the number is repated multiple times, as it is in angel number 6666, the meaning is only amplified.

Angel number 6666 reflects where you are at on your personal journey. It indicates a desire for growth, change, challenges. All of these things are a necesary part of individuation, of becoming your own person and aligning yourself with your true life purpose.

What does 666 mean in astrology?

666 is a master number, and it most commonly associated with the inevitable turmoil and growing pains we all go through as we evolve.

The number six is expansive, unfurling, its very shape that of an open-ended spiral.

What does it mean when you see a lot of 6s?

The more sixes an angel number contains, the more emphasis is put on the symbolic meaning of the number six when you interpret what the number means.

The number six is associated with growth, change, expansion and adventure. It requires boldness, guts and self-belief. Angel number 6666, for example, often indicates a period of rapid growth and transformation in your life. It could be that you will have to overcome old and stale boundaries, overthaul your daily routine or environment, go look for a new job or leave a toxic relationship behind.

What does 5555 mean in angel numbers?

Angel number 5555 consists of the number five repeated four times for emphasis. 

Five is often seen as a challenging number, as it conveys growth, progress and expansion, but often under much pressure. Whereas some numbers, including three and seven, seem to expand and grow effortlessly, five involves pushing against the seemingly solid walls and boundaries created by old habits, rules or moores.

The number five is a sign of strength, courage and defiance. It calls on you to stand up for what you believe in, and to grow into the potential that dwells within you. When the number is repeated four times, as is the case with angel number 5555, the message is underscored.

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