Mars Conjunct North Node Synastry

When a relationship has a Mars conjunct North Node synastry aspect, it indicates an intense and exciting pairing where the two of you push and inspire each other to grow and achieve.

Both partners in Mars conjunct North Node synastry relationships share a strong emotional bond as well as an intense physical attraction towards each other.

Here is a couple who know just how to push each other’s buttons – in both creative and destructive ways. The two have the potential to help each other overcome self-doubts and channel their energy and ambitions constructively. Mars galvanises the North Node into action towards their deepest held dreams and goals.

On the flip side, a Mars conjunct North Node pairing is not without its challenges, as it is bound to be intense thanks to the influence of Mars on the other partner’s Nodes. The North Node partner will inevitably experience most of the friction.

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One thing is for certain when you accept the challenge that a Mars conjunct North Node pairing inevitably poses: You are in for an exciting and transformative experience. Whether your love is going to last is an entirely different matter and is going to depend on how much you are willing to be pushed and challenged, if you are the Nodal partner.

So, what characterises a Mars conjunct North Node synastry pairing, and is it worth the efforts both are going to have to put in? Keep reading.

What does Mars conjunct North Node mean in synastry?

A conjunction in astrology is when two planets align perfectly with each other in the same star sign. Conjunctions bring two like energies together, which has the effect of amplifying both energies.

Generally speaking, conjunctions are considered to be harmonious aspects in astrology, although what they really are is potent. Whether a conjunction is harmonious is always going to depend on the planetary energies involved. Sometimes, when there is an overabundance of conjunctions in a couple’s synastry chart, it can create an excessive amount of tension because it indicates that the couple are so in sync the their individual energies may become drowned out.

The synastry chart

In synastry, a chart is composed by overlaying two people’s birth charts with each other. This reveals how the two people’s planetary energies interact with each other.

Having a Mars conjunct North Node aspect in synastry means that the Mars in one person’s natal chart is in conjunction with the North Node in the other person’s chart.

The influence of Mars in synastry

Mars is one of the seven classical planets of Western astrology. It is the fourth planet from the sun, and the second smallest in the Solar System. But do not be deceived by its size – Mars has a very big energy, and its influence in the astrological chart is significant.

Mars takes its name from the Roman god of war, fire and aggression. It’s energy is assertive, aggressive, dominant and action-oriented. In astrology, Mars represents willpower, drive, sexuality, desire and ambition. Mars is that energy that drives us forward in life, and inspires us to take action in the world.

The placement of Mars in the astrology chart reveals a lot about what drives and motivates someone, as well as about what their aims and ambitions are. In synastry, Mars represents sexual attraction and chemistry, inspiration and a drive to grow and succeed.

The influence of the North and South Nodes in synastry

As Western astrology keeps growing and expanding, it includes more different elements and aspects and as result, charts become ever more detailed and accurate. The North and South nodes, not originally included in astrology charts, are examples of this development.

The North and South Nodes aren’t planets, but rather mathematical points in the chart. They are always positioned directly opposite each other in the chart, meaning they fall in two diametrically opposite zodiac signs. Both Nodes are related to karma and soul growth.

Simply put, the North Node represents your Karmic task in this lifetime – its energy is what you are moving and evolving towards. Another way of putting it is that it reflects your life’s purpose and mission.

The South Node, on the other hand, represents what you are evolving past, breaking free from and leaving behind.

The Mars opposition South Node aspect

Wherever you find a Mars conjunct North Node synastry aspect in a couple’s chart, you are also going to find a Mars opposition South Node aspect.

An astrology opposition (also called polarity) happens when two planetary energies are placed directly opposite each other on the astrological wheel. Because they are literally polar opposites, opposing planets are always going to be a source of tension and, more often than not, conflict.

When your romantic partner’s Mars is in opposition to your South Node, or vice versa, there is guaranteed to be a certain amount of push-and-shove in the relationship. Therefore, when contemplating a relationship with a Mars conjunct North Node synastry aspect, it is important to keep in mind that a Mars opposition South Node aspect comes as part of the package.

Other Mars-Nodal aspects in synastry

Mars in conjunction with your partner’s North Node and in opposition to their South Node is not the only possible Mars-Nodal synastry aspect possible.

A trine aspect is when two planets appear at a 150 degree angle to each other, and is generally considered to be the most obviously harmonious aspect in synastry. A trine ensures a peacable merging of energies. On the flipside, trine aspects may lack the urgency and intensity of more challenging aspects.

A sextile aspect is when two planets appear at a 60 degree angle to each other, and provides a good foundation upon which a couple may build a lasting relationship.

A square aspect occurs when two planetary energies form a 90 degree angle. Squares are renewed for creating tension, conflicts and stand-offs between different planetary energies. In pairings where many squares are present, both partners may seek to dominate the other.

Yet another important thing to look for when you are surveying a synastry chart is the houses that the planetary elements fall in. As you probably already know, the astrology chart divides into twelve houses, one for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Whether a conjunction appears in the first, second, firth or eleventh house has an enormous bearing on the overall significance of the conjunct planets.

To stick with our Mars-North Node example, a Mars conjunct North Node in the first house, which is associated with the star sign Aries and is sometimes called the house of self is going to have a radically different impact on the pairing than if the Mars conjunct North Node aspect falls in the fourth house, which is ruled by Cancer. A Mars conjunct North Node aspect in the first house would be like throwing gasoline on fire, while the same conjunction in the fourth house would be soothed and softened by the watery energy of Cancer.

Pros of the Mars conjunct North Node synastry relationship

It goes without saying that every Mars conjunct North Node aspected relationship is unique, but it is nevertheless true that there are certain characteristics that run through all Mars conjunct North Node relationships like a red thread.

First, here are some of the key positive qualites of Mars conjunct North Node relationships.

It seems fated

When the Mars and the North Node person first meet, they both sense an instant connection. The two are inexplicably drawn to each other, both physically, mentally and spiritually.

It is important to note that, whenever the South Node and South Node are involved, there is karmic connection. A karmic tie could mean that there is a past life connection, and that the partners have some unfinished business to work out in this life. It is this karmic link that makes the relationship feel fated and inevitable.

Regardless of how long the relationship lasts, it has the potential to be both transformative and cathartic for both partners.

There’s a lot of passion

There is definite sexual chemistry between the partners is Mars conjunct North Node relationships, butnot only that, there is a true and deep sense of passion between them that goes far beyond the purely physical.

Mars is the planet not only of aggression, but also of fire, passion, drive, ambition and conquest. These are all highly sexual energies, but they can come to expression in many other positive ways, as well. The Mars energy often signifies a very active and driven couple.

It inspires growth

This brings us to the next point, which is that the Mars conjunct North Node relationship has a positively inspiring effect on the Mars and the North Node person.

The Mars person has the ability to coax and encourage the North Node person to become their most ambitions and accomplished self, in both the personal and professional arenas. The North Node person, in turn, has a unique way of helping the Mars person channel their fiery energy constructively.

When these two are in each other’s company, both are eager to learn, grow and develop. This is relationship where both put in an equal amount of effort as both are equally emotionally invested.

Cons of the Mars conjunct North Node synastry relationship

It’s not all smooth sailing for the Mars-North Node synastry aspected couple. Here are some of the most common challenges and negative sides you are likely to face in a Mars conjunct North Node relationship.

It highlights inadequacies and imperfection

This pairing works as a catalyst for personal growth for both the Mars and the North Node person, but this is also a romance that tends to shine a light on each person’s inadequacies and imperfections. The North Node person, in particular, may carry the brunt of this.

Because the Mars person tends to be very active, driven and ambition, it can make the North Node person feel lazy and paltry in comparison. Much as the North Node person is attracted to their romantic partner, they may also feel triggered and showed up by them. It would take a very highly evolved North Node person to be completely at ease with their super active, highly ambitions Mars partner.

The Mars person, on the other hand, may feel put upon by their North Node partner, who craves more of their time and attention. This may leave the Mars person feeling dumbfounded and annoyed, as they do not necessarily sympathise with their Nodal partner’s point of view.

It can be a lot of effort

The Mars in conjunction with thee North Node relationship is inevitably going to be a lot of work – not least on the part of the North Node partner.

If we only look at this one aspect in isolation from whatever other aspects may be at play in the couple’s synastry chart, it is a somewhat uneven relationship. The Mars person, driven to excel in all areas of life, but also hot-tempered and short-fused, may prove a challenge to get along with in a long-term romantic relationship.

The Mars person in the relationship

The Mars person in the relationship is likely to be the one to make the first move and initiate the relationship.

The Mars partner’s fire and drive helps remind the North Node person of their own fire and life purpose. In cases where the Nodal person may have ended up straying from or even neglecting heir true ambition, their Mars partner can often prove instrumental in bringing them back to their true path.

The Mars person both actively and implicitly encourages the Nodal person to evolve and grow, so that they become more empowered to pursue their soul purpose.

The Mars person also has a tendency to illuminate important life lessons that the Nodal person needs in order to grow and evolve. Some of these lessons may be difficult or painful.

Mars instils courage and self-belief in their generally speaking more timid North Node partner – they truly want to see them thrive and succeed. But however good their intentions, the Mars person can easily come across very strong and pushy. Much as their energy may galvanise and inspire their North Node lover, they may make them balk.

The Nodal person in the relationship

The North Node partner in a Mars conjunct North Node relationship is fiercely attracted to, and uplifted by, their Mars partner’s fiery energy and drive.

But having any of your partner’s planets aspected to your North Node is going to feel a bit grating and uncomfortable, as they challenge you to grow by laying bare some of your deepest insecurities and perceived inadequacies.

However, if the Nodal person is able to handle the inevitable friction that arises from the heady combination of a Mars conjunct North Node and a Mars opposite North Node, the relationship may prove a powerful catalyst for personal growth.

Just as the Mars person challenges and inspires and challenges the Nodal person, the Nodal person helps the Mars person channel their considerable energy in a way that helps the Mars person generate forward momentum in their life. Mars is driven and full of zest, but their focus may be scattered, or destructive than constructive. The Nodal person helps the Mars person channel their energy and desire.

Final thoughts

The Mars conjunct North Node/Mars opposition South Node pairing is no walk in the park.

If this sparky connection is to evolve and grow into a solid, long-term relationship, the Nodal person in particular is going to have to be very honest with themselves -and with their Mars partner – as to whether they are comfortable with the intensity of this pairing.

Having your partner’s Mars in conjunction with your North Node, and in opposition to your South Node, is a guarantee that the liaison is never going to be frictionless. However, a partner who challenges you as much as they inspire you may be exactly what you want and need. Only you, and your partner, can really decide.

A synastry chart is no verdict on your existing or prospective relationship, they are merely guidelines that can help you navigate by making some of your relationships inherent strength and weak points more clear and obvious to you.

Ultimately, you will have to rely on your intuition and your heart – what are they telling you about this relationship? Is it as nurturing as it is challenging, and do the pros outweigh the cons?

All in all, a Mars conjunct North Node pairing is more akin to a strong and interesting cocktail than it is to a weak cup of tea.

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