Pisces Best Match

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Pisces is the star sign best known for its emotional nature and intuitive abilities. It is not for nothing that Pisces has earned a reputation for being the dreamers and visionaries of the zodiac.

If you have ever been close to a Pisces – or if you happen to be one yourself – you will already be aware of the extend to which they seem to be plugged directly into the cosmos. Whereas most people can go for weeks, months or even years without having a visionary dream or a sudden flash of inspiration, a Pisces is constantly receiving cosmic download as well as keenly sensing everything that stirs, moves or ripples through their surroundings.

Given the intensity and dreamy quality of the Pisces personality, which other star sign(s) could make a perfect match for Pisces? Hopefully, this article is going to provide you with the answer to this question, and many more.

Pisces core traits

The Piscean personality is influenced by a number of astrological factors. Let’s look at them here.

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Pisces is the final astrological sign

First of all, Pisces is the twelfth and final astrological sign. This fact lends it a liminal quality, and a depth of wisdom and sensitivity. Unsurprisingly, Pisces tend to come across as old souls.

Pisces is the mutable water sign, which means that the typical pisces personality contains the core traits that all water signs have in common, as well as the traits that define the mutable signs.

Pisces is a water sign

Water signs are famously ruled by their emotions. They’re deeply attuned to their internal tides, as well as to the feelings of those around them. In other words, you can never hide you true feelings or motivations from a Pisces for very long before they manage to sniff out the truth.

Water signs are sensitive to seismographic changes both in and outside of themselves. If you have a Pisces friend, he or she may intuit how you’re feeling or what you need before you yourself can be certain. This makes Pisces wonderful friends and lovers, as well as, in some cases, wonderful manipulators. They simply understand human emotion and read others so well that they are expert at responding to unspoken needs and wishes.

As a water sign, Pisces is also extremely creative. Pisces often process their emotions through art, music or other forms of creative self-expression.

Pisces is a mutable sign

Mutable signs are the signs that end each season, and they’re known to be flexible, changeable and adaptable. Pisces is no exception. Because Pisces is already the final zodiac sign, it already has an air of mystery, changeability and malleability – the fact that Pisces is mutable only adds to that.

As a result, Pisces can seem chameleonic, and can sometimes struggle with staying persistent in his or her pursuits. It is not at all unusual for a Pisces to go through many different phases throughout their lives; this is true about everything from their aesthetic to their spiritual beliefs.

Perhaps precisely because they are so malleable and adaptable, Pisces are never boring. Every time you meet up with an old Pisces friend, you will find that he or she has reinvented themselves in interesting ways. Pisces are not the kind of people to remain constant and consistent in their outlooks and approaches to life. Instead, they often roam far and wide in their ongoing search for themselves.

In a nutshell:

Pisces is emotion-driven

We’ve already mentioned the fact that Pisces are driven by a highly emotional nature. This is true about all water signs to some extend, but in the case of Pisces, emotion is the very compass they use to navigate life. Because of this, Pisces can be prone to mood swings and impulsivity.

Pisces is psychic

The Piscean powers of perception are legendary. In fact, Pisces is said to be the most psychic out of all of the sun signs.

Many Pisces are interested in developing their psychic and intuitive powers, while some merely use them to navigate the mundane world with greater aptitude and finesse.

Pisces is spiritual

Perhaps because they’re so intuitive, Pisces are highly spiritual creatures. They simply sense that there is more to the universe and life than what the naked eye can see, and are naturally drawn to religion, philosophy and spiritual practices – anything that holds out a promise of deeper knowledge and understanding.

Some Pisces may wish to portray an atheistic front, but you never have to converse with a Pisces for very long before you start hitting upon spiritual ideas and perspectives.

Pisces is creative

Every Pisces is creative. He or she may be a writer, a painter or a poet, or simply someone who expresses themselves creatively through some other means.

Pisces are seemingly impervious to writer’s block and other problems that best other creatives. They’re simply always walking around inspired, plugged into the cosmos and with their tanks full of creative juice.

Pisces is loyal

Pisces tend to be extremely loyal to the people they have chosen to be loyal to.

More than anything else in this life, Pisces craves to give and receive true love. They are capable of complete devotion and once a deep emotional connection has been established, you can rely on a Pisces to maintain it.

Pisces are family-oriented and often form life-long friendships and relationships.

Pisces is nurturing

Some of the most nurturing and affectionate people you’ll ever meet will be Pisces.

A Pisces will always have their antennae out, sensing how everyone in the room is doing. If someone is upset, a Pisces senses it and is bothered by the frequency of upset. He or she will, often without acknowledging that they sense a negative emotion, respond to it by saying precisely the words that are going to be the most uplifting and comforting.

Pisces are also the born hosts and hostesses. They like to make sure that everyone at the party is well fed, comfortable, and holding a full glass of their favourite drink at any given time.

Needless to say, Pisces is also the type of friend or lover who never forgets a birthday or an anniversary.

Differences between the typical Pisces man and Pisces woman

Are there any differences between the Pisces man and the Pisces woman, apart from the obvious?

Indeed, the Pisces personality traits can manifest slightly differently depending on gender. Perhaps the greatest difference between Pisces men and Pisces women is that Pisces women tend to be more upfront and open about their spiritual interest and intuitive abilities. By contrast, many Pisces men don’t talk as openly about what they sense and are drawn to.

You might say that this is because Pisces men are more private than their female counterparts. Or perhaps they have simply been raised in a society where men are expected to be less emotional and spiritually open. While it is generally all right for women to show an interest in, say, astrology, crystals or meditation, men may feel more hesitant in pursuing either of these interests.

Pisces compatibility

All right, now that you have a pretty clear picture of who a Pisces is and the personality traits that define them, it is time for us to look at their most compatible signs. Are you ready?

Pisces with Earth zodiac signs

Pisces and Taurus relationship are among the best zodiac matches there are. This pairing works extremely well, whether we are talking about romance, friendship or business. Taurus and Pisces are both creative and long for complete commitment and trust in their relationships. What’s more, both are family oriented and value a stable and secure home life.

Capricorn, the cardinal Earth sign, can be an ideal match for Pisces. The Capricorn man and woman are both extremely reliable characters, capable of providing Pisces with emotional stability. When Pisces and Capricorn collaborate creatively or in business, they complement each other extremely well. Pisces is adept at creativity and flexibility, and Capricorn is a fantastic when it comes to all of the practical aspects of the project at hand. Whereas a lone Pisces may flounder or loses steam halfway up the hill, a Capricorn partner supplies the grit and perseverance needed to get to the top.

Virgo is also a great match for Pisces. Virgo is the mutable Earth sign, which makes it more flexible and open-minded than the other Earth signs, and thus a little more similar to the Pisces personality. Still, Virgo and Pisces have plenty of differences to keep them occupied and enchanted with each other for a lifetime. While Pisces is intuitive and spontaneous, Virgo is meticulous and analytical. Together, they make a strong team.

Pisces with Air zodiac signs

Pisces is generally not well matched to any of the Air signs.

Air signs are driven by minds rater than by their emotions. As a result, Water signs and Air signs can sometimes feel like they are from completely different planets. They simply function and navigate differently in the world.

Gemini and Pisces may be one of the worst matches that the zodiac is capable of producing. Even though Pisces may be drawn to Gemini’s intelligence, charm and sense of humour, the emotional distance that Gemini invariably maintains between themselves and everyone else is eventually going to be a dealbreaker.

As far as the Air signs go, Libra is the best match for Pisces. In this pairing, both signs have a penchant for living in a fantasy world, and they both strive for harmony and peace in their friendships and relationships. Pisces values the fact that Libra is forthright and honest, and Libra appreciates Pisces’ ability to open up and be completely vulnerable. Frustrations may arise when Libra insists on deploying logic and practicality where Pisces would rather dream and improvise.

As for Aquarius, Pisces can be powerfully drawn to the mutable Air sign. And on a professional and collaborative level, Pisces and Aquarius can work very well together. Where these two signs can get into trouble is when they end up in a romantic relationship and are faced with the task of making it work. Pisces and Aquarius approach love and romance in fundamentally different ways. Pisces is a true romantic, longing for the one and for a fairytale romance to last a lifetime. Aquarius, on the other hand, is on a rollercoaster ride of adventure and new experiences. It isn’t that Aquarius is incapable of committing to a monogamous relationship, but they may not be ready for one when Pisces is.

Pisces with Fire zodiac signs

Fire and Water signs together is always an interesting proposition. It can work wonderfully, or it can lead to catastrophic failure.

You have probably heard the saying that two people are as different as fire and water (or as different as cat and mouse). This saying is quite literally true when it comes to Pisces and any of the Fire signs.

Sensitive and imaginative Pisces may well be drawn to the intensity and fireworks of a romance with a fire sign. But if this is the case, he or she will have to approach the relationship with caution. Misunderstandings and clashes can easily abound in a Water-Fire star sign relationship or friendship. The Fire sign may feel like their Water sign friend or lover is dampening their enthusiasm – and the Water sign may accuse their Fire sign partner of being self-centered and emotionally distant.

Still, it isn’t all bad. A Pisces-Aries relationship can go either way. Here, the two signs may bring out the best or the worst in each other. In many ways, whether their relationship is going to work depends on the maturity of the specific Pisces and Aries involved.

Aries is known for being creative, imaginative and bold. These qualities sync up extremely well with what Pisces brings to the table. As collaborative partners, the connection between a Pisces and an Aries is often explosive, and can produce some truly mind-blowing music, writing or movie magic. When it comes to an intimate relationship, though, Pisces often craves something more tranquil and soothing.

In many ways, Pisces admires and likes being around Leo, but can also feel overpowered by the powerful presence of this star sign. Leo is ambitious, confident, loyal and outgoing. A Pisces and a Leo may get along, but building a close or long-term relationship can prove a challenge.

Sagittarius is the mutable Fire sign, and the most like Pisces. Known for being compassionate yet assertive, Sagittarius is at once alien and relatable to Pisces, which means that the two of them are able to connect and bond on a deep emotional level. There is an intrinsic respect and admiration between Pisces and Sagittarius.

Pisces with fellow Water zodiac signs

Pisces and Cancer are a great match. These two signs are both sensitive, intuitive, nurturing and loyal. They’re able to provide each other with similar yet complimentary energies.

A Pisces man is often extremely well matched with a Scorpio woman, and vice versa. Pisces and Scorpio are both emotional and capable of complete commitment to each other. And while it is true that the gentle and somewhat passive Pisces may sometimes struggle to cope with Scorpio’s intensity, they are also enthralled by it.

Relationships where you are both Pisces

Most star signs are well matched with one of their own, and Pisces is no exception. A relationship or friendship consisting of two Pisces is almost inevitably going to be deep, loving and nurturing.

A fellow Pisces inevitably possesses many of the mos important qualities that a Pisces is looking for a in a relationship, including loyalty, devotion, nurturing and intense emotional chemistry. When two Pisces get together, they immediately feel at ease in each other’s company. They’re able to bond easily and reveal more of themselves to each other than they are to other signs.

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Frequently asked questions

What sign should a Pisces marry?

In most cases, a Pisces is best matched, in the long run, with a fellow Water sign – perhaps even a fellow Pisces. However, Earth signs may also qualify as marriage material for a Pisces, because they are solid, reliable, and capable of connecting on the deepest emotional level.

Pisces require a partner that they can both vibe and communicate with on a deep intuitive level. They need someone they can trust and devote themselves to completely and without reservation.

When it comes to their emotions, Pisces wants to place them in the most reliable and trustworthy hands possible. An Air sign may seem too erratic and unreliable for a Pisces, while a long-term relationship with a Fire sign may involve too much drama and upheaval.

What is a Pisces best love match?

Pisces is highly compatible with fellow Water signs, especially fellow Pisces. Cancer is a close second.

Water signs also get along well with Earth signs, who can provide them with the emotional security and devotion that they crave. Pisces is well matched with both Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo.

While Air sign and Water signs tend to clash, Pisces may find a great love match in creative and trustworthy Libra. And as for the Fire signs, Sagittarius is loyal and romantic, and may prove a great match for a sensitive Pisces.

Who is soulmates with Pisces?

Pisces most often find that their soulmates are fellow water signs. There is an intrinsic and deep understanding between Water signs, and they are capable of immediately connecting on a core level in way that they may struggle to with any of the other zodiac signs.

What are Pisces attracted to?

Pisces are attracted to emotional closeness, loyalty and security.

Pisces are sensitive creatures, and when they love, they love completely. For all of these reasons, they have to be careful who they choose to entrust with their most valuable asset – their heart and their devotion.

The worst thing you can do to a Pisces is to betray them emotionally – or to go cold on them. Pisces requires reassurance and love, plenty of both!

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