Mars Opposite Pluto Synastry

Do you and your romantic partner share a Mars opposite Pluto synastry aspect? If so, you are guaranteed to be in for a bit of a bumpy ride.

Pluto Mars aspects in a synastry chart are very intense and passionate. They talk about a competitive relationship where drama and conflict are the order of the day. However, it also suggests powerful sexual attraction and desire, making all Pluto aspects impossible to overlook.

Physical intimacy can be transformative and healing in these relationships, leading them to face their dark side and overcome their traumas to become stronger. With that being said, it also brings ego conflict and power struggles, as Mars and Pluto have aggressive energy.

This article talks about one of the most challenging Mars and Pluto aspects: the opposition. If you find this synastry aspect in your chart, keep reading and find out all about it.

Synastry Chart and Compatibility

A synastry chart compares two natal charts to analyze the compatibility between two individuals. The astrologer examines the aspects between the planets and zodiac signs to understand how they connect with each other.

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A synastry chart shows the strengths and shortcomings of the relationship’s dynamic, helping you nurture what you appreciate about each other and work on those aspects that create friction.

This astrological report doesn’t guarantee a successful relationship, but it will help you understand each other while uncovering the couple’s potential.

Most people who ask for a synastry reading are looking to work on specifics aspects of the relationship that they struggle to deal with, helping them resolve the problem effectively.

Synastry Chart and Astrological Aspects

The astrological aspects are a crucial element of a synastry chart. These unique contacts between the planets of each natal chart have a specific meaning for the relationship.

The Astrological aspects in a synastry chart show a specific problem or potential that could make this relationship more enjoyable.

Challenging aspects talk about those elements that bring conflicts, tension, and arguments but also make your relationship interesting. These aspects might be difficult to address, but they also make the couple evolve.

Flowing aspects make the relationship harmonious but might lead you to stagnant since they are not stimulating enough.

A balanced combination of soft and hard aspects makes the relationship stable but also dynamic and passionate.

Let’s discuss one of the heaviest synastry aspects, the opposition.

Opposition Aspect in Synastry

Opposition is one of the hardest aspects of Astrology. It talks about two opposing energies in dispute, two sides of the same coin that complement each other in their difference.

Some people think that a synastry chart with too many disharmonious aspects like squares and oppositions symbolizes a problematic relationship. But nothing could be further from the truth. A synastry chart with harmonic aspects only brings stagnation to the relationship, while challenging aspects offer passion and evolution.

Of course, this evolution will not come easily, and conflicts and arguments can become difficult to manage. Some oppositions are more bearable, and others, like the opposition between Mars and Pluto, are truly explosive and challenging. But if the couple can harness the potential of this aspect and bring it to a positive outcome, the relationship will prove to be one of the strongest that can be found.

Mars in Astrology

Mars is the planet of drive, action, war, and independence. This red planet has a fiery vibe that is ready to fight whoever stands in its way. It’s also related to Ares, the Greek god of combat.

The Romans thought of Mars as the god of battles, weapons, militaries, and other related characteristics.

The planet Mars is associated with our raw nature, our animalistic instincts that lead us to fight or flee from threatening situations. Mars is also related to our sexual urges, passion, desire, and lust. It symbolizes our potency, physical energy, impulsiveness, and competitive spirit. This planet aims for the first place and always triumphs in its battles.

Mars is a chaser, a fighter, a planet that knows no limits when trying to achieve its purposes. That’s why Astrology was known as a malefic planet that could bring conflicts. However, it also brings the impulse to start a new path, to venture into uncharted territory. Mars represents an important part of a synastry chart. Next to Venus, these planets inform how passionate the couple is, their level of sexual attraction, and how strong is their desire to stay together.

Pluto in Astrology

Pluto is one of the three transcendental planets, next to Neptune and Uranus. This celestial body is also assertive and combative, but not the same way as Mars.

Pluto is deep and secretive, accumulating all its power deep inside until it bursts with an implacable force that destroys everything in its path. However, what it destroys is what no longer serves, making way for a new strength to emerge. It rules the zodiac sign Scorpio and the 8th House in our natal chart, the area of deaths and rebirths.

In Roman mythology, Pluto is associated with the underworld, the god who watches over the entrance of the departed souls. In Greece, he is known as Hades, the famous brother of Zeus, the god of the dead. This explains why Pluto was known as a malefic planet and wasn’t very popular in the past. But just because he is dark and powerful doesn’t mean he’s evil. 

Pluto decides on people’s final destination and is merciful with those who lead a good life. Pluto represents how deep the connection between two persons is in a synastry chart. It also talks about obsessive behavior, possessive tendencies, sexual contact, and profound transformation.

When Pluto is negatively aspected, it could be a challenging dynamic to deal with. The couple could project emotional urges that could affect the relationship in the long run. That’s why the Mars opposition Pluto aspect in a synastry chart can be tough to manage.

Mars Opposite Pluto Synastry – Control issues

This relationship encounters power struggles as Mars and Pluto are both strong planets that want to take control. Both partners could strive to master the dynamic and insists on having things their way.

After all, Mars and Pluto represent power, albeit in different ways. Mars is impulsive, raw, bold, and aggressive, with a straightforward approach that doesn’t consider the consequences.

On the other side, Pluto works behind the scene, taking its time to understand others and manipulate from the shadows. This planet is not impulsive; on the contrary. For Pluto, revenge is a dish best served cold.

It imposes death and rebirth, a deep transformation in its surroundings. The Pluto person has the urge to control others for their own benefit. This person is the master puppet who wants to possess. That’s why they love to provoke the fiery Mars, who can’t let even one of their taunts go unheeded.

The result? Anger, resentment, conflict, and vengeance.

Mars Opposite Pluto Synastry – Power Struggles

In this synastry aspect, partners constantly fight for power, striving to control the relationship and make the other person accommodate their rules. These two could be very attracted to each other physically but can’t stand their presence at the same time.

The Pluto person provokes the Mars person constantly. They need a challenge, and Mars’s attitude inspires them to fight.

The Mars person has a quick temper and doesn’t wait to think about their actions. They immediately engage in war, making this connection difficult to sustain over time if there are no other favorable factors in the synastry chart.

To overcome this dynamic, both partners need to be aware of their behavior and work patiently until it’s resolved, which is not always possible.

The domination element is very strong. The only way to make the relationship thrive is to understand that neither of them needs to control the other person to feel confident. The problem is that each thinks that they are not doing anything wrong and the other person is the one messing everything up. They will say that they are only trying to defend themselves from their partner’s aggression. There might be a lot of fights, anger, and arguments because neither of them wants to be controlled. But this relationship is not always like this. At first, the Pluto person is attracted to the Mars person’s courage and strength, while the Mars person falls in love with the Pluto person’s magnetism and depth.

Problems start to appear after a while when the Pluto person begins to consider Mars’ strength as physical aggressiveness. They want to connect from a deeper emotional side, not just from physical attraction. At the same time, the Mars person feels like the Pluto person is too emotional and that they always find conflict wherever they go.

The opposition between Mars and Pluto in synastry generates an overwhelming attraction as well as a continuous rejection between the two people. They can’t take their hands off each other but fight all the time to have control. They fail to understand each other except on a physical level, although their sexual styles vary. Mars is more impulsive and wild, while Pluto takes things slow and easy until it reaches maximum intensity.

When these two individuals argue, the Pluto person knows how to hit the weak points of Mars, leading them to act impulsively, feeling bad later for having fallen into their partner’s trap.

The Pluto person has a passive-aggressive way of controlling Mars, while the Mars person spends all their energy standing their ground. At best, this couple could release their tension through sex but struggle to get along outside the bedroom, engaging in explosive fights every other day.

Communication is crucial for this relationship to work, and if neither of them likes to talk, they need to find help developing this skill. The main reason why they stick together is because of their out-of-the-world sexual attraction. But as they have so many problems the rest of the time, the relationship will be on and off, breaking up over their fights and making up with passionate sex.

If these individuals are mature enough, they will work on their stubbornness and avoid fighting over trivial things. They will learn to control their anger and learn from each other instead of making their lives miserable. The thing is that these two intense planets are overbearing and want things to be their way or the highway. That’s why they build resentment over time that could end up with terrible consequences. But there is always the possibility of this couple managing this aspect positively. There is the potential for a healing sexual connection and a creative power to transform their lives.

As they both want to be always right, competition and pride are always surrounding their activities and discussions. Don’t be surprised if these two people disagree on practically everything.

The Mars person wants to do one thing, and the Pluto person intends to do exactly the opposite, to the point of thinking that they do it on purpose just to get on each other’s nerves. It’s not impossible to overcome this astrological aspect, although it might take a lot of work.

Appreciating each other’s qualities could be an excellent first step. Learning to be more flexible and appreciate their differences instead of fighting them could also help. 

Trying to control everything in the relationship just to have the upper hand can be exhausting, as well as the constant drama over everyday events.

If these two people understood their powerful energy, they could team up instead of fighting, succeeding in everything they do. They can stimulate one another to accomplish whatever they set their minds to.

Both partners are passionate and have strong desires, making them address any problematic issue and solve them in less time than expected. They just need to stop trying to control the other person and spend energy and time trying to be right all the time. Ideally, it’s best to have other positive aspects in the synastry chart to make this astrological aspect less intense.

In short, you both need to realize that control, competition, jealousy, and fighting are not in keeping with a romantic relationship. Is your pride really more important than the love you have for each other?

As mentioned above, sexual attraction is strong and mutual in this aspect, but they need to be cautious as they can become aggressive and hurt each other.

Suppose these two people are not engaged in a sexual o romantic relationship. In that case, they will consider themselves a threat to their freedom and independence, becoming hostile and aggressive from the outset. When one of them wants to give their opinion, the other will get defensive, and eventually, they will end up fighting. The Pluto person always corrects the Mars person and tries to educate them, making them embody their inner warrior.

The Pluto person considers the Mars person impulsive and naive, incapable of controlling their urges. The Mars person finds their partner too intense and always looking for trouble.

In extreme cases, the Mars opposite Pluto synastry aspect can result in an assault, but this is only if the people involved have violent tendencies. In these cases, they must reduce their interactions to the minimum and stay away from each other lives.

Man’s Mars Opposite Woman’s Pluto

This synastry aspect creates tension and can damage the relationship. The Mars person persistently urges his Pluto partner to do the things he likes. 

This situation takes the Pluto woman to the extreme of hitting rock bottom and having to completely transform her identity. It is likely to manifest cruelty, hatred, domination, jealousy, and possessiveness situations.

The Pluto woman ends up resenting the aggressiveness of the Mars person’s attacks as she feels like the relationship only offers her punishment and conflicts. Their sexual connection is intense but, at the same time, an obstacle that keeps them from breaking off the relationship.

Man’s Pluto Opposite Woman’s Mars

When a Man’s Pluto opposites a Woman’s Mars in a synastry chart, the woman tends to be overly dominating and aggressive towards her partner, reaching him on a more subconscious level. She provokes him and subconsciously punishes him for being too passive.

The Pluto man feels a transformation out of this relationship but cannot connect with a positive aspect of this change because of the outbursts of her Mars partner. 

This aspect brings the worst on this couple: they engage in fights, react impulsively to their actions, and release their anger in dirty but pleasurable sex. This sexual attraction is the only thing keeping them together most of the time.

Other Mars and Pluto synastry aspects

Pluto Square Mars Synastry

This other challenging aspect suggests strong sexual attraction but also power struggles and conflicts. Neither partner wants to be controlled by the other and assert their independence fiercely, trying to overpower each other until things turn ugly.

When they first meet, the Pluto person is drawn to the Mars person’s strength and independence. At the same time, Mars wants to know everything about the Pluto person who seems deep and mysterious.

This couple is very physically attracted to each other but doesn’t trust their intentions. Mars is more impulsive than Pluto, who carefully plans all their steps. Mars is more physical and outgoing, while Pluto is more emotional and withdrawn. In this synastry aspect, the Mars person is more sexual and wants to have the Pluto person physically near at all times, regardless of what is happening in the relationship.

The Mars person will be more overbearing while the Pluto person becomes emotionally fragile. They can grasp the emotional nature of their connection, understanding how their dynamics work on a more profound level. However, the Mars person is more likely to act and harm their Pluto partner.

Ultimately, when a couple has Pluto square Mars in their synastry chart, there is a strong intimate connection, to the point of obsession. They cannot stay apart even if they fight constantly. As in the opposition, sex is the best way for these two individuals to release tension, although they might use sex to hurt each other.

As the Mars person is impulsive, they burn up their energy quickly, and Pluto ends up dominating thanks to their patience and emotional intensity. The Mars person will try to mock Pluto’s vulnerability or become passive-aggressive in their attitudes to defend themselves. If they want the relationship to work, these two people must be less competitive and build on each other’s strengths. Being more compassionate and open will help them heal old wounds and move forward.

Mars Sextile Pluto Synastry

The sextile is a soft aspect that brings out the best aspects of both planets. A Mars sextile Pluto relationship is characterized by determination and zest for life. They can be great business people or sports team members.

Due to the influence of Pluto, these two individuals will share a keen interest in the occult, esoteric practices, immortality of the soul, and other similar topics, thus developing their spiritual journey.

In addition, both partners have numerous friends and acquaintances in common and love socializing. Their families get along great, and they enjoy their time together. The Pluto person helps the Mars person realize their potential, while the Mars person helps their partner address their problems more realistically. 

Both partners end up developing a stronger character thanks to this relationship. If this is a love relationship, their physical attraction will grow stronger over time.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Synastry

The Pluto conjunct Mars synastry aspect is also very intense. If you are the kind of person that loves passionate and dramatic love affairs, this aspect will bring a unique experience to your love life.

Mars conjunct Pluto synastry aspect talks about a passionate love affair with strong magnetism and intense sexual energy that is impossible to overlook. Mars is the planet of desire, and Pluto loves intimacy. Even if these two people are only friends, the sexual tension will still be there.

This aspect also indicates some challenges like possessiveness, jealousy, and power struggles. The ultimate lesson of this aspect is for these two persons to have a profound transformation thanks to their love for each other.

Pluto makes repressed traumas and beliefs come to the surface, which is why this relationship gives you the chance to heal them. However, it’s easy to lose control of your actions and temper with this aspect since these two planets have intense energy. That’s why it is essential to analyze both natal charts to assess the probabilities.

These two planets have a lot of things in common, but that’s exactly the problem. They share the same desire to rule over other people, have total control of their surroundings, and be the strongest person in the room. That is why this relationship will encounter conflict at some point.

When these two intense planets merge in conjunction, all sorts of things are meant to happen, and not all of them are positive.

From a negative perspective, this conjunction in synastry heralds complete destruction. But on the bright side, it also suggests regeneration. 

If you see this aspect in the synastry chart with your partner, they are someone very important who will mark a turning point in your life. That person will force you to face painful aspects of your personality that you try so hard to hide under a facade of aggressiveness or physical discharge. Although it will be a harrowing experience, you will hit rock bottom and face all your demons until you have no choice but to heal.

This relationship is intensely painful and regenerative, healing through the deep love you feel for each other. Thanks to this love, both partners can access a more authentic place in their souls and develop their spiritual side more intensely. Sex becomes a religious experience that connects your souls until this bond becomes indestructible.

Pluto is a planet that is prone to obsession, so both individuals will struggle to get each other out of their minds for even a second. They can be together all the time, and still, nothing seems to be enough, as the craving they have for one another is intense and consuming.

As in any other synastry aspect involving Pluto, the Pluto person might have more power over the relationship. The Mars person is strong but is not able to sustain the emotional intensity that the Pluto person constantly displays.

This conjunction means that as soon as they meet, these two people feel an immediate connection. They become inseparable from that moment on, sharing strong chemistry that they probably never felt before.

They have a raw connection, a physical and overwhelming attraction very different from the sweet and soft magnetism you can expect when Venus or the Moon are involved in a synastry report. Mars and Pluto are rough, physical, and fierce.

Sex is the cornerstone of this relationship, as Mars influences libido and carnal desire, while Pluto transforms through intense sexual and emotional connection. This synastry aspect might be too intense to sustain, as it drains the energy of people who have never engaged in such a passionate love affair.

This conjunction also implies that these two partners become excited about growing up together, rekindling their passions, and planning all kinds of adventures. They share a lust for life that is difficult to match. Most of this couple was on the verge of depression until they met, and their will to live flourished again.

The Pluto person can act as a regenerative force in the Mars person’s life. They can help this person heal ancient wounds and become stronger after winning these battles. 

This relationship allows the Pluto person to enjoy life more as the Mars person helps them see things more clearly and act according to what their heart says without being so distrustful of other people. After spending time together, they feel more energized and excited about their future plans.

This synastry aspect can even be empowering, especially for the Mars partner. The Pluto person helps them realize they are stronger than they thought, with more power to overcome their obstacles, let go of past issues with confidence, and engage in healthier habits.

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