Mars Opposite Mars Synastry

What does a Mars opposite Mars synastry indicate about the romantic potential between yourself and another person?

A synastry chart shows our compatibility with the person we like in an accurate and evolving way. It describes which aspects make us feel drawn to that person and in which situations we will find ourselves with “irreconcilable differences.”

Mars is the God of War in ancient mythology, and in Astrology, Mars governs our passion, ambition, drive, and energy. Understanding your Mars placement can shed some light on what you need to feel motivated. This understanding can help you boost your energy levels and make life challenges easier to navigate.

So what does it mean when there is a Mars opposite to someone else’s Mars in a synastry chart?

If this is your case, read on and find out all about this and other Mars Mars synastry aspects.

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Mars, the Planet of War in Astrology

The planet Mars is named after the god of war in Roman mythology. Mars governs Aries Zodiac Sign, and it also ruled Scorpio before Pluto was discovered.

Mars represents aggressive, fiery, and impulsive energy. It describes the beast in us, who’s always ready to take action and fight. This planet has the most yang energy, and it symbolizes the warrior within us.

Mars is our instinctive self. It gets triggered in the face of danger or when we feel threatened. This planet also represents our vitality, drive, energy. It helps us achieve our ambitions, go after what we want, and actively pursue our dreams. Without Mars, we wouldn’t have the initiative and passion for moving forward in life.

But when it gets out of our control, Mars can display its ugly side. This planet also governs impulsiveness, physical aggression, and fighting. This intense energy can be your best ally or worst enemy. If you don’t know how to manage this force properly, it can lead to trouble and a lot of conflicts both for yourself and for other people around you.

Mars Mars Aspects

Mars Mars aspects can be sexually charged, intensely emotional, and sometimes aggressive. This relationship is very passionate, and this compelling charge can sometimes lead to friction.

At its best, Mars in synastry means that both individuals join forces to work toward a goal and create something unique. This drive is powerful and can make a flow that pushes both people forward instead of holding them back. 

At its worth, these two individuals confront each other over the most meaningless things and hurt each other with their aggressiveness within the relationship.

Mars describes how we go after our desires, but also how we protect our territory and react to other people’s anger. Having mars aspects in a synastry chart can lead to a volatile relationship. 

Mars Opposite Mars Synastry

When Mars Opposite Mars Synastry happens in a relationship, one person’s mars can be very potent, and the other becomes weak, depending on the signs they are ain.

For example, if someone has an Aries Mars and the other has a Libra Mars, the Aries Mars will gain force (as it is in its exalted position) while the Libra Mars will become weaker. Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn Mars are very straightforward and aggressive when angry, while Libra, Taurus, and Cancer Mars are less direct and display passive aggressive behavior.

When the stronger Mars placement is the masculine energy, and the weaker happens to be the feminine energy of the relationship, things seem to work out smoother. But if the roles are reversed, this could lead to discomfort within the couple as the masculine tries to assert himself constantly. 

But regardless of the combination of signs, one of the partners in this Synastry aspect plays the role of the aggressor, while, at the same time, the other takes a more quiet position. The passive aggressive behavior of the latest will provoke the stronger mars, which will lead to even more fighting. 

This challenging aspect can be volatile. Initially, both partners find this energy exciting and thrilling, especially during physically intimate occasions. They share a passion that they never experienced before, which is very appealing in the beginning.

But as the relationship progresses, this stronger/weaker dynamic develops, and the fights start to surface. Mars Opposite Mars Synastry means that neither person approves how the other goes about their passion in life. If one of the two progress in their career, the other one feels insecure or worthless.

Both people feel that they have to hinder themselves and stop pursuing their dreams for the sake of preserving the relationship. They are both threatened by the other’s success, and the more progress one person makes, the more problems seem to be in the relationship. 

This challenging aspect can become burdensome, but it doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed to failure. If the stronger Mars learns to back off and the weaker Mars learns to speak up and express their minds, they can get along successfully.

Mars Square Mars Synastry

A Mars Square Mars Synastry aspect brings with it lots of fighting and intense sexual energy. This aspect is very explosive, and the romantic relationship can be both appealing and problematic. 

At the beginning of this affair, both individuals are passionately drawn to each other. There is a large amount of sexual drive, which is probably the main factor that brings these two souls together. At first, it is an exciting love affair, but the problems start as the relationship progress.

When this hard aspect is in cardinal signs, both partners are eager to take the lead in the relationship, resulting in power struggles.

This makes both partners want to call the shots, and there will be a lot of fiery fights as both want the other to bend to their decisions. 

In fixed signs, neither will understand the other’s way or point of view nor apologize at the end of an argument.

In mutable signs, this synastry aspect is less conflictive. These partners won’t be striving to assert their power as much as cardinal or fixed signs and are genuinely willing to put their ego aside to address what is actually important. 

But regardless of what zodiac signs this Mars Square Mars Synastry aspect happens in, the relationship will be filled with fights and conflicts. These two individuals must remember why they fell in love in the first place instead of just wanting to win the argument.

When it comes to life purposes, both characters may find that they are more successful when they are apart. They might feel stagnant and confused when spending too much time together and may need to take some time and do their own thing to get things done in their profession or life. 

But if both people learn to express properly and show that they want the relationship to work, rather than exerting their dominance over their loved one, this can turn into a thriving relationship. 

Mars conjunct Mars synastry

Mars synastry aspect means that these two individuals understand each other’s point of view. Harmonious aspects help the relationship reach the same objective and create a feeling of familiarity and understanding since these two people are driven similarly.

There is incredible sexual drive and chemistry between these two partners, and it just feels like they naturally work or like this relationship makes sense. The two partners push each other to become the best version of themselves and build confidence in the relationship.

This synastry aspect is excellent for starting business ventures together or helping each other succeed more in their professional pursuits. These two persons are in tune with each other’s emotions and very physical needs. However, they can’t balance each other out during rough patches because they have too much of the same energy. 

Both parties can understand each other easily during fights and arguments as they, too, probably feel the same. Although this creates less tension, it can also lead to less balance in the relationship as they both express their anger very similarly.

Mars Trine Mars Synastry

Mars trine Mars in Synastry makes the relationship feels right from the beginning. These two people treat each other as teammates and are on the same side always together. There’s not a lot of fights and arguments, and it feels like the dynamic flows naturally. Sex is great as both people are very attracted to each other and experience sexual chemistry that doesn’t fade away as the relationship progresses.

With a Mars Trine Mars Synastry Aspect, both partners have thriving communication as they feel understood, to the point where communicating is futile. When they fight, these fights are an excuse to bring these two partners closer together instead of pulling them apart. After intimate physical encounters, they experience a deeper connection to each other.

Both people understand their drives and objectives, which makes this a highly goal-oriented aspect. They support each other and don’t need to impose their perspectives onto the other person. They respect their individuality in a way that fosters a healthy balance in the relationship.

This couple enjoys sports and outdoor activities, which means that their best dates involve camping, traveling, BBQs, and whatever makes them feel more energized.

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