The Honest Guide to Building A Spiritual Business from Scratch

Are you dreaming of building a spritual business from scratch in 2022? If the answer to this question is a big resounding yes, you’re in the right place, because in this article we are going to share all of the core principles, tools and mindsets you need if you want to turn your passion into the spiritual business of your dreams.

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Whether you’re a spiritaul councellor, a tarot card reader, a massage therapist or a yoga teacher, there is massive scope for building a thriving spritiual business around your gift.

Of course, there are those who will tell you that building a successful spiritual-based business is an impossible pipe dream and that you should give it up – but anyone harboring this limited view on things really has no idea what’s possible when you combine a compelling, spirit-lead vision with the latest online tools and technologies such as the app builder tool

The truth is that we’re living in the age of the spiritual entrepreneur, and that if you have any spiritual business ideas bubbling away in your head, there has never been a better time to start turning them into reality.

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It is true that building a spiritual business – or any business for that matter – isn’t a get rich quick scheme. If you want to experience success, you’re going to need both patience and perseverance. Building a community and learning how to generate reliable income every month takes time, particualarly if you are at the very beginning of your journey, starting out with no clients, no brand, and no business experience.

Fortunately, the only things you need to get started are a vision channelled from your higher self combined with willingness to keep learning and growing with each step you take on this exciting journey. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going.

What is a spiritual business?

A spiritual business is a business offering services or products that come from a heart-centered, spiritual place. Another way of putting it would be to say that a spiritual business is the exact opposite of the exploitative business models and the focus on cheap, shoddily made products that far too many major mainstream corporations are known for.

A spiritual business is all about sharing your gifts, message, inspiration or guidance with the world, whether you are a spiritual coach, a psychic or an energy healer. 

Building a spiritual business is how you can turn your skills into a career, one that will allow you to reach more people than ever before while also creating financial well-being for yourself.

Among spiritual people, there can often be a lot of resistance towards the idea of charging a fair price for your services and your gifts. A good way of overcoming this resistance is to focus on how making money can help you amplify your vision in order to reach and help even more people.

Besides, you have to do something for a living – so why not do something you love, find truly meaningful and are passionate about?

What are spiritual entrepreneurs?

Spiritual entrepreneurs are spritual people who have a true desire to share their gifts with the world on a greater scale. They recognize the possibilities of the digital age, and are not afraid of leveraging the latest technologies to reach their audience and build community.

Most spiritual businesses offer one-on-one sessions. This could include one-on-one tarot readings, in-person meditation classes or aromatherapy massage sessions.

Being a spritual entrepreneur requires getting your head in the game in terms of thinking about how you can package, market, sell and scale your spritual products or services. In other words, switching gears from being a small-scale business owner to becoming a full-fledged spiritual entrepreneur requires you to think differently.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you are going to have to think in terms of how you can reach and sell your product or service to as many potential clients or patrons as possible. This is often difficult for spiritual people to do, as we naturally tend to put the emphasis on the quality of the products or services we have to offer, while shying away from things like branding, marketing and other hard-hat realities of building and running a business.

A spiritaul entrepreneur is someone who finds a way to combine their vision with the practical side of scaling a business. In other words, a spiritual entrepeneur is driven by the desire to make an impact and to reach and touch as many souls as possible – with the understanding that buildign a successful business is the best way of accomplishing that.

Top spiritual business ideas

Whether your offering is life coaching, yoga, tarot or psychic readings, you need a product – or several products – to sell.

When you are first starting out, it can all seem rather overwhelming, and you may be unsure of where to dig in and begin. If you look at other businesses online that are already thriving, it can be difficult ot pick things apart and see how they actually got started. But believe us, they all started with one or a few core products that they then figured out how to scale.

Perhaps you already have more spiritual business ideas swirling around in your head than you can realistically pursue at once, but in case you are unsure of how to package and present what you have to offer, here are a handful of powerful ideas for products that you can begin to create, sell and scale online without any limits.

One-on-one sessions

No matter whether your gift is astrology, tarot or something else, one-on-one sessions is the easiest place to get started if you are only just beginnong to hone in on your vision and are learing the robes in terms of how to best to present your product or service. Offering one-on-one sessions is also a great way of honing your style and presentation until you feel confident enough to scale your offering by, for example, turning your knowledge into a course or a group workshop.

One-on-one sessions can be done either in person or online. Of course, going online offers much more scope for scaling, as you are not restricted by geography but are able to attract clients from all across the globe.

It is an unfortunate truth that some sprit-lead services simply lend themselves better to online one-on-one sessions than others. For example, tarot and oracle readings can be delivered online via Skype, Zoom or some other facecall app without losing any of their impact, but when it comes to something like aromathererapy massage or reiki, delivering a satisfying service online can be tricky. 

If you find that one-to-one services don’t work particularly well for the kind of spritiual service or skill you have to offer, don’t offer online sessions, but start thining about online workshops or courses instead. Because no matter what your spiritual skill or gift, there is a way for you to package it and turn it into a business.

From where you are standing now, a full roster of clients may seem like the dream. But the downside to selling one-on-one sessions is that they aren’t scalable, meaning that you can only fit so many one-on-ones in your calendar every day and every week. Even if you’re a witch or a master manifester, you can’t magically create more time to see more clients.

In other words, while one-on-one sessions is usually the easiest product to sell, it has its limits. This is why you should’t stop at offering one-to-one sessions. You can have them as a high-ticket core offering, but it is good business sense to add several other products to what your spiritual business has to offer.

Online workshops

Online workshops are an extension and can often be the next step following on from one-on-one sessions. Hosting online workshops allows you to reach and sell to vast numbers of people all at once.

The beauty of hosting online workshops is that they don’t necessarily take any more of your time than a one-to-one session with one client, but they are much more scaleable. 

There is no limit or restriction as to what a spiritual workshop can be about. Depending on your area of interest and expertise, you might want to create worshops around shadow work, energy healing, dream interpretation, self empowerment or manifestation. The sky’s the limit!

It’s also up to you how many people you let into your workshops. The number of attendees could be anywhere between just a few to several thousand. Keep in mind that the bigger the workshop, the more likely you are to have to enlist the help of moderators and other assistants who can help make sure that the technology and everything else runs smoothly.

Workshops are often a great way of connecting with your audience, testing out ideas, and upselling other products.

Online courses

Online courses are the natural next step after online workshops, as well as a great addition to your online catalogue.

The main difference between online workshops and courses is that a course can be created in advance and then sold over and over again. For example, if you are a tarot reader or an astrologer, you can take your knowledge and turn it into a course divided into several modules. 

Once you have a reasonably sized audience, it is worth putting a lot of effort into creating online courses as they scale indefinitely and can be sold over and over again – in other words, online courses are a potential goldmine of passive income once your spiritual business is up and running.

Your own app

Once you have been around for long enough to know exactly what your audience craves from you, it is time to create your own app. We recommend using, a powerful software that lets you easily build professional quality apps to help you scale and amplify your spiritual business in a way you would never be able to accomplish otherwise.

Using a software like is probably the single most effective way of your income and impact, without actually working more. Building your own app can seem like a daunting task, and you may think that you are going to need the help of coders and programmers – but not if you are using, which has so many templates and drag-and-drop options that you’ll be able to build your own app in a matter of minutes, even if you don’t have any programming experience.

It is worth noting that offers a great variety of different app building tools and options, including ones specifically suited for life coaches and yoga teachers

The keys to thriving as a spiritual business owner

All right, hopefully by now the outlines of your vision are starting to solidify and become much more real to you. Still, there are so many compontents and steps to take if you are serious about turning the calling from your higher self into a spiritual-based business you can be proud of.

To make sure we’re leaving you clearer and more determined than we found you at the beginning of this article, here are the most important actionable components required for building a thriving spiritual business.

Approach the journey with a growth mindset

Approaching the process of buildign your business with the right mindset is the single most important key to success.

Having the right mindset entails having patience, perseverance, and the ability to stick it out in the tough beginning before you start seeing any real results. As anyone who has ever experienced any level of success will tell you, success is never exponential. It always starts with nothing, then a drip, then a trickle and finally, if you keep going and you have a quality product to offer, a flood.

In other words, keep growing, keep learning, keep believing. Don’t let your mindset limit you, but constantly challenge yourself to push further, to find new ways, to kill your darlings when necessary. It’s all in the service of the greater vision.

Build an online community and audience

Building a community and a loyal audience online is a never-ending process, and one that should have many avenues of entry. 

Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are fantastic tools for connecting with your tribe, as well as with other businesses and business owners in your field. Building strong connections, collaborations and friendships is one of the ways in which you’ll slowly turn your spiritual business into a household name. 

In other words, you want to use all of the social media tools at your disposal in order to network and become a pillar of the community.

Build a business website

Your business needs a website. Social media isn’t enough, even though it’s a great way to attract initial attention.

Your website needs to look sleek, professional and inviting. It also needs great graphics and SEO-rich text to draw people in through Google and other search engines.

Build your own app

Having your app is a bit like having your own website, only better. While people may casually browse your website, only your true fans are going to download your app and become part of your close-knit community.

An app serves to vital functions in your spiritual business – it helps you connect with and build a stronger connection to your audience, while also helping you generate passive income.

Leverage technology to extend your reach

Part of having a growth mindset involves always having an open mind and keeping your ear to the ground in terms of new technological advances and shifts in the social media landscape. 

When you can, always adopt new technologies and find ever new ways of extending your reach and getting your message out there to the people who may want and need it.

Final thought

If you have an incredible idea for a spiriual-based busines, there is a full list of steps you need to take in order to turn your vision into tangible reality. 

Fortunately, there ais no shortage of other spiritual businesses and spiritual entrepreneurs out there who are already doing what you want to be doing, and with great success. What this should tell you is that your dream of bringing a spiritual product or service to market is possible for you too.

Building a spiritual business onlike takes both grit and patience, but if you persevere and follow the steps outlined in this article, you will inevitably find your audience. 

When you first start building your business and attracting an audience, growth can seem incredibly slow, and there may be times when you doubt yourself. Consider this intial difficult part of the journey a test of the strength of your vision – if it’s compelling enough, you’ll keep on going until your business begins to gather momentum.

For those who stay the course, are committed to continued growth, and are not afraid of leveraging the newest tools and technologies to get the word out there about their products or sevices, an incredible journey as a spiritaul entrepreneur awaits.

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