Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is a harbinger of new ideas, bubbling creative potential and emotional openness.

When The Page of Cups appears in a Tarot reading, he is usually a good omen, pointing to life’s ripe potential for creative self-expression, playfulness, romance and magic. The Page of Wands leads us away from the dry humdrum of everyday life and transports us to more expansive, fluid and enchanting layers of reality.

What do the Cups mean in the Tarot?

Cups are a prominent symbol in the Tarot, linked to the element of water.

The water element rules over the area of life that has to do with emotional intelligence and connectedness, creative potential, inspiration, intuition, and everything that lives in the depts our irrational subconscious mind.

The Cups enrich our lives with beauty, romance, nurturing and playful creativity.

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However, because the Cups are linked to the irrational subconscious mind and the raw power of our emotions, we can get lost and drown in them, overlooking facts and foregoing plans in favour of following a treasure trail of intuitive hunches and emotional impulses.

Page of Cups Tarot card description and symbology

Details of the Page of Cups Tarot card vary between different decks. Most are based on the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot and include its symbols. These are the ones we will be looking at here.

The page

The Page of Cups is depicted as a young man wearing a light blue tunic with a floral print. On his head he wears a coquettish beret in the same light blue colour, with a flowing scarf attached. His overall energy and appearance are both playful and eccentric.

The Cup

In his right hand, the Page hols a golden cup or chalice. It represents his connection to the element of water and everything it stands for – creativity, psychic abilities, deep feelings.

The fish

Out of the Cup leaps a fish, a creature from the depths of the subconscious sea. The fish is symbolic of inspiration and of the Page’s own inner voice, telling him that he is moving in the right direction. His open expression suggests that he trusts and expects to receive this guidance – he is paying attention to his own subconscious and his emotions, considering them sources of strength and magic, rather than qualities to be disregarded or suppressed.

The sea

In the background, behind the page, is the vast and wavy expanse of the sea, the water further linking the Page to his element, and reminding us of the powerful presence of feelings and intuition in the card.

Page of Cups Tarot card meanings

The Page of Cups encompasses a range of Tarot card meanings – here are some of the most significant. Which ones stand out more in a Tarot reading will always depends on the Tarot reader, the general context of the reading, and any surrounding and clarifying Tarot cards.

Inner child

One of the key meanings of the Page of Cups Tarot card is the inner child – in other words, our sense of lightheartedness, optimism, playfulness and wonder.

The Page of Cups is a sign of a person who approaches the world and the people they encounter with open arms, curiosity and hope. Most adults are much too serious – all business and no play – so when we come across someone who radiates youthful optimism, we are magnetically drawn to them.

If you radiate a Page of Cups-like energy outward, others will want to be around you, and you will find that you are offered many more opportunities and perks in life if you come at it with openness and optimism.

Creative opportunities and potential

The upright Page of Cups is happy news for the inner muse.

The Page of Cups suggests someone who is completely in touch with their creative spirit and is comfortable plummeting the depths of their own subconscious for inspiration. When you trust your creative impulses and follow where they lead you, the inner critic goes silent and allows you to create and unfold your potential.

Psychic experience

Another important meaning of the Page of Cups upright is intuition and psychic ability.

When the Page of Cups appears in Tarot readings, he represents someone who is heart lead and trusts their intuition completely – following these inner callings and feelings opens you up to receive psychic messages and promptings from deep within, or from higher realms.

Emotional vulnerability

The Page of Cups wears his heart on his sleeve. He is not afraid of expressing his feelings, and rather than suppressing or denying them, he leans into them and experiences them fully.

This can both be a great strength and a great weakness. The very open, romantic and sometimes gullible Page of Cups is a person who throws themselves fully into a romantic experience, or into the pursuit of a dream. Rarely do they stop to contemplate the risks versus gains involved before diving in, and as a result, may come out of the experience emotionally bruised and battered.

But then, if we never risk we never gain, and the upright Page of Cups is more often a nudge for us to loosen up, rather than to close down.

Reversed Page of Cups Tarot card meanings

When the Page of Cups reversed appears reversed in a Tarot reading, his energies become unbalanced – either heightened or blocked. These are the key meanings of the Page of Cups reversed.

Emotional immaturity

The Page of Cups reversed is a sign of emotional immaturity, irrationality and someone driven by shifting, momentary emotions.

The reversed Page of Cups is an unrealistic dreamer, endlessly conjuring up elaborate plans in their mind’s eye, but never taking the first step towards manifesting any of them.

The reversed Page of Cups is overly sensitive and may also be a bit of a drama queen, keeping everyone around them hostage with their dramatically shifting moods. The inner child takes over and runs the show.

Creative blocks

When the Page of Cups appears in its reversed position, there is a sense of having lost touch with one’s creative side. The creative fire has gone underground and refused to be conjured.

When life lacks creative self-expression, playfulness and spontaneity, it looses its lustre. There is more to life than paying bills and worrying about the future – we need to feel free, creative and uninhibited once in a while.

Whenever you are feeling completely stuck creatively, one of the best things you can do to rekindle the flame is to first let go of responsibility – not as in abandoning your responsibilities, but by allowing yourself time away from them to recharge your inner batteries. When you are relaxed and open, the muse will speak to you again, guaranteed.

Doubting intuition

The reversed Page of Cups is a sign of someone who does not trust their intuition and mistrusts everything their gut reaction is telling them.

If you feel like you cannot rely on your own inner compass to guide you, you’re in big trouble, bound to always look to others for validation and pointers.

The Page of Cups reversed suggests that it is tine for you to relocate your seat of power, within your self. Remember, you are your own highest authority. Deep within you, there is a compass that never breaks or fails.

Broken dreams, cynicism

Whereas the upright Page of Cups is bristling with creative energy and youthful enthusiasm, the reversed Page of Cups invites us to reflect on whether we have become too cynical.

Where is that curiosity, that expansive feeling that the world is open to you, just waiting to be explored? Enthusiasm, self belief and positive expectancy come to most of us naturally when we are young and taking or first tentative steps into the world of grownups. We relish the freedom and the feeling of wind under our wings as we pursue every crazy dream that pops into our heads.

Soon, though, life has a way of smacking us on the wrist as we boldly throw ourselves into social events, pursuits and romantic entanglements. The gravity of adult life begins to set in, forcing us to take a more mature approach to life. The Page of Cups suggests that if we fail to consciously cultivate our creativity, our curiosity, our lightheartedness and belief in the world, we will become more beaten down or simply rigid as we mature.

What the Page of Cups means in a Tarot reading about love and romance


The Page bright is usually good news where love and romance are concerned – it looks like you have signed up for a thrilling love affair. Keep in mind, this is not always with a person, but can also be with a pursuit or a project.

The Page of Cups can represent an aspect of yourself, or of your love interest. The Page of Cups is the consummate romantic, a sign that you are and that you should be making the investment of time and emotion in order to see what can grow.


The reversed Page of Cups is bad news for love and relationships. You might find yourself dealing with a deeply immature person whose tantrums and outburst threaten your own equilibrium.

Alternatively, you may have a highly idealised view of your partner, which turns out not to be true or reciprocated.

What the Page of Cups means in a Tarot reading about career


The Page of Cups is not known as a shrewd investor or ladder climber.

However, sheer enthusiasm, original ideas and optimism might get you far. If you manage to attract the right opportunities and the people who may supplement your strengths with their own, you are on a good track.


A childish and slapdash attitude to work and responsibility are implied. Risky investments, irresponsible spending or an inability to stay on top of deadlines and commitments are all possible interpretations here.

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