Sexual Questions

Why Ask Your Partner Sexual Questions?

Sex and physical intimacy are important in a romantic relationship. It helps to bring you closer together and creates an intimate yet unbreakable bond between two individuals. This is especially important at the start of your relationship wherein you are still forming your bond. Sexual intimacy is important as you navigate your relationship while keeping things fresh and exciting between the two of you.

The best way to ensure that you achieve sexual compatibility is by asking sexual questions. These questions enable you to pick your partner’s brain so that you will know what they like in the bedroom and what they don’t. These conversations enable you to understand your needs and make sure you can fulfill them to have a fulfilling sex life.

The secret to your satisfaction can boil down to asking the right question. If you’re not sure what dirty questions to ask your partner, you have come to the right place. You don’t need to guess because you have all of the important questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend so that you can spice things up in your relationship.

While it’s important to talk dirty to your partner, it’s also important to discover these things slowly as you progress into your relationship. It’s important to retain a bit of mystery to keep things exciting!

Hold on tight because you will have a slew of sexy questions to take your sex life to the next level!

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Sexual Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

The definition of sexy will vary from one person to another. However, if you are in a relationship with someone, sexy can be a combination of two things: physical attraction and emotional bond.

If you like someone, you have a physical attraction towards them so you have a sexual energy that you give off of each other. This is why you enjoy their company and want to spend time with them while also being physical. Physical refers to enjoying their closeness such as touching them, hugging them, or kissing them.

To add spice to your sex life, here are sex questions you can ask your boyfriend. Make sure to pay close attention to his answers so you can unlock a world of sexual possibilities between you two.

What is your favorite sex position?

This question is a classic one. It is one of the best questions to ask your boyfriend because it shows your desire to fulfill your partner’s sexual desires. You can then compare notes with each other about your favorite sex position. Be sure to take a mental note of the sex position they like for your next sexual act or session. Your boyfriend will surely appreciate that you asked them.

Rough or gentle sex?

This question is another important one to ask your boyfriend, especially at the beginning of your relationship. Some guys prefer rough sex while others want gentle sex. It is important for you to know right off the bat what your boyfriend prefers so you can enjoy a satisfying sex life and to make sure that your sex drive are on the same page.

Do you like eye contact during sex?

There are some guys who prefer eye contact during sex. For some, it can make them feel uncomfortable or shy, especially if you are new to dating someone.

Before you make an eye contact with your boyfriend, it’s important to know beforehand. Otherwise, you could kill the mood and it can affect their sexual performance, too.

Do you have any dirty pictures on your phone right now?

This is one of those fun dirty questions to ask your boyfriend. If they answered yes, you can ask them in a flirty way for them to show it to you. If they willingly show them your dirty photo, be sure to return the favor and show them your dirty pictures on your phone, too!

Do you like getting a lap dance?

Asking this question to your boyfriend is a great way to tease him. You can take this up to a whole new level by asking him this question while you’re in a public place. Teasing him about a lap dance is going to get him sexually excited for you.

When you finally have time alone together, be sure to give him the lap dance that he deserved!

How would you describe your best orgasm?

Add this to your list of the classic sex questions to ask your boyfriend. Asking him to describe his best orgasm will give you plenty of insight into how you can help him achieve the best orgasm of his life. If you can recreate that sexual experience for him, he will definitely be asking you to do it to him over and over again!

What color underwear do you have on right now?

This question is another way you can tease your boyfriend in public. Play a guessing game of what color underwear they have on and then ask them to guess yours in return. It is a simple question but it will stir up his imagination and make him come up with extra wild sexual fantasies about you.

Would you like a full body massage?

You know that it’s not just a full body massage that you’re offering him. It’s almost guaranteed that it’s an offer he won’t resist.

What is your favorite body part?

Get him to describe to you his favorite body part. Once he has answered your questions, you can add to the conversation and pick your favorite of his, too. But instead of telling him, you can kiss or touch it – it’s up to you how playful you want to be!

Do you like how my lips taste?

Kissing is an intimate sexual act between two individuals in a loving relationship. This is one of the sex questions that will set the tone for an intimate night together.

Do you like foreplays?

If foreplay is important to you (as it is for most women), this is an important question to ask your boyfriend.

What kind of foreplay do you like?

Encourage them to describe it to you. This is a great way to set the mood before a sexual encounter.

Would you be open to watching porn together?

Most sex partners like to watch porn together. This act can set the mood and also help you get ideas on what new sex position you would like to try. It is ideal for couples who are trying to explore their fantasies and spice things up in their sex life.

Do you like to give or receive oral sex?

This is one of the important sex questions to discuss with your partner. In a relationship, it is all about the act of giving and receiving pleasure. Talk to your partner about how open they are to give oral sex as much as they like to receive it.

What will get you in the mood for sex?

Is it a sultry song on the background? Or perhaps a particular scent of yours? It’s important for you to know so that you can use this for the next time you want to get him in the mood for romantic sex.

Do you like to dominate or be dominated?

This is a great question to ask your boyfriend so you know the best approach when it comes to having sex with him. Most guys like a little bit of both, but everyone is different. It’s important to know so you understand the best way to please him.

What are your thoughts about cuddling after sex?

Some men like to cuddle while others don’t. Make sure you know beforehand!

Sexually Intimate Questions

Sex questions can also be intimate. It is a great way to get to know someone’s sexual desires and preferences in an intimate level. These are great questions to ask your boyfriend or when dating someone and you are looking to get your relationship to the next level.

If you ever feel worried that your sex life can become stagnant, these are fun questions to ask. It will help rekindle the intimacy and also helps you establish a deeper connection with each other.

Have you recorded a sex tape?

Recording a sex tape is a guilty pleasure for a lot of people, especially men. This question lets you in on this person’s sexual fantasies and you could even propose recording a tape together.

What is your last dirty dream about?

Everyone has a dirty dream from time to time. Naughty dreams can be fun to talk about with your boyfriend or someone you’re dating. Who knows, they might even reveal that you featured in their dirty dream.

What was your best sex experience like?

Asking someone to describe their best sex experience is an opportunity to know their sexual preferences and for you to show your desire to fulfill their desires.

Have you had a one night stand?

This question is for fun. There is no judgment here.

Are you into open relationships?

This is another one of those fun sexy questions you can ask your boyfriend or someone you are trying to get to know better sexually.

What is your ideal date night?

This question is a great way to see someone’s romantic side. It also clues you in on how sexual they can be on dates.

What is an instant turn on for you?

The goal of this question is for you to know how you can attract someone sexually. Keep a mental note of his answer to this question so you know how to turn him on!

Would you ever date me if sex was on the table?

This is a blunt question to ask so be prepared for what he has to say. However, it is a good way to measure where his head is at and how you can establish more sexual compatibility. It is also a good way to assess where his priorities lie when it comes to your relationship.

Do you prefer morning or evening sex?

Every person has different preferences on sex: morning or evening. It’s important to know as timing is also crucial in every sexual encounter.

Do you have any fears in the bedroom?

This question is a serious one. It gives your partner the opportunity to be open and vulnerable to you. At the same time, it is an opportunity for you to reassure them so they don’t feel afraid or as intimidated.

Do you prefer having an emotional connection with someone before having sex?

This question provides an insight into how your boyfriend looks at sex. Is it an act of pleasure for them or a way to build a strong emotional bond in your relationship?

Dirty Questions

If you want to get the dirty truth about your partner, we’ve got a long list of dirty questions to ask them. Dirty talk is something that you have to make space for in your relationship. Dirty questions help to push the envelope in your relationship so you can get to know them deeper than they would normally let you in.

Dirty questions to ask your partner tend to focus on the explicit nature of sex. Don’t hold back with your dirty talk and unleash your sensual side with these dirty questions.

How often do you have a dirty dream?

Like mentioned above, we all have naughty dreams. The frequency of someone having dirty dreams can reveal how focused they are about sex!

What is your dirtiest sexual fantasy?

Give them the chance to open up to you about their wildest and dirtiest sexual fantasies. Let them know that this is an open space when they can feel comfortable being vulnerable and open up about their sex drive.

Do you like using sex toys?

The use of sex toy is common in many relationships. If your partner answered yes, explore the topic even more by asking them about what sex toys they prefer to use. This will give you ideas on how to keep your sex life fresh and exciting by incorporating sex toys!

Have you played strip poker?

This is a fun game that most people have played – even though some wouldn’t admit to it.

Have you gone skinny dipping?

Just like strip poker, many have tried skinny dipping before – at least once. Some are just not open about it. Who knows, your boyfriend might even invite you for some skinny dipping!

Where is the weirdest place you’ve had sex?

This question is sure to bring some hilarity to your conversation. You would be surprised to hear about someone’s embarrassing sex story. Make sure to be honest if he shoots the question back to you.

What is the craziest thing you’ve done during sex?

This question is one of the best dirty questions to ask your partner because it reveals a lot about their personality in the bedroom – and how experimental they can be!

Have you been to a strip club?

Let’s be honest here. You know the answer to this question. You’re only asking this question so you have an excuse to propose doing a private strip show for him.

Do you like wearing lingerie?

This is one of the naughty sex questions to ask your boyfriend. Some men (and women) have sexual fantasies of men wearing lingerie (and vice versa).

How would you describe your sex drive?

This is a good question to ask if you are dating someone new or you just got together with your boyfriend. It’s important that you are compatible sexually!

Kinky Questions

Kinky questions are like dirty questions to ask your partner but more straight to the point. It is still about sex and the associated experiences that one can have. However, these questions are blunter and some of these questions tackle unconventional methods of sexual act. It can be graphic and helps you to explore unique ideas during sex that most partners haven’t tried before.

Make sure to ask kinky questions only when you know that you and your partner on the same level sexually speaking. This is also a great way to assess his interest in trying out something new to spice up your sex life.

Have you tried anal sex?

This is a bold question to ask your partner. Not all people are open to this kind of sex act. Therefore, you can go bold by asking this one and it could be worth a shot if you are both open to the idea.

Have you tried shower sex?

This is another question that helps you drop subtle hints to your partner about your particular sexual preference. This question is like an invitation for you to try it!

What is your favorite sex toy?

This question is an interesting one because it skips the part where you ask if your partner likes to use toys. You basically assume that they do!

What is your ideal sex scene like?

Stir up their imagination a little bit and get them to describe their favorite sex scene to you. Thyis will give you clues on how to create that ideal scene for him to enjoy.

Do you like your hair pulled during sex?

This question is better suited for women. Depending on how raunchy you want to be, some women prefer rough sex. A little hair pulling can only make your sex life more exciting!

Do you like pubic hair or not?

This is an interesting question because most people are split about this one. Ask your partner this question so you know exactly what they prefer!

Have you ever attended a sex party?

This is another interesting question because not everyone likes sex parties. Just being open about this topic can be uncomfortable for some people, so make sure you know where your partner’s head at when it comes to this topic before you ask the question.

Have you ever been caught having sex?

This is a fun question that is sure to have you both enjoying a good laugh!

Would you ever do a threesome?

Again, this is another kinky question that will let you see how adventurous your partner is willing to be when it comes to sex!

Do you like spanking?

Some people like a good spanking as part of their sexual escapade. This is a good way for you to know if you’re partner is into it, as well. That way, there won’t be any surprises when you get it on.

How would you describe the perfect blow job?

Give your man the opportunity to describe it for you. It also shows your commitment to giving him pleasure, so he likes when you ask this kind of question.

Are you into role playing?

This is a great question to pitch ideas for a fun role playing and keep things exciting in the bedroom.

Are you willing to be blindfolded during sex?

This is more of a dare than a question. It will be interesting to see if he is open to the idea, especially since most men would like to dominate in the bedroom.

Do you like dirty talk during sex?

It’s a great way to spice things up while you are doing the act! Make sure you know the proper way to talk dirty to your partner so as not to ruin the mood.

Where is your favorite part of the body to be touched?

He likes it when you ask this question. Make sure to comply and please him by touching him where he wants to be touched.

Do you like doing it with the lights turned on or off?

Most men would like to engage in a sexual act with the lights on so they can marvel at her naked body. However, some men also like the excitement of doing it with the lights off. Different strokes for different folks.

What is your favorite kind of kiss?

Instead of letting him tell you, why don’t you ask him to demonstrate it to you?

Juicy Questions

Juicy, sexual questions are fun to ask. They are not a direct as kinky questions are, but they can also be a great way to get to know someone better in terms of their sexual preferences. These types of questions leave room for the imagination so that it helps to build up sexual tension with your partner.

These questions are a great idea if you’re not ready to ask very intimate questions yet. It is a good starting point if you are trying to establish how to communicate your sexual preferences to your partner.

Do you watch porn?

In this day and age, almost everyone watches porn. But this question is designed to get to know your partner and see how they respond to this question.

Do you read erotic fiction book?

Just like asking if your partner likes to watch adult videos, it is a good question to ask to establish your partner’s thoughts on this. It is also a good way for you to get some inspiration for your own sexual encounters.

What is your most embarrassing sex story?

This question helps you gain insight into the fun, sexual experiences that your partner has had before. You can share a good laugh by exchanging fun stories between each other.

Are you part of the mile high club?

The Mile High Club is another interesting topic that you can use to explore your wildest fantasies. It’s also a great way to see how daring and adventurous your partner is when it comes to sex.

What is your most embarrassing sexual experience?

This is slightly different from the question above as it does not have to involve sex!

Do you sleep naked?

This is another great question to ask to excite your partner’s imagination. He will no doubt return the question to you, so be creative with your answer so you can tease his imagination.

What is your longest intimate session?

His answer to this question will be incredibly telling. It will be indicative of how well his endurance is when it comes to the bedroom. This question is also like a tease; it’s a challenge to see how long he could keep up!

Do you prefer standing up or lying down?

It’s always fun to ask your sexual partner questions that limits them to two options. Make sure to give in to what your partner likes, though!

What is the most sex you’ve had in one day?

This is another fun and playful question. It’ll be interesting what his answer to this would be!


There you have it, the list of the top sexual questions to ask your partner!

It’s important to know that your sex life is just one aspect of your relationship. While you might be happy sexually, it is also important to work on other parts of your relationship such as keeping a healthy communication and supporting each other. Every relationship is unique so your needs are different from others. You have to be attentive to your partner’s needs so that you can provide it and that you can both be satisfied.

But if you can communicate well in terms of voicing out your sexual needs, you are on the right path. This is the first step towards making sure that you are satisfied with your partner and that you make an effort to please one another. Make sure to have fun during the process!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good flirty question?

A good flirty question is any question that will capture the other person’s interest. It should also subtly hint about your sensual desires but not give everything away. The goal is to capture their attention enough to spark a longer conversation.

What should I ask a boy in rapid fire?

Rapid fire questions are a series of questions that one must answer in a rapid manner – or without a pause. The nature of how the question-and-answer method works because you are supposed to get unfiltered responses from the one being asked. It is a fun question when getting to know someone because it gives you an insight into what they really think!

A few examples of sexual rapid fire questions are as follows:

• What is your favorite color underwear?

• What do you wear to sleep?

• What’s your favorite sex position?

• Lights on or off?

• Foreplay or not?

• How many people have you slept with?

• What is your biggest turn on?

• What is your biggest turn off?

You can add more ideas to this list. However, the point of rapid fire questions is that the answers should be short and fast, as well.

How do you ask a girl intimate questions?

There is no right or wrong way to start an intimate talk with a girl. The best thing you could do is be open and vulnerable with them.

As a guy, you should always go first. Make sure to establish a connection with someone first before you start asking intimate questions. You can start by sharing something personal until they get comfortable with the topic. You can also drum up fantasy so they can be inspired to do the same.

How do you tease a girl over text?

You can playfully tease a girl over text to make them think about you or be excited about the thought of spending time with you. You can do this by asking intimate and sexual questions. You can be as subtle or as open about it as you’re comfortable with. It depends on how your relationship is prior to your texting escapades.

What are some flirty things to say to a girl?

The best way to flirt with a girl is to first compliment her. By showering her with compliments, it shows your interest towards her. You can also project confidence. Make her want you as much as you want her.

You can joke around a little to lighten the mood. Flirting with a girl should be fun and natural, so be relaxed and do it naturally.

How do I get her hooked?

Asking intimate and sexual questions is one of the best ways to get a woman hooked on you. The goal is to keep your encounters interesting enough so that she will want to keep talking to you and to get to know you better.

The first few dates should be fun and lighthearted. The more time you spend together, you can progress into more intimate, sexual questions. Make sure to take note of the cues she’s giving you and use that to steer your conversations in the right direction.

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