If A Man Really Loves You He Will

If a man really loves you he will…

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling. It is even better when the person you are in love with feels the same way about you. If you have your heart set on a particular guy, stop the guessing game. It is easy to decipher if a guy loves you or treats you as just a friend.

There are true signs he loves you that you must keep a close eye on. You don’t need to look hard enough because when a man fall deeply, he’ll love you through his actions and you don’t even need words to confirm it.

How to Know A Guy Loves You

Are you looking for the true signs that a man loves you? If he is, then he will do most (if not all) of these things. Some men might have expressed their feelings but you cannot seem to read them. It’s important to be aware of the actions that your man is showing so you can determine if it’s true love.

If he does any of these things, it’s a good sign and you can feel confident that he deeply loves you.

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1. You are his priority

Everyone is busy nowadays. With a full schedule, it is hard to make time for things that don’t matter in your life.

If he makes you a priority, then it is one of the clear sign that a man loves you. A man will organize his time and schedule. He makes room for you in his schedule because he cares for you and thinks you are special.

Making you a priority is an indicator that you are the most important thing in his life right now.

2. He wants to be a better person

A guy who loves you will aspire to become the best version of themselves. You would want to be taken care of by your man. However, your man should also know how to take care of himself. You cannot expect him to give his best for you if he is not doing that to himself. When he is at his best, he can give so much more to you.

This is one of the subtle signs that a guy loves you so a lot of women miss this or don’t know how to interpret it. Some women might think that a guy who takes care of himself are vain. They are doing this to attract many women. They would immediately consider it as a red flag. In reality, when men fall for women, they want to impress you so they do their best to become better not just in appearance but in his life in general.

3. He makes a positive impact in your life

One of the most important and true signs that a man deeply loves you is when he adds something positive to your life. Whereas a toxic relationship brings negativity into your life, a loving relationship with a loving partner makes you feel good about your life.

If a guy loves you, he will aspire to bring something good to the table. He will invest in making your relationship healthy and for it to thrive. He does all these things because he wants a future with you.

What positive changes have happened in your life since he entered? How much better is your life now than he is around? These are some questions you must think about when you spend time with a guy in your life.

4. He makes you feel good about yourself

All coupes face relationship issues at one point but any conflict should not be used as a platform to hurt the other person. A truly loving relationship consists of supporting and uplifting each other, instead of making you feel worse about yourself.

A boyfriend love should always be about supporting your partner and making your relationship better. This is the ultimate form of respect in a relationship – if you can honor your differences and always commit to making each other happy and feeling good.

5. He loves spending time with you

A clear sign that your boyfriend loves you is when he is always there for you. You don’t even have to go on fancy dates or travel somewhere far. His presence can make the moments you share together special.

Time is a valuable resource that he could never get back. If he decides to spend that time with you, then he considers you as someone special and worthwhile of his time.

But it isn’t just during the good times that he is around. One of the tell-tale signs that he is seriously in love with you is when he is among the first ones around when you need his help. During times of distress, he is ready to drop everything just so he can be by your side.

6. He supports your dreams

One of the signs he loves you is when he is supportive of your endeavors and goals in your life . If a man really loves you he will want you to succeed.

Other men are intimidated by successful women. They want to be the breadwinner in the family and the provider in the relationship. However, men who want to see you succeed, especially if your personal career is important to you, are ones who really love you.

In fact, he will give you words of encouragement so you can keep pushing when you experience hurdles in your quest to achieve your dreams. He does not fail to remind you that he’s got your back. He is not jealous with your achievements because your partner’s feelings are genuine.

7. He listens to you

Listening is one of the sincerest form of respect. Listening is also a crucial aspect of communication in any relationship, according to a relationship expert.

Therefore, a man who really loves you will listen to every word you say. Men tend to have a dominant behavior in a relationship and they will want to be the authority in the relationship. However, it says a lot about a man’s feelings for you when he takes the time to listen to what you have to say.

He listens so he can sincerely hear your side, not just so he could respond. Being present in your conversations is one of the subtle signs that he is really in love with you. He values every word that you can contribute to your conversations.

8. He isn’t afraid to express his vulnerabilities

A man in love is someone who isn’t afraid to express his emotions and bare his vulnerabilities. A man who is honest with his feelings and isn’t afraid to show his vulnerabilities is someone who is serious about you.

It can be scary to open up your feelings toward someone as you give them permission to exploit it. It also makes you prone to getting hurt. When he comes to the part of his life when he is open and honest to you about how he really feels, this is a clear sign that he is in it for the long haul.

When you started dating, he might hold back a little bit. But once a guy is more open with his words and actions, you know that he is slowly warming up to you and expects you to do the same (and respect him for it).

If he hasn’t opened up yet, be patient with it. He is not shy about revealing his true nature with you.

9. He treats you with respect

Respect is an important element in every loving relationship. When a man truly loves you, he will treat you with respect.

There are many ways to show respect in a relationship. It starts with being open and honest with each other. Each one of you must be able to listen to each other without any bias or judgment. There should be an opportunity for both of you to talk and be heard.

In addition, respect is also being sensitive to each other’s needs. You should never have to always seek for respect or for your feelings to be honored. It is known as compromise. You should always be keeping a close eye on your partner’s needs and feelings and be willing to fulfill it.

Another way to show respect to your lover is to speak kindly to them. The manner of speaking to your partner is as important as what you tell them.

A good relationship wherein a man deeply loves you is about building each other up, not tearing each other down. Choose your words carefully when talking to each other so you are nut hurting their feelings.

10. He checks in on your day

Does he call or text you in the middle of the day to check on how you are doing? Does he send you random texts to know how you are feeling?

A man who is deeply in love will go out of his way to remind you that he is thinking of you. Whether he texts, calls, or shows up at your work, he is always thinking of you.

Even if he does not call or text often, he asks you about how your day was at the end of the day. It can be boring for some men to hear about the mundane stories of your day-to-day life. But when he pays particular attention to the details, then he is the real deal.

11. He wants to take care of you

The concept of hero instinct is not just about protecting you from harm or anything that could put you at risk. A loving partner is also someone who wants to take care of you on a daily basis.

The simple things he does that you might take for granted can be a great indication of his true love. Does he love to cook your favorite food? Does he make you coffee before you even ask? Does he massage your feet at the end of a long day?

It’s a good feeling when someone takes care of you and men know this, especially if this is his love language. Therefore, a man who is in love with make an effort to make sure that you feel pampered and loved.

12. He does things that make you happy

Do you like it when you send him flowers during special occasions? Do you like it when he takes you on date nights every week? A man who deeply loves you will make an effort to do things that make you happy.

He takes cues from your reaction to the things that he does. If it gives you a great sense of happiness, he takes mental notes of these things. He makes sure to do it as often as he can so that you can be happy – since that is his ultimate goal in your relationship. If you’re happy, then he is happy too.

13. He embraces your flaws

Every person has flaws. Even if your previous boyfriend thinks you need to change these flaws, he is of a different opinion.

He believes that your flaws are part of who you are. Therefore, he does not ask you to change them but celebrates them. A man loves you when he recognizes that these flaws are part of who you are. In fact, he loves them because it makes you unique and lovable.

14. He unleashes his hero instinct

When a man unleashes his hero instinct, you can be sure that he is about to fall in love.

The hero instinct in a man is part of his natural reaction. He becomes protective of the woman he loves. A lot has been written about the hero instinct and how you can unleash it. But when a man truly loves you, then he will unleash it himself.

Protecting you is not just a matter of making sure that you are not physically harmed. He also cares about his partner’s feelings. He won’t do things that make you feel worse or lose your self esteem. The hero instinct in him will want to make sure that you are in a loving relationship that makes you feel important and loved.

Men who love their women would step up to the plate and be their hero. Even if you don’t need one, he will reassure you that he will always be by your side no matter what.

15. He makes eye contact often

Eye contact is one of the most intimate expressions of love. A man who makes eye contact with you is truly in love.

When you are in a room full of people, he will steal glances at you. He will check you out in a room full of people. This is one of the sweetest expressions of love and there is a huge difference between how he looks at you and somebody else.

16. He always talks about your future

There is no clearer sign than this when a man fall in love with you. He considers you when he is making plans for the future, because he wants you to be a part of his life.

For example, he is inspired to perform better in his career because he wants to provide for you and your future life together. This is a good indicator that he is serious about you. Most men are flexible and are not really future-oriented. Therefore, once he includes you in his future plans, it is a sign that he is invested in your life together.

17. He is paying attention to the little things

Did he compliment you about your new hair? Did he ask you about that presentation you did at work?

When a man loves deeply and he is a loving partner, he will express it by paying attention to the small details that others might have missed.

A lot of women in relationships complain about their partners forgetting important dates in their relationship, such as their anniversary or their first date. But a man who is deeply in love with you won’t forget about these small details. In fact, he might even be the one to pull off a surprise.

18. He loves to shower you with compliments

While actions do speak louder than words, it’s not a bad thing when he uses words to express how he feels. He believes that women need reaffirmation from their partners to feel confident and good about themselves.

He tells you how he loves your outfit on you, or how good your hair looks. It is not just a matter of objectifying women but also to let you know how he appreciates you.

His goal is to uplift your spirit and acknowledge the good things about you.

19. He gets jealous

Jealousy in a relationship is often considered something negative. However, it can also mean something good, depending on the circumstances surrounding your partner’s feelings.

Does he get jealous when other men try to get close to you? Jealousy is part of human nature, especially from a man’s perspective.

When they love someone, they will do their best to protect you from others. Jealousy is a natural reaction that makes them more protective of you. When a man is jealous, it also indicates that he feels strongly about you.

He wants you only to himself and will want to keep other guys away. There is a healthy amount of jealousy for this to happen. He should never be too controlling. Just the right amount of jealousy to impose your role in her life would be enough.

20. He introduced you to his friends and family

Have you met his closest friends and family yet? If yes, then it is one of the signs he loves you.

It is a big step in any relationship, whether it is a long distance relationship or not, when he introduces you to his circle of friends and family. It is an expression that he considers you an important part of his life now, which is why he wants the most important people in his life to get to know you.

This is an especially important indicator that a man loves you when he does not do this in any of his other relationships.

21. He asks for your opinion on things

Does he consult you about his career decisions? Does he always look to you for advice before he makes an important decision?

If he really cares for you, he’ll be seeking your opinion and considers it of value. It is more than just your opinion that he really cares about, though. By asking for your opinion on things, he is encouraging you to make decisions together. He respects what you have to say, whether or not his decisions will have an impact on you.

It is also his way of letting you know that you are important in his life.

22. He is affectionate with you

Does he like to give you a hug? Do his actions speak louder than words?

Physical touch and affection are some of the best ways that a man can show how he deeply loves you, when words are not enough to express it.

There are other ways for him to express his emotions and affection towards you. For example, he leans forward when talking to you. He gives you a kiss on the cheek or forehead before he leaves for work. He also holds you in his arms when you are sitting on the couch and watching your favorite movie.

The simple gestures of affection that he is giving you are not that simple. It is his way of showing that he truly loves you without using words to express it.

23. He isn’t afraid to make compromises

This is one of the ultimate expressions of love for a man. Women are known to be loving-nature and are willing to make sacrifices for the people they love. This type of characteristic is not as associated with men as much as women.

Therefore, a man who isn’t afraid to compromise with you is one of the subtle signs of his deep love and affection. Even if he has to make some sacrifices, he is willing to do that for the good of your relationship. He is also not afraid to admit when he is wrong for the sake of your relationship.

24. He is your biggest fan

Is he the first person to congratulate you when you got that job promotion? Is he happy when you achieve your goals?

A man who has fall in love will be your biggest fan. As mentioned earlier, he likes to support you in your individual endeavors and dreams. When you experience success, he is one of the first few people to celebrate it with you. No matter how small your win is, he always shows you how proud he is for your achievement.

25. He looks for ways to make you fall in love with him again and again

A man who deeply loves you will not stop pursuing you just because you are already together. He will continue to pursue you and give you reasons to love him even more.

Men are naturally inclined to hunt. This characteristic applies when it comes to their pursuit of love and relationships. He will not stop loving you and showing you how much he means to you even if you are in a relationship.

With that said, he won’t be shy about expressing his emotions for you and showing you just how much he loves you. A person who does this to you is someone who is deeply invested in you and the relationship you have.

Other Signs That He Isn’t In Love

If guys fall in love with the woman of their dreams, they will freely express their feelings through actions and affectionate gestures. Therefore, it is also easy to spot any red flag when they appear. Make sure you know how to distinguish the signs he loves you and when he does not. It also pays to take the relationship advice of experts, or listen to your friends or family.

• He always claims to be busy and has no time for you.

• He hasn’t introduced you to his family or friends yet.

• He is very secretive with you and does not open up.

• He never plans the dates; it’s always you who does the planning.

• He texts but never calls you.

• He does not show any affection.

• He cancels plans frequently.

• He does not talk to you about his future plans.

Final Thoughts

Men are capable of loving and being in a loving and successful relationship. However, not all men are the same. Some are more expressive than others about their feelings.

It is important to understand that you must know your man first in order to analyze his behaviors and expressions of love. It is important so you won’t misinterpret those actions into something else or you could be set up to get hurt when you think a man loves you when he really does not.

Make sure to take your time and be patient with him. If you are unsure, you can always talk to him and be open about your feelings. This is how you will know for sure that a man loves you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you know if a guy truly loves you?

A. If a man truly loves you, he will not only tell, he will show you. You can feel it from his actions; he will treat you with respect, and he loves everything about you, no ifs and buts. He values you as a person and truly listens to your opinion. He makes you his priority and he is willing to compromise. More importantly, he loves to be with you.

Q. How does a man in love behave?

A. When a man falls in love, he becomes romantic – he starts to obsess over giving his woman presents, take her out often to nice places, and do everything to make her smile.

Moreover, a man who is in love likes to flaunt his woman; he will introduce her to his friends, family, coworkers, etc. Evidently, she becomes part of his social scene. He is proud of his woman and he shows it.

He will also start to flex his capability to provide and protect, and he is not afraid or ashamed to be vulnerable.

Q. How does a man show his love without saying it?

A. Actions speak louder than words, and men who are truly in love understand this. Thus, they show their feelings through his actions; he likes being physically close to his woman. He will do anything and everything for his woman without thinking twice. He is protective and respectful. He values his woman’s feelings and opinions, and he fulfills her needs. He includes her in his plans and major life decisions. Lastly, he makes his woman feel loved.

Q. What questions to ask to see if he loves you?

A. You know your man better than anyone. However, every relationship, no matter how trustful, can be tested. If you want to know your man better, ask him deep questions about his beliefs, values, and life in general.

Ask him questions like “How do you describe me to others, particularly to those who don’t know me?, “What part of our relationship makes you happy?”, “How would you describe our relationship with one word?”, “What is your biggest fear about our relationship?, “Do you see me as your future wife?”

Asking these questions can be scary, but these can help you determine whether your relationship is going anywhere or not.

Q. How do you know if a man doesn’t love you?

A. If he hasn’t been talking to you as usual and doesn’t reply to your text messages, or if he gives you unnecessary excuses just to avoid you, even if he is not busy or doing anything important, that is a sign he is not putting any effort in the relationship, and is rather pushing you away.

He may also start to become secretive. A man who loves you will tell you things you want to hear and answer your questions, but if he doesn’t love you anymore, he would feel he like he under no obligation to answer your questions.

His tolerance level may also drop in a minute. This is because he is likely to opt out of your relationship, and is giving you a reason to do the same, or at least feel the same.

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