Everything You Wanted to Ask About Your Platonic Soulmate

What is a platonic soulmate, and how do you know if you have found yours?

This article is going to answer all of the questions you have about platonic soul connections, what they are, what they mean, and how to recognize whether or not you have found your dynamic soul partner.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Introduction to platonic soulmates

The term “soulmate” originated with Plato, the Ancient Greek philosopher. Plato was the first to talk about soulmates, and he used the term to describe the universal human longing for true belonging and connection, as well as our sense that we’ll be able to find that ‘missing piece’ reflected back to us in another person.

This quote from Plato sums up his conception of soulmates just about perfectly: “Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature. Each of us, then, is a ‘matching half’ of a human whole…and each of us is always seeking the half that matches him.”

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Dramatic as this sounds, it’s symbolically true. When you encounter your soul mate, you will have that same sense of homecoming, belonging and healing.

The difference between romantic and platonic soulmates

Since Plato’s time, the soulmate concept has come to describe two different kinds of soulmate relationships – platonic and romantic ones.

A romantic soulmate is what most people think of when they hear the word “soulmates”. However, platonic soulmates are just as valid and can be just as important.

The key difference between romantic and platonic soulmates is that a romantic soulmate is your ideal romantic partner, whereas a platonic soulmate is your ideal friend. Apart from this, romantic and platonic soulmates are essentially indistinguishable from each other.

Your platonic soulmate is not the person you’re meant to be in a romantic and potentially lifelong relationship with. Instead, a platonic soul partner is a companion soul, someone who’s there to be your supporter, guide, friend and teacher as you make your journey through life. And because a platonic soulmate connection goes both ways, you’re also your platonic soul mate’s guide, teacher and healer. In other words, a platonic soul mate connection is one where you both give and receive.

There might be a past life connection

Many spiritual people believe that there’s a past life connection between you and your soulmate, and that this is true whether we’re talking about romantic or platonic ones.

This may well be true. There’s certainly an instant connection when you meet your soulmate. The fact that the two of you seem to instantly recognize each other and feel at ease in each other’s company, as if you’ve always known each other, is often described as one of the defining features of a soulmate relationship.

Some also believe that soul mate connections are tied in with Karma, and that the reason you and your soulmate find each other in this life is that the two of you have unfinished business or a mission to complete together in this lifetime.

But not every soulmate connection is ancient

Not all soulmate bonds have to stem from a past life.

It is also possible to find new soul mates in this life, or even to establish a profound connection with someone new that you’ve never met before, but that you want to be connected to in this life and beyond.

After all, how do you think past life soulmate bonds were forged in the first place?

You can have more than one soulmate

While some believe that we all get only one person as our soulmate in this lifetime, many others believe (and have experienced) that there are are multiple potential soulmates out there.

Having said that, you can deliberately choose one soulmate over the possibility of one day finding another. The universe may have more than one romantic soul mate in store for you, but don’t let this possibility hold you back from living your life and going all-in on the soulmate that appears into your life when you’re twenty-two.

You may be related

A soulmate can come into your life at any age, but some soul mates might also be there from the very beginning.

If you have siblings, it is not at all unusual for you to share a powerful soul level bond with them, or perhaps just with one of them. Your child, one or both of your parents, or perhaps a grandparent, can also be your soul mate.

Overall, soul mate bonds are more about chosen family than about biology, but sometimes the two collide, and it cannot be argued that there’s something profoundly comforting about the idea that a soul mate might be the first person to welcome you into the world.

It may last forever…or not

Whether we’re talking about romantic or platonic soulmates, the strong connection you share with them may last forever, or it may last for just a few short years or months.

Not every soul connection is meant to last, and some guides, lovers or teachers are only meant to be part of your life temporarily in order to open a door for you or otherwise help you through a particular life chapter.

What defines a Platonic soulmate relationship

Now that you have a pretty good understanding of what platonic soulmates are, naturally the next thing you are going to want to know is what defines a platonic soul mate bond.

Here are some of the key criteria and cornerstones that define every platonic soulmate bond.

There is an unexplainable connection

Whether you’ve known your platonic soulmate your entire life or just a few hours, there’s an inexplicable and deep sense of connection. What’s more, this intrinsic connection and mutual understanding seems to have always existed. Even if it is new, it doesn’t feel new.

When two soulmates are together, they’re often on the same wavelength to such a degree that they can finish each other’s sentences without even trying or thinking about it. It’s effortless and natural.

Platonic soulmates tend to share many of the same interests, perspectives, hopes and desires. This is one of the reasons why they click so instantly and effortlessly. It’s as though they’ve known each other forever. And whether they’re biologically related or not, it’s as if they’ve been cut from the same cloth.

It’s not a romantic relationship

The very thing that separates a true platonic soulmate connection from a romantic one is that there is no romantic or sexual attraction between the two.

Many will have a hard time understanding why a pair of platonic companion soul mates are not romantically involved when they have so much in common and seem to share such a deep and profound connection. But sex and romance simply aren’t part of the platonic soulmate package. Instead, the bond shared by platonic soulmates is much more akin to a sibling bond. It’s affectionate, warm and deep, but it’s not romantic.

How to know if you’ve found your platonic soulmate

If you’ve found your platonic soulmate, there are going to be many tell-tale signs. Here are the most important ones.

Go through the list and see how many you recognize! If you can nod in agreement to all of them, then you can be sure that you’ve found yourself a platonic soul mate.

You’re completely at ease in each other’s company

One of the most important tell-tale signs that you’re in the presence of a soul mate is that the two of you are surprisingly comfortable in each other’s company, right from the start. Whether you’ve known each other for years or just a couple of minutes, there’s a naturalness and ease to the way in which the two of you interact, or sit in comfortable silence.

Speaking of which, there’s no such thing as awkward silence between platonic soulmates. You can have multi-hour conversations or sit quietly in the same room reading a book, without either of you feeling a shred of self-consciousness.

You strengthen and support each other

Platonic soulmates are the most supportive companions.

A true platonic soul mate will applaud your efforts, encourage you and cheer you along as you reach for your goals. He or she truly wants to see you succeed and blossom in life. When you do, there’ll be no envy or resentment, only joy on your behalf. A true soul mate is able to drink of your joy as if it were their own.

You’re good for each other’s mental health

Platonic soulmates have a soothing and healing effect on each other’s mental health. There are many potential reasons for this.

One might be that platonic soul mates are so completely at ease in each other’s company that they never feel the need to put on a brave face or cover their flaws. Instead, they can simply be themselves. In a world full of pressure and pretence, the authenticity and mutual acceptance can be extremely healing and refreshing.

Platonic soul mates trust each other and know that they can always rely on each other for advice and comfort. They’re each other’s best friends and most important support systems.

You gain a better understanding of yourself through the other person

Sharing a platonic soulmate connection with someone will inevitably teach you a lot about yourself.

Because your soul mate willis someone who is able to see the best in you, even when you yourself are feeling doubtful or insecure. Besides, talking things through with your soulmate will help give your innermost dreams shape and bring your plans and desires into focus.

Your bond transcends comprehension

The bond you share with a platonic soul mate defies all attempts at categorization. You’re not romantic partners, you may not be siblings or parent and child. You may just be two people who met as strangers on the bus, but here you are a decade later, sharing your innermost thoughts with each other over a glass of wine.

Platonic soulmates should expect having to field questions from friends, colleagues and others about the status of their relationship. From the outside, a pair of platonic soulmates – particularly if they are of different genders – will look to most people like a romantic couple. When the soulmates deny it, it’ll confuse those around them. Because who would want to spend that much time together and be that close to each other if they’re not in love?

They’re your go-to person

Your platonic soul mate is the person you turn to when you need a listening ear, or when you have either good or horrible news to share. Your soul mate is the first person you think of calling when you get offered the book deal.

You like the same things

This trait is also a hallmark of many good friendships, but you and your platonic soulmate are inevitably going to share many similar interests and dreams. Your goals and desires in life are likely to be very similar. In fact, one of the many things you initially bond over might be the fact that you both have a very similar vision for your life.

It is as if your soul recognizes them

When you and your soulmate meet, you’ll feel an intense sense of connection and comfort in their presence right from the start. It’ll feel as if you’ve known them your entire life, if not for longer. In other words, it is as if your soul already recognizes, knows and trusts this person.

You’re able to lighten each other’s worst moments

A true platonic soul mate is always going to be there when you need him or her the most. They’ll be there in your darkest moments and there to pick you up at your lowest points. A platonic soulmate is the opposite of a fair-weather friend.

You never get bored in each other’s company

When two platonic soulmates are spending time together, there’s never a dull moment. No matter what these two get up to, there’s a sense of magic to it. In the company of your soulmate, even the most mundane tasks and activities become an adventure.

You aren’t sexually or romantically attracted to them

Platonic soulmates experience and express love differently with each other than with their romantic partners. There’s chemistry between you and your platonic soulmate, but the tension and energy isn’t sexual or romantic.

Your soulmate bond blows all other friendships out of the water

When you form a special relationship with a platonic soulmate, it’ll completely blow all other friendships you have ever had out of the water. There simply is no comparison.

Conclusion: The core truth about Platonic soul mates

Platonic soulmates are gifts from the universe. There’s simply no other way of putting it. They teach us about ourselves and deepen our understanding of the cosmos.

A friendship build on the kind of mutual understanding and appreciation that comes from sharing a soul mate connection with someone makes every other friendship you’ve ever had pale in comparison.

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Frequently asked questions about platonic soulmates

Can you be platonically in love with someone?

You absolutely can. In fact, that sense of wanting to be around and share things with the other person is one of the hallmarks of a platonic soulmate connection and can make the foundation for a close and special friendship.

When you are platonically in love with someone, you want to get to know them and go on adventures with them. You want to share experiences and dreams with them, but you aren’t sexually attracted to them.

Can platonic friends fall in love?

In some cases, platonic soulmates can flip the script and evolve into romantic soulmates.

This, however, is pretty rare and can get messy and painful if one soul mate falls in love with the other, while the other wants their strong bond to remain purely platonic.

Is platonic love rare?

No, platonic love is not rare. Platonic love is, in fact, much more common than romantic love. In other words, you are likely to encounter more platonic soulmates over the course of your lifetime than you are romantic ones. But both kinds of soulmates are relatively rare, and extremely valuable.

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