Saturn Square Venus Synastry

The Saturn square Venus synastry aspect is one of the more challenging you might find in you and your romantic partner’s composite chart.

Saturn and Venus are two planets that naturally enjoy each other’s company – they are two energies that can work exceptionally well together. However, the square is a hard aspect, causing fractures in what could be a powerful and satisfying romantic alliance. Whenever planets are in a square (that is to say, at a 90 degree angle to each other), there is bound rot be tension between them, even if they are fundamentally compatible.

Venus is the planet of sensual pleasures, indulgence and luxury. Its atmosphere is hot, humid and sensuous. Saturn, on the other hand, is cool and collected. What these two celestial forces have in common is their desire to build something beautiful and worthwhile. If only the Saturn square Venus couple could agree on how to go about it.

The Saturn person in this relationship is likely to consider their Venus partner to be a bit of an irresponsible spendthrift, whether we are talking money or other forms of value. The Venus person, on the other hand, might experience their Saturnian partner as both uptight and tight-fisted.

Still, the two are drawn to each other as if by a powerful magnetic force. They are fascinated by the other’s differences and even their disagreements intrude them.

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What you really want to know, of course, is whether a relationship where one person’s Saturn is square the other’s Venus. Keep reading to discover the answer.

Saturn in synastry

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun, and the second largest in the solar system. Saturn is associated with responsibility, legacy, stewardship and guardianship. Its energy is mature, cool and collected, well-balanced and well considered.

Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn. Even if you aren’t learning astrology, you may be familiar with the reputation Capricorn has as the most hard-headed, stubborn and fiercely ambitious of the earth signs. Capricorn is obsessed with hard work and has a tendency to put a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve their dreams.

Most people who know a little bit about astrology are familiar with the concept of the Saturn return. The Saturn is an astrological event that occurs roughly every 29 years, when Saturn returns to the same placement in the astrological chart as the one it occupied at the time of your birth. Whenever Saturn returns to its original position, it brings with it an energy of maturity and accountability. The Saturn return tends to be a time of personal reflection, of reassessing our path and our choices, and of taking responsibility for the various circumstances and roles we have created for ourselves as a consequence of our choices.

Saturn is not the easiest, lightest energy there is, but its influence can be exceptionally transformational as it pushes us to step up and become all that we can be. Saturn doesn’t allow us to hide from our potential or to shrink away from the amount of responsibility and competence that we have it in us to handle. Saturn demands things of us that we are reluctant to step up and do, but which, if we do them, lead to great rewards.

Saturn is an important planet in astrology, as it reveals the areas of life in which you are being called on to step up and to become more than what you currently are – and perhaps, more than you are comfortable becoming.

If your Saturn is aspected to any of your partner’s personal planets in your shared synastry chart, you are going to be powerfully drawn to them, and you are going to have a desire to help them change, transform and become all that they can be.

Venus in synastry

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and is the brightest celestial body in the solar system. The planet Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love, beauty, art and fertility, and naturally shares many of her qualities.

Venus is the planet of love, indulgence and sensual experiences – making Venus a vitally important planet, in astrology overall and in synastry in particular.

The position of Venus in the natal chart reveals where you find pleasure, beauty and enjoyment in life. Venus is your penchant for indulgence and surrender to the experiences of the earthly realm. Venus craves luxury, beautiful surroundings and pleasure in all of its forms.

The energy of Venus is not at all serious as that of Saturn. While Saturn is focused on structure, self-discipline and delayed gratification, Venus lives very much in the senses and in the possibilities for pleasure that exist in the here-and-now. Venus is a bona fide hedonist – playful, sensual and spontaneous. Venus simply loves life, love and pleasure, and is inevitably looking for these qualities in every waking moment of life.

If your Venus is aspected to any of your romantic partner’s planets, the attraction you feel towards them is going to be both intense and visceral. You will be prone to seeing them in a somewhat idealised way, and you are likely to project all of your romantic and sexual fantasies onto them.

Soulmate astrology

Synastry is an area of astrology that has been developed for the express purpose of assessing romantic compatibility and potential of relationships.

The composite synastry chart – composed by combining the two individuals’ birth charts with each other – reveals how the two partners’ planets interact with each other. Some aspects, meaning the angles planets form to each other, are going to be soft and harmonious, while others are hard and conflict-ridden.

Most synastry charts are going to contain a mix of soft and hard aspects. Dividing aspects into soft and hard is not quite the same as dividing them into positive and negative – doing so would be an oversimplification. A soft aspect, while easy and flowing, is not necessarily positive, and a hard relationship, although it presents a challenge, is not necessarily negative.

Nevertheless, you don’t want to see too many hard aspects in you and your partner’s composite chart, as that would create more obstacles than joyful moments in the relationship. A dash of friction can be a good thing romantic relationships, but too much tension and the gap between the two partners is going to be too wide to bridge.

What it means when you and your partner have a Venus square Saturn natally in the chart

A square aspect in astrology happens when planets form a 90 degree angle to each other. Aspects exist both in the individual natal chart, and in couples’ shared synastry charts.

When Venus and Saturn are square each other, their energies are pushing against each other in a way that creates tension and friction between these two vastly different energies. When they are in a square, Venus and Saturn will inevitably be pushing against each other, each trying to get the upper hand in the relationship.

Although it is the primary aspect we are looking at here, Venus square Saturn isn’t the only Venus-Saturn aspect you might find in the synastry chart. In order to be able to compare and contrast, let us take a look at some of the other Venus-Saturn aspects.

Venus conjunct Saturn

Venus conjunct Saturn is a so-called soft astrological aspect, meaning that the energy is flowing and harmonious. The conjunction is considered to be the most potent aspect in astrology, and it occurs when planets are perfectly aligned with each other. This causes the planets involved to feed off and amplify each other’s energies.

Venus sextile Saturn

Venus sextile Saturn is another soft aspect in astrology, and perhaps the most most positive and playful. A sextile aspect occurs when planets are angled at 60 degrees to each other. This ensures that the flow of energy and communication between the planets is constructive and lively.

Venus trine Saturn

Venus trine Saturn is yet another soft aspect, one that establishes balance and harmony between the planets. A trine aspect is when two planets are angled at 120 degrees to each other.

Venus opposition Saturn

Venus opposition Saturn would pose a great challenge in a romantic relationship. The opposition is an intense and often difficult aspect, because it sees planets locked in a permanent gridlock with each other, excepting constant pressure on each other, each trying to influence the course of events more than the other. Like the name indicates, the opposition aspect comes about when planets are positioned directly opposite each other in the chart.

The Saturn person in the relationship

If you are the Saturn person in a Venus square Saturn synastry couple, you are likely to be the more serious, mature and responsible of the two of you. You are also going to be the most organised and strategic when it comes to thinking about the future and staking out the course of the relationship.

Let us take a more detailed look at what the Saturn person brings to the table, what they feel about their Venus partner, as well as what they truly want and need to thrive in the relationship.

What the Saturn person feels and brings

The Saturn person has high expectations of this relationship. They go in fully knowing what they want, and they are more than willing to pull their own weight, and then some, in the relationship. They expects their Venus partner to do the same, and are likely to be both hurt and offended if this turns out not to be the case.

The Saturn person is drawn to the Venus partner’s sensuality, creativity and free-spiritedness. Saturn craves being immersed in the happiness and affection that Venus brings. At the asme time, these very qualities can also seem threatening to the Saturn person, who craves stability and order.

Because the Saturn person takes the relationship and the responsibilities that come with it quite seriously from the very beginning, they can easily end up feeling like that are putting in all the effort in order to make the relationship work. This can lead to resentments and arguments, as the Venus person tries to encourage their Saturnian partner to let loose and go with the flow.

What the Saturn person wants and needs

More than anything else, the Saturn person longs to see dedication from the Venus person to rival their own. Really, Saturn wants to see the Venus person take the relationship as seriously as they do.

The Saturn partner needs the Venus partner to focus on the future instead of merely enjoyment of the here and now. The Saturn person takes a long-term view of the relationship and is likely to want marriage, or a similarly serious level of commitment

The Venus person in the relationship

If you are the Venus person in the Venus square Saturn synastry relationship, you are the one most in touch with your feelings, the one with the greatest need for emotional closeness and intimacy with your Saturnian partner.

Let us take a more detailed look at what the Venus person brings to the relationship, how they feel and what they need in order to stay happy in the Venus square Saturn union.

What the Venus person feels and brings

The Venus person brings a lot of sensuality, softness, intimacy and pleasure to the relationship.

Venus is immensely attracted to the steely energy of their Saturnian power. In fact, the Venus person many see them as an ideal romantic partner, someone to complement their own sensuous and fluid nature by providing emotion stability and a calm, mature energy.

If the Saturn person is open to it, the Venus person can open many experiential doors for them and help them break down some of their self-imposed barriers. The Venus person can lure the Saturn person to relax and enjoy life’s pleasures and lighthearted moments like no one else. The Saturn person may go along only grudgingly, but if they don’t close themselves off, their Venus partner can introduce them to a lot of new things, from sensual pleasures to art and other forms of beauty.

What the Venus person wants and needs

Like their Saturnian counterpart, the Venus partner has high expectations of the relationship. However, their expectations may be vastly different to the Saturn partner’s.

The Venus person loves to play, wants to indulge, and has a real hunger and curiosity for all that life has to offer. Venus requires emotional intimacy and openness, the ability to share personal issues and speak about anything that is on their mind.

Sometimes, the Venus person’s hedonistic desire to shut out reality and simply get lost in the moment can cause obstacles and discord in the Venus square Saturn romance, as the Saturn partner is likely to have a hard time letting loose and instead puts up a lot of resistance. They may criticise and bearer the Venus person for their carefree, hedonistic ways. This makes the Venus person feel restricted and frustrated.

The Venus person is very in touch with their own feelings and desires, and they loathe being berated for what they want and need by their Saturnian lover. The Saturn person may not even realize the devastating effects their stern attitude can have on their Venus lover’s emotional equilibrium.

The verdict

There is no denying that Venus square Saturn is a challenging aspect, and one that is bound to cause tension in any romantic relationship.

Although strangely complimentary, Venus and Saturn struggle to reconcile their differences when they meet in a square.

As time passes, the Venus person and the Saturn person are likely to become increasingly aware of their different outlooks on life. Initially, the rush of romantic feelings may soften and distract both the Venus person and the Saturn person from fully awakening to the fact that they don’t really get along – but within a few years, their dissimilarities seem to grow.

Although Venus square Saturn is a hard aspect, it does not necessarily spell a death sentence for relationships – instead what it tells you is that you and your partner have a challenge to face together, if you want the relationship to work, and not only that, to grow, deepen and flourish.

If the Venus person and the Saturn person are willing to work together as a couple to overcome the challenging aspects of their relationship, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to forge a lasting bond. After all, most relationships include a hard aspect or two, or three. It doesn’t tell you to ditch the relationship, but shows you where the weaknesses may be so that you can work on fortifying them.

If the relationship is worth working on, the Saturn person and their Venus partner will no doubt find a way. The Saturn person, for one, is not afraid of taking the stony path to reach their goals – and you could even say that they relish hard work and a good challenge.

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