Signs A Virgo Man Is Serious About You

What are the signs a Virgo man is serious about you?

It’s notoriously difficult to read a Virgo man’s mind. Virgo males tend to be guarded and private about their feelings. 

However, even the most stoic Virgo guy is a hopeless romantic at heart, so if he is experiencing true attraction and has serious intentions about you, he’ll be leaving plenty of subtle clues for you to pick up on. Inevitably, if you pay very close attention to his actions and behaviour and you know what to look for, you’ll soon be able to tell whether he’s getting serious about you.

In this article, we’ll be looking at all your love possibilities with your Virgo crush and cover the most obvious signs a Virgo man is developing serious feelings for you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What makes a Virgo guy tick

Before we get to the signs a Virgo man is serious about you, let’s talk a bit about his personality. If you truly know your Virgo guy, it’ll be a lot easier for you to read him and understand what drives, motivates and appeals to him.

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Virgo is an earth sign

The first thing you should know about your Virgo gig is that he is an earth sign. The earth signs are connected to the earth element, which represents stability, grounding, meticulousness and stubbornness. 

The earth signs tend to be highly motivated by the various gifts and pleasures of the physical realm. They’re often connoisseurs of art, food or fashion – so don’t be surprised if your Virgo man knows how to whip up a gourmet meal and knows how to dress.

Virgos – as well as the other earth signs – tend to skew traditional in their values and perception of life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re politically conservative, but rather that they are value what has already been tried and tested for generations.

Virgos are specifically know for their practical and strategic natures. They leave no stone unturned in their search for perfection. In his professional life, your Virgo man is most likely both accomplished, dedicated and conscientious.

Virgos don’t approach anything in life lightly – they’re rather serious people. Virgos, and the other zodiac signs belonging to the earth element, take great pride in and care of everything they put their name to or spend their time on. This alone should be an encouraging sign, as Virgo men rarely date just for fun. In other words, if a Virgo man has even decided to spend time with you, it means something.

Virgo is a mutable sign

Your Virgo man may be an earth sign, but he is also a mutable sign. And whether a sign is cardinal, fixed or mutable has a great deal of influence on how the personality manifests.

The mutable signs are the signs that come at the end of each season – they’re the final incarnation of each element. As a mutable sign, your Virgo man is a little more malleable, flexible and open-minded than any of the other earth signs. This means that he is less conservative, less set in his ways, and generally curious and open in his outlook on the future. He’s also generally more adventurous than the earth signs are typically given credit for being.

Like the other earth signs, your Virgo man is both dependable and scrupulous, but he’s also open-minded, adventurous and ready to try new things. 

Virgo is ruled by Mercury

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which is the planet of inspired thought and communication.

Mercury the planet was originally named after Mercury the ancient Roman messenger god, whose responsibility it was to carry messages back and forth between the human world and the realm of the divine.

Like Mercury – both the planet, and the god – your Virgo man has a way with words. He’s intelligent, quick-witted and silver-tongued. He may be a gifted writer, public speaker, salesman or politician. Regardless, he’s witty and charming, as well as curious about a lot of different topics.

Mercury represents a fast-moving energy, which can lend a Virgo man a certain restless quality. On some level, he’ll always be reaching higher rather than simply being satisfied where he is at.

Virgo is symbolised by a maiden

The symbol for the Virgo star sign is a young maiden, often depicted wearing a crown of flowers or holding a sheaf of wheat. Needless to say, male Virgos are often overlooked for this very reason.

The sign of the Virgo represents harvest-time and things coming to fruition. There’s an earthy creativity to this archetype, and every man born between August 23 and September 22 are characterised by the energy and qualities of the Virgo symbol.

What a Virgo man is like when he’s serious about a relationship

All right, now you have a good overview over what your Virgo man is like. Of course, every Virgo man is his own individual being, but nevertheless, your particular specimen is bound to possess many of the qualities that are determined by the astrological influences mentioned above. 

Now we’re getting to the beating heart of this article in which we’ll be covering the sure-fire signs a Virgo man is serious about you. Let’s get to it.

He wants to get to know the real you

If you have recently started dating a Virgo man, one of the best ways to determine whether he’s getting serious about you is that he’ll have a real interest in getting to know your true self – the self behind the facade.

While Virgo men care as much about appearances as any of the other zodiac signs – if not actually more so, due to their perfectionism and high standards -, they nevertheless crave authenticity and realness above all else. In other words, a Virgo man obsessed with learning more about you, including the parts of your personality or past that you are less than proud of, is definitely serious about you.

He spends quality time with you

Virgo men don’t spend their time with just anyone, so the mere fact that a Virgo man is spending his time with you is one of the most surefire signs you are going to get of his serious intentions. 

When in love, Virgo males prioritize their romantic relationship above anything else. Often, Virgo men are highly devoted to their careers, but even if your Virgo crush is the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, he’ll make time for you if you’re important to him. Truly, a Virgo man is never too busy to spend quality time with you.

He pays attention to the details

Virgos are famously detail-oriented, and a Virgo man who is serious about you is going to pay a great deal of attention to everything you show or tell him about yourself. You’ll be surprised at the level of detail he’ll be able to recall from your conversations, even years down the line.

A Virgo man is also very perceptive and is able to pick up on your own subtle clues. If you offhandedly mention a holiday you went on to Morocco years ago and how much you liked the food, he may surprise you days, weeks or months later by taking you to a Moroccan restaurant he’s sought out based on your casual mention.

He spoils you rotten

Another obvious sign that a Virgo man is serious about building a relationship with you is if he spoils the living daylights out of you.

Virgo men love to treat and take care of their romantic partners. From grand gestures like surprise weekend getaways to everyday acts of service like feeding you homemade chicken broth when you’re feeling under the weather, a Virgo man in love will want to give as much as possible to the object of his affection – in this case, you. 

Virgo men love to buy their loved ones presents, so him gifting you flowers, jewellery or tickets to the opera are all obvious signs he is developing robust feelings for you.

He’s protective and caring

Virgo men are fiercely protective of the ones they love, and they also have it in them to be exceptionally nurturing.

One of the clearest signs a Virgo man is serious about you is that he wants to take care of you and defend you in whichever ways he can. 

He doesn’t play games

Virgo men don’t tend to play around when it comes to their love life. A Virgo man who’s truly interested in you won’t play you, meaning he won’t he secretly he sending flirtatious text messages to other women, and it wouldn’t occur to him to lie to you about his whereabouts or intentions. 

While he may not divulge his deepest feelings to you right away, he won’t be hiding things from you. He also won’t be interested in ‘testing you.’ Instead, he’ll be taking his sweet time getting to know you before he determines whether or not you’r the right one for him.

What a Virgo man is after is typically a long-term romantic relationship, and most likely marriage. In other words, if a Virgo man is dating you and spending time with you in the first place, this is a big deal in and of itself.

He talks about the future

Virgos are strategic planners, and you can be sure that if the two of you are dating and he is truly interested in you, he’ll already be weaving you into his future plans.

A Virgo man who isn’t serious about you will want to keep your relationship focused on the present. But if he views your relationship as having potential, he’ll be thinking about and talking about your shared future. Whether he mentions wanting to whisk you away on holiday to a specific location next summer or talks about his distant future plans of moving to the countryside when he’s older and asks you what you think about it, it’s a clear sign that he is beginning to view you as a part of his future.

He puts you first

Virgo guys in romantic relationships put their romantic partner’s needs and desires first. 

Virgos are some of the most devoted lovers and are never selfish in their love life. In other words, if your Virgo man is serious about you, he’ll put your needs on level with or perhaps even above his own. He’ll certainly go out of his way to help you with something, or to take care of you if you need him to.

He’ll let you see his vulnerable side

Virgo men are both guarded and proud, so it’s rare to see their vulnerable side. In most cases, Virgo men won’t even let their close friends see a shred of vulnerability or insecurity. Instead, they tend to hold their own emotions close to their chests, and only reveal them to those they trust and love the most.

If a Virgo man is serious about you, he’ll reveal more of himself to you than he does to the rest of the world. Just like he will want to get to know and embrace your authentic self, he’ll also want to show you his and have those parts of him that he feels insecure about be accepted by you.

He may have a controlling streak

Every zodiac sign has its dark side, and the Virgo zodiac sign is no exception. If your Virgo man has flaws, one of them is undoubtedly going to be a desire to take charge of and attempt to control his environment a little too much.

Virgo men are detail-oriented, meticulous and critical. While these qualities can be phenomenal strengths in certain areas of life, they aren’t very helpful in a romantic relationship.

If your Virgo man has a tendency to want to control every situation, it helps to set clear boundaries and establish some ground rules about where his control ends and yours begins, right from the beginning of your relationship. Setting up a clear framework can prove key to building and maintaining a healthy relationship with an overly perfectionistic Virgo man.

What a Virgo man wants in a romantic partner

We’ve covered the key signs a Virgo man is serious about you. Now, let’s take a look at what he is actually hoping to find in a romantic partner. 

As you read through this section of the article, ask yourself whether you posses the qualities mentioned. If you do, there’s a good chance that you and your Virgo guy are highly compatible as romantic partners. 


Virgo men are extremely loyal, and they expect the same in return. In other words, don’t even think about building a relationship with a Virgo man if you aren’t willing or able to stick to whatever ground rules the two of you establish for your relationship. 

Virgo men take a while to open up and to trust. To a great extend, loyalty is the key that unlocks a Virgo man’s heart to you, and continued loyalty is what keeps it open.


If your Virgo crush is truly serious about you, he’ll be much more interested in connecting with your authentic self than with whatever facade you may choose to show the world. Nothing is more intoxicating to your Virgo man than forging a deep and true connection, so the more open and honest you can be with him, the more he’ll appreciate it.

Virgo men don’t mind seeing their romantic partners without makeup, or in a bad mood. In fact, your Virgo man is going to love you all the more if you let him see the real you in all of its forms and manifestations.


Being ruled by Mercury means that Virgo men are fast-thinking, curious and sharp in their thinking. They prefer romantic partners they can forge a deep connection with on an intellectual level, as well as of course physically and emotionally. 

Virgo men are simply intellectually hungry and curious at all times. They love to explore new topics and remain life-long learners. They may be obsessed with personal development and with continual improvement in their professional fields. 

A Virgo male partner is always going to appreciate your ability to hold your own in an intellectual discussion over you agreeing with him.


Although Virgo men are no strangers to the Hero instinct, they ultimately prefer romantic partners who are independent and self-reliant. 

In other words, while your Virgo man will love to throw down everything he’s got in his hands to run to you and hold space while you pour your heart out for hours on end, he’s even happier when he sees you grabbing life by the horns and wrestling it into submission without his interference. 

Even when he’s part of a married couple, a Virgo man will always want to retain a degree of privacy and personal space. In other words, don’t cling to him or make him feel like he is needed constantly.

Long-term potential

As already mentioned earlier, Virgo men don’t play games. When he’s dating, he’s not in a rush to find a potential spouse, but a lifelong partner is his ultimate ideal.

Virgo men are choosy and only tend to date someone with whom they sense the potential for a serious relationship and a long-term future.

A Virgo man’s most likely matches

It is no secret that some zodiac signs are better matched as romantic partners than others. Do you know which zodiac signs a Virgo man is most likely to be both attracted to and compatible with in the long term? If not, then you need to read this section of the article very carefully.

Earth signs

In most cases, Virgo males are highly compatible with fellow earth signs. Earth signs automatically share important core values, which makes it easier for them to build a long-term future together. For example, all of the earth signs value a degree of stability and security that some of the other zodiac signs are happy to forego. What’s more, earth signs all tend to value achievement and material possessions.

A Virgo man and Capricorn woman is one of the most likely zodiac love matches. These two share a deep and intrinsic understanding and they share a common goal, which is to achieve excellence in all areas of life. A Virgo man and Capricorn woman can be a real power couple – they may just decide to build an empire together.

Virgo with Taurus is another highly compatible pairing, as is Virgo with a fellow Virgo.

Air signs

A Virgo man loves the intelligence, wit and charm of the air signs – but when it comes to building a solid and reliable long-term relationship with any of the air signs, he’ll usually wind up disappointed.

Generally speaking, the air signs lack some of the qualities that a Virgo male truly crave in a romantic relationship. We’re talking about constancy, reliability and a willingness to make a sure commitment. A Virgo man dating an air sign may find his partner to be too fickle, flaky or unreliable.

Having said that, an air sign looking for lasting love and a stable relationship may be the right match for a Virgo male. 

Fire signs

Virgo is drawn to the intensity and spiritedness of the fire sign, but can also be put off by the large egos that often accompany any of the fire sign natives.

Virgo and Aries are a meeting of totally opposite energies and personalities. While the Virgo man is subdued and introverted, the Aries woman (or man) is loud, forceful and decidedly extroverted. It’s unlikely that this couple will survive past the stage of initial attraction.

Virgo with Leo is another oddly matched couple, with Leo being too bombastic for Virgo’s tastes. Finally, Virgo with Sagittarius is a potential match, provided that the two can find some middle ground to build their relationship on.

Water signs

Earth and water signs are frequently well matched. The water signs are sensitive, romantic and loyal – qualities that the Virgo male finds powerfully attractive

A Virgo man is able to find lasting love with any of the water signs, but the Scorpio woman might just be the most suitable romantic match for our discerning Virgo man. The Scorpio woman shares his core values, such as loyalty and complete and utter romantic exclusivity. When these two forge a committed relationship, they have the utmost respect for and dedication to one another.

Final thoughts: How to tell if a Virgo man is serious about you 

We’ve gone over the most common and obvious signs a Virgo man is serious about you. Some of these signs are universal while the Virgo personality gives them a unique spin, while others are more specifically and uniquely indications of a Virgo man’s serious intentions. 

When dating a Virgo man, it’s important to keep in mind that he is likely to take his sweet time to assess and decide whether or not you’re right for him. A Virgo male is never in a rush to find true love – but true love is ultimately what he’s looking for.

If you’re head over heels for the Virgo guy you’re dating, you may be more than ready to jump into a relationship. But remember that for him, establishing a romantic bond and getting close to someone is a slow and deliberate process. He’ll want to take it slow, and you can be sure that he is paying a great deal of attention to everything that goes on between the two of you, and that he’s using it all to help him decide whether you’re a good match for him.

The waiting game can be infuriating, as there’s simply no rushing a Virgo male in the initial stages of a new relationship. All you can do is to approach both him and the romantic connection between you with patience and sincerity. 

We hope that our overview over the key signs a Virgo man is serious about you is helpful in helping you determine whether or not your Virgo love interest is really on the same page as you are.

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Frequently asked questions

How do Virgo men show their feelings?

Virgo men tend to show their feelings through acts of service as well as romantic gestures. 

Your Virgo man will show you he cares by surprising you with romantic dinner dates or by pouring you a relaxing baths whenever he knows you’ve had a tough day. 
Spending quality time together with their romantic partners is incredibly important to Virgo men, so no matter how hectic his schedule may get, your Virgo lover is sure to still make plenty of time for you.

How do you win a Virgo man’s heart?

Virgo men crave authenticity, so the sooner you’re able to reveal your authentic self in a new relationship with a Virgo man the better. 

Virgo men are know for being perfectionistic and rather critical, but when it comes to romantic love, they’d rather be sold the truth than an idealized fantasy. In other words, presuming that he’s attracted to you and that the two of you are compatible, your Virgo man will want to embrace you with all your flaws, imperfections and any past history you may have.

What’s more, Virgo men tend to be both nurturing and generous – they love to spoil and take care of their partners. So, you know, let him.

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