Life Path Number 3

People with life path number 3 are powerhouses of self expression. They ooze a certain sense of joie de vivre and tend to fill up the rooms they enter with an energy of excitement and positivity.

3s live life to the fullest extend they possibly can. They trust in the guidance of their strong inner voice and rely on their natural charisma to take them where they want to go in life. This often works – 3s often become well-known thanks to their creative skills, passion and the powerful connections they forge.

Common threads that unite those with a numerology number 3 life path include creative self expression, spectacular communication skills, an optimistic disposition, a sharp intellect and the ability to sway people too their ideas and points of view.

There is never a dull moment in the life of people who share the destiny number 3 in common. 3s are fun-loving social creatures and are often the life and centre of the party.

If your life path is 3, you are in exalted company. Famous people who share the destiny number 3 include David Bowie, Charles Dickens, Kylie Minogue, Alfred Hitchcock, Christina Aguilera and Hillary Clinton.

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So how do you live a productive, fulfilling and successful life as a person on a number 3 life path? Keep reading to find out.

How to calculate your life path number

Calculating your life path number is completely straight-forward. There are online calculators that can do it for you in seconds, or you can learn how to do it yourself. Of course the advantage of that is that you will be able to calculate anyone’s life path number anywhere, any time, without relying on the internet.

In order to discover if your life path number is three, or something else, what you need to do is to reduce your full birthdate down to a single digit.

Start by writing out your date of birth numerically. Let us go with the example of October 31, 1989. The numbers this birth date give you are 31, 10 and 1989. Reduce each of these numbers down to a singular digit, like this: 3 + 1 = 4 and 1 +0 = 1.

Now take the four digit number – in the case of this example, it’s 1989 – and reduce that down to one digit in the same way, like this: 1 + 9 +8 + 9 =27. And 2 + 7 = 9.

What you have now are three single digit numbers. Reduce them until you end up with one, like this: 4 + 1 + 9 = 14. Because this is still a double digit, you want to reduce it further, like so: 1 + 4 = 5.

Now you know the formula. Try it yourself, using your own birth date (and after that, you might want to try the birth dates of your friends and family members).

What does 3 mean spiritually?

The numerology number 3 has many connotations.

It is a well-established fairy tale trope that things come in threes – wishes, brothers, princesses, challenges, magical objects. 3 is a number that has been deeply embedded in our subconscious minds – it is a number of mythical proportions. We associate it with magic, possibility and wish fulfilment.

There is also a religious dimension to the number three. Christianity has its Holy Trinity, consisting of the father, the son and the holy ghost. In Judaism, there is the Supernal triad, the three uppermost spheres on the Tree of Life. Buddhists bow thrice to show reverence to the Three Gems; the Buddha, his teachings and the spiritual community.

In short, no matter our cultural heritage and the specific associations we may think of when we encounter the number 3, the number itself has been indelibly imprinted on our minds as a number of significance.

What is the luckiest life path number?

If there is one life path number that is more highly correlated with luck, it has got to be the number 3.

These people’s lives may seem charmed. An unusual amount of luck seems to attend them and their efforts. This could simply be because 3s work hard at achieving their goals and building success, but it might be more than that. 3 is, after all, considered to be the magic number, the number of luck, and of divinity.

And of course, we are all familiar with the saying, Third time’s the charm, as well as the belief in lucky, three-leaved clover.

What does it mean when your destiny number is 3?

If your life path number is 3, you are here in the world to express your creativity. Because you have been given the gift of a creative energy and vision, paired with a strong desire for self expression, it is your responsibility – and one of your most important life lessons – to share these gifts with others.

It might seem straightforward and obvious that you should share your innate creative powers with the world, but it is not always so simple. If you struggle with self doubt or lack the support of the most important people in your life, it can be difficult for you to find a suitable vehicle for your self-expression.

Ultimately, you will have to overcome whatever external or internal barriers you encounter, in order to communicate your truth and your creative vision. It is important that you do, as this is how you are going to find true fulfilment in life. It is also how you are going to heal and encourage others, so it is a clear win-win.

Positive traits and greatest blessings associated with life path number 3

If your life path number is 3, you are highly creative and an original thinker. New ideas are constantly flocking to you, and you are always engaged in multiple exciting projects. Your brain is always active – as are your hands, and your mouth. 3s prefer to be in activity mode, and are capable of immense productivity. When they are at their best, 3s are producing staggering amounts of creative work or ideas, getting them out into the world as fast as they can think them up.

One of the most positive personality traits of life path 3 people tend to have in common is their way with words. Painting with words and effortlessly weaving words together is another manifestation of a 3’s creativity.

3 is a highly independent number. While those who share life path number 3 tend to be very social, they don’t need anyone’s permission or go-ahead.

3s are open-minded and curious about the world. They may pick up new spiritual practices or creative disciplines at the drop of a hat. Their active minds and curiosity are always driving them to explore. 3s have an uncanny ability to find solutions to problems that have not even arisen yet.

3 is an optimistic number, with a strong sense of self belief and confidence. As long as you are backed up by the people you care about and are given free reign to express yourself creatively, you are unstoppable.

Negative traits and biggest challenges associated with life path number 3

If your life path number is three, you are your own worst critic. In fact, while you may look at others with a kindly eye and applaud them for their efforts, but you don’t necessarily extend the same kindness and appreciation when it comes to how you view your own endeavours. When the work is your own, you probably have a tendency to view it through a much dimmer lens and to focus on where you went wrong, rather than on what you got right. Self-criticism is one of the greatest demons those who share life path number 3 have to battle – often on an ongoing basis, rather than once and for all.

Another negative trait 3s often have in common is a tendency to hide their emotions behind a facade. This facade might consist of a wall of clever words, or it might consist in you simply shoving your true feelings under the rug and refusing to acknowledge or face them. This doesn’t mean that 3s are unfeeling – in fact, the reverse is often the case. 3s tend to feel very strongly and very deeply, which is exactly why the often shy away from dealing with their own emotions. There is a fear of becoming overwhelmed by them, and so when a life path 3 person is emotionally hurt, their tendency is to hide it, and hide it well. 3s are often reluctant to show emotion, because they worry about what others are going to think if they witness them in the grip of powerful feelings.

A number 3’s focus on keeping up appearances extends to their physical appearance, as well. 3s take great pride in their appearances – which only becomes a bad thing when this causes a crippling concern with how others are perceiving them.

Finally, those who share the number 3 life path often scatter, rather than focus their efforts, forgetting that multitasking can be the greatest enemy of success.

Which career path is most suited for soul urge number 3?

One of the most important decisions we all have to make in life is which career track to pursue. Knowing our destiny numbers can help narrow down the search, as all the numbers have different strengths, weaknesses and gifts to consider. Knowing what your unique strengths are can provide you with a short-cut to a both fulfilling and lucrative career.

One of the dominant features of the life path 3 personality is creativity, and although many creative fields are highly competitive, with only a few artists rising to the top of their chosen disciplines, there is great joy, wealth and transcendence to be found in a creative career. Particularly when your numerology chart reveals that creative thinking and expression are as natural to you as breathing. Many actors, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, illustrators, designers and architects are 3s.

Another important aspect of the number 3 personality are an impressive intellect and the communication skills to match. Most threes have it in them to succeed academically, or in careers that rely on verbal or written communication, such as journalism or politics.

What other life path numbers are most compatible with 3?

No doubt you are wondering, what life path number is compatible with 3? Is there one life path number that is more obviously compatible with three than any other? Read on to find out.

3 and 1

When a 3 and a 1 become romantically involved, there is ample possibility for it to turn into a successful relationship.

1s and 3s are both outgoing and ambitions, and they would compliment each others’ strengths well, while sharing a deep understanding of their shared aims and values. 1s are usually optimistic, decisive and ambitious – qualities that might help the equally ambitions but rather more self-deprecating 3 to flourish and express themselves with fewer inhibitions.

3 and 2

Although not an obvious or ideal match, 3s and 2s have the possibility of working out their differences and forging a powerful romantic connection.

Of the two, 3s are the more ambitions and self-entered, while 2s are harmonising, balancing and nurturing. If these two are able to transcend their differences, they have it in them to develop into a power couple.

3 and 3

There is no better potential than when two people share the same life path number. Two 3s have it in them to become a real power couple, loved and admired by those around them.

Two 3s will share a profound bond and a deep, intrinsic understanding of each other.

3 and 4

While these two may be right next to each other on the numerology chart, their energies are vastly different and not necessarily compatible.

While 3s are vibrant, outgoing, communicative and somewhat playful, 4s tend to be reserved, stoic and down-to-earth. The two are like oil and water.

3 and 5

Naturally drawn to each other, a 3 and a 5 might go on to form a lasting, successful and strong connection.

3s and 5s have enough in common – as well as enough to set them apart- to ensure a relationship filled with excitement, joy and adventure. 3s and 5s are both ambitious, social and adventurous, with 5s being particularly uninhibited and even slightly reckless. 5 might work as a powerful unlock and catalyst for 3’s creativity and self-belief.

3 and 6

A life path 3 and a life path 6 person have the potential to work well together, despite their differences.

One of the great advantages for a person with a number 3 life path when entering into an intimate relationship with a number 6 person, is that their number 6 partner – who is likely to be deeply in tune with their feelings and comfortable expressing them – might inspire the number 6 partner to become more open and honest about what is really going on with them emotionally as well.

3 and 7

3s and 7s are on opposite sides of the numerology chart in more ways than one. The two could hardly be any more different from each other if they tried.

Most likely, theirs is not going to be the most harmonious union. While 3s are social butterflies, outgoing and verbose, 7s are deep thinkers, reserved and somewhat reclusive. In some instances this union might work, if the two can find a way of meeting each other in the middle, but in the majority of cases, these two are simply too different to make it work.

3 and 8

3s and 8s share big dreams and the ability to manifest them. But this is where the similarities between these two different energies end.

While 8 will stop at nothing to achieve a goal, 3 might abandon a project halfway to completion, in order to pursue something more glittery and appealing. 8 might find this frustrating and childish, while 3 might find 8’s dogged work ethic and tireless focus on career exhausting and intimidating.

3 and 9

As far as perfect numerological compatibility goes, this is it.

3s and 9s seem made for each other. Both numbers are highly creative, inventive, and curious about the world – and each other. In this union, both have patience and the capability to sacrifice for each other.

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