Synastry Aspects True Love

Are the synastry aspects true love indicators?

Astrology is a powerful tool for self-knowledge, but its teachings can go much further. Not everyone knows that a whole branch of Astrology studies our intimate and professional relationships in depth.

Although it would be easier to compare our Sun Sign with that of our partners to determine our compatibility, the truth is that we would be missing many other valuable aspects.

Many factors make us get along with the person we love. Beyond chemistry and sexual attraction, we refer to each person’s worldview and unique approach to love.

A simple way to determine if we are the right fit for our significant other is a synastry report.

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This article explains all about relationship astrology, and which aspects in synastry are key to determining compatibility.

Synastry and Relationship Astrology

Synastry refers to the branch of Astrology that studies how individuals interact with each other.

Each person has a personal natal chart, which is a picture of the planetary arrangement of the moment they were born. Our birth chart stamps the qualities of the planets and zodiac signs on the native.

There are ten planets and celestial bodies in our natal chart. However, their placement by the house, sign, and aspects differ from person to person. When we relate with other people, our individual energies from each natal chart create a special dynamic, forming a unique interplay as complex as our own personalities.

Most people are familiar with the concept of Sun Sign Compatibility. For example, we know that Cancer could get along with Taurus since they are both gentle, sensitive, and family-oriented. But what if that Taurus native has an Aquarius Moon and their Cancer partner a Scorpio Moon? See, this is where everything gets more complex.

Sun Sign comparisons are very general, and many other astrological factors need to be considered to determine the love compatibility of two individuals.

Synastry takes a lot of practice, but some practical methods could help you better understand your interactions.

What Are Aspects in Synastry?

In short, aspects in astrological charts are connections between planets or celestial bodies. You can find them in your own chart or between multiple charts.

You can find the interplanetary angles on the wheel of a natal chart. For example, if the Moon is 90° from Venus, they form a square. These mathematical relationships affect us personally in a special way.

Therefore, looking at each natal chart separately is essential before diving into the synastry report. Houses are significant to consider in synastry chart overlays.

Synastry Aspects true love

A synastry report estimates the type of dynamic and quality of the interactions between two birth charts, providing a broad understanding of their compatibility and unique dynamics.

Synastry charts are not restricted to love compatibility. You can analyze any kind of relationship, whether a friendship, work association or similar. However, the following aspects are a good indicator of true love compatibility.

Key Synastry Chart Aspects

All aspects in synastry are important to define the overall panorama of the relationship. But the ones you should consider when determining long-term, relational aspects of two people are the Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign or Ascendant, which are known as the trinity that describes the most important aspects of our personalities.

It’s also important to review Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the planet of sexual desire, as well as Saturn and Jupiter (the social planets).

The North Node and Vertex aspects are valuable to determine if you have a connection with this person from another life. They also signal the challenges and growth you’ll experience with this relationship. These aspects suggest that these two individuals are bound to meet because they have a lot to learn from each other.

The Best Synastry Aspects for True Love

First, we compare the two individual natal charts, revealing the position of some planets to determine their positive or negative influence.

Then we look at their connections and aspects when overlapped in a synastry chart.


These synastry aspects determine how couples react and interact with each other. The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant aspects reveal the impression they give and how they perceive their personalities.

The Sun

It reveals our conscious personality, our core identity. The Sun shows the essential qualities of our character, how we experience life, and how we express our unique selves.

The Moon

It represents our emotional makeup, the way we understand and give affection, as well as our sense of emotional security. The Moon shows how we care for others and how we want to be treated.

The Ascendant

It describes our social personality, the first impression we give others before they get to know us better.

Harmonious aspects between the Sun, Moon and Ascendant are great indicators of love compatibility since they show if a couple’s personality matches. It reveals if these two individuals have good chemistry and how similar or different are their approaches to reality are.


Harmonious aspects in synastry between both Suns indicate these two people understand each other on a personal level and share the same outlook on life.

Sextiles and Trines are both good indicators of a stable relationship. It means that this couple supports each other and feels attracted by their personalities.

Now, hard aspects such as squares and oppositions mean that they challenge each other and have different ways of expressing themselves. They can struggle to understand their discrepancies or be more compassionate.


Harmonious aspects between two Moons in a synastry chart, such as sextile or trine, describe an immediate emphatic bond between two people. That’s why the Moon is so important to consider when determining a couple’s compatibility.

It shows that they share similar emotional perspectives and feel naturally comfortable with each other. They can create a cozy and secure environment in their relationship without a problem.

Now, the hard aspects suggest that it will be more challenging for these two individuals to be emotionally aligned. They could expect the other person to show their love differently without considering their unique needs, which can lead to some arguments. But once they understand each other, they can enjoy their relationship.


The aspects between the Sun and the Moon are one of the most important to determine true love. These two celestial bodies complement one another, so the conjunction, sextile, or trine represents a solid and stable married couple.

However, the Moon person may become dependent on the Sun person, who takes the role of the leader in the relationship. At the same time, they rely on the Moon person’s emotional support to make decisions. They can count on each other or engage in a codependent relationship.

The square between these two celestial bodies in synastry can bring friction and fights, but they still are good indicators of a strong relationship.


Venus is also known as Aphrodite, the famous goddess of love and beauty. This planet shows how we approach romance and relationships in general.

Venus governs our love language, but it also influences how we seek pleasure in our intimate attachments.

Many of us can relate to the weird experience of feeling attracted to someone without any logical explanation. Sometimes, our crushes make sense; other times, they seem entirely irrational.

Relationship astrology can help us find answers. Venus rules chemistry and attraction. This is the planet of romance, pleasure, and alliance. For this reason, Venus is particularly important when studying a Synastry chart. Venus aspects are common in long-lasting and strong romantic relationships.

Look at your personal Venus and then compare it with your partner’s Venus to determine your unique approaches to love and relationships. Comparing each Venus sign can be very enlightening already.

Then, check if your Venus makes an aspect to the other’s luminaries or planets. This could mean that the Venus person feels romantically attached to the other person, and their partner expects a lot from Venus.

Venus determines our approach to love and relationships, making this planet particularly important when studying a synastry chart.

On the other hand, Mars describes how we express our sexual energy, physical body, and independence.

This is a great aspect to find in a synastry chart since they suggest passionate romance and strong physical attraction. These qualities don’t necessarily mean that you’ll have a long-lasting relationship, but it indicates that your chemistry won’t go away.

For example, Venus conjunct Mars is an excellent combination that suggests that these two individuals share a romantic connection and sex drive that will last forever, even if they are not together anymore.

Couples with soft aspects between Venus and Mars in synastry can learn to address their differences and adapt to each other more easily. Those with challenging aspects could argue more but find the relationship more exciting.


Similar to the Sun and the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter also have very different qualities, which means they complement each other. Synastry aspects between these two planets bring potential and significance to the relationship.

Saturn and Jupiter aspects in synastry describe a fruitful relationship, with Saturn providing commitment and Jupiter providing fun and excitement. They can work to be a successful marriage and a power couple as long as their long-term goals are in sync.

Sun/Moon Midpoint

The Sun and Moon midpoint synastry aspects represent the “inner connection” and relationship fulfillment of these partners.

It’s a degree activated by transit or progression that heralds major changes in the relationship. The Sun and Moon Midpoint signal an extremely significant relationship that can be challenged with troubles.

North Node

The ‘North Node’ is one of the two lunar nodes representing your soul’s destiny or the path you are directing to. It takes us out of our comfort zone but also leads us to a fulfilling life.

North Node synastry aspects suggest that you and your partner were destined to meet because you are moving in the same direction and come from similar backgrounds.

These aspects suggest that you feel inspired by each other and help achieve spiritual growth.

Other factors to consider

Venus-Sun Synastry aspects

Venus and Sun aspects are great for any relationship. They create balance and harmony, offering common interests to the couple.

The Sun person feels more beautiful and affectionate in the presence of the Venus person. At the same time, the Venus person finds the Sun person charming and magnetic. They share a natural attraction and have similar personalities.

Although it is not an indicator of sexual chemistry like the aspects between Venus and Mars or Venus and Pluto, they feel content with each other. The more challenging aspects, such as opposition or square, can indicate problems and arguments.

The value system of the Venus person may differ from the Sun person’s outlook on life, bringing some frustrations and conflicts.

Venus-Moon Synastry aspects

These aspects are great indicators of harmony and compatibility. They can smooth out other challenging aspects in the synastry chart, even though it doesn’t mean they are immune to disagreements and conflicts.

This connection is not as sexual but more nurturing. This couple is family-oriented and can spend a lot of time together without getting tired of their company. These individuals feel the need to be in each other’s presence, even if they are not talking or interacting.

They protect each other and are tender and compassionate in their exchanges. When challenging, the Venus person may use their charm to get out of trouble instead of confronting them head-on. At the same time, the Moon person finds the Venus person too playful and shallow when discussing their feelings.


Vertex synastry aspects talk about true love. The Vertex aspects reveal a soul’s connections, people who are meant to be together even though they don’t have a karmic relationship. When activated in transit or progression, it heralds a relationship that will change your life.

If you are considering getting married or spending the rest of your life with your partner, a Vertex aspect is a favorable sign. When your Vertex is in the same element or house as your partner, this could mean a magnetic attraction.

Essential Takeaways

It’s crucial to look at each natal chart separately before doing the synastry reading to avoid confusion. All synastry aspects are meaningful, but the personal planets such as the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus, and Mars and the social planets like Saturn and Jupiter are the best indicators of a successful relationship.

Sun Moon synastry aspects are expected to be found in married couples as it means that they work well together on all levels: emotionally, personally, and mentally.

Venus Mars synastry aspects indicate sexual chemistry and physical attraction that won’t diminish over time.

Vertex aspects in synastry are considered very favorable, whether soft or hard.

How Are Aspects Calculated?

Aspects are calculated by the distance between two planets or celestial bodies from 0 to 360 degrees:

  • A square aspect is at 90°;
  • Opposition (180°)
  • Quincunx (150°)
  • Conjunction (0°)
  • Semi-sextile (30°)
  • Trine (120°)

What Are Dynamic and Soft Aspects in Astrology?

Synastry aspects are interpreted based on whether they are soft or dynamic. Soft aspects are sextile and trine, while dynamic aspects include semi-sextile, square, quincunx, and opposite.

When most synastry aspects are soft, the planets get along well. This means that the couple naturally reaches an understanding and does not encounter major conflicts. However, too many soft aspects can signal stagnation or boredom because nothing encourages them to evolve.

Challenging or dynamic aspects can bring conflict as these planets have divergent energies. But even though this indicates conflict and disagreement, it keeps the spark of passion alive. Each partner can grow and evolve through their relationship.

For example, a Sun trine Mercury aspect in synastry suggests that this couple communicate beautifully and share the same outlook on life.

Now, a Venus square Uranus synastry aspect indicates that while the Venus person wants to show affection and love, the Uranus person is detached and seeks freedom.


Synastry aspects can be excellent indicators of the dynamic and prospect of a relationship. You could determine if two people are right for each other and even if they are the right fit to sustain this relationship for the long haul.

Studying your synastry chart can be a good idea regardless of whether you are just embarking on the relationship or have been together for many years now.

Learning more about the reasons that keep you together, your strengths, and your blind spots can better enrich your dynamic and help you solve your relationship’s internal problems.

Remember that challenging aspects do not mean your relationship is doomed to fail. It just means you need to put in a little more effort to make things work. Putting aside your egos and differences can be easy if the love that binds you together is strong.

Although it is not required to base your romantic decisions on what the synastry chart says, but rather on what your heart tells you, this report will help you make the most of your union and its potential.

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Topics & Questions

What is synastry strongest aspect?

The most important aspects to consider in a synastry chart are those between the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

These make up the basic aspects of our personality and show the unique and special dynamic formed when relating to another person.

Aspects between the Sun indicate compatibility between the two personalities. Aspects between the Moon show how the two receive and give affection. Venus and Mars represent physical, sexual, and romantic attraction, while Saturn and Jupiter speak of structure and meaning.

What is an exact aspect in synastry?

Aspects in astrology refer to the mathematical angles formed between two planets or celestial bodies. For example, if two planets form a 90-degree angle between them, that is, they are within three zodiac signs of each other, they form a square.
Likewise, if two planets are together in the same zodiac sign, they are in conjunction.

Now the more exact that union is, the more powerful their influence will be in this relationship. For example, if the Moon is at 3 degrees of Aries and squares Pluto at 4 degrees of Cancer, this aspect will be highly prominent within the dynamics of this relationship.

The same happens if the Sun of one of the partners is at 15 degrees Leo and the Venus of the other partner is also at 15 degrees Leo. This means that their romantic connection will be almost unbreakable.

What astrology aspects indicate a fated meeting between two people?

The Lunar Nodes and the Vertex are strong indicators of a relationship that is meant to happen.

The North Node points to our soul destiny, the place we are headed, forcing us out of our comfort zone. Lunar node aspects in a synastry chart suggest that these two people will help each other grow spiritually and have much to learn from each other.

Vertex aspects speak of a soul connection, a relationship that will forever change the lives of both people.

Is Chiron important in synastry?

Chiron refers to the wound we were born with in this life. At the same time, it indicates the talent we have to offer to the world and help others.

Chiron is a slow-moving comet, so its aspects in a synastry chart can be generational. That is, if your partner has Chiron conjunct your Mercury, you probably also have Chiron conjunct Mercury.

But if you and your partner are from different generations, Chiron’s synastry aspects have more to say. They may indicate a relationship in which both partners help each other become more resilient and overcome personal obstacles.

It may also signal a relationship that activates painful memories in both partners. Although it can be challenging, bringing them up can help them work through them and find the silver lining of their circumstances.

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