616 Angel Number

Are you ready to unlock the hidden meaning and positive energies of the 616 angel number?

Angel numbers can appear in all sorts of places – in email addresses or social media handles, on phone bills, doors and license plates. You know a number or a number sequence is a message from the divine realm when it keeps reappearing, seemingly cropping up wherever you go.

Angel number 616 is a powerful number, and its message has to do with your soul mission and personal freedom. If you have been feeling disconnected from your own life lately, angel number 616 is a welcome sign of new beginnings, new energy, and quite often, major life changes.

Angel number 616 is overwhelmingly positive, but its energy isn’t purely easy to deal with or assimilate into your life, because much as it has to give you, it also demands a lot from you. Following your own heart and truly following your inner wisdom takes guts. When angel number 616 appears, it is your sign to shed limiting belief patterns and get rid of negative energy, including potentially negative people you have considered friends.

If you want to learn much more about angel number 616 and its message, then keep reading right through till the end.

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Angel numbers – what they are and how to perceive them

Numbers are all around us, all of the time. If you open the phone or simply walk down a city street, you’ll see plenty of numbers, and of course not all of them are imbued with secret meaning. Angel numbers, however, are. They’re number sequences that appear so frequently that you cannot help but notice them. 

Angel numbers can appear either unprompted or in response to a burning question or a dilemma you are facing. If you find yourself lacking clarity and direction in any area of your life, you do not have to wait for your guardian angels, or higher forces, or whatever you prefer to call them, to communicate with you. It is perfectly all right for you to make a request. Ask the universal energies to help you find your way forward. Soon enough, the universe will answer, whether through angel numbers or other recurring signs and symbols.

Receiving guidance from the universe requires both perception and patience. You will not always receive an answer right away – but you will always receive an answer. 

Dissecting angel number 616

In order to fully understand angel number 616 and its message, we have to first take it apart. That is to say, we have to break it down into its individual components and look at what they represent, before we look at the full picture.

Angel number 616 breaks down into the individual digits 6 and 1. Let’s take a good hard look at both of them, starting with the number 6.


Angel number 6 is a balanced yet flowing and dynamic number. It’s shape – much like the shape of the number 9 – seems to represent an open-ended spiral, a bridge leading into the unknown.

Six is a number perched beetween teh spiritual and the material realms, and it often represents progress, movement, momentum, action and choices. 

Six represents a deisire for connection, both with the divine and with the tangible world, it’s people and experiences. Six symbolizes something that is always evolving, imperfect but striving towards perfection, beauty and truth.

Number 6 in the Bible

The Biblical meaning of the number six is very enlightening to look at. God created the first human beings, Adam and Eve, on the sixth and final day of creation. He created them in his own image, which perfectly describes the state in which all human beings exist – suspended between animal needs, desires and motivations, and a desire for higher, nobler truths and meaning.

As we all know, Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating an apple from the Forbidden Tree. It was their human curiosity and hunger for knowledge that lead them to take the serpent’s advice and bite into the apple. This spelled their fall from grace and their eviction from Paradise. But was their disobedience purely bad? It is certainly true that, without it, there would be no story. There would be no human history either.

As such, the number 6 is…complicated. Just like the human being, forever torn between the motivations of the flesh and of the spirit.

Number 6 in the Kabbalah

In the Jewish Kabbalah the number six is represented by the sixth sepiroth, or sphere, on the Tree of Life. This sixth sphere is called Tiphareth, which means ‘beauty.’ It is located right at the center of the Tree of Life, directly above Yesod, the ‘foundation.’ 

Tiphareth’s planetary association is the Sun, arguably the most potent and positive astrological planet. The sun is widely associated with a positive attitude, optimism, joy, healing and success. 

Number 6 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the number 6 is embodied by the Lovers archetype in the Major Arcana. The Lovers Tarot card depicts a naked couple, clearly Adam and Eve, standing in the Garden of Eden while the archangel Gabriel spreads his wings above them. Above and behind Gabriel is the sun, a reminder of God’s love and omnipresence.

An interesting fact to note is that two trees are visible behind Adam and Eve. The one behind Eve is the Tree of Knowledge, if the fruits and the serpent wrapped around the stem are any indication. The tree behind Adam has burning branches, which might be symbolic of human desire, which can be both constructive and destructive depending on how it is channelled. 

The Lovers Tarot card represents making a commitment or making a choice. Often the commitment or decision is of a fate-altering caliber, and a lot of bravery is required. It’s a grown-up moment, taking an action and owning the consequences, whether these are positive or negative, or somewhere inbetween.

The Lovers Tarot card often comes up in Tarot readings when an important decision or commitment has to be made. A door has to be closed so that another can open. 


So there, now you have a rather good overview over what the number six represents. It’s time for us to take an equally close look at the number 1.

1 is a stand-out number in every conceivable way. It represents winning and being first. And it cannot be a surprise to anyone that the number 1 is associated with positive energy, personal willpower, good fortune and succcess, as well as with new beginnings, new chapters, new projects and ideas.

In cultures and societies througout time and space, the number 1 has been associated with an almost unattainable ideal. There can only be one number one at anything. Much as some schools may be handing out countless second-place throphies, there is only one true winner at every game.

Extrapulating from this, the number one is associated with divinity, pure inspiration, and the notion of being ‘the chosen one.’ As such, the number 1 represents something ideal to strive for and try to emulate. 

Number 1 in the Bible

In the Bible, the number one is naturally associated with God and divinity. The number one really represents the highest, truest and deepest layer of reality, which is the divine personality and perfection of God the creator.

By extension, the number one is also associated with Jesus Christ, God’s one and only son, who laid down his own life in order to uplift humanity. 

Whether we look at the number one as representing God or his son, Jesus, it reflects an ideal, a symbol of perfection.

Number 1 in the Kabbalah

In the Kabbalah, the number 1 is represented by the topmost sepiroth on the Tree of Life, which is called Kether, the ‘crown.’

Kether represents godhead, divinity, percection, the highest. Without Kether, the Tree of Life would be missing its most vital component. Kether is the source, the animating principle. Its energy radiates downwards through the rest of the Tree, inspiring and animating everything it touches.

Number 1 in the Tarot

In the Tarot, the number 1 is embodied by the Major Arcana’s Magician archetype.

The Magician card shows a young wizard standing in front of his altar. On it is a cup (representing water), a sword (representing air) and a pentacle (representing earth). In his hand is a wand, representing fire and willpower. 

While all of the Magician’s tools are important, the wand is his magical conductor’s baton, a channeling rod for his willpower and creative force.

The Magician card represent creativity, ingenuity, positive action and experimentation. The Magician is clearly caught up in a creative reverie. Although the Magician doesn’t have many material possessions and has yet to fully realize his vision, he has everything he needs, namely his vision and the ability to act on divine inspiration. He is a perfect synonym for the artist being ridden by the muse, or for the passionate entrepreneur starting a revolutionary project out of his parent’s garage. 

When the Magician Tarot card comes up in readings, he carries an important message of self-leadership, personal freedom and creative expression. He reminds the querent that there is an abundant supply of ideas and creative power within, and that not much is needed in order to get started. If you believe you can do it, have it or be it, you can. 

This is what it means when your guardian angels keep showing you 616

All right, now you have a good overview over what the numbers 6 and 1 mean individually. But what do they mean when you put them together and tag an extra 6 onto the end?

Angel number 616 contains layers of message and meaning. It always represents a desire for growth, development and transcendence. Let us take a look at how this manifests in different areas of life.

A sign that you are on the right path

Life is lived in the trenches and it isn’t always to see it from an eagle eye perspective. Fortunately, the universal energies, guardian angels and ascended masters watching over your life are able to give you signs and nudges to show you whether you’re on the right track or have let the red thread slip through your fingers.

The first thing you need to know when you see angel number 616 is that it is a positive omen – a sign that you are currently moving in the right direction. This message can be immensely reassuring, particularly if you have been feeling lost and aimless for a while.

Refocusing on your life’s work

In some cases, seeing the 616 angel number is a sign that you are ready to reconnect and recommit to your life’s work and purpose.

We all have a greater vision for our lives. If you’re not aware of what yours is at this particular moment in time, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have one, but that you have either neglected or forogotten it. 

Life is full of second chances. While you may have wasted time and effort building a life other than the life you truly want to live, it is rarely if ever too late to course-correct and get back to what you were truly meant to be doing.

Nothing in life brings greater fulfilment or deeper meaning than doing what you feel called to do. The issue, of course, is that there isn’t always a straight and clear path to manifesting our ture soul purpose or calling. It is little wonder why it is so easy to get waylaid or sidetracked by life’s distractions and responsibilities. 

The 616 angel number is a reminder that there can be so much more to existence than simply taking care of your responsibilities and working to pay your mortgage. Angel number 616 is all about self-leadership and agency. It’s about getting clear and honest with yourself about what purpose your life is supposed to serve. 

Overcoming obstacles

The 616 angel number is filled with power, potency and divine inspiration. It is pretty obvious that one of its most important messages has to do with facing and overcoming your challenges.

There is hardly anything that cannot be tackled or overcome, if only we dare to look it straight in the eye and speak its name. All too often, we fear our own imperfection and shortcomings so much that we’d rather sweep them under the rug than admit to their existence. Meanwhile, they remain unresolved and unredeemed.

We all have imperfections, weaknesses, things that embarass us or weaken us. But facing these things head on gives us as much power over them as possible. There are things – trauma, for example – from which it might be impossible to heal completeltly. But pretending that these things don’t exist or don’t touch us isn’t healing or empowering.

Angel number 616 asks you to face your demons, and reminds you that you’re stronger than them, as long as you dare to face them.

Pursuing financial freedom

Because the 616 angel number is associated with self-government and autonomy, it is also strongly linked to financial freedom. 

There are plenty of ways of getting your monetary and material needs met, without compromising your soul or your morals. The catch is that you often have to find them or forge them yourself. Anything worth having is worh searching for or building yourself

The 616 angel number asks you to act on your creative drive and divine inspiration. Many people have great creative ideas but are far too afraid to act on them. By merely working towards your goals, you set yourself apart from the masses who only dream.

A twin flame relationship

Seeing angel number 616 can sometimes be a sign that a new relationship is developing in your life. 

You and your new partner may be twin flames, soul mates or otherwise drawn to each other as if by a powerful magnetic force. The 616 angel number indicates that there is plenty of chemistry and potential in this connection, and gives you an encouraging nod to pursue it further.

616 suggests that you and your romantic partner share some very important values, and that the two of you are perfectly suited to inspire, incite and encourage each other to grow, evolve, and become all that you can be, both individually and together.

Encouragement to stay optimistic

Seeing the 616 angel number can sometimes be the reminder you need to stop blaming yourself for past mistakes and shortcomings, and to start focusing on what you can do or build now instead.

Scientific research has confirmed that our thoughts and self-talk have a tremendous effect on us. While negative self-talk leads to anxiety, stress, a weakened immune system and older-looking skin, positive thoughts and a high self-esteem boost everything from our serotonin and energy levels to our and immune defence. In other words, building a positive self-image is vital for health, wealth and happiness.

If you (like so many others) are prone to negative and self-deprecating self-talk, seeing angel number 616 can be a reminder for you to stay positive and kind towards yourself. If your life isn’t currently what you want it to be, there is no point in berating yourself. Poluting your own energy field with blame and resentment is only going to make you feel weak and insufficient.

Instead, start deploying positive affirmations, self-love and strategic planning. If you define your goal and then start moving towards it with everything you’ve got, without deploring yourself for not getting your act together sooner, you’ll be absolutely amazed at how far you can go in a very short period of time.

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Frequently asked questions

What does 616 mean biblically?

It is well known that the number 666 is the the number of the beast in most Biblical manuscripts, but a fragment of the earliest papyrus actually gives the number of the beast as 616.

This lends some interesting connotations to the number 616 and what it represents. The beast, of course, is the Devil. The Devil, as an archetype, is the eternal rebel, challenger and trickster. He could also be construed as the destructive force in opposition to God’s creative force.

What does 646 mean in love?

When angel number 646 comes up in matters of love and romance, it is an indication that a strong foundation and connection have already been forged, and that it is time to take things to the next level. 

Seeing angel number 616 indicates that there is real potential in this relationship, but it is up to you and your partener to develop it. It is important that you don’t get stuck where you’re at and fall into the trap of taking each other for granted. Every relationship needs an element of adventure, novelty and continual emotional investment in order to keep growing.

What is the meaning of angel number 626?

Angel number 626 represents ambition and a desire to grow and develop your gifts. 
The number 6 represents striving for connection, perfection and divinity. The number 2 indicates stability, balance and harmony. When these two forces are united, the result is powerful drive to achieve success, whether in the personal, professional or spiritual area of life.

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