Page of Wands

When the Page of Wands shows up in a Tarot reading, he is usually a positive sign. He signifies fiery enthusiasm, boundless potential ready to be tapped into, inspired ideas waiting for you to take action on them, and an all-round lust for life. His energy is magnetic, his enthusiasm is captivating and his creativity is unmatched. On the flip side, his passionate but restless spirit may drive him to throw himself into any number of creative projects, but loose interest long before any of them has a chance to get off the ground.

The Page of Wands is one of the court cards of the Minor Arcana, and as such, he signifies a person – this could be you, or someone in your life who is significant to the reading, for example a romantic partner or a child. The Page usually represents someone who is young in years, or simply someone who is still green in terms of life’s experiences.

What the Wands mean in Tarot

In the language of the Tarot, the Wands are representations of the element of fire (Just as the Cups are symbols of water, the Swords of air and the Pentacles of earth).

The fire element is liked to passion, drive, ambition, desire, motivation, courage and pure unbridled life force.

What the Pages mean in Tarot

The Pages are the youngest personality cards of the Tarot. Each of the four Minor Arcana suits has one; there is a Page of Swords, a Page of Pentacles, a Page of Cups, and of course, a Page of Wands.

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The Pages represent younger people – they represent those of us who are still searching for ourselves, trying our wings, discovering our talents and gifts, and taking the first steps towards establishing ourselves in the world. Conversely, the Knights are a little further ahead on the path, being in the mids of creating, establishing, conquering and building their kingdoms. Finally, the Kings and Queens are mature people – they are what we all aspire to be one day. The Kings and Queens of the Tarot know themselves and have gained a level of expertise and recognition within their chosen fields. They know who they are, and have long since earned their crowns and other vestiges of dominance and power.

Page of Wands Tarot card description

Depictions of the Page of Wands Tarot card can vary wildly from deck to deck, however, most are based on or at the very least inspired by the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck and include its essential symbols and details. These are the symbols and details we will be taking a closer look at here.

The Page

The main feature of the Page of Wands Tarot card is the young man standing in the card’s foreground. He is dressed in a yellow-green tunic embroidered with salamanders, mythical creatures of fire and transformation. On his head he wears a hat topped with a single red feather – a phoenix feather, perhaps, underscoring the sense of transformation, magic and wonder.

The wand

The Page is holding a large wand with both of his hands and is looking at it in amazement, sensing the power and potential it symbolises.

In the Major Arcana Magician card, we see the Magician wielding his wand like a conductor’s wand, using it to channel his magical will and the full force of his intent into manifestation.

The Page’s wand is materially larger than the Magician’s, suggesting that his potential and magical ability may actually be greater, provided that he develop it and learn how to use it. So far, the young Page appears to only be admiring the wand, appreciating the power it holds but not wielding it yet.

The landscape

The landscape in the background of the Page of Wands Tarot card is barren and simplistic – nothing grows here yet. His sparse surroundings suggest that the Page has yet to prove himself by creating the future he desires. Eventually, the seeds of potential that the young Page plants here- provided that he has the patience and forethought to plant them and tend them – may turn the landscape green and abundant.

It is interesting to note that the landscape in Tarot cards is often a metaphor for things like professional accomplishment and material success. The of Wands has nothing yet, except time on his hands and lots of potential, but these assets are only really going to serve him if he invests them wisely – something we can’t be sure that the young Page is going to do, as his impatience and curiosity might distract him from tiresome task of nurturing the seeds.

Page of Wands Tarot card meanings

The Page of Wands contains many layers of meaning and significance. Here are some of the most prevalent interpretations of the upright Page of Wands Tarot card.


The upright Page of Wands Tarot card indicates a person who is gifted with great enthusiasm and a passionate, hungry and adventurous spirit.

Here is someone who is bold and courageous, curious, and driven, someone who can get really fired up about a project or a pursuit. When the Page of Wand’s passion is ignited and they are locked onto a goal, they are able to overcome just about any obstacle, breeze past any barrier.

Inspired ideas

The upright Page of Wands is bubbling over with inspiration and ideas. He may not have taken action on any of them yet, but they are all there, glistening and beckoning to be given form and expression.

Boundless potential

The Page of Wands is a sign of great, limitless potential. The challenge might be in narrowing things down and deciding what to focus on or pursue, as the Page of Wands tends to be multi-passionate and gifted with a very diverse range of talents.

A free spirit

The Page of Wands is adventurous and prizes their freedom and autonomy above almost everything else in this cosmos.

The Page of Wands is prone to spending a long time looking for themselves, and simply exploring and tasting the world. They are reluctant to settling down too soon and fear being entrapped in any sense. They often choose lifestyles and deliberately seek out jobs, careers or relationships that afford them the maximum amount of freedom and flexibility possible.

The Page of Wands is the life of the party, and generally brings the party, the magic and the electricity, to just about any situation. They are free spirits and free thinkers.

Page of Wands reversed Tarot card meanings

When the Page of Wands Tarot card appears reversed in Tarot reading, his positive firery energy and sizzling zest for life becomes unbalanced and often unhealthy. Here are some of the most prominent meanings of the Page of Wands reversed.


Where the upright card suggests spontaneity and decisiveness, the Page of Wands reversed is a sign of impulsivity, even recklessness.

The Page of Wands is the consummate thrill-seeker, but when reversed, he might take it too far. His existence can become extremely unbalanced, hectic and marked only by a sense of uncertainty.

The reversed Page of Wands has no trouble finding the gas pedal, but might well be unable to take his foot off it again, crashing into one disastrous relationship or pursuit after another, without allowing himself the benefit of pausing for a moment to learn and grow from his mistakes. He may also spend recklessly, squandering his resources of time, opportunity and human relationships as well as money.

Inability to commit

The Page of Wands reversed can be a sign of either a fear of commitment, or simply an immature inability to commit to anything or anyone.

Here, the restlessness and impatience inherent to the Page of Wands get the better of him, rendering him unable to hold onto anything. This stops him form building deep and meaningful friendships and relationships, and from deepening his skills in a way that would allow him to really grow and develop both personally and professionally.

Rather than planting his seeds of potential and tending to them with patience and care, the Page of Wands reversed prefers to throw his gifts to the winds and hoping for the best while he moves onto the next shiny project.

Limiting beliefs

In some instances, the Page of Wands reversed can signify self-limiting beliefs.

Whereas the upright Page of Wands is brimming with confidence and positive energy, the reversed Page of Wands can indicate a person marked by a lack of confidence and self-belief. This person may have internalised the negative beliefs others have projected onto them, eventually accepting them as gospel truth (Which, by the way, negative, limiting or demeaning opinions never are).

The reversed Page of Wands has lost touch with his inner passion and creative spark. However, they are only temporarily buried – a bit of digging and conjuring will unearth them.

Page of Wands Tarot card interpretations

The Page of Wands contains within it a plethora of meanings and possible interpretations – all Tarot cards do. Which layer of the Tarot card’s meaning stand out will always depend on a number of moving parts, including the individual Tarot reader’s connection with the card, and any surrounding cards and the context they provide. Here are some examples of how the Page of Wands could be interpreted in the context of different Tarot readings.

What the Page of Wands says about your personality


When the upright Page of Wands indicates you in a Tarot reading, you are often young and still in search of your true path in life. You may have great confidence in your skills and be very passionate about the things you believe in or are into, but you are ultimately still discovering, exploring and playing around with who you are and what you want to create or build.

You haven’t yet established yourself within any career field, but you might already be studying or moving towards a distant goal. If you’ve already obtained a level of early success, it might be fleeting, as you are soon onto the next project, unsure of whether your current direction is the right one. You know you still have many other skills to explore, gifts to unpack and adventures to go on.


When the reversed Page of Wands shows up to indicate you in a Tarot reading, it means that you possess all of the positive qualities of the Page of Wands but that his negative aspects are the ones you are currently expressing outwardly.

You may be reckless and rootless, wasting your resources and time by living only in the moment. While you can and should fully enjoy your youth and go on the adventures that are calling out to you, you would do well to also remember that there is going to be a future. Certain windows of opportunity may only be available to you for a moment in time. For example, landing a scholarship to go to a prestigious university, provided you attend summer school, really could be a once-in-a-lifetime deal. In the light of the possibility you are being offered, maybe Burning Man can wait.

Conversely, the reversed Page of Wands can show a lack of self-belief and confidence. In this case, blowing like a leaf in the wind and generally cultivating a YOLO mindset is not your problem, a lack of being in touch with your inner firepower is. Rather than getting towed around by the nose by your impulses, here you are unable to sense what your wishes and desires really are.

What the Page of Wands represents in a love Tarot reading


When it comes to love and romance, the upright Page of Wands signifies either you or another person. Either way, he symbolises a passionate, creative and voracious lover.

The fire element is very physical in nature, so a sizzling chemistry and fiery connection are implied. The fiery energy can also add a certain volatility and unpredictability to the equation, which could be either thrilling or destabilising, depending on what you crave in a relationship.


The Page of Wands reversed brings a restless flighty and unpredictable energy to your love life.

Whether the Page of Wands represents you or another person, there might be a conflict of interest if one partner wants more commitment and the other wants more freedom. You might be experiencing a sense of indecision or confusion generally about what you really want from a romantic connection – perhaps you want a relationship, but commitment scares you off.

What the Page of Wands represents in a career Tarot reading


The upright Page of Wands is a promising omen in a Tarot reading about career. It shows that you are approaching things with a fresh perspective and oodles of positive energy. Your enthusiasm is likely to take you at least halfway to the goal – what you might lack in experience you make up for in sheer driving force.

You are in a positive place right now, with lots of potential for growth and development. You are getting to test your wingspan and develop your skills.


You seem unable to persevere in any one direction, fretting that you have to stick around for a while in order to actually learn something. A mentor could furnish you with both stability and sage advise.

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