How to Get a Boyfriend

Are you unsure of how to get a boyfriend?

There is a romantic belief that true love will find its way to you. If you’ve believed that, you might also be wondering why you haven’t found the perfect guy yet. This romantic idea is a false illusion that has led many women to believe that their soulmate and the right guy will magically fall into their laps. It’s time to change that mindset. If you want to know how to get a boyfriend, the best relationship advice you can get is to go out there and start looking!

Whether or not it’s been a long time since you were last in a relationship and you are ready to find a boyfriend. You’re in luck because this guide will tell you everything you need to know to find your potential boyfriend, and even your one true love.

The dating scene has completely transformed since the arrival of dating apps that enable you to meet your prince charming online – even if they are halfway across the globe from where you are. But don’t close your eyes to the possibility that you could stumble upon your next partner in a local coffee shop. This is what makes dating exciting – there are lots of possibilities and you should be excited about the idea!

Below you will learn how to get a boyfriend in two ways: online or offline (aka real life). Whether you are into online dating or you want a traditional relationship, there are tips to suit your dating preference.

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How to Get a Boyfriend Online

Online dating is very common these days. The advancement in technology and the proliferation of dating apps make it easier to get a boyfriend even when you are not the outgoing type and you’re at home most of the time.

There are lots of differences as there are similarities with online dating as it does with dating in real life.

Set Up an Online Dating Profile

The most important step to online dating is to create your dating profile. The goal is to make your profile intriguing enough so it stands out from the rest!

Use a high-quality picture as your main profile photo. Make this your best photo because it is the first thing that a person sees about you. It has to leave a good first impression.

Aside from your photo, add an intriguing description. Your profile must provide a general overview of you as an individual but don’t give everything away. Leave some for when you get to talk with them online or in person.

Stay away from clichés when building your profile. Make sure to evoke positive emotions and to showcase your personality. Try to be as genuine as possible. The right person will be drawn to you.

Choose Your Platform Wisely

Not all dating sites and dating apps are created equal. If you want to know how to get a boyfriend online, make sure to consider the platforms that you choose to sign up with.

Since online dating is very common, there are various dating platforms and niches out there. Take time to learn about your options before you sign up and set up your profile. For example, there are dating sites for gays and lesbians, Mormons, etc. There are also dating platforms that are suited for singles who prefer hookups rather than get into a serious relationship.

If you are looking for a boyfriend, you want to choose the platforms that allow you to meet guys that are also interested in a relationship.

Have Fun Meeting People Online

If you want to get a boyfriend fast, you are setting yourself up to be heartbroken. You need to set your expectations low when it comes to dating online. While there are many people who have ended up together after online dating, it is not true for everyone.

There is hope that you will find a nice guy or a good man online. But you should never rush the process. Enjoy the opportunity to meet new people and to get to know them better. Focus on finding a great connection with someone and build a relationship on a deeper level, rather than the superficial stuff like physical attraction or lust.

Learn to enjoy the process of meeting a potential partner but never rush into a relationship.

Cast Your Net Wide

You can sign up to as many online dating platforms as possible. Of course, you should always remember the tip above on choosing your platform wisely. But once you know which sites you prefer, you could be active in them so you can find many potential partners.

The more options you have available, it easier it becomes to get a boyfriend.

Get Them Interested

Be yourself and showcase the most interesting qualities that you have. You can use a variety of tools available in your chosen dating sites such as chat or video calls in order to get the guy interested in you.

Don’t give everything away, though. Make them curious enough that they will want to meet you in real life. That is the time when you can talk more and connect on a deeper level. Use this opportunity to see if there is chemistry between you two and if a relationship could develop from the friendship.

How to Get a Boyfriend Offline

Dating in real life is different than when you are getting to know someone through a dating app. You get to talk with a guy in person so you must focus on building a great connection. Strive to know them on a deeper level to let him know that you have good intentions and that you are someone who has substance.

Here are more tips on how to get a boyfriend offline or in real life.

Keep an Open Mind and Explore

The most important relationship advice is to be optimistic and open to opportunities. You can’t be closed in on your definition of the perfect guy. You must be open to anyone you meet, whether it is your idea of the perfect boyfriend or not.

Always be open to talk and connect with someone. If you’re too close-minded, you could lose out on the opportunity to get to know an amazing person. This is especially true when you start dating. You cannot get to know someone thoroughly during the relationship early stages. Feel free to explore and discover who this person really is.

To sum it up, don’t just focus on looks. Consider the guy’s personality and values, too.

Take Care of Yourself

Physical attraction is the start of any relationship. Therefore, you should invest in yourself.

Wear clothes that make you feel good. If you feel good, you do good. You also put yourself in the position to attract a guy by impressing him with how you look. While looks are not the only piece of the puzzle, it can help you get a boyfriend fast.

Send Signals

If you have found a man that you are attracted to, let him know. This does not mean that you have to go up to him and tell him that you are attracted. Instead, send him subtle signals that you are interested.

You can smile a lot or be more social than normal. You should erase the doubt in his mind whether he likes you or not.

Try the Friend Setup

Do you have friends who are close to other guys you could potentially meet? Get your friends to set you up with a potential partner. This tip is highly recommended if you’re a bit shy and not outgoing enough to flirt with guys you meet.

A friend setup is a classic and many women have discovered the best boyfriends using this method. The main advantage with the friend setup approach to dating is that it’s someone who your friends know. It eliminates the danger of meeting a complete stranger or when you are afraid to make the first move.

By allowing your friends to choose and set you up with someone they know, they can match your personality with their other friend. It will be less awkward because it is not a random pairing anymore. If your friends know you enough and what you are looking for in a relationship, then you could potentially find a boyfriend this way.

Go Out More

Be more social and go out more often than you normally would. You don’t need to hangout with your friends if you’re not up for it. You could even eat out at a restaurant or check out bars by yourself.

This is an excellent way to find a boyfriend in real life because it shows that you are a confident woman. The ability to go out by yourself is attractive to most men. When you go out, make sure to wear clothes that make you feel good and confident. You’ll never know who might come up to you and ask you for a first date.

Check Out Happening Spots in Your Neighborhood

You do not need to travel far if you want to get on the dating game. You could check out the favorite hangout spots in your neighborhood and you could stumble upon a guy that would be a potential partner.

You can participate in singles events in your city, or do some volunteer work. You will most likely meet other singles that you will find attractive (or vice versa). The goal is to widen your social circle so you have opportunities to meet more people, especially of the opposite sex.

Solo Travel

Traveling is a great way to meet new people and a surefire trick on how to get a boyfriend. When you embark on a solo travel, you could meet other guys who are also traveling on their own.

Solo travel is fun because you get to experience new adventures and see new places. You can make new friends. You’ll never know when any of these friendships could blossom into romance later on.

Work on Your Flirting Game

The secret to finding a boyfriend fast in real life is to up your flirting game. Don’t confuse flirting with throwing yourself at a guy. You don’t want to look desperate.

Rather, flirting is the act of getting a guy interested in you and subtly expressing your attraction towards him. Flirting is a good way to get a boyfriend because you are basically making the first move.

There are several ways to flirt with a guy and you can use body language to your advantage. Give him eye contact or suggestive glances. Whatever flirting move you choose, be confident with it. Your potential boyfriend might just be waiting for the sign from you for him to make his own move.

Practical Tips to Find the Perfect Guy

Whether you are using a dating site to find your man or you want to find the right person through your social circle, it’s completely up to you. However, you must project yourself as a confident woman who will draw men to you. You want to be the right person first and you will notice that most guys will find you attractive.

Here are amazing tips that will help you land a good man, regardless of where you are looking.

1. Know Your Type

What is your idea of the right guy? Every woman has their concept of what they want in a potential boyfriend.

Knowing your type is the first step in your quest to find a boyfriend. Some women like the boy-next-door while others prefer the musically inclined or the athletic type. Types are not just about the looks of a person but also your shared interests. Knowing your type will help you find a boyfriend fast because you can narrow down your options.

2. Know Where Your Types Hangout

Once you identify your type in a man, think about where you will usually find them. This is a no-brainer. Your goal is to cross their paths and get to know them so you can establish a great connection.

3. Attend Social Events

No matter what your ideal boyfriend may be, you can expect that you will run into him in social events. You could head to your local bar, coffee shop, or anywhere that there is a potential to meet new people. You definitely won’t find your boyfriend while you are stuck in the couch at home watching TV.

4. Try Your Luck with Blind Dates

Not everyone is open to the idea of blind dating. But if you are keen to find a boyfriend, then you could give it a shot.

Blind dates can be fun and exciting. It is more suited for those who have no particular type when it comes their potential partner. Use this opportunity to live in the moment. If you find some guy that you don’t like, then you could move past him.

But imagine the possibility that you could meet your prince charming through a blind date. It doesn’t hurt to step out of your comfort zone and be rewarded with a relationship, if things align perfectly for you. It would be a great story to tell.

5. Be Confident

Whether you are actively looking for the best boyfriends or you are simply enjoying your single life, you should always be confident. Most guys are drawn to women with high self esteem.

Be yourself and be confident with it. Don’t try to be someone else in the hopes of finding a boyfriend. If you want a great relationship, you need to work on yourself first. Only when feel good and truly comfortable in your own skin will you find a boyfriend.

6. Find a Hobby

Next on the list of tips on how to get a boyfriend is to find a hobby, whether it is rock climbing, cooking, or some other sports. You’ll never know when you get to meet when participating in your favorite hobby. The best part is that you meet someone new as you enjoy life and you already have shared interests.

7. Wait to Have Sex

A lot of women get too eager when they find a boyfriend. They are blinded by the attraction and the idea of finding love again that they get too physical too soon.

You might have waited a long time to get back into the dating game but it’s no excuse to get him in your pants right away. A good man will respect your boundaries and would be willing to wait if you choose to delay sex. If a man is persistent that you engage in physical intimacy right away, it’s a tell-tale sign that he is into your relationship for the wrong reasons.

8. Don’t Be Needy

Most guys are turned off when girls are too needy. It’s completely acceptable to desire to be with someone but you have to give him space. Don’t text or call him too often. Give him a chance to call you first, too.

On the flip side, if you are too needy and desperate, it is easy for you to fall for the wrong kind of guys. These are the guys that might want to exploit a woman who so desperately wants to have a boyfriend.

9. Don’t Be Too Unavailable

While it is important to portray yourself as an independent and confident woman, you don’t want him to think that you don’t need him either. There has to be a balance of how you treat him and how you want to be treated.

You have to trigger the hero instinct in him. You want him to feel like you desire him and that he can fill a void in your life.

10. Understand Your Reasons for Wanting a Boyfriend

Why are you putting a lot of energy into meeting a new guy? Is it because it has been a few years since your last relationship? Do you feel empty and you think that a boyfriend will satisfy what is missing in your life? Or because you want someone to get intimate with?

It is important to you have a good reason for wanting a boyfriend because if you are doing this for the wrong reason, you are setting yourself up to get hurt in the end. You have to be really honest with yourself in answering these questions. If you think that dating someone new will erase all of your problems in life, you are completely wrong. It’s time to give yourself a reality check.

You Found the Perfect Guy – Now What?

Did you find yourself a boyfriend? Whether you used a dating app or you met someone in real life, it is always exciting when you start dating someone. There are lots of possibilities to learn more about each other and see where the relationship can go.

Try your best to enjoy being in a relationship, just as you enjoyed the process of meeting your now boyfriend. Keep in mind that in order for a relationship to succeed, you have to work together. You should meet halfway and foster the love and affect you have for each other.


Your next boyfriend is just out there! Remember the tips above for meeting a guy online or in real life. You’ll never know when you get to meet a good man so you should always be ready for the possibility. And most importantly, don’t let the magic of dating be lost on you. Always approach whatever you do with enthusiasm and you could attract your future life partner that way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I find a boyfriend in real life?

A. Well, the first thing to do is to ditch the online dating apps and go out there. Head to the night market, museums, galleries, gym, park, or even go out on a single night out with your female friends. You can also go to the bar if that’s what you prefer, it’s one of the easiest ways to meet people.

Q. How do you meet a new boyfriend?

A. There are countless ways, and the internet and social media can be a goldmine. However, going the old-fashioned way is probably the best thing you can do. Go out there and meet new people. Socialize, go to parties, and pubs, and join your friends on a night out. Don’t be afraid to start a meaningful conversation with strangers.

Q. How do you get a guy to want you?

A. Guys don’t always have the best attention span, so you have to stand out, or at least make yourself seen. Smile, don’t dress for your girlfriends, and do not just sit in the corner at gatherings. When you talk to someone you like, look him in the eye and engage in meaningful conversation. Laugh at his jokes, touch him unexpectedly, compliment him, but do not be needy. And lastly, keep him guessing and wanting more.

Q. How do you get a boyfriend if you are shy?

A. Dating when you are shy can be demanding, if not intimidating. But there is no going around it, you have to do it to meet and know people. When meeting a guy, make sure you make eye contact and add a smile behind it with some flirting. Remember, nothing will happen if you don’t do anything.

Q. Where can I meet a good guy?

A. The truth is, they are everywhere, you just have to learn how to look. With that said, most nice guys are at live music events, not in nightclubs. Also, you can meet a couple or more good guys at weddings or church.

Q. How do you flirt with a guy?

A. The easiest thing you can do is to laugh at his jokes. Most guys love to tell stories and jokes, so pay attention and recognize the punch line. Make playful touches when you are having a conversation; this quickly increases the physical intimacy. Tease him but compliment him as well. Lastly, draw attention to your lips. Wear nice lipstick to make him want to kiss you.

Q. Why can’t I find a boyfriend?

A. Maybe you are not getting yourself out there enough, or maybe, you are not as good as a communicator, to begin with. It can be difficult to find a boyfriend if you can’t seem to hold a meaningful conversation with someone. Also, you may be too aggressive and it’s turning them away.

Q. Why is nobody attracted to me?

A. You are probably too shy. Shyness is a huge factor, as people don’t seem to be able to come up with a good conversation starter with you, much more pay attention to you if you are being too quiet.

Q. How do I find a boyfriend online?

A. Well, the internet is a goldmine for potential relationships. There are countless dating sites, to begin with, and more and more dating sites are being tailored for something specific. OkCupid for example is good for people looking for serious and long-term relationships. OkZoomer is tailored for college students. Search for different dating sites that you think best suit your personality and preferences on guys (and relationships), make your profile and don’t be afraid to engage.

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