21 Questions for A New Relationship

Are you searching for the best 21 questions for a new relationship?

Starting a new relationship with someone is always exciting. There are lots of new possibilities and exciting things that you can do together. It is important to ask 21 questions for a new relationship to get to know your new partner a little bit better. These questions help you to be on the same page and to gain a deeper understanding of your relationship energy, or just to know each other on a deeper level.

It is important to ask questions for a new relationship at the beginning so you can save yourself the awkwardness later on. Asking the key question is the most important thing. That way, you can build the foundation to keep your relationship strong.

21 Questions for a New Relationship

Here are the 21 relationship questions that you can use on your new partner that can prove pivotal in your effort to establish a long term relationship.

1. Are you looking for a future commitment?

You might think this is too upfront of a question to ask for a new relationship. However, it’s a great one to ask because it establishes open and honest communication at the start. It also helps you to gain insight into how your partner thinks.

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Not everyone is on the same page about their relationship types. Some people like to be in a relationship to have a good time while others prefer the long term commitment. Don’t waste your time by knowing from the start if you have the same goals about your relationship moving forward, regardless of what the future holds.

2. What is your idea of a perfect day?

This is one of the best relationship questions for new relationships because it helps to establish an interesting conversation. It might not be a serious relationship question but it is very insightful. You will be able to know a person’s interests and what they enjoy most in life.

3. If you had a million dollars, where or how would you spend it?

This is a fun question to ask in new relationships because you won’t feel awkward asking your partner about it. And yet, questions related to money are important in any relationship, old or new. Knowing how your partner likes to spend money reveal to you where their priorities are in life. It will also indicate to you if that person’s interests are aligned with you or not.

4. What is/are on your bucket list?

Most people like to have an adventure and that is what a bucket list is for. Start a fun conversation with your new partner by asking them about the items they have on their bucket list.

Asking this question reveals your deep interest for them and also helps you to learn more about their personality.

5. What are your biggest fears?

You need to be extra careful when asking this question for a new relationship as some people might be uncomfortable about it. You need to know your partner enough before you ask this question.

Talking about their greatest fears can bring back past trauma. If your partner refuses to talk about this, don’t push them farther. You must understand that not everyone deals with this issue in the same manner. Make sure to be respectful.

6. What is your favorite meal?

From a dark to a fun question, this is a great conversation starter in new relationships. There are so many options when it comes to your partner’s favorite meal so it would be interesting to see what they picked. More importantly, pay attention to their explanation as to why it’s their favorite. Make sure you also share about your favorite meal, if they asked you in return.

7. What is your love language?

Different people have different ways of expressing their love to their partner. Ask your new partner about their love language so you can be on the same page as to how you express your love and affection to one another.

A lot of conflicts arise because the way they express love are not aligned. Some people want their partner to be more physical but their partner has other ways of showing their love other than physical touch. Once you know the difference, you will have a broader understanding of how to make your relationship strong.

8. What is the best gift you ever received?

Just like the question on their favorite meal, pay attention to your partner’s explanation why they picked that item as their best gift. Some of these gifts might not even be worth much in terms of its monetary value. Therefore, tap into their emotional side so you can get to know them on a different level.

9. What for you are deal breakers in a relationship?

It is one of the 21 questions for a new relationship to help you determine what turns them off in a new relationship. That way, you can act accordingly and get your boyfriend or girlfriend to become more interested in you.

10. What do you enjoy doing most on your free time?

A good relationship is built on spending quality time together. It is important that you know what your partner values in a relationship and what they focus their efforts and resources on during their free time. This will help you find time to do things that you both enjoy.

11. What is your conflict style?

Knowing about your partner’s conflict style is important because you are bound to engage in conflict at one point or another. Just like their ways of expressing love differs, people also differ in how they handle conflict. It is important that you are on the same level when dealing with conflicts so that you can overcome them and focus on building a growth oriented relationship.

12. How do you define cheating?

Cheating is a subject that many new relationships deviate from. However, it is important to include this in the 21 questions for a new relationship to see what your partner thinks about cheating and if you agree with it.

It is also a good time to know if your partner had cheated before or if they’ve been cheated on. Their answers can impact your relationship moving forward because it establishes trust between the two of you.

13. What are your spiritual beliefs?

For some people, sharing the same beliefs with their partner is important to them. For others, not so much.

Whatever applies to you and your new relationship, you can ask this question. This will help determine if you have compatibility issues or not, as far as your spiritual beliefs are concerned.

14. How do you define self care?

It is important to find a partner who values self care and their well being. Therefore, asking this question is a must at the start of any relationship. How do you expect your partner to take care of you and support you physically and emotionally if they can’t do that for themselves? You can save yourself from a lot of trouble later on, especially when dealing with toxic relationships.

A strong relationship consists of two complete individuals who are healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally. You would not want to spend your relationship taking care of this other person.

In addition, knowing about the person’s interest in self care will help you to find a common ground to connect. For example, you might both love doing yoga or working on your fitness. These things can give you more opportunities to do things together and to encourage each other to be healthier.

15. When was the last time you cried? Why?

This is one of those relationship questions that you have to accept your partner might not be open to responding. However, if they do respond, it will give you insight into their past relationships and how those ended. It is also a great way to see another side to this person that they might not have revealed before.

16. What is your greatest talent?

This is a fun question you can ask your boyfriend or girlfriend. This question helps to encourage them to open up to you and share things that they might not have shared before. Their talent might surprise you – or not. However, it will help to strengthen your emotional bond and connection with each other as it allows you to become vulnerable and be open.

17. How do you decide you can trust someone?

This is a serious question that you can ask someone at the start of your relationship. Trust is the glue that brings a relationship together. Therefore, it is important for you to know your partner’s view on trust and how they find you trustworthy.

This question is also important so that you know how to act around them and what you must do to earn their trust.

18. Are you emotional or logical?

This is another upfront question that some people might be uncomfortable to answer. Again, you have to be respectful if they are not keen to share.

However, asking this question will help you to get to know this other person a little bit better. It will provide you with insight as to how you can relate to them, or how they respond to certain situations that may or may not directly impact your relationship. It is important that you are aware of their tendencies at the start.

19. When did you realize we are perfect for each other?

It takes boldness for someone to step up and ask this question, especially if you’re in a new relationship. But this question will help you to understand how you were able to win over the other person’s affection and attention for you. It will also help you to continue to work on the things that they like most about your relationship so you can make it stronger over time.

20. How does a healthy relationship look like to you?

Ask your partner to describe their idea of a healthy relationship. Pay attention to their answer as it will help you understand their view on relationship and what they value the most. Take note of the specific details of their answer so you can work on that to help bring your relationship to the next level.

21. Who or what brings meaning to your life?

This question will allow you to get to know the person on a more personal level. The things or persons that give value and meaning to their life is a good indicator of their family traditions, his upbringing, and how he or she is like as a person. It will also help you to see where their views on relationships are coming from.

Final Thoughts on 21 Questions for a New Relationship

The 21 questions for a new relationship will help prepare you and your new relationship about taking things to a deeper level. It could also reveal a side of the person that you might not have seen before. Therefore, you should always keep an open mind when you decide to ask questions in a new relationship because it shows how much you have to know about this person. At the same time, you have to keep your eyes open because these questions could reveal major red flags that you have to acknowledge early on. It allows you to establish your compatibility with each other and the potential for a serious relationship.

Communication is one of the secrets to a lasting relationship. Make sure you establish this as the most important thing to keep your relationship strong right off the bat. You should never be shy about asking any of the 21 questions for a new relationship. If your partner makes you feel that you shouldn’t be asking questions, take this as a red flag. They have entered into this committed relationship with you so you should both make an effort to spend quality time and to get an insight into what or how your partner thinks.

No relationship is perfect. However, building the foundation of a good communication and honesty right from the start will have a significant impact to your relationship success in the long run.

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FAQs on 21 Questions for a New Relationship

What questions should I ask in a new relationship?

Every new relationship is unique. Therefore, asking 21 questions for a new relationship is only a guide. You can choose the questions that are most relevant to your relationship with your new partner. The best questions for a new relationship will also depend on how long you’ve known each other.

For example, the questions you ask a partner you’ve known for three weeks differ with someone you’ve known for three months. You have to evaluate your relationship dynamics before you come up with new relationship questions. You can consider any of the above 21 questions for a new relationship at any stage of a new romance.

What are some deep relationship questions?

Deep relationship questions are ideal for those that have the potential to develop into a serious relationship. These questions help to strengthen your connection with each other so you can be on your way to having a committed relationship. When you ask these types of questions, you can also assess your partner’s interests and future commitment in the relationship.

What are good intimate questions?

Intimate questions do not just refer to a person’s sex life. Asking this new person intimate questions also include dealing with topics that they hold dear, such as their biggest fears, their love language, and how they define cheating.

Intimate questions for a new relationship can be tricky. But once you pull it off, it will help set the ground rules for your relationship and get you to start talking or be honest with each other.

How do I make my connection deeper?

Encourage a healthy and interesting conversation with your new partner. This will give you an insight into their personality, their family dynamics, and their future plans.

If you ask them questions for a new relationship, you should also be open to being asked some questions yourself. Always be willing to give an honest answer because you would expect your new partner to do the same for you if you ask them questions.

What do you talk about when you start a relationship?

If you are in a new relationship, it can be difficult to know what topics would make for an interesting and fun conversation. You are still trying to get a feel for their personality so you can be on the same page.

You can use any of the 21 questions for a new relationship as a conversation starter by asking a fun question and then eventually getting to know them on a deeper level. Communication helps bring two people closer together in relationships, new or old.

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