How To Perfect Your Full Moon Ritual

Moon rituals have existed throughout human history. The potent lunar energies are useful for many different purposes, from forging a deeper connection with your inner self through meditation, to manifesting profound changes in your life.

The moon energy is a powerful force, and can be channeled into just about any purpose or direction you wish.

The full moon vibration is heady and volatile, so it is important to arrive at your full moon ritual well prepared and with clear intent. With the right knowledge, the right timing and the right intention, you can harness the magical current of the full moon and use it to enhance any area of your life where a little pizzazz is needed.

There is a full moon ritual is for everyone

We all have access to the forces of nature

Performing a full moon ceremony is the equivalent of planting a lightning rod where you know that lightning is going to strike. The universe is brimming with power and energy, waiting to be harnessed and directed by a skilful magician, someone willing to search for it and use it.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be highly experienced in magical practice in order to tap into the full moon’s enormous potential for healing, manifestation and raw power. It simply means that you have to be willing to show up and tap in when the moon phase is right.

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It doesn’t occur to most people that working with the vast forces all around them is even an option. By having the awareness, you are already miles ahead of the pack.

How does the full moon affect us?

Does a full moon affect mood?

Whenever a full moon hangs in the sky, bathing our world in its mystical moonlight, everything is heightened and intensified.

Emotions run high. Suicide hotlines get a disproportionate number of calls. Crime rates spike.

The archetype of the werewolf exists for a reason. In the full moonlight, we all lean a little closer into our animal instincts, for better and for worse. Under its influence, we are more likely to lower our inhibitions and release our shadows.

It is a well-known fact that the moon controls the tide. That the human body consists of up to 60% water is another well-known truth.

Despite no one having worked out the connection yet between the human mind and the pull of the moon, it is clear that one exists.

Why is magic extra potent on the full moon?

Working while the magical tide is in

Everything takes on extra potency on the full moon. This is true for emotions, libido, and of course, magic.

You can perform ritual any time you like, but it is easier to surf when the metaphysical tide is in – and when the full moon is here, so is the magical tide. Performing rituals on the full moon is like paddling with the stream instead of against it.

One well-prepared, well-executed full moon ritual beats any number of vague attempts at random times.

What do you do with a full moon energy?

There are plenty of ways to harness, direct or capture the potent lunar energy.

It is important to remember that the full moon’s draw and power are both external and internal at the same time. This means that you can absorb the lunar frequencies both with your body and mind, and with tools of your choice, such as crystals.

If you store the lunar frequencies, you can release and use them when they are needed.

Not all full moons are created equal

The moon energy fluctuates and takes on different hues, depending on which sun sign it is passing through.

This is not always important, but in some cases, being aware of which full moon is the best fit for a specific magical working is a vital ingredient in making it work.

For example, full moon in Taurus would be an excellent choice for a full moon ritual aimed at manifesting wealth. Full moon in Leo is the ideal choice for a full moon ritual designed to conjure up greater self confidence, while full moons in Aquarius is suitable for a ritual aimed at getting that new app you have designed off to a good start.

There is also the new moon to consider

While full moon rituals are more commonly performed and talked about, it is not the only part of the moon cycle that is useful in magical workings and rituals. There is also the new moon to consider.

While the full moon symbolises completion, fruition and birth, the new moon symbolises conception. This could be the conception of new ideas, the initial spark of new love, or simply a deepening communication with your own inner self.

The new moon specialises in bringing hidden potential and opportunities to light and conjuring up answers from your own subconscious.

Rituals during this part of the lunar cycle may be more more low-key, focused more on inner attainment and conception than on outer materialisation.

The history of lunar magic

Full moon rituals have existed in all cultures since the dawn of time. No matter what our individual cultural heritage, our ancestors had a long and rich tradition of working with the lunar aspect and its mysterious vibration.

In today’s comfortable, technology-driven reality few remember that we are still completely reliant on the natural world. It’s particularly easy for those of us who live in major cities (and wouldn’t know the difference between barley and wheat even if our lives depended on it) to go through our lives more or less oblivious to Mother Nature, her moods and cycles.

But go back far enough and everyone was acutely aware. They had to be – their survival depended on it.

Thousands of years ago people did not intellectually comprehend even a fraction of what we know today, but they possessed something extremely valuable that most modern peoples have let slip from their grasp: A deep intuition and connectedness with the divinity of nature.

It is unsurprising that ancient peoples revered the sun and the moon as deities. They were considered father and mother, god and goddess. People looked to them much like small children look to their parents, for nurturing.

The majority of tribal ceremonies and celebrations were in honour of the god and goddess; to give thanks to them and to draw strength from them.

The lunar goddess

Because the moon has always been associated with the goddess and with the night, its connotations include femininity, fertility, child birth (or, if you will, manifestation), mystery, creativity, imagination, sensuality, things that are hidden, shape-shifting, the unconscious, the unknown.

Looking at these associations, it is easy to see how some of them tie into tribal fears and superstitions.

We all know that everything looks different at night; the familiar becomes unfamiliar. But before electric light and with the ever-present threat of being attacked by another tribe, the pitch-black night with its strange sounds and slithering creatures must have seemed a truly terrifying place.

Then we have the mystery of child birth and the hidden darkness of the womb, where the magic of new life is formed and grows for nine months. Naturally, in the days preceding any biological understanding, it seemed like women possessed the mysterious and all-important power to create new life.

It is easy to see why the goddess was revered, and feared. Without her, the tribe could not continue – she was the bringer of life, the creator, the nurturer, the hidden and secret elements all around us. But all of the dangerous creatures and energies of the night were also considered her domain.

Your own full moon ritual

Unlike the lunar rituals of the past, rituals today are rarely focused on fertility, and they are also not reserved for female practitioners. Anyone can potentially tap into and work with the lunar cycle.

What is important is an understanding of what the lunar aspect represents and what kind of energy you will be working with when performing a full moon ritual.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it come to magic, moon magic included. Moon rituals can be as varied and diverse as the people performing them.

For a full moon ritual to be truly potent, it should be tailored to suit your specific magical intentions and flavour. Reciting an obscure incantation from a 15th Century grimoire might seem clunky and archaic to you. Whatever you decide to you do for your full moon ritual, it is important that it is empowering and exciting to you.

What is possible in a full moon ritual?

Your own full moon ritual may focus on a number of different things. Ultimately, only your imagination and willingness to expand your horizons limits what is possible.

Some simply like to use the full moon as a way of connecting with nature or practice self care. Others may use it as a magical launchpad for sending powerful intentions out into the universe in order to manifest desires.

Only your own imagination sets boundaries for what a full moon ritual can be.

Overall, the lunar energy lends itself best to the manifestation of desires and the honing and heightening of creativity, inspiration and perception.

Because the full moon is so potent in manifestation, it presents a fortuitous time to cast love spells, enter into spiritual contracts (This should never be done lightly), or focus on some well-deserved self care.

In some instances, the full moon energy also lends itself well to invoking or evoking various spiritual forces or entities. The lunar energy itself is a potent elixir – you can channel or direct it into just about any pursuit you choose.

If you are preparing for your first full moon ritual, I recommend starting out with a relatively simple ritual, finding your magical stride, and if you so desire, working your way up to rituals that are more complicated and elaborate.

How do you do a full moon ceremony?

Remember that there are no rules – you can do a full moon ritual without any tools or props. All you really need is the full moonlight and clarity about the working you plan to undertake.

The intention

Before diving headfirst into ritual mode on the next full moon, it makes sense to first get crystal clear on the purpose of your ritual. What do you as a magic practitioner wish to gain or experience from your full moon ritual? Setting your intention is the very first step.

Examples of what the ritual intention could be include attracting a new job opportunity, making another person fall in love with you, manifesting a house sale, healing an ailment in your body or your mind, realising a moneymaking idea or greater self love.

The space

It is important to perform your moon ritual in a suitable space, typically at home. The space doesn’t need to be of any particular size or dimensions, but it should be private and undisturbed, at least for the duration of the ritual.

The time

The timing of lunar rituals is, of course, important.

As mentioned earlier, the lunar frequencies take on a slightly different vibration depending on the time of year. Other things can also influence your ritual, from lunar eclipses to foggy weather. It is important to be aware of all of these things as you plan your ritual.

If you are in the good habit of keeping a magical journal, start taking note of the moon phases and any correlations and patterns you notice in your own mood and energy leading up to the ritual. You can use a moon app to easily track the moon cycles.

The tools

As the full moon is drawing near, you also need to find the magical tools you are planning to use in your ritual. Being well prepared is key to a successful working.

Tools can be bought, made or found. Typical implements include crystals (moonstone), essential oils and incense. Ylang ylang, peppermint or cedar wood are the most obvious choices as they are associated with the lunar frequencies.

The method

There are as many different ways to approach a ritual as there are people performing them.

Your ritual can take place internally in meditation, or it can take place in a traditional magician’s circle. Don’t self-censor the ideas that come to you as you decide what the best way is for you.

This is your practice. Anything that feels like it belongs in the ritual belongs in the ritual.

The moon ritual

Before you begin your ritual, check in with yourself to make sure you are ready, that your intentions are clear, that any distractions or negative vibes have been cleared from the space.

Take your time to open or close the windows, burn some incense and prepare anything you need to prepare.

There is no rush – this is your ritual, your time. In many ways, crafting a ritual is a powerful act of self care.

Moon Water

On every full moon, I charge a bottle of clear distilled water with the raw power of the moonlight.

Sometimes, I’ll use the resulting water in a later ritual, or I’ll use it to consecrate other spiritual tools or jewellery. I’ll typically prepare much more of it than I need, so I can use it liberally throughout the year. The full moon may come around once a month, but full moon in Scorpio only happens once a year.


Moonstones Crystals make great vessels for spiritual power. Few crystals are as suitable for lunar workings as moonstone. This stone is pretty much moonlight in solid form. Place this stone on your nightstand or some other place where the light is going to hit it.

Charging moonstone in the light of the moon enhances its positive qualities. Moonstone can help you restore your mental and emotional balance if it has been lost or compromised. Moonstone also supports the digestive and reproductive systems, enhances patience and stimulates the third eye chakra.

Lunar intentions

The lunar frequencies help us release our inner potential and shed inhibitions.

I often set intentions or make plans on the full moon, where I am feeling more free and powerful than at other times. Putting on a suitable playlist, lighting candles and incense and simply writing down your intentions is a simple but powerful ritual to help you get clear and unstuck.

Place bold requests with the universe – set intentions for more love and beauty to come into your life.

Lunar sigils

To amp up the intensity of an intention-setting ritual, something you may want to do is turn the crystallised intuition into a sigil and burn it.

Another thing you can do is charge it in the moonbeams and carry t around in your pocket like a slow-release talisman.

How do you know if your ritual is successful?

There are both subjective and objective ways of knowing if your working has been successful.

If you set any one very clear intention and perhaps even a specific timeframe, this makes the success of your easily verifiable.

The ultimate goal of lunar workings

The ultimate goal of any lunar working is self-realization, self care and self empowerment.

Become the founder and creator of your own spiritual path

A magical working is not an end in itself; it is a process. It is a dialogue between you and the universe, and it is a powerful form of self care and self love.

This is why I say your ritual cannot fail, because by showing up for yourself in sacred space is a victory.

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