Virgo Cancer Compatibility

Are you ready to discover the truth about Virgo Cancer compatibility?

There is no doubt that Virgo and Cancer are two extremely different zodiac signs. Virgo is an analytical and materialistic Earth sign, for one, while Cancer is an emotional Water sign and often a bit of a romantic dreamer.

Despite these fundamental differences, Virgo and Cancer compatibility is surprisingly high. These two have a way of drawing out the best qualities in each other, while both bring something to the table that the other deeply craves. When all goes well, Cancer-Virgo compatibility hints at the potential for a lasting emotional bond.

However, there are also some very important pitfalls and pot holes that this couple need to steer clear of. Because where these two clash, discord and misunderstandings abound. Fortunately, some solid communication and learning to accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses can go a long way towards helping this zodiac pairing transcend their differences and enjoy a lifelong romance.

Are you ready to learn more? Then let’s dive in.

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The Virgo zodiac sign

Virgo is the mutable Earth sign, symbolized by a young and fertile maiden. Since times immemorial, the Virgo star sign has been associated with practicality, harvest and a pristine and meticulous attention to detail.

Virgos, both men and women, tend to be perfectionists and can be absolutely scathing in their criticism of anything or anyone that falls short of their sometimes impossibly high standards. But Virgos are never unfair – they always apply their unforgiving standards to themselves first and foremost.

Whatever a Virgo sinks their teeth into, they want to become the best. Not so they can brag or show off, but simply for the sake of satisfying their own inner critic. The typical Virgo can loose sleep over a project that has been left unfinished or imperfect.

Virgos are deeply principled people and rarely do things to impress others. Of course, Virgos like to be acknowledged and recognized for their achievements, but they are not known to boast or flaunt. They’re subdued, quiet, and surrounded by a generally mysterious and alluring aura.

When you first encounter a Virgo, they can seem aloof and disinterested. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are. Virgos are simply reserved and find it difficult to open up to new people on short notice.

Whether in personal or professional settings, Virgos always arrive well prepared – they don’t like to wing it, and are planners and organizers, although they are the most spontaneous of the Earth signs.

As lovers, Virgos tend to be loyal and dedicated. They are willing to give a lot, and they also expect much in return. There are, of course, Virgos that are looking for flings or sleeping around, but for the most part, the Virgo man and the Virgo woman are both looking for lasting and reliable relationships.

Virgo’s ideal partner is someone who can help them relax and ease up that tightly wound energy that Virgos always seem to be carrying around. Virgos are not naturally good at letting their hair down, so it is good for them to have a partner or spouse that can bring out their free spiritedness and their fun-loving side. And because Virgos can be rather stoic and unexpressive when it comes to their emotions, a partner with whom they don’t have to put on a front is also important.

The Cancer zodiac sign

Cancer is the cardinal Water sign and is depicted as a crab, the sea creature whose soft and vulnerable inside is hidden by a layer of armour.

The image of the crab really is a perfect metaphor for the Cancer personality. Cancer individuals are the type to reserve all of the best parts of themselves for those who know them best. It can take a really long time go get under a Cancer’s skin, but once you’ve earned their trust and won their heart, they belong to you for life. Unless, of course, you jeopardise the connection by being disloyal or dishonest.

Emotional Cancer is slow to trust and to love, but their devotion is worth the long wait. Cancer individuals are like treasure troves that only open up slowly, but there is gold and rubies inside.

Cancers are not only famous for being highly emotional, but also for being tremendously creative. All of the intense emotion they hold within, combined with the fact that they are highly intuitive and spiritually switched on, is the perfect storm that makes Cancers born artists.

By the same token, it is also true that Cancers can sometimes lack grounding and practical sense – which is one of many reasons why they can benefit so much from having a Virgo partner.

Cancers tend to care deeply about the people in their lives – everyone from their family and friends to their coworkers and casual acquaintances. Whether we are talking about the Cancer man or the Cancer woman, they have an incredibly nurturing nature and feel compelled to take care of everyone around them. If there is one friend that everyone in a friendship group confide in, that person is usually a Cancer.

In romantic relationships, Cancers are truly committed and loyal. In most cases, Cancers will be looking for a long-lasting and down-to-earth relationship, rather than a superficial and temporary fling. Cancers get deeply emotionally invested when they are in love, so they do not want to squander their emotions on someone that doesn’t mean business.

The truth about Cancer-Virgo compatibility

Now for the truth about the Cancer-Virgo love match.

On the surface of things, it looks as though the romantic zodiac compatibility between Cancer and Virgo should be rather low. After all, these two signs are wildly different in several fundamental ways.

And yet, the ways in which these two zodiac signs are different happen to slot in perfectly together. Let us look at why that is.

There is a strong potential for deep connection

Both Cancer and Virgo are initially reserved when they first meet. This means that it usually takes a substantial amount of time for these two to really get to know each other. What’s more, Virgo, despite being the sign ruled by Mercury, the planet and God of communication, can often struggle to open up and verbalise his or her true feelings. Emotional Cancer, meanwhile, is reluctant to open up until he or she feels secure in the relationship.

However, once these two do open up to each other and start sharing their emotions and thoughts without inhibition, they will often find themselves forging a deep and intense emotional bond.

This match has staying power

When Virgo and Cancer form a relationship, these two astrological signs have the ability to bring out new and fascinating sides of each other. In other words, these two have the ability to truly blossom in each other’s company.

Early on in the Virgo-Cancer relationship there may be some initial hurdles to overcome because of their differences – but once these have been ironed out of the relationship, there is the potential for a lifelong romantic story to unfold.

Key Differences between Cancer and Virgo

Virgo and Cancer’s differences are part of what makes their relationship dynamic interesting and compelling, but when the two clash, it can also strike a note of discord into their harmony.

Here are some of the important potential pitfalls to watch out for in the Cancer-Virgo relationship.

Virgo is an Earth sign, Cancer is a Water sign

The first major difference between Cancer and Virgo is that their star signs belong to different element. The Virgo partner belongs to the practical, earthy and materialistic Earth signs, while the Cancer partner belongs to the intuitive and emotionally-driven Water signs.

Earth signs are known for being practical, meticulous, organised and strategic. They tend to be very goal-driven and are natural born problem-solvers. They also trust their sense of logic more than their intuition. They’re intelligent, hard-working and imbued with plenty of good common sense. They also value material objects and beauty, and tend to place great value on their possessions and measurable achievements.

Water signs are quite different from Earth signs, in multiple ways. First of all, Water signs are more driven by intuition and emotions than by thoughts and logic. They’re much more likely to be spontaneous and to go with their gut feeling, rather than trying to puzzle things out logically. Water signs are highly creative, nurturing, and sometimes also rather chaotic.

Virgo is a mutable sign, Cancer is a cardinal sign

Another important difference that exists between Cancer and Virgo is that Cancer is a cardinal sign, whereas Virgo is mutable.

All star signs are either cardinal, fixed or mutable. Whether a star sign is cardinal, fixed or mutable depends on its order in the season. Once you get the hang of it, it is easy to remember that cardinal signs start the season, fixed sign embody the essence of the season as fully as possible, while the mutable signs wrap up the season and help it transition into the next.

Depending on whether a star sign is cardinal, fixed or mutable, a different shade of its element is going to stand out. The cardinal signs, including Cancer, are born leaders and are great at taking initiative. They’re always full of ideas and have an incredible sense of drive. They tend to be highly motivated and great at rallying others to their cause.

Fixed signs are hardworking, reliable and deeply conscientious. They are the most intense embodiment of their zodiac element.

Finally, the mutable signs, to which Virgo belongs, are the highly adaptable fine-tuners of the zodiac. They welcome change and newness, but also have a tendency to become overstimulated and overwhelmed when they have too many choices or too much on their plates.

Key challenges in the Cancer-Virgo relationship

Now, let us take an honest look at som of the key challenges that every Virgo-Cancer couple are bound to run into over the course of their liaison.

Cancer’s easily bruised feelings

One of the most common clashes experienced by Cancer and Virgo couples is a discord between Virgo’s unfiltered communication and Cancer’s delicate feelings.

It is Cancer’s nature to be deeply and intensely emotional. And while this is positive in some ways, Cancer will have to learn not to take Virgo’s criticism as a personal attack.

Virgo’s unrealistic expectations

Virgo, on the other hand, will have to learn to approach the relationship with a realistic outlook.

Virgo always sets the bar high, and fully expects everything to live up to a set of often rigid and unrealistic standards.

Conclusion: Is the Cancer-Virgo relationship what dreams or nightmares are made of?

When the Virgo-Cancer relationship works, it really, really works.

Most of the challenges that the Cancer and Virgo couple will encounter in their relationship are likely to happen and to be resolved early on. These have to do with communication and with finding a middle ground between Cancer’s emotional nature and Virgo’s unforgiving expectations.

The greatest ongoing challenge in this relationship is likely to be one of open and direct communication. Virgo has a tendency to not reveal his or her deepest emotions to anyone, and Cancer has a tendency to get hurt when Virgo expresses anything but praise and agreement.

However, if the Virgo and Cancer partners can connect despite their differences, they can be exactly what each other need, each bringing a vital piece to the table that the other deeply desires in a relationship.

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Frequently asked questions

Are Virgo and Cancer a good match?

This may be a surprise to some, but Cancer-Virgo compatibility is extremely high and these to disparate characters often make a great romantic match!

Virgo is practical, analytical and well-organized, while Cancer is creative and romantic. When these two manage to find their middle ground, they each provide something that the other is, for want of a better word, lacking. Virgo gives Cancer a sense of security and structure, while Cancer inspires Virgo to become more emotionally open and relaxed.

Because these two star signs complement and complete each other so well, they have real staying power as a couple. Initially, they may face their challenges, simply because they are so very different from each other, but if they can work these out their relationship can truly blossom in the long run.

Can Virgo and Cancer be soulmates?

Absolutely. When Cancer and Virgo first meet, they may not immediately recognize the true potential of their romantic connection. However, once these two warm up to each other and get past the initial hurdles that inevitably arise on the basis of their very different temperaments, the bond between them has the opportunity to grow and deepen.

Virgo and Cancer can often take a while to forge a deep emotional bond – mostly thanks to Virgo’s reticence when it comes to being emotionally open and vulnerable – but once the bond has been established, these two may develop a real soulmate connection.

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