Lilith Synastry

Lilith in Astrology represents our shadow side and primitive impulses. It unveils our repressed sexuality and the topics that make us feel most vulnerable.

The Lilith synastry aspects are exciting placements that inspire a wild, deep, and intense dynamism within our relationship.

Whenever Lilith activates one of our partner’s planets or the other way around, this relationship makes our deepest fears emerge to the surface to help us overcome them.

Lilith’s synastry aspects give us a chance to work on our shadow side through our relationship. Thanks to this union, we reveal things about our personality that we didn’t even know existed.

Read on and find out all about this transformative synastry aspect.

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Lilith Aspects In Synastry

Lilith aspects in a synastry chart address issues regarding our sexuality, taboos, obsessions, and society’s expectations.

A strong Lilith aspect in a synastry chart suggests that this relationship is intensely transformative and that you share a deep karmic bond. Your attraction is raw and magnetic, making you feel obsessed and wild around them.

This synastry aspect can be life-changing in a positive or negative way. You can find a way to overcome your unconscious barriers or also become addicted and obsessed with the person involved. Lilith knows no boundaries.

The very strong sexual attraction you have for someone with whom you share powerful Lilith aspects is impossible to ignore, threatening your current committed relationship if you are not single at the moment.

But while you feel an intense sexual connection, the relationship with this person is usually unstable and erratic.

Lilith reveals those aspects of our personality that we hide from the outside world and ourselves, making this love affair uncomfortable but very revealing.

 This Black Moon connects us with our most authentic selves, helping us break free from our prejudices and expectations and finally face our inner demons.

While Lilith aspects in synastry won’t tell you if you’ll be with that person forever, it shows you how to create a healthier dynamic within your relationship.

Lilith conjunct Sun synastry

This aspect talks about obsessive behavior coming from both partners, although it also suggests potent chemistry.

The relationship probably revolves around dark and taboo topics, creating an irresistible but dangerous attraction.

If both partners work to overcome their blind spots, this relationship could thrive over time. On the contrary, the Lilith conjunct Sun synastry aspect can turn into obsession and conflicts.

The Sun person usually represents all the qualities that the Lilith person desires but can never achieve, making them feel inferior or inadequate.

The Lilith person could realize that they are more intense, aggressive, and controlling than they thought, thanks to this relationship.

These two individuals will never come across as traditional or boring and can celebrate a happy relationship by using this aspect to work on their shadow selves.

In some cases, the Sun person tries to escape the obsession and intensity of the Lilith person instead of creating a healthier dynamic. The Sun person needs to realize that they can share an intense connection with this person without losing their identity in the process.

Lilith conjunct Moon synastry

This synastry placement is usually intense and overwhelming. The Lilith person triggers the emotional struggles of the Moon person, making them feel afraid and unsafe, even though they feel very attracted to each other.

This synastry aspect stirs up emotional issues, usually related to the mother figure. The Moon person probably relieves their childhood traumas thanks to this relationship, which can be healing or destructive.

The Moon person usually describes themselves as mesmerizing by the Lilith person, unable to stay away from them no matter what.

There is a potential for this relationship to be incredibly healing and transformative if both partners are focused on working through their emotional obsessions and unresolved issues.

The Lilith conjunct Moon synastry aspect also triggers those subconscious and negative emotions to finally release them, which is an uncomfortable but necessary process to experience. Either way, emotional turmoil is guaranteed.

The Moon person usually feels controlled by the Lilith person, which is why stepping back and allowing the Moon person space and time to deal with their feelings is essential.

Lilith conjunct Mercury synastry

This synastry aspect means that these partners feel embarrassed or triggered by their partners’ beliefs or speech. The Mercury person has an enticing mind that the Lilith person finds irresistible, although they also find it constricting.

At the same time, the Mercury person feels comfortable with the Lilith person’s approach to sex. Dirty talk and stimulating fantasies abound in this synastry aspect, but they don’t always dare to make them come true. They feel deeply attracted to each other’s minds and thoughts but want to escape them simultaneously.

The Lilith conjunct Mercury synastry aspect also suggests problematic communication or uncomfortable mind games.

Couple therapy could be a good idea if these two individuals want to overcome their personal issues and have a healthy relationship. Learning more positive communication patterns could do wonders for their dynamics.

Lilith conjunct Venus synastry

This is a very intense synastry aspect that only impacts romantic relationships. There is an overwhelming physical attraction between these two individuals, and the Venus person usually becomes very attached to the Lilith person. It can be extremely difficult for the Venus person to stay away from their partner as time goes by.

The intense physical attraction they feel doesn’t fade away over time. If the relationship has come to an end, their sexual connection could lead them to delay their conclusion without a clear reason.

The Lilith person is usually more detached, while the Venus person can get enough of them, as if under a spell. This imbalance brings many problems to the people involved.

Something about this relationship is taboo, like a large age or class difference, making these partners feel imbalanced.

The initial spark that brought these people together can quickly become an obsession. The Venus person wants to keep the Lilith person by their side while the Lilith person rebels against this desire.

The Lilith person enjoys the attention of the Venus person but doesn’t return it in the same way. The Venus person can’t stay away from this relationship, even though they feel trapped and unhappy.

There have to be other supportive aspects to making this relationship thrive. They must work on communicating clearly, setting boundaries, and managing their expectations.

Lilith conjunct Mars synastry

This synastry aspect talks about an intense, passionate, and fiery relationship. The Lilith person puts a lot of importance on what the Mars person thinks of them, associating their self-esteem with how desirable they feel in their relationship.

Both partners experience an intense and fiery sex appetite, although the Mars person is usually more satisfied. The Lilith person enjoys sex but feels a taboo element is missing.

Sometimes, they feel like the Mars person is too overbearing, but they can’t stop them from doing so. The Lilith person feels the unconscious urge to allow the Mars person to take the upper hand, although they feel secretly upset.

The Mars person is afraid of the Lilith person’s traits. They find them aggressive and emotionally intense, creating conflicts that push away the Mars person. However, the Lilith person is scared of losing the Mars person, and this thought hunts them throughout the relationship.

Also, Lilith triggers anger in the Mars person, a feeling they probably didn’t even know they had in themselves.

This relationship could become violent, abusive, and conflictive in the worst-case scenario. In most cases, the Lilith person feels jealous or frustrated, creating resentment and rage.

But regardless of how this synastry aspect manifests, this relationship will always be dynamic and full of energy. The couple may engage in power struggles and ego issues, but it’s nothing they can’t overcome with some personal work.

Communication is key for this relationship to thrive. Trying couple’s therapy could prevent things from spiraling out of control, teaching them valuable skills to sustain a healthy relationship.

Lilith conjunct Jupiter synastry

The Lilith conjunct Jupiter synastry aspect magnifies Lilith’s traits. Jupiter acts as a magnifying glass that magnifies everything it touches. Therefore, the sexual energy this couple will experience will be intense and overwhelming.

The Lilith person usually challenges the Jupiter person’s core beliefs. These two individuals don’t usually share the same outlook on life, but they can help each other transform their cosmovision.

The Jupiter person makes the Lilith person broaden their horizon and expand the limits of their faith and knowledge. This synastry aspect feels sexual at first, but the reason that keeps them together is related to their morals, ethics, wisdom, and other subjects along those lines.

This relationship fosters self-discovery and spiritual transcendence. The Jupiter person might enter the relationship with a rigid religious perspective on life and transform it thanks to Lilith’s personal beliefs.

The Lilith person may think differently, pushing the Jupiter person to question their own ideas and taboos, and expanding their beliefs accordingly.

The same could happen about other topics such as politics, life after death, philosophy, and so on.

The Lilith person always brings to light taboo issues, making the Jupiter person think their partner’s opinions are wrong, at least during the first stages of the relationship. But once they get to know each other better, the Jupiter person understands they rejected their thoughts out of fear.

The Lilith conjunct Jupiter synastry aspect is one of the best placements if you are interested in self-work. You can learn a lot about the mysteries of life and human beings, making both partners wiser and more open-minded.

Sometimes, the different worldviews and goals in life are too different to sustain and lead them to break up. However, there is still a lot of wisdom and knowledge left from their union.

Lilith conjunct Saturn synastry

This synastry aspect can be tricky and conflicting. Saturn rules our sense of structure and order, while Lilith represents the taboos we want to break free from.

These two individuals experience a deep sexual attraction that brings them together in the beginning. There is a karmic aspect to this relationship that makes both partners feel constrained, as if they are paying a long-standing debt.

This synastry aspect is meant to show the Saturn person in what contexts they are too rigid. This relationship ideally makes the Saturn partner more flexible and positive.

At the same time, the Saturn person teaches their Lilith partner to be less rebellious and unrestricted. The Lilith person is usually afraid to be limited, which is exactly what their partner does, making them feel like prisoners. However, this unique dynamic can also help the Lilith person mature and realize that some structure is not necessarily bad.

In the worst-case scenario, the Saturn person becomes fearful and unable to handle the relationship in a healthy way. They feel their emotions are out of control and are willing to do anything to get them back under their authority.

Meanwhile, the Lilith person fights the control exerted by the Saturn person, making them feel increasingly afraid and angry.

The Lilith conjunct Saturn synastry aspect is not easy to deal with, but it can help both individuals work through their karma and become wiser and stronger.

Lilith conjunct Uranus synastry

This synastry aspect means that the Lilith partner unveils an unexplored side of the Uranus person’s personality. This aspect of themselves is probably taboo and goes against societal expectations, but at the same time is very liberating. That’s why the Uranus person feels they can truly be themselves around their Lilith partner.

Most of the time, the Lilith conjunct Uranus synastry aspect brings out the Uranus person’s rebellious side, feeling encouraged to fight injustices and break free from limited scenarios. Other times, this synastry aspect makes the Uranus person feel free to show a different side of themselves that can be more vulnerable, assertive, nurturing, competitive or any other quality they usually repress.

These two individuals are instantly attracted to each other with the Lilith conjunct Uranus synastry aspect. As the relationship settles, they feel there are no limitations and can do anything as long as they stay together.

This relationship is different from the mainstream and challenges societal norms, bringing a taboo edge that is exciting but also uncomfortable.

The Uranus person teaches their Lilith partner to let go of old grudges and outdated experiences that no longer serve their evolution. The Lilith person usually holds on to past wounds, and the Uranus person can help them break from this habit.

If other challenging elements influence this synastry aspect, the relationship may become too unrestricted, revolving around taboo topics or encountering opposing opinions about monogamy, free love, independence, etc.

In other cases, the Uranus person wants what their Lilith partner offers but is also afraid of the emotional storm and intensity they bring to their lives.

Lilith conjunct Neptune synastry

This synastry aspect tends to romanticize the relationship and creates a lot of illusion. When these two people first meet, they probably feel like their dreams have finally come true.

They usually share a psychic or spiritual connection, but most of the time, there is a problem with the management of their expectations, leading both partners to create false illusions. They simply fail to see what’s real and what’s not, especially in terms of their relationship.

Like any other Lilith synastry aspect, there is something taboo about this union, although it is probably less evident than in other cases. For example, these people may have grown up as cousins, although they are not biologically related. They could also be from different backgrounds that look bad for others, but it’s actually not that shocking.

Sometimes, the only dangerous side of the Lilith conjunct Neptune synastry aspect is that both partners usually forget to put their feet on the ground and live in the real world. They are so mesmerized by their relationship and passionate feelings that they prefer to neglect other aspects of their lives.

Other times, the Lilith conjunct Neptune synastry aspect unlocks both partners’ darkest desires. They could feel addicted to each other’s company and also to toxic substances.

The main purpose of the Lilith conjunct Neptune synastry aspect is to cultivate their spiritual and psychic connection without disconnecting from reality. These individuals have the potential to enjoy a lasting and happy bond as long as they remain grounded.

Lilith conjunct Pluto synastry

This powerful synastry aspect is incredibly intense and transformative. The Lilith conjunct Pluto synastry aspect can be inspiringly transformative or awfully dangerous.

As with other Lilith synastry aspects, a strong physical attraction between these two individuals brings them together in the first place. The only difference is that both the Pluto and the Lilith person display the darkest side of their personalities in this relationship. The intensity and chemistry can be found in the bedroom as well as in their social life.

If these individuals are willing to learn from each other problematic personality traits, the relationship can be healing and transformative. However, this is not an easy process and won’t unfold naturally.

Sometimes, power struggles and destructive patterns of behavior overtake the relationship and lead to problematic developments. They react to their differences with violence, and arguments easily turn into fights. The Lilith conjunct Pluto synastry makes this couple impulsive and ruthless, unable to measure the consequences of their actions.

Both the Lilith and the Pluto person can become possessive, manipulative, and power-hungry. They probably end up hurting each other and having a nasty breakup that will mark them for life. If this happens, the Pluto person probably holds a grudge for a very long time.

The Lilith conjunct Pluto synastry aspects also suggest betrayals and affairs. Most of the time, the Lilith person is the one committing the affair or hurting the Pluto person, but other times is the other way around.

The Lilith person can learn about deep sincerity and honesty from the Pluto person, while the Pluto person learns about respect and harmony from the Lilith person.

The Lilith partner usually escapes conflicts, and the Plut0 person becomes obsessed with them and deeply hurt. The best solution is to find a middle ground and help each other heal from their emotional wounds.

For this relationship to work, each individual should make a huge effort to put in their partner’s shoes and validate their feelings. Couples’ therapy can help them see their blind spots and overcome their personal struggles.

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