Karmic Relationship

What are karmic relationships, and how can a karmic connection transform your life?

If you have ever felt such strong and intense feelings for someone that the attraction almost drives you crazy to the point of obsession with this person, you have experienced a karmic connection.

The feelings are so strong and the connection seems so right that it makes you feel like you have met your soulmate.

But then later down the road, you realize that your fights and arguments are just as intense as your feelings for each other. One second you feel like you can’t live without each other and the next second you find yourself wanting to kill the person.

And yet despite the damaging lows of your relationship, you still find yourself going back to each other’s arms at the end of the day.

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Although you somehow know that even though this relationship has engulfed you in the flames of passion and madness, it is a fire that is bound to extinguish and end in smoke one day.

This is what psychics would call a karmic relationship. If you feel like you are in one right now, you should know about karmic relationships to help you understand your situation.

Here, we will give you all the basic stuff you need to know about it and answer a few questions that you may have in your mind.

What is a karmic relationship?

A karmic relationship is a relationship that is often viewed as unstable and turbulent because it has unbalanced power dynamics. This type of relationship feels passionate and exciting at first but it can also be equally damaging and toxic.

You will usually feel an intense connection at first – you can either hate or love them. Then, you will constantly run into each other and once you get to know each other, you will feel like you have known each other for a long time.

As your relationship grows, it will come to the point that you will be co-dependent on each other. You feel like you are addicted to the person’s presence.

The sex is amazing, you focus on nothing else but each other, and it feels like your partner is perfect. You are blind to each other’s flaws.

But later, you will no longer be blindly in love. Negativity will set in and once it starts, it will hound your relationship constantly.

You will be fighting all the time and the fights will be intense. You will start to doubt and be suspicious of each other’s intention.

You will grow tired of your situation but you will still find yourself going back and trying to work it out. You will find it hard to let go of this relationship – no matter how toxic it can get. There will be numerous break ups until you reach the one that puts an end to the madness.

It is a sick carousel and an emotional roller coaster but once you learn to get off, you will stay off for good.

An interesting theory about karmic relationships involves reincarnation. In fact, according to Eastern philosophy, it is a connection between karmic partners from a previous life that has been rekindled in this lifetime.

In this theory, karmic partners have met in a previous lifetime and your souls are brought together again to sort out unresolved issues or unfinished business. The souls are said to agree in their past lives to meet again and correct past hurts in another life.

When karmic partners meet again, it is a chance to clear out karma for the evolution and enrichment of their souls. You can either break up or grow and get closure in this lifetime. Either way, you walk away with a karmic lesson.

Signs that you have a karmic relationship

Are you not sure if what you have is a karmic relationship? Take note that the experience can be different from one person to the next.

Here, we gather some of the most common signs of a karmic relationship or indications that you have a karmic partner.

There is an instant connection and attraction

When you first met your partner, it is either you hated them at first or you loved them immediately – there is usually no middle ground.

The moment you met, you seem to run into each other all the time as if you feel magnetically drawn to each other.

You then find that you are drawn in too quick and you feel an instant connection between the two of you.

You feel like you know each other from a past life

When you start spending time around each other, you feel like you have the same soul level.

It is as if you have known each other for a long time and you feel comfortable around each other.

It feels like fate had intervened to make you meet or something predestined and mysterious.

You feel like you are addicted to the person

There is just something intoxicating about your partner and you can not get enough of their presence. You want to see your partner all the time.

You feel like you can not last a day without seeing this person. And when you are together, you forget everything else because you are entirely focused on your partner.

Karmic relationships often have that addicting effect at first.

Both of you are codependent

Emotions are always running high in a karmic relationship and this usually comes with codependency. You find it hard to spend time apart and you start to neglect your family and friends because you prioritize each other and prefer to spend time alone.

Although co-dependency may feel sweet at first, you will soon realize that it is not healthy. You should be able to allow each other to have your own time and space for other things outside your relationship.

The sex is amazing

Passion is taken to another level in karmic relationships. Sex between you and your partner is often hot and wild as if you are both giving out all consuming passion. You think you know each other’s body language so well that you swear you could be soul mates.

But despite you feeling that it is the best sex that you ever had in your life, it is a quick and fleeting pleasure. Once the act of passion has died down, you will feel like something is lacking.

Most people ignore this because the physical connection between karmic partners can be so addicting. It is one of the reasons why they keep coming back.

There is a lot of drama

Although not all relationships are smooth sailing, karmic relationships happen to have too much drama rocking the boat.

The problems are usually continuous to the point that there is always an unsettling feeling in the air even if you are not fighting.

It’s the kind of relationship where you are never quite sure where you stand and you find yourself constantly questioning the motives of your partner.

You feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster where you go through a lot of emotions in one day.

Communication issues

Miscommunication is pretty common in karmic relationships. There will be a lot of times when you find it a struggle to understand each other – especially during arguments.

You find it difficult to read each other and talk things over. It’s like you are playing mind games with each other constantly.

This is why karmic relationships do not last since communication is an important foundation in any kind of relationship.

Arguments are always out of hand

Small and petty issues always go out of hand because the both of you argue intensely. These fights are not just fireworks – they are more like nuclear bombs.

You both often cross the line during arguments by getting personal and offensive. Once you start arguing about something, it will quickly turn into an argument about everything.

It usually takes days for both of you to cool down and make up because every fight is so emotionally exhausting.

There are a lot of red flags

Karmic relationships have a lot of red flags because it is the kind of connection that has the potential to bring out the worst in you and your partner.

There will be angry outbursts, violent jealousies, the need to control, and other things that are sometimes out of your character.

Something feels off even if you are both okay

Even in moments of peace, there is something that feels off between you two. There is a certain discomfort, heaviness, or dread that you carry around.

It’s as if your gut instincts are telling you that there is something wrong. It’s usually a feeling that you can’t shake off and can make you paranoid.

You do not feel safe

When the highs are too high and the lows are too low, you end up feeling vulnerable and scared of your own feelings.

How can your romantic partner love you so much one day and then treat you like you are a curse the next?

You start to wonder if you can really trust this person with your heart. And soon enough, you will find yourself anticipating the next argument or the next rejection.

It will come to a point that you will start to doubt a future together.

They bring out the worst in you

You may be the type of person who could not even harm an insect but the next thing you know, you are physically hurting your partner over a silly argument.

You may seem to be a calm person but then you will find yourself attacking another person in a jealous rage.

Karmic relationships bring out your dark side. Sometimes you often end up being shocked by your partner’s and your own behavior.

Your morals and values are put to the test

Do you tolerate behavior from your partner that you would usually never stand for in another person?

Maybe you do not want drugs but you tolerate their drug addiction. Maybe you do not condone affairs but you find yourself in one.

Karmic relationships usually test your character. What are you willing to put up with for your partner? Where do you think you should draw the line?

You may be tolerating more than what you would like to admit.

You sabotage each other

Sometimes a karmic relationship is so toxic that you end up sabotaging each other’s happiness and destructing your own relationship.

You often find yourself in difficult push pull ways in your life together and it makes your relationship extremely difficult.

It’s a relationship where instead of feeling like a team, you feel like you are competing with each other.

Someone has to have the upper hand and sometimes, you would risk hurting each other just to make the other feel inferior.

Repetitive negative patterns

Numerous unresolved issues can put a huge strain on your love life. Sometimes in a karmic relationship, you deal with the same issues all over again.

No matter how well you worked things through, the same mistakes keep happening.

If you or your partner keep making the same mistakes when you know that it would hurt the other, this is no longer a mistake – it is a conscious act already.

You feel exhausted all the time

The constant ups and downs of being in a karmic relationship will take a toll on you.

You may feel like everything is exciting at first but later on, you will feel that you are tired most of the time – mentally and physically. It can even give you bad health conditions.

And the longer you stay in the relationship, the more it drains you. The relationship turns into a pervasive weight on your shoulders and you feel like you are perpetually exhausted from carrying it.

You can’t sustain the relationship

Karmic relationships are hard to sustain and they are hard to handle. This type of relationship will take more than they give.

It will come to the point when it will feel toxic. You will feel that you have already given your best and your all but it will never be enough.

You may feel frustrated at the thought of this relationship not working out when you had such a strong connection at first. But you are not putting anything to waste.

Take note that the good times are often just in the early stages and you have gone way beyond that now.

Realizing that the relationship is unsustainable means you know it is an unhealthy relationship and that your karmic connection with each other is done.

Spiritual growth and life lessons have been instilled and all you have to do is break free so you can get to your soulmate relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can karmic relationships turn into healthy relationships?

Looking at most karmic patterns, a majority of karmic relationships do not work out despite the intense connection.

According to relationship expert Bonnie Winston, “Karmic relationships are love lessons.”

Karmic relationships are usually the kind of romantic connection that is epic but are not meant to last. But that does not mean they are less filled with love.
The love may be real but the negativity is not good for your well being.

Why does a karmic relationship happen?

A karmic relationship may mostly be a negative thing but they do serve a purpose – and that is to teach us a lesson.

They are something that everyone has to go through either to serve as a lesson and be better people or to correct a past hurt that you have caused in a past life.

Can I have a karmic relationship with my soulmate?

The chances of this happening are very low. After all, a karmic romantic relationship is meant to be temporary while a soul mate relationship is one that is meant to last for a long time.

Your soulmate should be someone that you connect with on a deep level. Soulmate relationships will be easy, gentle, calm, and deep.

A soulmate relationship is a healthy relationship. So, it is unlikely to be karmic.

Is a karmic relationship an abusive relationship?

A karmic relationship may share some characteristics of an abusive relationship but not all karmic relationships are abusive.

When emotions are running high, people can get violent or can lose their minds and do abusive things.

But there are also karmic relationships where the pain is limited to emotional hurt and intense arguments without necessarily abusing each other.

If you find yourself in an abusive relationship, it is very important that you get help. An abusive relationship is worse than a karmic relationship and you need to get out of it as soon as possible.

You can get help from family members, friends, and wellness professionals. Having a strong support network is important for you to get through this.

How can I end a karmic relationship?

Karmic relationships are so intriguing – you never know what could happen next. And it is because of this that people are not ready to break from it right away.
The only way to end a karmic relationship is to break up just like any other kind of relationship you have in life.

You need to realize that you have had enough, that it is time to realize your self-worth, and walk away.

If you have difficulty finding a way out because you find yourself often coming back, it may be best to get help from a family member, a friend, or a relationship therapist.


Karmic relationships are something we have to go through to learn a lesson.

It may sound like a difficult and terrible thing to experience but you should not lose sight of its divine purpose.

Now that you know the signs of a karmic relationship, you can easily fix the situation. The important thing is that you know that you have to end them eventually.

After all, a karmic relationship is ultimately an unhealthy relationship that should not last. They are meant to be complicated and painful. If you do not walk away, you can harm your mental health.

If you are in one right now, work at clearing out your karma. Practice self-love and forgiveness.

It may be hard to let go at first because of the intriguing nature of the relationship but you will eventually learn to let go of your karmic relationship.

And once you do let go, you will find that the lessons you have learned from that relationship would actually help you have better romantic relationships in the future.

You will see that what was once an intense, passionate love will soon be forgotten in a time when you meet the right person who was meant to be by your side for a long time.

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