Who Should Aries Marry?

Who should Aries marry?

Aries is the cardinal fire sign, known for its hot-headed and impulsive yet absolutely real and steadfast nature. Aries always tells it like it is and is a doer more than a dreamer.

If you are an Aries yourself, or if you are close to one, you already know that Aries natives are thrilling people to be around. They have a way of making things happen and making things interesting.

The typical Aries views life as one great adventure, replete with conquests to be made and dragons to be slayed. Aries is the heroic type, and views him-or herself as the main character of the story, and for the most part, others around them tend to agree.

But what does any of this tell us about which of the other star signs would make the best romantic partners for Aries? The answer is, a great deal. If we look at Aries’ personality traits and attitude to life, it becomes easy to see which of the other zodiac signs have the highest romantic and marriage compatibility with Aries.

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Decoding the Aries zodiac sign

You don’t have to be an astrologer to wrap your head around the astrological factors that influence and shape the Aries personality. Here is a brief overview:

Aries is a fire sign

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about the Aries star sign is probably the fact that it is a fire sign.

The fire signs are known for their powerful charisma, boundless energy, and hot tempers. Generally speaking, fire signs love the spotlight and are perfectly at ease as the center of attention. They’re natural-born entertainers, and love to entertain others in various ways.

Fire signs are the kind of people that turn heads when they walk into rooms. They are said to simply have that ‘it’ factor that makes them impossible to ignore.

Another important trait that the fire signs have in common is their impulsiveness. Fire signs don’t like to mull things over for long periods of time – instead, they make snap decisions and get things done. They’re doers rather than dreamers, and they are often able to pull of amazing feats, riding on pure self-belief and enthusiasm. A fire sign absolutely will bite off more than he or she can chew, but because they believe in themselves so fully, things often work out for them. It’s a kind of magic.

Aries is a cardinal sign

As well as belonging to the fire signs, Aries is also a cardinal sign.

The cardinal signs are the signs born at the beginning of each of the seasons, and so there’s a cardinal fire sign (Aries), a cardinal water sign (Cancer), a cardinal earth sign (Capricorn) and a cardinal air sign (Libra).

Cardinal means primary, and these signs are said to embody the primary essence of their element. In other words, none of the other fire signs are as archetypal as Aries. Aries came first and possesses the self-confidence and powerful aura to prove it.

Aries is ruled by Mars

Each of the twelve star signs on the zodiac wheel is ruled by a planet, and for Aries, that planet is Mars. This one astrology aspect alone can tell us a lot about the Aries personality.

The planet Mars takes its name from the ancient Roman god of warfare. It was originally given this name because of its blood red coloring.

Mars represents power, rage, fire and passion. It’s an incredibly powerful, potent and animated energy.

The fact that Aries is ruled by Mars is evident in multiple ways. For one, Aries has a short fuse and a big temper. It doesn’t take much to awaken Aries’ passionate rage.

On the other hand, being ruled by Mars also means that Aries is always full of energy and enthusiasm. An Aries is never indifferent or laid-back. Instead, Aries is an active force in the world, an actor on the stage rather than a member of the audience.

Aries is symbolized by a ram

Aries is symbolized by a ram, which is a symbol of sheer life force, virility and determintation.

Like the ram, Aries is hard-headed, stubborn and untamable.

This is what Aries is like in a relationship

Now we are getting to the truly interesting part of this article where we will be answering the question of what Aries is like as a romantic partner. Based on your newly acquired insight into the typical Aries personality traits, you can probably already make some qualified guesses.

It goes almost without saying that Aries is an incredibly passionate, loyal and dedicated lover. Aries never does anything by half measures and goes all in when he or she is in love.

Because Aries is a very active and energetic character, he or she will want to share many exciting adventures with a potential lover or spouse. If you are with an Aries, you can forget about sitting at home and reading a book. Aries might be up for the occasional movie night but will never become a homebody.

Love, romance and physical relationship aspects are all incredibly important to Aries. If an Aries is attracted to you and in love with you, you won’t doubt it. When it comes to relationships, Aries natives don’t like to beat around the bush or play games – they’ll always be very upfront about their wants, needs, wishes and desires.

While being with an Aries is guaranteed to be a passionate adventure, it is also worth being aware of the fact that it may not always be smooth sailing. Aries has a big personality, a big temper, and often a big ego to boot. Because of this, it can be challenging for the the partner of an Aries to take up the space he or she also needs in the relationship.

This is what Aries wants in a relationship

So, what does Aries want in a relationship?

Of course, every Aries is a unique person with his or her own unique set of wants, needs and preferences. However, based on what we know about the Aries personality, it is still possible to make some broad yet shockingly accurate generalizations.

Aries wants a committed partner that he or she can trust completely and implicitly. One of the ways in which Aries’ flaring temper manifests is in a penchant for jealousy and possessiveness in romantic relationships. An Aries simply won’t tolerate a lying, cheating or deceptive partner.

Aries also wants a companion to share adventures with. The typical Aries will be a very active and adventurous person, so a homebody partner may feel like a constraint or even a deadweight. In many cases, Aries is very physically active and loves to seek out challenges and thrills, whether these take the form of jet skiing or mountain climbing.

An Aries will also want a partner that is both comfortable and confident in him or herself. While Aries has a big heart and can be very compassionate, he or she is not interested in carrying their partner through life.

Yet another important point worth highlighting is the fact that Aries requires plenty of affection and physical touch from a partner. A cool and distant partner is no match for a passionate Aries.

Aries compatibility Sun signs

Now for the real talk. Here are the most compatible signs – and the most incompatible signs with Aries.

Fellow fire signs

A fellow fire sign is almost always a good match for Aries. The reason for this is simple – fire signs share a number of core personality traits that guarantee a high degree of mutual respect and understanding. Their shared traits often result in a quick bond.

Two fire signs together make a passionate, fun, outgoing and charismatic couple. In many cases, the Aries-Leo or the Aries-Sagittarius pairing can become a true power couple.

If there is one fire sign Aries should think twice about getting romantically involved with it is a fellow Aries. Aries is such a big personality and possesses so much raw fire that two Aries together can simply be too much. While a double Aries pairing may enjoy a passionate whirlwind romance, their affair may not be able to sustain itself as a long-term relationship.

Water signs

Water signs and fire signs seem to come from different planets. They are truly as different from each other as night and day.

Water signs are sensitive, intuitive and highly emotional. In relationships, they require plenty of reassurance and attention from their partners.

While a relationship between an Aries and any of the water signs isn’t automatically doomed to failure, it is a highly unlikely match.

If there is one water sign with whom Aries may be able to find common ground and forge a long-term romance, that sign is Cancer. Cancer is the cardinal water sign, and as such, shares some traits and tendencies with Aries. Indeed, Aries and Cancer may find lasting love in each other, as each represents something that the other wants and craves; a loyal, dedicated and sincere romantic partner.

Air signs

When fire meets air, the result is often exciting and explosive. The air signs are known for being highly intelligent, charming and communicative. It is easy to see why Aries natives are often drawn to them.

Aries and Libra are very different from each other, yet highly compatible. Both are passionate, driven and charismatic. Their union simply makes sense.

Gemini is, perhaps surprisingly, one of the most highly compatible signs with Aries. Aries loves Gemini’s ability to bring both fun and a jovial lightness into the relationship. Gemini never takes anything too seriously, which means that he or she can handle Aries’ temper when it flares.

Aries and Aquarius have the potential to be the ultimate power couple. Here is a pair that can inspire each other and spur each other on.

Earth signs

Finally, let us take a look at Aries’ compatibility with the earth signs.

The earth signs tend to move at a very different pace from Aries. Aries is quick, impulsive, always in a hurry. The earth signs, by comparison, are slow and deliberate in their approach to almost anything. What’s more, they value a degree of stability and structure that a fiery Aries simply can’t get onboard with.

Having said that, there is also common ground between Aries and the earth signs in terms of what they value.

Aries and Capricorn are somewhat compatible. Both are stubborn and driven, but they are often motivated by very different things. For Aries, adventure and acclaim are the big draws in life, while for Capricorn power and prestige tend to trump it all. In most cases, this couple work better as collaborators than as a romantic couple.

Taurus is the earth sign best known for its aesthetic sense and security-loving nature. However, Taurus also has a temper, so when Aries and Taurus get together, we are dealing with an imminently hard-headed couple where the two signs may end up locking horns more often than not.

Finally, Virgo and Aries may make ideal partners for each other, if they manage to work out their initial differences and get on the same page.

Conclusion: This is who Aries should marry

The answer as to who an Aries should marry isn’t simple. There are so many considerations to take into account – and someone’s star sign is just one part of the puzzle.

Having said that, knowing a potential partner’s sun sign can be incredibly helpful when it comes to determining whether or not the two of you have a real shot at long-term compatibility.

Generally speaking, Aries is most highly compatible with other fire signs – particularly with Leo and Sagittarius. Air or earth signs can also be marriage material for our passionate and driven Aries, while the water signs, generally speaking, are the least compatible.

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Frequently asked questions

What sign should marry an Aries?

Fire signs tend to be highly compatible with each other, and Aries is no exception to this rule. However, Aries with another Aries might be a little too intense for either partner to handle. In an Aries-Aries relationship, the two partners share the same strengths, but also the same weaknesses.

The other two fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, are both powerfully attracted to Aries, and vice versa. When Aries gets together with either Leo or Sagittarius, the result is a fiery and passionate romance with great long-term potential.

Gemini and Aries are also a fantastic match. In this case it is true that opposites attract. Both Aries and Gemini possess qualities that the other finds fascinating and enchanting. Gemini is outgoing, charming and silver-tongued while Aries is forceful, direct and blustering. When these two signs get into a romantic relationship, interesting things are bound to blossom from their union.

Who are Aries attracted to?

Aries is attracted to people who are passionate, driven, creative and intelligent. It is no wonder why Aries natives often choose fellow fire sign as romantic partners.

Aries natives can also be very attracted to any of the air signs due to their wit, humor and charm.

Aries are the least attracted to the water signs, as they tend to be emotionally demanding and very sensitive. Aries requires a partner who can handle Aries’ signature directness and blunt approach.

Who soulmate is Aries?

If there is one zodiac sign that has the potential to be Aries’ ideal soulmate, that sign is most likely Leo, the fixed fire sign.

Sagittarius and Gemini are also strong contenders.

Who should an Aries avoid?

Aries don’t tend to get on very well with any of the water signs – particularly not gentle and sensitive Pisces.

Aries and Pisces are quite literally as incompatible and different as fire and water. Aries is energetic, forthright and action-oriented while Pisces is a gentle and sensitive dreamer. In an Aries-Pisces friendship or relationship, the Aries partner may feel annoyed by Pisces’ delicate feelings sand general lack of action, while the Pisces partner will find the Aries partner rude and insensitive.

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