Chiron Conjunct Sun Synastry

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The Chiron conjunct Sun synastry pairing is as intense and filled with potential as it is fraught with difficulty.

The Sun conjunct Chiron relationship is a truly unique path to walk, guaranteed to challenge and push both romantic partners out of their comfort zone at different points throughout the relationship.

A Sun and Chiron relationship consists of both challenging and harmonious aspects, and is guaranteed to stir up intense emotions in both partners, which ultimately, if the two can overcome the potential pitfalls that a Sun conjunct Chiron pairing entails, gives both a chance to grow, heal, and cultivate deep wisdom as well as a flourishing relationship.

Is the Sun conjunct Chiron relationship worth pursuing? Keep reading to find out.

What does Sun conjunct Chiron mean?

Synastry is a particular branch of astrology which could be considered relationship compatibility astrology. A synastry chart is made by overlaying the birth charts of two romantic partners to see how their planetary alignments match up.

A conjunction is when two planets are perfectly aligned, and a Sun conjunct Chiron aspect in synastry means that the Sun, which is always in the first house, in one person’s natal chart is perfectly lined up with Chiron in the other person’s chart.

What is Chiron in synastry and how important is it?

Chiron is one of the minor planets that have become included in modern astrology. Often known as the ‘wounded healer,’ Chiron represents your deepest, darkest secrets and the pain of the past. Chiron often bring up any suffering or trauma you have sustained in your childhood and still carry with you, even they are buried and subconscious at this point in your life.

Chiron is incredibly important in synastry, because Chiron reveals where you have the greatest wounds – and the greatest potential to heal and become strengthened as an individual..

When a relationship is truly good, it allows you to open up to the other person, exposing your innermost pain and deepest wounds to them, because you trust them to hold space for you. Forging a deep and meaningful romantic connection with another person can be one of the most healing experiences, because it gives you the courage to reveal and face the shadows of your past. Herein lies the true potential of the Sun conjunct Chiron relationship.

Wherever a Sun and Chiron conjunction is at play, there is great potential for both suffering, as well as for healing. More than any other Sun-Chiron relationship, the Sun conjunct Chiron aspect has the potential to evolve into a fruitful, healing, loving and stable long-term romantic partnership.

Other Sun Chiron aspects

Sun conjunct Chiron is not the only possible Sun-Chiron aspect in synastry. Here is a brief rundown of the other potential Sun-Chiron aspects.

Sun square Chiron

A Sun square Chiron aspect happens when one person’s Sun placement is at a ninety degree angle to the other person’s Chiron in the synastry chart. While this romantic pair are strongly attracted to each other, they also challenge and push each other in ways that can be triggering and leave one or both partners feeling vulnerable and wounded.

Sun trine Chiron

A Sun trine Chiron relationship is founded on compassion, understanding and great communication. Here is a genuinely positive Sun-Chiron aspect, where the two romantic partners challenge each other to grow and become all that they can be, and where the potential for healing by far outweighs the potential for a painful experiences.

Sun sextile Chiron

A Sun sextile Chiron synastry aspect is very similar to the Sun trine Chiron aspect, with the crucial difference that it demands more conscious efforts from both romantic partners in order to yield the same rewards.

Is Sun conjunct Moon the best synastry aspect?

Because the Sun and the Moon complement each other like yin and yang, a conjunction between these two powerful planets is a promising aspect to find in a couple’s synastry chart, and so it makes sense to wonder whether the Sun conjunct Moon aspect is the strongest possible in synastry.

It is impossible to highlight one synastry aspect as being universally better than any other. Sure, there are synastry aspects that are easier and more straight-forward than others, while others pose challenges. Sun conjunct Moon is one of the more promising synastry aspects, but doesn’t guarantee a good relationship.

Depending on what other planetary energies and aspects are at play – as well as on the unique personalities of the two people involved – a relationship where a Sun conjunct Chiron aspect is present can be just as strong, or stronger, than a union blessed with a Sun conjunct Moon aspect.

Characteristics of the Sun conjunct Chiron relationship

Each relationship is unique, but what are the main characteristics of the Sun conjunct Chiron relationship? Let’s take a closer look.

The ghosts of the past are stirred up

Old hurts and painful experiences are stirred up and rise to the surface in a Sun conjunct Chiron relationship. Chiron’s influence means that emotional pain is inevitable.

The Chiron-Sun relationship is deep and intense, which is what encourages the kind of openness and vulnerability between the partners that allows old wounds to be revealed. This can seem incredibly daunting, but it can also be cathartic and necessary. It can even strengthen the relationship by deepening the shared bond.

Healing potential

The Sun conjunct Chiron relationship can prove an important healing process.

Because the Sun conjunct Chiron connection brings out the pains, slights and ghosts of the pasts, this also means that there is a profound potential for healing. When the past is hidden away, suppressed or forgotten, there is no chance of healing it. It is only when the wounds are reopened that they can be allowed to heal in a better way, even if the scars are always going to be there.

Typically, it is the Sun person holding space for the Chiron person, allowing them to process their trauma. In some cases, the Sun person may unwittingly trigger the Chiron person’s usually hidden pain and trauma, and this too is an opportunity for the Chiron person to work with the feelings that this arouses.

Although the Sun person holds space, triggers or inspires healing, the Chiron person is ultimately responsible for their own healing – after all, only you yourself have the power to make peace with or reframe certain events in a more empowering or self-forgiving light.

Growth and wisdom

When you boldly face your hidden pain and engage actively in your own healing, the inevitable result is personal growth and deeper self-knowledge.

Of course, the Sun conjunct Chiron relationship doesn’t promise growth and wisdom – it merely offers the opportunity.

When we bury the past, and perhaps even deny its influence on our lives in the present, we miss out on a powerful opportunity to rise above the mistakes we may have made, or to forgive or at least let go of the transgressions and slights others may have perpetrated against us.

By facing your demons, you grow stronger, wiser and able to move on from almost anything that might have happened to you earlier in your life.

The Sun person in the relationship

Sun and Chiron are drawn to each other like opposing magnets. The Sun represents optimism, vitality, energy and clarity – it is the light Chiron needs to become illuminated.

The Sun shines a light on hidden pains and dark secrets; the Sun also heals, guides and brings new life and energy, illuminating even the darkest corners of the Chiron person’s life and mind.

The Chiron person in the relationship

Chiron is the wonder healer, but needs to overcome and heal their own wounds before they become able to help and heal others. They are drawn to the compassion and vitality of the Sun person, not only because they are romantically interested, but because they intuit on a deep level that the Sun is what is needed for their Chiron to heal.

For the Chiron person, this relationship can be either incredibly difficult, or ultimately transformative. It all depends on how willing they are to deal with the difficult situations that arise and make the most of the opportunity for healing.

Final thoughts

The Sun conjunct Chiron synastry pairing is one of the more challenging, but also potentially one of the most rewarding. Despite the inevitable challenges and difficulties posed by this romantic connection, don’t run away from it.

If you are the Chiron person: Accept the challenge, allow yourself to be open and to feel vulnerable, and let the influence of this relationship inspire great wisdom and even greater self esteem. If you are the Sun person: Go into it whole-heartedly, and be prepared to hold space for your partner. Allow this display of trust to bring you closer together.

Lucius Nothing

Lucius has been slinging tarot cards professionally since 2014. He’s taken the tarot to places most wouldn’t think of: His best-known patrons include Torture Garden, The Dark Circus Party, Handel & Hendrix, A Curious Invitation and The Candlelight Club, where he has been resident tarot reader for the past half-decade. His writing on divination, magic and creativity has been published in Sabbat Magazine and on Medium.


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