Pisces Soulmate

Are you wondering which of the other zodiac signs would make the ideal Pisces soulmate?

Pisces is inherently a romantic soul. Most Pisces long for a natural and intuitive partnership, preferably one that has the potential to last for years or even a lifetime.

The Pisces zodiac sign falls in love easily and deeply. What dreamy Pisces is really hoping to find in a romantic partner is a deep emotional connection and utter devotion.

Pisces is characterized by a an empathic nature and has a whole lot of love to give to the right person.

Pisces does not have a vindictive personality at all, even when betrayed. Pisces signs are much more likely to turn their hurt and frustration inwards instead of lashing out at anyone else.

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But not all of the other zodiac signs are equally receptive to Pisces’ emotional depth and intensity.

What makes the Pisces zodiac sign

If you want to understand Pisces soulmate compatibility, you have to start by understanding Pisces.

Of course, no two Pisces are the same, but the key astrological factors that shape and influence Pisces nevertheless mean that all Pisces have some core traits in common. Let us look at what these are.

Pisces is a water sign

First and foremost, Pisces is a water sign. The water signs are ruled by the water element and what it represents – namely emotion and intuition.

Water signs tend to be highly creative as well as spiritual. It is as though they have a direct line of communication with the cosmos that none of the other elements do.

Water signs feel things deeply and intensely. They’re romantics, creatives, sensitives, psychics. Pisces’ empathic nature means that Pisces feels not only his or her own pain, but the pain of others, as well as their joy. As a result, Pisces is easily influenced by his or her environment, and is sensitive to minute shifts and changes in the atmosphere of every room they enter.

One thing that all Pisces seem to have in common is an ethereal aura and a sense of being only somewhat tethered to the mundane world. Many Pisces have one foot planted in the tangible realm, and the other in a realm of dream and fantasy.

Pisces is a mutable sign

As well as being a water sign, Pisces is also a mutable sign. The mutable signs are the signs that end each season, and they are imbued with a liminal, flexible and open energy.

Since Pisces is already fluid and flexible, being mutable only adds to the dreamy nature of the Piscean character.

The liminal have the ability to embrace and roll with changes and new developments, and are capable of adapting to new environments quickly. On the other hand, they can also struggle with making decisions or remaining focused on a goal.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune

Each zodiac sign is ruled by a planet, and in the cases of Pisces that planet is Neptune.

Neptune is the planet of inspiration and the subconscious mind. It is also linked to dreams, illusions, enchantments and fantasy.

It is no coincidence that the planet Neptune takes its name from the Roman god of the sea, who is himself a version of the Ancient Greek god Poseidon.

Pisces is symbolized by a fish

Pisces is aptly symbolized by a fish. A fish is a denizen of the sea, while also representing something valuable that one wants to chase and catch.

Symbolically, a fish symbolizes spirit, inspiration and potential. A good example of this is the Page of Cups Tarot card. Here we see the young page holding a golden cup up in front of him while looking at the fish leaping out of the cup. The implication is that the Page is young, inexperienced and poor – but he’s got the potential in him, the inspiration to achieve greatness.

What Pisces is like in a relationship

Pisces is a romantic through and through. Some Pisces may present themselves with a veneer of cynicism in regards to love, but you can be certain that a large, overflowing heart is being behind the facade.

A Pisces is never happier or more fulfilled then when he or she is in love. You could even go as far as saying that Pisces values romantic love above anything else in life – they see love as the highest, the finest, the richest experience that life has to offer.

It follows that Pisces is extremely devoted as a romantic partner. Pisces is rarely interested in pursuing a one-night stand or just a fleeting relationship. What Pisces is really hoping to find, instead, is someone to shower with love and affection, preferably for a lifetime.

Pisces is the kind of lover that will shower his or her mate in romantic gifts, gestures and declarations of love, without a hint of irony. If your Pisces partner is a musician, a writer or an artist of some description, he or she will make you the subject of songs, poetry or artworks. In other words, you will be a muse to your Pisces.

Pisces is protective and nurturing of those they love. If you have a flu, your Pisces partner will bring you chicken soup and tuck you into bed.

Pisces are also family-oriented and will eventually, most likely, want to start a family of their own.

It is also worth underscoring that Pisces is highly intuitive, even psychic in many cases. Never play games with a Pisces – he or she can usually sniff out a pretentious person or a bad actor within moments of meeting them.

What Pisces is looking for in a soulmate

A Pisces in love will give a lot – and will also expect a lot in return.

What Pisces expects from a lover is nothing material. What Pisces craves is love itself – affection, devotion, attention, care and nurturing in abundance. In other words, a Pisces is not the kind of lover that will be content spending a lot of time apart.

If you’re in a relationship with a Pisces, you better be prepared to be present in the relationship. A Piscean partner is definitely the type to sincerely miss and long for their lover when he or she is away for even just a weekend. A Piscean partner may also feel hurt and slighted if their lover priorities career, friends or anything else above the relationship.

Pisces needs a trustworthy and loyal partner. Nothing would hurt a sensitive Pisces more than feeling that they have been betrayed by the love of their life. A Pisces scored may frankly never recover.

Because Pisces is a creative soul, a partner who is willing to collaborate on creative projects would be ideal. The collaboration could take any number of different forms, from renovating a house together to starting a band or a business, typically with the Piscean partner at the creative helm. Nothing would delight a Pisces more than spending quality time with his or her partner creating something together.

Pisces soulmate – these are the most and the least compatible zodiac signs

Now, are you ready to discover Pisces’ soulmate compatibility with the different zodiac signs? Let us dive right in.

Water signs

Fellow water signs usually make the best Pisces soulmates.

The simple explanation for this is that a fellow water zodiac sign is guaranteed to share many of the same qualities, desires and expectations that a Pisces comes into a relationship with. All of the water signs are essentially romantics that value romantic love more highly than anything else in this universe. Water signs are typically prepared to prioritise their romantic relationship over everything else – which is precisely how a Pisces wants it.

Pisces with Pisces is a harmonious match, where the pair of lovers may seem to altogether disappear into a world of their own creation. Together, two Pisces can dream and love like no one else.

Having said that, Pisces with Pisces may not always be the most constructive match when it comes to making it work in the real world. Pisces is infamous for being impractical and indecisive, so when two Pisces come together, they may find that they lack direction and decisiveness as a couple. Still, love may be enough to keep these two together.

Cancer makes for a great Pisces soulmate. Here are two people that share the same perspective on love and are very much on the same page in many other regards as well. However, they are still different enough from each other for there to be a sense of adventure and necessary friction. Pisces and Cancer are both romantic, devoted, nurturing and highly committed when they are romantically linked. However, Cancer is a little more practical and down to earth than Pisces, which means that things will still get done in this household.

Pisces with Scorpio make a wonderful couple. This pairing is creative, intense and deeply connected. Both of these zodiac signs enter into the relationship knowing deep inside that what they are after is a loving relationship wit the potential to last for the rest of their lives. Both also expect total devotion and nurturing from their partner.

Fire signs

Water and fire are known to cancel each other out, but is this always true? After all, opposites do attract.

Surprising as it may be, Aries and Pisces make for an interesting and dynamic match, where plenty of personal growth is bound to happen along the way. Aries and Pisces are wildly different, yet imminently compatible. Pisces will go to great lengths to nurture and love the Aries partner, who in turn will do their level best to help the Pisces partner realize their potential and manifest their dreams.

Pisces with Leo is one of those pairings that can be either a complete hit or a total miss. Needless to say, Pisces and Leo are very different, yet they are highly attracted to each other. Leo is drawn to Pisces’ mysterious and ethereal aura, while Pisces is drawn to Leo’s warmth and magnetism. Together, these two may form a fun, creative and oddball couple.

Pisces and Sagittarius are both mutable signs, which means that both share a love of adventure and a hunger for new experiences. Having said that, Sagittarius can be hard-headed and too direct for Pisces, who may experience some emotional upset and turbulence in this connection. However, these two still have the potential to build a lasting relationship if they manage to overcome their initial differences and potential notes of discord.

Earth signs

Earth signs and water signs have very different perspectives on life and they tend to value different things. However, when water and earth meet, they often have a way of forming something new between them.

Pisces with Capricorn is a highly unlikely match. Capricorn is a materialist, a capitalist and a hard-hatted strategist. In other words, Capricorn’s personality is almost the inverse of dreamy, sensitive and creative Pisces. While Pisces may consider Capricorn an admirable character and Capricorn can appreciate Pisces’ free-wheeling creative expression from a safe distance, these two are extremely unlikely to view each other as potential soulmates.

Pisces with the Taurus zodiac sign is a surprising but viable match. Both Pisces and Taurus value love above just about everything else. What’s more, Taurus’ practical and dedicated nature has a way of soothing and grounding the Pisces personality, providing the Pisces partner with much-needed emotional security. Pisces, on the other hand, inspires and appeals to Taurus’ desire for a loving, lasting relationship.

Virgo is also a suitable partner for Pisces. Again, we have a pair that balance each other out exceptionally well. Pisces and Virgo are both generous to their partners, and will both go to great lengths to make the other person happy, as well as emotionally safe and secure.

Air signs

Air and water is always an interesting combination. Both are highly movable and flexible elements, and when the two come together, it can be a perfect storm.

Gemini is a potential Pisces soulmate match made in heaven. Despite their differences – or perhaps because of them – this pair inspire and uplift each other in a number of important ways. The Gemini partner will have a way of coaxing and encouraging Pisces to pursue their dreams, while Pisces will inspire Gemini to be more vulnerable and sincere. Whether Pisces seeks Gemini out as a lover or even a best friend, there is growth and possibility in this connection.

Libra and Pisces are another oddly mixed pair, but this combination can be both harmonious and mutually inspiring. Libra and Pisces are both dreamers in their different ways, and both seek harmony and serenity in their romantic lives.

Finally, Pisces and Aquarius are an unlikely and often ill-advised match. If there is one zodiac sign that could be said to be the wrong person for a Pisces looking for love and commitment, that person is probably an Aquarius. While Pisces dreams of a long-term and reliable partner, Aquarius dreams of adventure, travel and new possibilities around every corner.

Conclusion: This is the ideal Pisces soulmate sign

When it comes to love, Pisces expects a lot from love. Just utter devotion, trust, romance and a lifetime commitment will just about do the trick.

When Pisces goes looking for serious, long-term fairytale love, it is important to understand that not all of the other zodiac signs are going to make equally suitable Pisces soulmates. Take a flighty, flirty Aquarius, for instance – an Aquarius is unlikely to be able to provide a Pisces partner with the devotion, security and constant affection that every Pisces craves.

Pisces’ best match is usually a fellow water sign – a fellow Pisces, a Cancer or a Scorpio. However, Taurus, Virgo, Leo, Sagittarius or Libra are all potential Pisces soulmate potential. In some cases, a particularly mature and reliable Gemini, or a level-headed Aries may also make suitable Pisces soulmates.

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Frequently asked questions

What sign should a Pisces marry?

Pisces should marry someone who shares the same values that are intrinsic to the Piscean personality. A few of these values include putting the romantic relationship before anything else, providing emotional security and reassurance, and being in it for the long haul.

Pisces is most likely to find his or her soulmate in a fellow water sign, or in a Taurus, Virgo, Leo, Sagittarius or Libra.

What is Pisces perfect match?

The perfect match for a Pisces is always going to depend on the individuals involved, but generally speaking, the ideal match for Pisces is a fellow water sign, particularly a Cancer or a Scorpi

What is Pisces soulmate age?

Some Pisces meet their soulmates early on in life, while others have to go through a few bad relationships before they truly get to know themselves and what they want from life.

What are Pisces attracted to?

Pisces are attracted to zodiac signs that are able and willing to provide them with plenty of love, devotion, affection, trust and reassurance.

Pisces is a zodiac sign that often struggles to feel emotionally secure and comforted, so every Pisces benefits from having a partner that is emotionally stable as well as attentive and romantic.

Is the Taurus zodiac sign the ideal partner for Pisces?

In most cases, Pisces and Taurus are a fantastic match. Both bring something into the relationships that the other is looking and longing for.

Pisces provides Taurus with ethereal beauty, nurturance and utter devotion, while the Taurus partner provides Pisces with security, stability and complete commitment.

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