Everything You Need to Know About the Virgo And Cancer Friendship

Are you ready to learn more about what defines the Virgo and Cancer friendship?

Much can be said about this unlikely pair of pals. The first thing you should know about the Virgo and Cancer friendship is that these two signs, despite their many and obvious differences, are highly compatible. This is true both when it comes to building a long-term solid friendship, or even a romantic relationship.

In many ways, Cancer and Virgo complement and balance each other out. Both bring something to the table that the other is looking for outside of themselves. For sensitive Cancer, Virgo can have a grounding and reassuring effect that helps them feel stable and confident in themselves. And for Virgo, Cancer can inspire an emotional openness and softness that Virgo cannot always access on their own.

When Virgo and Cancer form a friendship, it can often turn out to be a life-long connection. And not only do these two wildly different signs support, nurture and inspire each other, they may also work well as creative collaborators or business partners. It is no secret that Cancer is famous for a having a vast imagination as well as a high degree of emotional intelligence. Virgo, on the other hand, tends to have a practical and analytical approach. When they merge their powers, Virgo and Cancer can bring so much enrichment and joy to each others’ lives.

Of course, there are also potential pitfalls to watch out for in the Virgo and Cancer friendship – and this article doesn’t shy away from looking at these, too.

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So, are you ready? Let’s get right down to business. Here is everything you need to know about the Virgo and Cancer friendship, its characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.

Virgo in the friendship

Before we can see how the two signs work together, we’ve got to take a look at each of them individually. If you’re already an astrology buff, you probably already have a good idea of what. both Cancer and Virgo are like, but for the rest of you, this overview is important.

The first thing you should know about Virgo, is that it is an Earth sign. Each signs tend to have a practical, goal-oriented and some would say materialistic approach to life. Virgos are famous for being great planners and organizers – and for not tolerating fools or betrayals of trust lightly.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication and divine inspiration.

Every zodiac sign is represented by a symbol, and the symbol for Virgo is a young maiden, a virgin. There is a sense of purity and perfection to everyone born under the Virgo sign – this is true for both the Virgo woman and the Virgo man.

Virgos are simply never satisfied with half-measures or sloppy efforts. They want to give it their all – and they also expect everything back in return. As friends, Virgos can take a long time to truly open up and share their innermost feelings. Despite being great communicators, Virgos are not comfortable letting anyone too close. This also means that if a Virgo confides in you about anything that is important to them, you can take it as a great sign of trust. In other words, take it as the huge compliment it is.

On first sight, most Virgos come across as cool and aloof. If there is one star sign that has perfected the art of the resting bitch face, it is Virgo. Virgos also tend to have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humour, and if your jokes fall outside of what they consider funny, Virgos are unlikely to laugh just to be polite.

Despite first impressions, Virgos can be extremely warm, loyal and loving – once you get to know them. In many cases, it is simply a case of persevering and sticking around for long enough for them to get to know you.

Once you have gained a Virgo’s trust and confidence, there is a pretty good chance that you have gained a friend for life. Virgos are picky about the people they choose to spend time with, but once they have let you in, they will be very reluctant to let you go again. Unless, of course, you betray or disappoint them in some major way, in which case you can expect to get frozen out of their lives forever without any second chances.

Virgo man

Virgos share many of their traits regardless of gender, but there are also some traits that can manifest differently depending on gender.

Virgo is often seen as a ‘feminine’ sign, probably because of the maiden symbol that is often used to depict it. However, there are approximately as many male Virgos out there as there are female ones!

The Virgo man is intelligent, cool, proud, perfectionistic and quietly confident. The Virgo man is rarely a typical alpha male, as he isn’t loud, doesn’t boast, and doesn’t necessarily like to be the centre of attention. You won’t find him starting a game of beer pong at the frat party.

Nevertheless, the typical Virgo man is an impressive character. Thanks to a combination of patience, smarts, hard work and dedication to whatever vision he is pursuing for his life, he is often very accomplished in his field. The Virgo man may be creative, but his true strengths are his intelligence, communication skills and that fact that he doesn’t shy away from hard graft in order to get to where he wants to go in life.

The best way to forge a friendship with a male Virgo is usually to collaborate with him or to work with him towards a shared goal or vision. If he senses that the two of you can help each other go places, he will usually warm up to you much sooner than he would have otherwise. It is almost as if you need to bait him with a professional or practical excuse to build a friendship.

Virgo woman

The Virgo woman is every bit as impressive as her male counterpart, although she usually has a bit of a softer edge and is a little easier to get close to as friend.

Female Virgos are usually withdrawn and aloof, and may come across as shy or reserved when you first encounter them. However, they simply don’t know you yet and tend to require a lot of time to warm up to new people.

The typical Virgo woman is fiercely intelligent, ambitious and dedicated to her objectives and goals. When it comes to her standards and expectations in life, she is uncompromising. She has a way of inspiring others to become their best and most ambitious selves.

All Earth signs value emotional peace and stability, but for the Virgo woman this seems to be particularly important. For this reason, the Virgo woman is very choosy in friendships and romantic relationships. She doesn’t like to waste her time and energy nurturing a relationship if it isn’t going to last or go anywhere.

The best way to win a Virgo woman over in friendship is to take the initiative and share of yourself first. If you gain a Virgo woman’s trust and she eventually lets you in, it will be worth the wait.

Cancer in the friendship

Now, let us take an equally thorough look at Cancer and what this charismatic water sign brings to the Cancer-Virgo connection.

Cancer is the cardinal water sign, which means they are highly creative as well as highly emotional. They are also plugged directly into the divine source, and their minds are always overflowing with inspiration and ideas. It is no wonder why Cancers are known to be dreamers and romantics.

Like all of the other zodiac signs, Cancer is defined by a symbol; a crab, with two large claws. This symbol perfectly describes the typical Cancer individual, as it is soft and sensitive on the inside but has a hard shell and is very capable of defending themselves and what they believe in if necessary.

Cancer people is often misunderstood, because they tend to keep their emotions bottled up on the inside and have a hard time putting them across. Cancers feel things very deeply, but they always seem hesitant about letting others see the full extend and depth of their emotional experience.

At first sight and on first meeting them, Cancers can come across as shy and reserved. However, as soon as they have established an emotional connection with you, usually based on whether or not they like your vibe, they will open up and share some of their inner world with you.

When gripped by their feelings, Cancers can come across as being very intense. When they channel this quality properly, Cancers can express their intensity in art or other creative endeavors.

Cancer man

The typical Cancer man is imbued with the soul of a Romantic poet. This, of course, does not necessarily mean that he is a poet, or even that he is a creative in a traditional sense, but rather that he possesses the ability to see and draw out the essence and beauty in all things.

Cancer men are always inspired and full of ideas – so much so, they’re practically overflowing. Whether they work in a creative field or not, male Cancers get inspired easily and have a knack for thinking up novel solutions to any problems they encounter.

Both Cancer men and women seem reserved when you first meet them. This is not because they are necessarily disinterested in getting to know you or forging a friendship, but they are usually not ready to open up and trust you right away.

The best way to start building a friendship with a Cancer man is to notice and appreciate his creative input and originality. It is important to Cancer men to express themselves and feel like they are being heard, so pay attention when they speak and make a point of sharing of yourself and your experiences in a way that inspires him to open up as well.

Another important piece of advice regarding building and maintaining a friendship with a Cancer man: Never, ever, betray him or make him feel threatened. He’ll neither forgive or forget in a hurry.

Cancer woman

The typical Cancer woman is wildly emotionally intelligent as well as creative. She may be an idealist and a bit of a dreamer, but if she finds the right collaborators and friends, she can unfold her natural talents and pursue her dreams with incredible results.

When you first meet her, the Cancer woman comes across as quietly mysterious and perhaps a bit shy. However, once you get to know her, she will be one of the most emotionally nurturing people you will ever meet.

Cancer women are incredibly empathetic and care deeply about making the they value feel appreciated and taken care of. In a friendship with a female Cancer, it is important to remember to give back, rather than simply take.

If you want to start building a solid friendship with a Cancer woman, start slow. Share of yourself and encourage her to share of herself as well – but never pry or push. Cancer women take a long time to open up and become comfortable in new friendships, so simply give the connection the time it needs to deepen and grow strong.

What both Cancer and Virgo have in common

Cancer and Virgo are both choosey when it comes to who they decide to trust and spend time with. Both of these star signs see their trust, time and energy as valuable resources, and they don’t want to squander them on anyone undeserving.

Often, Virgo and Cancer will find that they have some of the same goals and common objectives that they can connect over. These goals might be professional, personal or spiritual. Either way, they form solid foundation of trust and mutual understanding.

In many ways, Cancer and Virgo form a perfect team, whether we are talking professionally or as friends.

Key differences and potential conflicts in the Virgo-Cancer relationship

There are some areas where the Cancer and Virgo compatibility is low.

Cancer’s sensitive nature means that Virgo’s criticism – which can be both frequent and scathing – can result in many hurt feelings on Cancer’s part.

Virgo likes to communicate clearly, directly and without too much filter, and will feel restrained if they have to walk on eggshells around their Cancer friend in order not to cause upset. Virgos tend to be deeply principled and if they dislike something their Cancer friends says or does, they won’t hold back their criticism.

Also, Virgo can find Cancer’s emotional nature rather draining at times. Virgo is more analytical than emotional, and doesn’t like to get sucked into emotional dramas or depths all that often.

The Cancer-Virgo love match

Yes, indeed, Cancer and Virgo can potentially work extremely well together as a romantic couple.

When Cancer and Virgo fall in love, they have what it takes to build a solid and lasting romantic connection. If the two have an existing friendship by the time they catch romantic feelings for each other, their relationship already has a solid foundation to stand on, because they will already be aware of each other’s differences and any challenges these might bring into a relationship.

In a romantic relationship, Cancer’s deeply emotional and committed nature means that they can be the reliable and loyal partner Virgo is dreaming of. Cancer, meanwhile, will love the sense of security, loyalty and attention to detail the Virgo partner brings to the relationship.

When it comes to feelings, intimacy and sex, Cancer and Virgo can both be rather reserved and when the two first get together, they may struggle to really let each other in. However, both also possess strong communication skills – particularly Virgo – so they usually manage to get past any initial awkwardness and distance.

If Cancer and Virgo work deliberately on their relationship over the long term, the two can develop an exceptionally strong and deep emotional connection as well as a deep, intrinsic trust. If these two zodiac signs decide to get married, there is the potential for a truly happy and stable marriage where both partners thrive.

Cancer and Virgo as collaborators and business partners

When it comes to creativity and business, Cancer and Virgo work incredibly well together. When these two signs bring their different qualities to the table in a creative or professional setting, they often complement each other absolutely perfectly.

Cancer is a cardinal sign while Virgo is a mutable sign. What this means in practice is that Cancer is a wellspring of new ideas and inspiration. Cancer can be very entrepreneurial in the way in which they seem to be plucking amazing ideas and inspiration out of thin air. Virgo, on the other hand, tend to jump from one idea or project to another, and like to have many plates spinning at once.

If Cancer manages to catch Virgo’s interest with a plan or a project, Virgo might well join in with a whole bunch of grit as well as the world-class organizational skills for which Virgos are known.

When Cancer and Virgo work together, they each have a profound respect for what the other is capable of and brings to the table. They’re unlikely to fight over territory or butt heads over different objectives en route to achieving their shared goals.

The bottom line: Are these two zodiac signs meant to be friends?

So, what is the verdict – is the Cancer and Virgo friendship meant to be, or are the signs simply too different to get along?

Despite their many differences, Cancer and Virgo compatibility is usually extremely high. This is because these two star signs complement each other extremely well and bring something to the table that the other intrinsically wants and needs.

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Frequently asked questions

Do Virgos and Cancers get along?

Yes, Virgos and Cancers tend to get along famously, though of course it depends on the specific Cancer and Virgo in question.

It is a well-known fact that Cancer and Virgo tend to be very different from each other – but when it comes to friendship compatibility and even romantic relationship compatibility, the two often complement each other and bring out the best in each other.

What is a Virgo’s best friend?

When it comes to building long-lasting friendships, the Virgo zodiac compatibility is usually best with Cancer or Taurus. Both of these starsigns are loyal, and they tend to live up to Virgo’s high expectations and exacting standards. Both are also very balanced individuals – a quality that Virgos are intrinsically drawn to.

While Virgo may not open up to either Taurus or Cancer right away, a perfect foundation for a friendship to eventually blossom exists right from the start.

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