Pluto Synastry

Pluto synastry: What does it mean to have a Pluto aspect in a synastry chart?

Pluto is a mysterious planet that rules the most profound areas of our psyche and emotions. Having a prominent Pluto in our natal chart means that we are connected with the darkest side of human nature, and approach our relationships from a deeply transformative standpoint.

Pluto synastry aspects talk about a passionate relationship that is very difficult to let go of or forget. Everything Pluto touches turns murky and difficult to handle, whether the aspects are soft or hard.

The transmutation process offered by Pluto is full of potential for evolution and growth. However, it’s painful and scary. It requires us to shed our old skin and embrace the unknown, which it’s always threatening (at least for the ego).

Pluto makes us go through our personal hell without warning or preparation. We will have to draw strength from where we did not know we had to overcome it.

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We’ll discuss the importance of Pluto in astrology, its meaning in our natal chart, and its significance in a synastry chart. We’ll leave out aspects between Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus because they are generational planets and their contacts impact the collective rather than each person’s life or relationships.

Suppose someone’s Pluto makes an aspect to one of your personal planets in a synastry chart. In that case, you’ll probably feel deeply attracted to that person, even to the point of displaying obsessive behavior on behalf of both partners. However, you can rest assured that the Pluto person always has the upper hand.

What is a Synastry Chart?

A natal chart is a snapshot of the position of the planets at the time and place you were born. This natal chart has specific aspects and elements that make up our unique personalities. When we overlay two natal charts, we can analyze the planets of one person in relation to the other person, which creates unique aspects (squares, opposition, trines, textiles, conjunctions) that form a specific dynamic.

Visually speaking, a synastry chart looks just like a regular birth chart but with twice as many planets or elements.

Synastry charts shed light on our relationships, strengths, blind spots, and how they affect each person individually.


This planet is named after the God of the Underworld and rules the zodiac sign Scorpio. Pluto rules our intense emotions, subconscious mind, and everything taboo we try to hide from the rest of the world (death, sexuality, secrets, and everything “below the surface”).

This planet makes us power-hungry, destructive and controlling. But not everything about this planet is bad and threatening. Pluto is also related to power, renewal, and transformation.

Pluto moves very slowly, which is why we share the same Pluto zodiac sign with people in the same generation as ours.

However, the position of Pluto by House is more personal and shows where we search for deeper meaning and experience transformation and control issues.

Pluto, in aspect to personal planets in our natal chart, makes the energies related to that planet more obsessive, intense, deep, and threatening. Pluto marks the experiences, relationships, and areas of our lives where we seek transformation. Denying or repressing Pluto’s energy or dark side makes it more destructive.

Pluto in the Houses

Pluto in 1st House

You emanate intense and mysterious energy that other people can sense when they first meet you. You intimidate others with your presence, even if you don’t do it on purpose or notice it.

You are also very secretive and protective of your privacy. This gives you an enticing air that generates intrigue with your presence. You might fear being rejected or minimized, although you never let your insecurities show. You never accept the surface of matters and like to delve into all situations to gather hidden information.

You must learn to over-exert yourself more than is necessary and stop viewing life and relationships as a battleground.

Pluto in 2nd House

You have a strong instinct when it comes to money and always strive for power. You can be possessive and attach sentimental value to material things. You may also dread poverty or asking other people for help. That’s why Pluto in the 2nd House could make you feel a compelling need for control over money and possessions.

You probably hate when other people take your things without asking permission. This placement may also lead you to experience some source of loss that leads you to understand that real worth and value come from within.

You are also an excellent planner regarding finances and can spot a good deal from miles away.

Pluto in 3rd House

This position makes you analytical and eager to find the hidden meanings of things. You have powerful communication skills and strong convening power that can influence large groups of people. You speak with authority, conviction, and decisiveness, making others feel like they are in good hands.

You may fear losing your identity through your words and are very reserved when talking to others to avoid revealing too much information about your identity.

Pluto in 4th House

Childhood experiences may have led you to be overly secretive about yourself. Perhaps, one of your caregivers was also secretive or ashamed of something, leading you to adopt this same pattern yourself.

Your family may hide a deep secret that makes you feel guilty, or something about your home place feels obscure.

One of your caregivers might have gone through difficult challenges and encouraged you to be resilient and look beyond the surface of things. This person may have tried to protect you from experiencing negative things, making you fear change as a result.

Another option may be that you have experienced painful or intense situations that have remained in your psyche, or you have absorbed the fears and obsessions of one of your relatives.

Pluto in 5th House

This placement gives you strong creative urges and leads you to invest much time and energy in everything that makes you feel passionate: arts, romance, or other creative activities.

You have an enthusiastic approach to romance and never engage in shallow or light love affairs. Another option is to constantly meet lovers with Pluto characteristics: intense, controlling, passionate, and powerful.

You may also be deeply interested in pouring all your heart and soul into your creative endeavors, but fear prevents you from doing so.

Pluto in 6th House

You take work intensely seriously and are very protective of your habits. You quickly become obsessed with finding answers to problems other people tend to overlook.

Pluto in your 6th House makes you great at research and analysis, but you can become obsessed with work and spend hours on no end finishing your tasks and honing your skills.

You fear criticism and can resent others controlling the work you do and your schedule. It’s best for you to be in charge of your work without a boss monitoring you to ensure you’re doing everything right.

You may also be interested in self-improvement and health and love to explore the connection between the mind and the body, seeking alternative healing therapies.

Pluto in 7th House

This placement makes you prone to power struggles in your relationships. You may fear and desire an intense connection in your intimate relationships but also feel resistant and fear losing control over yourself when falling in love. You also feel drawn to passionate, jealous, possessive, and influential people.

Your resistance can make your partner display obsessive behavior, fearing your loss or betrayal. You may also be the catalyst for others to uncover and face their fears.

You also have the potential to unlock your own power through your love affairs, which is not always a comfortable process. Feeling trapped in a toxic or complex relationship or struggle to find the deep and intimate connection your heart craves.

Working through your fear of losing the person you love without becoming controlling is important.

Pluto in 8th House

This placement makes you naturally drawn to all that is taboo, hidden, or secretive, leading you to live more unusual events than the average. You like psychology as it unveils the dark things people try to hide from the rest. You get bored easily during shallow conversations or situations and like to get to the heart of matters.

You are interested in healing therapists, occult sciences, hypnosis, and revealing life’s great mysteries.

Sexual relationships are complicated, passionate, and intense. You are fascinated with deep intimacy but simultaneously feel threatened and scared by them. This fascination leads you to experience nontraditional sexual affairs.

Until you don’t work through your own fears regarding control and joint resources, you’ll keep attracting controlling people into your life.

You have the potential to be a skilled healer and help others dealing with trauma or crises.

Pluto in 9th House

You may feel threatened when other people challenge your core beliefs and values. That’s why conversations and debates may easily turn into fights. You are keenly intelligent and persuasive, thanks to your probing intellect. You have strong opinions and are able to back up each and every one of your arguments as they are well-researched.

Some people with this placement can get obsessed with converting others to their beliefs. You may be suspicious of new ideas and dislike people who blindly follow a belief system without giving them deeper thought.

Your unique and profound ideas impress others who consider you a deep thinker. You are also adventurous and don’t fear taking risks, leading you to experience unusual ventures.

You don’t like sharing your ideas with anyone, but other people find you inspiring and persuasive when you do. For this reason, you could be a passionate teacher who enthusiastically imparts your knowledge.

Pluto in 10th House

Your alluring and mysterious aura makes you stand out from the crowd. You are an ambitious person who pursues your objectives with intense focus and determination. You want to improve yourself at all costs and are interested in understanding how everything works.

Your career and public affairs are important aspects of your life, perhaps because one of your caregivers was an influential public figure or was passionate about working in healing or research occupations.

Your presence is strong, which is why you never go unnoticed in social gatherings. Some people feel attracted to you for this reason, while others hate or feel threatened by you, especially in your professional life.

You are deeply committed and responsible, which takes you far in life. However, you don’t mind going against the grain and letting go of tried and true working methods. People with Pluton in their 10th House are particularly detail-oriented and perfectionist in their work. They are also great leaders and don’t like following other people’s authority.

Pluto in 11th House

Pluto in this House makes you experience power struggles and control issues within your friendships or social circles. Your social life probably undergoes drastic transformations, and you begin your friendships with intensity. Your friends must be loyal, and you make them go through different tests to prove their reliability.

You could be an influential leader because you believe group associations are powerful enough to change humanity. You want to make a difference and refuse to follow the mass.

Any group you become involved in will lead you to intense change and personal growth, which you may fear. That’s why you may have a deep aversion to organizations of any kind.

If you feel insecure about your own ideals or beliefs, you can easily fall under the influence of powerful or controlling people. But once you develop a strong sense of your drives and ideals, you can be an influential leader that propels social change.

Pluto in 12th House

This placement makes you explore the depths of your dreams and intuitively examine your spiritual journey. You are a deeply intuitive person with psychic and healing powers that help you predict other people’s motives.

You can understand other people’s struggles without needing to have gone through the same experience. You are also a secretive person who prefers to keep things to yourself, which could impact your physical and emotional well-being. Being more open and direct could help you find relief and contentment.

Don’t become your own worst enemy. This placement could lead you to push your own boundaries that make you engage in problematic situations or fall prey to unconscious reactions that undermine your mind.

Pluto Synastry

The Pluto synastry aspects are one of the most important to consider. The outer planets like Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are very prominent in synastry. Even the most positive contacts or easier aspects give this couple challenges, and some struggle to deal with them.

If this is the first relationship in which we have a Pluto aspect, it will be even more difficult to navigate. These experiences take us by surprise and alter our whole lives and approach to love. Having major Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto contacts within our natal chart is already difficult to manage. But when they come from a relationship via synastry, they can shock and paralyze us because we were unprepared for it.

Pluto does not have a good reputation. This planet is somewhat threatening, and it’s for a very good reason. Pluto is related to power struggles, jealousy, compulsion, control, obsession, and intense fear. It rules the deepest level of our consciousness, the deeper waters of our psyche, and the emotions that make our love affairs more passionate and intense.

All planets have a dark and luminous side, and the more self-destructive phase of Pluto is related to death. However, this planet can also help us better understand the dark side of human nature, break taboos, and empower us to turn our weaknesses into our most precious talents. Pluto offers us the impulse to heal, cleanse our hearts, and release the poison preventing us from having a more spiritual experience.

But let’s not forget that Pluto doesn’t ask our permission to go into our lives. We can’t complain or do anything about it more than go along for the ride.

When we find Pluto in our relationships, regardless of the planets it contacts, it gives us a transform our identity through a deeply romantic and sexual exchange with another person. This planet goes after this purpose with intensity, which can be frightening and overwhelming.

Some people believe Mars offers the same experience, but that’s not entirely correct. Mars goes after its desires in a simple, straightforward way. However, Pluto has a more profound purpose. It wants to test our limits and go below the surface to access our essence. Pluto is not as direct as Mars. It’s utterly attracted to the unknown because it offers a kind of necessary death.

Pluto will go through all challenges and trials to achieve what it wants, no matter the suffering. Life may not be the same after meeting a person with this Pluto contact, as if we had shed a layer of dead skin and our true essence, bright and powerful, emerged for the first time.

The ultimate goal of Pluto is healing and transformation. It strips us of our security blankets and coping mechanisms other planets offer to give us a false sense of confidence. Pluto will go deep into our psyche and see what is not working. As a result, it lets it die and gives way to a more vital experience.

Pluto’s attraction is alluring and hypnotic, impossible to ignore or avoid. Our ego does not want to shed its facade and clings to anything that gives it identity to keep it alive. But it has no chance of surviving with Pluto stalking it.

Our old self won’t survive, and we will be happy about it! After all, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Our true power and essence appear after our rebirth.

I would love to say that all Pluto synastry aspects are for the best, but the truth is that they are never easy to navigate. Yes, they will lead to ultimate transformation and empowerment, but the process feels like an earthquake that shakes our foundations.

Pluto has the purpose of removing any mental weed and psychological waste that no longer serves our evolution or has weak foundations. However, Pluto knows no boundaries and sometimes goes too far and doesn’t leave anything alive. This planet can be a healer that fosters new growth or can be a violent storm destroying everything on its way.

Pluto challenges our strength and takes us out of our comfort zone. When it makes contact with another planet in a chart, there is no way to escape it. It reveals all our secrets, taboos, and flaws related to that planet.

If Pluto touches Mars, my independence, drive, and self-confidence will be questioned. If it touches Mercury, your communication skills and mental abilities will feel jeopardized. When Pluto touches Venus, our self-worth, self esteem, and how we express our desires will make us feel overwhelmed and insecure.

When Pluto is in contact with Saturn it will make our foundations and tear down whatever it has built in the House Saturn resides. Pluto Moon contacts take a toll on our emotional self and could make us feel deeply insecure. It will shake and threaten all our security patterns and push us out of our comfort zone.

In a synastry chart, the Pluto person tends to have the upper hand in the relationship. However, both people have a mutual lust for this kind of overwhelming transformation.

Pluto penetrates our psyche like a weapon. They can hold their anger for too long and then unleash it like a raging volcano erupting. Their painful truths resulting from years of keen analysis will sting like poison.

Pluto aspects, either in a natal or synastry chart, bring this pattern of observation, analysis, and imminent explosion. Pluto will strike with all its force when you think you are safe or unable to defend yourself. This planet’s observation powers are sharp, but it’s not the most empathetic of all planets.

Pluto people are sometimes unaware of their flaws and desire to control and manipulate. These people can be unconscious of their power and won’t realize that this relationship feels like a battlefield.

They can be outright manipulative and deny it when confronted. The Pluto Person will push your buttons to their own ends. Let’s not forget that Pluto craves power, and most of these individuals were damaged children who grew to be deeply insecure.

Pluto people are charismatic and magnetic and need a great deal of self-work to give up these manipulations and use their power for good.

Pluto synastry aspects always involve power struggles. This couple constantly struggles to have the upper hand and control in the relationship. The Pluto person always influences the inner planet person, but the latter has the ability to make the Pluto person aware of their actions and behavioral patterns.

The inner planets can manage Pluto’s attack because they are immediate and more conscious. That’s why they will understand how Pluto transforms everything that comes their way. Let’s not forget that our soul’s transformation is the ultimate purpose of this planet.

Pluto rules self-exploration and analysis, always going beyond the surface, motivated by its intense desire to understand itself. On the brighter side, the Pluto person will take their partner by the hand and embark on a transformative, challenging, and sometimes scary journey towards a more intense and pure relationship.

The inner planet person gives Pluto a greater perspective, and the Pluto person will provide the will, drive, and desire.

Plutonian love affairs are not meant for everyone. If you prefer a peaceful partner with lots of air and balance, this relationship will be difficult to navigate. But if you want passion, intimacy, and to go beyond the surface of the earthly world, this companionship is just what you are looking for.

Pluto Synastry aspects


Sun Pluto aspects in synastry symbolize a very magnetic relationship. The Pluto person finds the Sun person charming and attractive, admiring their light as a spectator. They are naturally drawn to each other, and the Pluto person will let their Sun partner express their creativity and unique personality, following their pace to a degree.

Let’s not forget that the Pluto person always wants power. Once they decide that the Sun person has had enough space to wander around, they’ll suck them in. This could be a power couple if the synastry contacts are positive, like trine or sextile, as they can tap into their full potential when they are together.

But when it comes to a square or opposition, this relationship can turn into a battle of egos. The Sun person will try to get the upper hand and have things their way, but the Pluto person always goes beyond egos. They deal with our essence that lies behind the surface.

The Sun Pluto aspects can be found in romantic relationships but also other types of connections. Sometimes they seem to hate each other, but this is very far from the truth. They can manifest their wildest dreams into reality when they are together and combine their power.

When talking about conjunction, this powerful energy can be negative or positive, depending on how conscious the Sun person is. Nevertheless, this is one of the most potent synastry aspects you can find in a chart.


The Moon person is always too emotional and vulnerable for the Pluto person’s intensity. They usually experience intense fear when meeting this person as a battle begins to take place in their subconscious mind.

The Moon person feels the magnetic potency of Pluto so powerfully that it disturbs their inner peace and makes them extremely insecure. The Moon person craves Pluto’s love and attention but, at the same time, feels overwhelmed by their company. We would have to analyze the whole chart to determine the compatibility of this couple, but challenging aspects between the Moon and Pluto herald conflict.

Positive aspects like trines and textiles create a karmic tie and a powerful emotional connection. Both partners crave intensity and will share a passionate bond, even if this connection doesn’t translate onto a physical level. The Pluto person usually controls the Moon person, and it will be difficult for them to separate from each other. But if they truly love each other, they create a safe space when they are together.


This synastry aspect is one of the most powerful, especially when found in romantic relationships. The sexual attraction is intense and palpable, and power struggles abound, although it is a game that both are willing to play. The Venus person usually pushes the Pluto person away, especially when it comes to a square or opposition. However, the Pluto person returns every single time, no matter how many challenges they must go through to be together.

If they engage in a sexual relationship, it will be so intense that they’ll remember it their whole life. This is not a casual affair or one-night stand. It’s all or nothing between these two partners. They are passionate to the core, even to the point of dying for the other person.

This intense bond is not for everyone. Some dark and emotionally challenging situations could arise. This doesn’t necessarily happen all the time, but when it does, both people should be mentally strong to manage it.

Most of the time, the Venus person does whatever the Pluto person desires, although both want a deep, intense connection. It could be the most rewarding and healing relationship or the most soul-devastating. It is simply impossible to ignore.

Some of these relationships are connected with taboo. Both partners are drawn to dark themes and untraditional pleasures that they can indulge in the intimacy of their relationship. The attraction is so intense that nothing can keep them apart! Not even other people’s warnings or all the red flags in the world.

If you have had the chance to experience this kind of synastry aspect, you already know what I’m talking about. You want each other at a such a profound level that it is almost impossible to put into words.


Pluto and Mars together make a very potent and conflicting love affair. In the case of the easier aspects like trines or textiles, both partners feel strongly driven by one another and feel they can reach their greatest potential when they are together. They work together for the same goal, and their passions are in perfect sync. Now, when it comes to more challenging aspects like squares or oppositions, everything they do becomes so intense that it’s almost destructive.

If these two individuals are sexually engaged, their intimate encounters will be extremely intense and mind-blowing. But many couples who are not in a sexual affair and have a Pluto Mars synastry aspect seem to fight all the time and have a very competitive dynamic. Mars wants to fulfill its desires instantly, while Pluto takes time to analyze everything carefully and go to the heart of the matter.


All Pluto synastry aspects are very intense and deeply transformative. Some people even have more than one Pluto – inner planet aspect with other people, meaning that this relationship will mark a before and after in their lives. It will be incredibly difficult to let go of that person, even if the relationship doesn’t work anymore.

The attraction is intense, like a powerful magnet that doesn’t let you be apart from each other, But this doesn’t mean you are doomed! Pluto synastry aspects are a blessing in disguise if you are ready to work on yourself.

The best advice I can give you for navigating Plutonian relationships is: don’t control what is happening. Let yourself go through the experiences with your eyes open, your mind clear, and your heart anchored in your spiritual core.

This does not mean you must resign and accept all the dynamics that happen, especially if you are the inner planet person. Pluto finds ways to reach deep into your unconscious, uncover your greatest fears and desires and then use them to manipulate you and take you exactly where this person wants you.

That’s why relationships with Pluto synastry aspects feel addictive and overwhelming. It’s not easy to escape this planet’s tempting and deadly clutches, especially when sex is involved.

But, as I said before, this can be a blessing in disguise. This relationship can lead you to discover aspects and talents of yourself that you didn’t even know you had. Let yourself be transformed by the experience, and remember that you will never be the same person after being trapped by Pluto.

So don’t panic if you see this aspect in your synastry chart. See it as an opportunity to get to know yourself and accept this journey with awareness and optimism.

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